Season 3 Episode 3

One of Us, One of Them

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on NBC

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  • A very packed episode with lots of action and info.

    We continue where we left off, with Sylar and mommy dearest. She gave him up for adoption so he's probably half brother to Peter and Nathan. Not to mention uncle to Claire whom he attacked. We meet Bridget who has a very cool power – to know the history of anything she touches. And just when we thought Angela couldn't get any worse – she FED Bridget to Sylar!

    Back to Tracy – why is her power manifesting so late? Everyone else's powers manifested around the same time (this generation anyway) but not Tracy's. What an awesome power, cryokinesis. When she doesn't show up for work, Nate goes looking for her. How did that reporter get that video?! Former congressman or not, I would still think it would be news yet no-one knows about it. "I still kinda think that's you."

    Nathan did get Peter's message and Future Peter confirms that Peter is missing. It's very well done, every time Peter looks in the mirror, he sees Jesse. The pyro he's with, that blue fire looks like the power Future Peter had when he fought Sylar in the future. Good news is: he's back in New York.

    Bennet goes back to the Company but with a clear mission: to recapture the prisoners. It's odd though, when Bennet first explained the purpose of the Company, he said they 'exterminated' the really dangerous ones – why on Earth did they not get rid of THESE ones?! Confirmation that Angela is truly insane – she pairs Bennet with SYLAR!! And like any loving mother, says that Gabriel is just misunderstood. Sylar craves motherly approval (look at when he was with his adopted mother, she rejected him, he killed her) so Angela may be able to control Sylar. Though to what extent only time will tell. He looks so cute in the suit, with his hair slicked back. I never thought I'd refer to Sylar as adorable but he look so sweet! Like a kid playing dress-up. Sylar always knew he was special, that's what started his murder spree but little did he know it went further than that, that his entire biological family is special too. And now he knows he's one of them. Will this alter his behavior with Peter next time they meet? The last three times they ran into each other, they tried (successfully) to kill each other. According to Angela, his power is a hunger for power, in his specific case, a hunger he satisfies by taking other people's powers.

    Daphne delivered the formula, buyer unknown and the second piece is in play. Who better than the Haitian to be the delivery boy? No-one with powers can get near him.

    Claire, typical teenager, is trying to assert her independence and naturally wants to use her powers to stop evil. Meredith points out the obvious: her powers are completely defensive, though critical should she be hurt, it doesn't work as a weapon. However, looks like Meredith is going to teach her.

    Who would have thought that Peter would rob a bank? Being Peter, he acts as the innocents' protector. But one of them deliberately called the police, wanting a confrontation with the Company's enforcers when they arrive. On an up-note, a falling out leaves us with one less psychopath to deal with.

    Matt's new friend is just like Isaac, painting the future and in doing so, learned Matt's name. Very sweet painting of Matt finding Molly. That's not the only one – for some reason, his powers seem to focus specifically on Matt's life… with one exception, showing Matt with his 'wife' and child, and the woman's blonde? Saying the future's changed, he repaints – could the blonde woman be Daphne? Same build, same hair. Cute with the tortoise walking of the 9th Wonder. Matt eats something and his eyes go white?!

    It's becoming obvious that the range of powers is limited, we're still seeing new kinds of powers but are now also seeing repetition in people with the same or at least, similar powers: prophetic painting; healing/immortality; pyrokinesis.

    The fugitives make the news and thankfully, Angela shares with Bennet that Peter is one of them. Bennet does seem to imply that Peter only has Jesse's power, this is backed up by Peter's complete non-use of his powers and since he doesn't know what Jesse's power is, can't use it either. But our main psycho, Knox, is smarter than he looks, figures out that Jesse isn't Jesse anymore. How did Bennet just waltz through the police blockade like that?! What was that badge?! Sylar has untold depths – he started snapping orders at a lieutenant who obeyed and did it with just attitude and tone! I'm impressed! Bennet intends going alone but orders Sylar to stay outside. On one hand, it's stupid, Bennet has no powers and no weapons (he seems to be relying on Peter being inside) but on the other – as he says, to Sylar it would be a buffet.

    Hiro and Ando are always a riot and this time is no exception. Ando bantering with Daphne in the theatre; "Hiro will never leave me…" only to turn around and Hiro is gone, Daphne snickers. They are adorable together as always. Ando really is the sidekick to the hero (no pun intended) and I sometimes think that Hiro is living out some superhero fantasy that's playing in his head, and Ando is critical to ground Hiro when he gets carried away. Ando actually gets the briefcase! And then Daphne steals it.

    While Kaito had one half of the formula, Angela has the other half. This is typical Angela, this could have been done so quietly no-one would even know the formula left the building, instead she resorts to theatrics and meetings in theatres – that's just begging someone to steal it! As punishment for attacking the Haitian, Hiro and Ando are taken to Level 5, as are the other prisoner. One escaped, one captured, one killed. Sylar is returned to his cage with Bennet vowing to find a way to kill him. Well, according to Angela's vision, Claire was killed by cutting off her head – would work on Sylar too.

    Apparently Niki is dead! Micah sees Tracy but it's be that strange, he was used to seeing Jessica too. He offers to help by finding info on Tracy and he's stronger now, he can do it without touching the machine. Looks like Tracy and Niki were twins. Tracy finds the presiding doctor who declares "I created you." Maybe it was more than Niki and DL's relationship that was artificially created, maybe Niki and Tracy are too.

    Peter finds his power and Future Peter shows up to fix his mess: releases Peter from Jesse's body. Face to face with himself. Future Peter wants to show Peter the future, leaving Jesse back in control and Bennet in serious trouble. Sylar really is the perfect partner, given how varied his powers are, he can take on any number of special people and one of his powers can stop them. What's scary is that Sylar and Bennet are starting to understand each other. Right up until Sylar decides he's hungry. So much for that theory.

    Claire begins to worry me. Meredith forces her to face that she wants revenge on Sylar and instead of being furious, she gets this creepy smile and acts like nothing happened. In fact, she reminds me of Future Claire. Sandra and Meredith tangle but strangely, Meredith did what she did to keep Claire here with her family. It failed, Claire took off.

    Talk about a packed episode. I am far happier with this episode, feels like everything's back on track. The storylines which bothered me resolved themselves and are happily over.
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