Season 3 Episode 3

One of Us, One of Them

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2008 on NBC

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  • Noah and Sylar form an unlikely partnership, Peter tries to save the hostages in a bank inside a villain's body, Matt is revealed some paintings made by Usutu that reveal his past and future and Claire comes forward about her feelings to Meredith.

    The third chapter is action packed indeed. Sylar is told by Angela that she is his biological mother. So, Angela sets up Sylar to be Noah's partner in capturing the escapees from Level 5. During this partnership, Noah asks Sylar to keep low profile. Meanwhile, four of the escapees (including Jesse Murphy in whose body present Peter is in) take over a bank. When they open the safe and take the money, Knox (one of the escapees) reveals to the rest of the team his true plan; to draw in the Company and take revenge. When Noah goes in the bank so that the hostages will be let free, things turn ugly and Noah is in danger. Future Peter appears out of nowhere and removes present Peter from Jesse's body and together they escape. Sylar appears at the right moment and saves Noah's life.But when capturing the escapees, Sylar's hunger kicks in and he kills Jesse and takes his ability. In the end, one of the escapees is dead (Jesse), one is returned to his cell (Flint), one was killed by Knox during a disagreement between them (The German) and Knox escapes. Sylar returns to his cell.
    Claire refuses to go back to school determined that her life as a normal girl is over and that she will be better off chasing the escaped villains instead of going to school. Sandra disagrees and is angered when Meredith tries to interfere. Meredith tries to make Claire understand her true feelings. After the hard incident Claire is put through by Meredith, Claire reveals that she is only interested in going after Sylar and taking revenge. In the end, Claire goes after one of the villains.
    Hiro and Ando are in Berlin trying to stop Daphne from retrieving the second part of the formula. There we meet the Haitian who is there to collect the formula for Angela's benefit (so we see that Daphne is not working for the Company but for someone else). After a series of events, Ando messes up and the formula ends up in Daphne's hands while Hiro and Ando are imprisoned by the Company (this is the first time that we see a fracture in Ando and Hiro's friendship which will be the main focus of Hiro's story this volume).
    Tracy tries to uncover the mysterious connection between her and Niki Sanders. So, she goes to New Orleans where she sees the dead body of Niki and meets with her son, Micah. There Micah realizes that Tracy is not his mother. So he helps her get some information about her past. We see that Niki and Tracy where born on the same day by the same doctor, Dr. Zimmerman, who Tracy visits next in Reseda, CA.
    Finally, Matt is in Africa with Usutu who reveals that he could paint the future since he was a little boy and that he has been painting Matt's life all along. Matt is surprised, especially when he is told that a painting showing him and a mysterious blonde with a child is no longer his future. When Usutu paints a new painting it is revealed that the same blonde will now die and Usutu offers to show him how to save his future.
    Overall a good episode that puts the foundations for the rest of the volume. The lady shown in this episode making the transfer with the Haitian is Sedhil Ramamurthy's (Mohinder) wife. Key facts: Sylar's new ability taken by Bridget is one awesome ability that will be used later on especially in volume 4. Enjoy!
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