Season 3 Episode 3

One of Us, One of Them

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on NBC

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  • Lots more questions, and few answers, this routine is starting to make me mad. Despite that fact, this episode is pretty good overall, the season just needs to conclude some of it's older stories and kill off some of the useless characters.

    By this time around I have to admit, the show is starting to get on my nerves a bit. As much as I enjoy it, the constant bombardment of questions every episode, with little to know answers is drowning the characters. I almost don't care anymore, I need a lot of answers, before the questions pile up so much that I don't care about the show anymore. The other problem now is the repeating things. The show almost recycles itself, events keep happing in the same way they did before. Hiro for example keeps using his time travel to go back and save things, but it always feels the same, even though it's different situations. Sylar just won't die, he keeps coming back and I am getting sick of seeing him around. Warning spoilers ahead.

    So my problems with the series aside, one of the things I never saw coming in this episode, was Noah and Sylar working together. All this time Sylar has been bad, but now that he finds out his real mother, all of a sudden he is good? Well he might not really be "good" but it seems as if he is now working for the "good" side. And what's with the writers bringing back another future painter! Seriously, it should have died when it did, there is no use to bring it back again. I liked that they put the question of Niki coming back to rest, as Tracy is not Niki, she was born on the same day however, which kind of makes me wonder if she is a twin or something. Later in this episode, Sylar's "hunger" gets the better of him, which was obvious to me from the get go, I just wonder why he started to act like he was good in the first place? Maybe he saw an opportunity to get easy powers, like an all you can eat buffet handed to him? So we see some new character named Dr. Zimmerman, who supposedly created Tracy, and probably Niki as well. It just bugs me that there is more now to the story when I thought at least Niki and Tracy's story was somewhat answered. I liked this episode, it was exiting and interesting to watch, but like I have said before, and on numerous accounts, I just hope that the show starts providing some answers and finishing some old stories.
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