Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • What a mess !

    Since last episode, My interest was renewed, and the beginnig of this one was quite fine. I was caught in the touching Hiro story.
    BUT :
    - Mr Petrelli leaving Pinehearst to Nathan convinced by the persuation power of his son (- do it ! - No ! - Please - Ok) - The "light" ? Just add it to the magic potion and voilà ?
    - The poor story of baby Cheerleader ?
    - Mr Petrelli back in time to get the ability to do it ? - The 4400 copy (bonus : actor included)...
    Please, you'll have to explain : I thought the strike was over...
  • Seems as if it's missing something...

    I must say this episode was not my cup o' tea.

    The best parts of the episode was when Arthur died and the hilarious office part with Sylar.

    Oh, and they also killed off the hottest character, but it's not that big of a lose. I was kind of happy to FINALLY see some people die. If they magically resurrect for some stupid reason I give up on Heroes.

    So the formula is finally made, Hiro lost the catalyst as soon as he got it, and Nathan will begin giving out powers.

    On a side note, Peter is still powerless. Which brings me to another point --- the way he lost his power is crap, but that happened a while back. Anyway, the writers explanation to him losing his powers was "he was too powerful." That's crap since Arthur and Sylar are just as if not more powerful. This season has been a bitter disappointment.

    Has Claire been an annoyance to anyone else this season?
  • "Holy Captain America, Batman!" Super soldiers and now papa Petrelli, the only good villain they had left, is dead. While better than the eclipse episodes, still not where it should be.

    I will admit, I liked this episode better than the two parter but I'm still not happy with Heroes. Arthur Petrelli was a great villain. Why? Because unlike the psychopathic Sylar, he had a method to his madness beyond himself. Sylar is now back to his old self and I still can't wait to see him die. Sorry, never liked Sylar and as long as he's like that, never will. The problem I have with this episode is they go through all that trouble to send Hiro and Claire to the past, Hiro gets the catalyst from his mother (which kills her) and then 5 minutes later it's all over. If anything, this should have been the 2 parter, not the eclipse. It was EXTREMELY anticlimatic.

    And now, as if pulling pages from the X-Men wasn't enough, we now see shades of Captain America. I'm guessing Sylar's going to go in, destroy the "soldier super serum" and thus only 1 soldier is imbued with super abilities. I'd say he'd slay the doctor but the doctor is Mohinder so I don't see that happening. Of course chances are good he slays Captain America too but I'm guessing somehow he finds a way to overcome Sylar and thus lives up to his "Survivor's Remorse."

    About the only good things was Claire and Noah, the Haitian didn't die, and getting the sketch book was pretty funny. Other than that, I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It just feels like they keep emphasizing the wrong things. With Arthur dead, the villainy I was liking has died with him. It seems now it has gone from purposeful (we're helping the world) to thuggery (I'm helping me, and that's no lie). Sylar is not a good central villain. Arthur was. Even HRG was. Because they had a method to their madness. Evil works best when it believes it's doing the right thing, even for the wrong reason. That's been stripped out of the show with the death of Arthur.

    I'll catch the "final episode of 2008" and hope the cliff hanger ending makes me want to come back in 2009.
  • Sylar learns the truth, Sylar learns the truth

    Hiro and Claire go backwards 16 years to protect/retrieve the catalyst; Hiro meets his mother and gets his memories back as well as taking the catalyst from her before she dies. Hiro and Claire are about to go back in time when Arthur shows and takes the catalyst from him. Ando, Matt and Daphne went on their trek to find Issac's last story, which really didn't take that long. We see Sylar return to his old ways, he murders the lie detector woman. Peter is on his way to kill his father along with The Haitian, Arthur proves too strong for him with Peter not taking a shot, and Sylar takes over and does it himself.
  • Review.

    Hiro and Claire unite in their bid to stop Arthur by traveling back in time. Peter and the Haitian must face Sylar in order to get to Arthur. Ando, Daphne and Matt search for the last 9th Wonders! story. So this episode was really good and I thought Cliare and Hiro were funny talking to each other. So glad Arthur Died and I think that scene was the best scene of the third season. Arthur was getting on my nerves. Slyar is back to his old tricks killing someone on there birthday that was funny "Cake". strong end to the season much like season 2.
  • Both the past and present have some great moments this week.

    The "Heroes" episode, "Our Father," wasn't the most action-packed this season, but it was one of the best. It had movement, purpose and a trimmed-down character list -- all things sorely lacking this season.

    I wasn't expecting to be moved by a character we've never met before, but Hiro reuniting with his mother actually had me a little choked up. The other surprise was the fact that "Our Father" was actually a tight little episode. Of course, the episode wasn't completely devoid of nonsensical occurrences, but the good far out weighed the bad.

    The conclusion of the episode was also very tantalizing. I wasn't a fan of Peter's storyline with the Haitian in this episode, but the end result paid off when Sylar showed up to find out the truth and do away with Arthur Petrelli in his own unique fashion. I also didn't really care for Nathan's sudden involvement in the Pinehurst company, but I still felt excitement as the first Marine was given his super strength. You could sense that this was likely the moment Arthur's plan starts to go wrong. And it might also just be the moment where Heroes starts to go right again.
  • Not sure what to think.

    Spoiler Alert!!

    Hiro and Claire go back in time, Hiro gets his memory back just in time for him to lose his power and the catalyst. What was the point of all this BS we've been watching this whole season? I mean, it gets really frustrating when it feels like they build and build and then just derail everything we've been watching for the last two months by making some massive change to everything or killing some major character.

    Case in point is Arthur. All of that and then they just kill him? Really? And isn't this show called heroes? And now the two best heroes don't have their powers anymore? I know they're going somewhere with all of this, but they just do it so slowly and painfully and frustratingly I don't know what to think of the show anymore.

    Granted this episode was better than its been lately. But, its just frustrating how lousy the writing and character development have gotten lately.
  • Review

    A lot of the episode was spent in the past with Claire and Hiro trying to make sure that Hiro became the Catalyst instead of Claire. I hate it when this show goes in the past because what they do makes no sense. If this happens then Claire is never the catalyst to begin with. I also hate storylines that build up and then vanish in a second. The entire first thirty minutes is devoted to Claire and Hiro and right as they prepare to leave Arthur steals away the Catalyst. Twenty seconds later, Peter kills Arthur thus rendering the entire episode pretty much useless. The only thing that remains now for the final episode is the big battle that is brewing between Peter and Nathan. This season was called "Villians" with Arthur being the most powerful one. The most powerful villan in the world is killed by a bullet through the head as Sylar (who has messed up all the time since just getting his powers) somehow is still alive. Overall - some parts were enjoyable but it all just seems to move in the same direction, nowhere.
  • Family Feuds and delving into the past lead to some inevitable deaths

    This was a very entertaining episode and that's mostly thanks to the ever evolving character interaction and natural progression of story. To see Hiro's mother (even though you knew she would die fixing Hiro) was very emotional. The fact that the Catalyst was pretty much keeping her alive pins a lot on Hiro as causing her death and if they take the cheap route to character progression by having him pop up as future Hiro ,without power in the current timeline (hopefully unlikely), it could sort of fix his character devolution. Not saying I would want this but he has to evolve somehow and Ando (how sure is he that his injected power will be time travel!? Highly doubt it) saving him from the past would just not be satisfying. I'm actually quite happy that Hiro became the catalyst as initially if Claire hadn't figured out she was it I would have said Hiro was. It also saves Claire from dying as if Arthur had taken it from her along with her power she would most likely have died just like when the eclipse happened. Claire this episode was actually really good, now I have to admit this character's purpose and progression overall has done my head in since Season 2. She just became the whiney annoying teenager who wanted to fight. The caring side she shows here isn't half as annoying and to be honest meeting her family and her baby self in the past was actually a good move for once. As was her interaction with a non English speaking Hiro, who knew these 2 may make a good double act.

    Sylar's search for the Human lie detector power was quite humorous and it's nice to see him back to himself even if he had to kill Elle (one of my favourite characters) to do so. I like the fact that it was actually a power he wanted to use for a purpose as well and the fact that there was a brilliant aside to celebrities losing their phones - all those important names and numbers. Petrelli he most definitely is not.

    Ando & co searching for Issac Mendez's final issue is fun but obvious filler that reminds me of Hiro's scrolls in Season 2. I will say this though, it's nice to see more of the city outside with the courier guy trying to escape, I feel we have been stuck on sets and indoor locations far too much.

    Lastly is Nathan & co as they interview potential soldiers for Human experimentation and Peter and the Haitian's task to kill Arthur. The latter may result in Arthur's death (in conjunction with Sylar) but is mostly nothing to discuss where as the former is very important. Nathan and Tracy have some good scenes and the creation of a super-strength soldier may have some bad implications overall. Not least for the effects budget).

    The only disappointment is that the catalyst isn't anything interesting, all it is is a light that like a witches potion is the final ingredient. For some reason I was expecting much more but I guess in the end as it was mainly ignored for the past two eps that overall that wasn't the point.
  • The old man finally died.

    I can nott believe that hero lost his powers, that makes me kinda mad. This when his best friend gets his powers. He wants to get them to save hero but in the end he kills him.. Aww.. I was really upset about Sylar and Elle I thought that they were perfect for each other. I am glad that peter got the chance to kill his father, but I had hoped that he would have gotten his powers back in the process. There are only an episode or two left I can wait to see where this whole thing goes.
  • Peter makes the ultimate sacrifice but it's too late, the future has begun.

    Arthur's plan comes to fruition though he doesn't live to see it. The decision to kill him came too late, the formula is finished and though the catalyst is gone, there's 50 doses in the batch.

    Hiro's time traveling takes us to a scene we've seen before but Hiro runs off to see his mother, with Claire in tow. Hiro's mother was a healer. Claire thinks they must stop the catalyst being injected into baby Claire and she takes off! Poor Hiro, who speaks no English, has no idea where she went. Then Kaito sees him!

    Peter is back in the US but his mother's plan isn't quite what he thought – she wants the Haitian to make Arthur vulnerable so Peter can shoot him in the back of the head! Though she is still manipulating Peter, she's actually doing it with the truth: she poisoned Arthur because he tried to kill Nathan.

    Nathan's decision to switch sides starts to make a lot more sense. While he agrees with his father's plan in theory, he also knows how dangerous Arthur is and tells him point blank that he intends to take over Pinehearst. A very smart, very Nathan decision but we already saw him in charge in the future too and it's the same future. I'm very glad to see how angry Nathan is with Tracy's power-mongering. Nathan will be president, nothing has ever changed that future, it's his destiny no matter which timeline we're in and he doesn't need Tracy's manipulations to do it.

    When Arthur said he was building an army, he meant it LITERALLY. And then they're going to give them powers! In the future, it gets out into the public – does it end up being sold to the highest bidder? If you can afford a power, you can have one?!

    Claire follows Sandra and easily integrates herself, knowing who her neighbours are. Not surprisingly, Bennet's not with her. He bailed and went back to work, some things don't change! Claire doesn't even hesitate to touch her past self, personally I would be creeped out. She takes the opportunity to prepare herself for the future, warning her about a boy in fifth grade she shouldn't share her juice with because he will break her heart. Bennet arrives home and is horrified to find a stranger looking after the baby but in her knowledge of the future, she convinces him to keep the baby away from the Company.

    Poor Hiro has to listen to his father talk about him, about how disappointed he is. It would be hard for an adult to hear but Hiro is only 10 now. Hiro tells his mother who he is and she believes him, so sweet. Her healing powers restore his memory. She died when he was little so here she gets to see her grown up son, find out about his life and who he has become. Hiro can also tell her how he and his father grew closer. It's a wonderful opportunity for them both. Claire talked Bennet out of the catalyst which means it will go to Hiro instead. As much as I love Hiro, he's already responsible for losing BOTH parts of the formula. He thinks like a superhero and it always gets him into trouble, he's not responsible enough to protect the catalyst. His mother has the catalyst inside her but the transfer of it kills her.

    There's a very sweet conversation between Peter and the Haitian, who knows how hard it must be for Peter to kill his father. That deep down, Peter thinks he can save him. He can't, his father is a monster, a man willing to destroy his own family for power, he has never shown the slightest hesitation or remorse for his actions. The Haitian points out that Arthur didn't kill Peter – that's only because Sylar threw Peter out the window to save him! I have no doubt Arthur would have, he handed Peter over to Mohinder to experiment on! He tried to kill Nathan and Nathan was his favorite! Problem is, even if they manage to take down Arthur, Nathan might just take up his sword. Peter is the opposite of Hiro, so responsible and able to shoulder whatever the burden, a true hero, powers or not.

    Sylar actually burns Elle's body, a consideration he didn't bother with before with his victims. She definitely meant something to him. He defies Arthur and intends to go hunting instead. His first stop is Sue Landers. She has a very cool power, lie detection, probably a variation of telepathy. And Sylar goes back to Plan A, it's just so much easier than empathy. He doesn't have to kill but he actually likes it. Now he's killing civilians?! Hilarious when he gets in the elevator covered in blood with the guy cowering in the corner!

    Matt, Ando and Daphne track down the messenger and it's a lot easier than anyone thought. They get the sketchbook. Inside is an unfinished 9th Wonder, 'Hiro Lost in Time'. Arthur uses Peter's powers to return to intercept Hiro, take his powers and steal the catalyst!!! Arthur throws Hiro off the Deveraux building! Arthur sends Claire back to the present. I'm not usually squeamish about heights but gotta admit, Hiro hanging upside down on the flagpole definitely gives me butterflies.

    The formula is now complete. Peter and the Haitian just walk in through the front door! Quite a clever team – Peter is powerless but with the Haitian around, so is everyone else. As usual, Arthur underestimates Peter, look at all Peter has accomplished both with and without powers. Peter's the strong one and like Charles said to Angela, they were betting on the wrong horse: Nathan, when they should be trusting Peter. Problem is, it's too late – killing Arthur doesn't stop the future, the serum's already finished and being disbursed as we speak. Arthur tries to bargain, he'll give Peter's abilities back. Arthur is the first person to overpower the Haitian. Sylar arrives as the bullet is about to hit Arthur and uses his new found power to find out the truth: is Arthur his father? No. Again Sylar sweetly saves Peter. "You're not a killer, Peter… but I am." He kills Arthur and the catalyst dies with him. Sylar lets Peter live when he killed Elle. They might not be brothers, but Sylar still seems to care about Peter. The first attempt is a complete success, super strength.

    This episode is the pay-off that 'Eclipse' was supposed to be. Villian stopped but his mission completed. Peter cannot kill Nathan so what will he do to stop the serum being distributed? A vast improvement on the disappointing 'Eclipse', the story's back on track.
  • Hiro and Claire finally meet.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Heroes. Our Father had some awsome moments and some great scenes that it made for a wonderful episode. Seeing Hiro and Claire travel 16 years in the past was great. I liked seeing the emotional interaction between Hiro and his mother and I really thought that the entire episode was well done with the writing and the plot. I also thought that the episode was very significant to the ongoing storylines in Heroes. It explained many things and I thought it did a good job of it. Overall, it was one of the best. Thank you.
  • A move in the right direction

    After the disappointments of the two-part "eclipse", my expectations for this episode were fairly low. So I was a bit surprised to find that most of this episode was quite enjoyable. It gave me some small hope that a tighter focus with a stronger sense of direction could restore the series to its former glory.

    The episode focused on Hiro and Claire, so it's probably no surprise that I liked those plot threads the most. In particular, I found them poignant, which is not something I can say about "Heroes" very often. Both situations required a bit of hand-waving and contrivance to work as intended, but after a while, you learn to accept such things (to a certain degree).

    I know a lot of people have come to despise Claire, and to an extent it's understandable, but I think the majority of the problem is the writing. Hayden wasn't phoning anything in on this episode. Was it a little too convenient for Noah to listen to the babbling teenage girl with an unknown ability standing over the baby he was just ordered to protect at all costs? Probably. But I couldn't help but smile when he said, "Claire-bear", and realized what was happening.

    Similarly, while it seems a bit odd that Hiro's father wouldn't notice the similarities between his son and the mysteriously befuddled "chef" that appeared out of nowhere, the scenes between Hiro and his mother were simply golden. I'd like the writers to bring this generational aspect of the show to an end, to be honest, but this worked. At least, it worked until Arthur came along out of nowhere and undercut Hiro's heroic decision to take on responsibility for the catalyst.

    So where the catalyst came from is completely vague, but it can be transferred and apparently works like "the glow" from "The Last Dragon". Wonderful. But why give Hiro the first meaningful moment in the entire volume, only to snatch it out from under him? There's a certain shock value to it all, but the plot necessities seem to be driving that moment.

    After all, the writers needed the catalyst to be revealed so that Arthur could steal it, use it to activate the Not-Promicin (because it's red, not green), power up the first batch of Super-Soldiers (beginning, ironically, with a former cast member of "The 4400"), thus setting the stage for a serious Sylar killing spree. After all, once Arthur is conveniently out of the way, Sylar is in the perfect position to force the soldiers to take the Not-Promicin and then steal the resulting abilities.

    As usual, Sylar's character motivations are all over the place, and now, his supposed hunger has turned him into a Dexter clone. Now it's not about parental approval, or the hunger for power; it's about the hunger to kill in the process. It's suddenly a liking for violence. This may swing him back closer to the amoral characterization of the first two seasons, but it doesn't ring true with the rest of the third volume at all.

    At the very least, Sylar's arrival should put an end to Arthur's plan, regardless of Nathan's intentions. Sylar might even wipe out Nathan and Tracy in the process of taking control of the facility. But I'm not sure whether or not this will end with Peter and Hiro's powers restored. A lot is still up in the air, and the writers still need to bring all of this to a meaningful conclusion.
  • Ya-tah! Something good at last.

    Ya-tah! Something good at last. 'Our Father' is a dramatic improvement on the laborious trudge-fest of 'The Eclipse' two parter and, while there is still a little too much running around for my liking, the overall impression is one of a well structured, nicely woven tale. The obvious highlight is Hiro and Claire's excursion into the past which is beautifully executed in all aspects: check out the sumptuous cinematography, the highly evocative direction and, perhaps most importantly, the strength of the acting which, by all accounts, is a complete hole in one. Tamlyn Tomita does an admirable job and George Takei is predictably awesome, but what about Masi Oka, eh? Going from token comedy fodder to haphazard cutie to thoroughly moving emotional wreck in the space of thirty short minutes is no small feat; the guy surely deserves some sort of award. I don't know about you but I was about to ready to bawl halfway through his moment with his mom… in fact, I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it. This is a wonderful piece of character polishing that just hammers home exactly how fantastic Heroes can be when it sets its mind to it. There's Sylar's completely unexpected slaying of Arthur to herald too, as well as the guilty pleasure that is the pursuit of the last 9th Wonders and, of course, Nathan's mission to turn a bunch of soldiers into super-humans which, bizarrely, wasn't as bad as I'd expected. A solid run into the fall, and volume, finale.
  • Yet another amazing episode, but this one starting in the past with Hiro, where we left off.

    Yet another episode, but this one starting in the past with Hiro, where we left off. Warning spoilers contained below.

    I almost forgot Hiro can't speak English anymore, this makes it kind of hard for him to complete his tasks, yet it also proves to be pretty hilarious to watch at times. That said however, I still wish he would get his memory back, so he can speak English again, it would make things so much easyier. Finally I get some answers, as we see Claire and Hiro both get ideas. Hiro sees his mom is a healer, so he has a chance to get his memory back (Yay!). Claire on the other hand, sees a chance to stop herself from becoming the catalyst. Also in this episode, we see that Sylar has indeed become bad again, and now has a new list of people to go after. One thing about this show so far that is kind of cool is that no matter how many times people go back and forth between the future and the past, it all seems to work out exactly as Isaac predicted. So it seems, there is no changing the ultimate future, as no matter what people do, and no matter their powers, things seem to ultimately lead to the same outcome. The biggest question is, what outcome, as we know for sure that some are just there to guide people to do things that eventually come out like some predictions said. I have to admit, when Claire was holding herself as a baby, that was a pretty messed up thing, but I guess it worked, strange as it was. I wonder how she felt that moment, holding herself, must have been a pretty weird experience. I really loved the story line of the past in this episode, when Hiro confronts his mother, it was such a great moment. So Hiro now holds the light, the last part of the formula, which I never in my wildest dreams saw coming. From this, I have to think that Claire was probably never the holder of the light, all along everyone thought she was, because she was supposed to be, but really, it is Hiro. But just as we thought Hiro had saved the day, Arthur shows up and takes the light as well as Hiro's powers. At the end of this episode, Sylar kills Arthur, but things are not over yet, as the serum was still made and in order for it to end, has to be destroyed. This was an excellent episode, I loved every minute of it, and now I am pumped for the last episode of the season, as well as saddened.
  • Claire and Hiro travel to the past to prevent Arthur from getting the catalyst, Peter and the Haitian go to Pinehearst to stop Arthur once and for all, Sylar learns a new "trick" and Arthur's army is formed with the help of Nathan and Tracy.

    The twelfth chapter of volume 3 prepares us for the finale of this volume but also provides enjoyment and comedy at the same time.
    Claire is with Hiro to the past (as seen in the previous chapter). Hiro doesn't speak English (as he still has the memory of a 10 year old) and can't communicate with Claire. However, Claire sees her father sixteen years ago and realizes that she is in the past. Following him, she finds her old house when she was a baby and meets with Sandra. She introduces herself as Bonnie. She tells Sandra to take care of little Claire and don't leave her out of her sight. When Noah arrives home and sees present Claire, he is alerted and thinks she is with the Company. Claire tells Noah all about the future without revealing who she is and warns him not to give baby Claire to the Company (as they will put the catalyst into her).
    Elsewhere, Hiro finds his mom and dad's past selves and realizes that the catalyst is inside his mom. Revealing to her who he is, she hangs him and heals his memory gaps. Hiro then urges her to give him the catalyst. His mom hesitates at first but in the end gives Hiro the catalyst (the past is in fact changed as the catalyst was supposed to be given to baby Claire). When present Claire and Hiro meet to return to the present, Arthur appears and takes the catalyst off Hiro and into him. Then he throws him off the balcony and teleports Claire back to the present with a message for Angela; that he has won. Hiro is left in the past, hanging by a pole and without his powers.
    Matt, Daphne and Ando search for Isaac's sketch book as it reveals what has happened to Hiro. When they do find him they see Hiro is in the past without his powers. Realizing he's trapped, they decide to go to the one place where they could find a time-traveller; to Pinehearst. There the formula (which is now perfected thanks to the catalyst) might give Ando a time travelling ability.
    Sylar is still at the beach where he killed Elle and burns her body. At that moment, Arthur calls and urges him to return to Pinehearst where he can help him. Sylar refuses and tells him that he has found a way to learn the truth once and for all. He finds Sue Lander who has the ability to detect if a person is telling the truth (kind of like a human lie detector). He kills her and three of her colleagues who had the misfortune of witnessing him killing Sue. With his new power he goes to Pinehearst.
    Nathan arrives to Pinehearst and takes control of the whole program. When Arthur arrives with the catalyst, the formula is ready. Tracy shows Nathan the people to whom the formula would be injected and they will form the army that will lead the future.
    Peter and the Haitian go to Pinehearst. Scott, one sergeant, is the first to be injected and gains the power of super strength with Nathan, Tracy and Mohinder looking satisfied with the result.
    Peter and the Haitian arrive at Pinehearst after receiving orders by Angela to stop Arthur by all means. Arthur meets Peter and thinks he has the upper hand until he sees the Haitian and so he is left powerless for Peter to shoot him. Peter seems reluctant to kill and most his father and the Haitian is weakened by Arthur's excessive power. When Peter finds the courage to shoot, Sylar arrives and stops the bullet. He tells Peter that he is not a killer like himself. He asks Arthur if he is indeed his son and Arthur answers affirmatively. Sylar detects he's lying (using his power of lie detection) and kills Arthur. He then leaves and the Haitian runs after him.
    Overall a superb episode. Claire and Hiro's chemistry is amazing and Sylar is back and still kicking. Arthur dies but a new villain arises (for more see the following chapter). Everything leads to the volume finale who is very exciting and worthy of a finale. For now, enjoy this magnificent episode. Key facts: Hiro's mother makes her first appearance played by Tamlyn Tomita. We are also revealed that she has a power of her own. Also, notice Knox and Flint's faces when Tracy and Nathan walk by them to inject the formula to the soldiers. There reaction is key to the volume finale. The sketchbook found by Daphne, Matt and Ando is the one given by Isaac to the messenger in "chapter 19: .O7%" of volume 1. Also, I noticed that the webisode Recruit is important at this point to be watched as it connects volume 3 and volume 4 (the main character of the webisode appears in volume 4). Enjoy!
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  • A better episode than last week

    This episode had promise but was also very strange. Most of the scenes with Hiro and Claire in the past, (together and also with their respective parents) were interesting and revealing. But Hiro takes the catalyst and then Arthur Petrilli gets it...come on, give this guy a break. And now he's stuck in the past and his friends are on a quest to find him...this could be a very bad plotline.

    Nathan, Tracy and Mohinder finally give an injection of the formula to someone and it appears to work, making him super strong. This is where the episode ended. So now Heroes has a very big task in front of them -- they have to answer/address all the issues raised by this.
    1) Tracy said they could decide who gets what ability. So how does that work? And did they choose to give this guy super strength?
    2) Mohinder had first appeared to have gained an ability, but then later he mutated. So they had better not just take this guy's display of strength at face value and not worry about the possibility of failure just because it was the formula+the catalyst that did it. That comes together too easily and is shoddy writing.

    Sylar's storyline has gone up and down this season, but it appears that he at least had some fragment of an emotional connection with Elle, and at least he's doing what he's always done, although it was dumb that he walked around with blood all over him. Peter, however, is not very interesting in this storyline...he's too self-righteous and broody .. and yes, I'll say it, his scenes are boring without his abilities.

    Ps: So the scenes in the future (previous episode) where Gabriel/Sylar told Peter they were brothers weren't real? Or is Sylar really Angela's son in some capacity? We shall see.
  • Hiro and Claire travel to the past. Nathan takes over Pinehurst and starts testing the formula. Peter is given the task of shooting Arthur but gets a visit from Sylar

    This episode was awesome! This is why I watch this show. This episode had it all. Hiro provided comedy interacting with Claire. Also a dramatic moment when he saw his mother and she healed him. Then gave him the light, which he quickly lost to Arthur along with his ability. Sylar is back to his old ways, and did provided some comedic relief when he got on the elevator all bloody. The tingly feeling is a rip from the Spider Sense. Arthur just appearing and taking Hiro's ability like nothing shows that the main villain can always just appear out of nowhere and do whatever he/she wants. Hiro now lost his powers, looks like Ando gets to play the Hero now. Wasn't Hiro's mom the young Japanese girl from Karate Kid 2?
    Sylar killing Arthur was just too cool. Sylar and Peter got to have some respect for one another to a certain extent. After all Peter is like a thorn at Sylar's side.
    Heroes is back on track baby.
  • Sylar saves the future by burying the things he loves the most.

    Ironic how our father evokes these mental pictures of the fathers on out show: Arthur Petrelli, the patriarch of at least 2 of the 3 most powerful of their generation, senator Nathan Petrelli both devoted father and heir to his kingdom, HRG devoted Company man and yet even more devoted father whenever the situation calls for it and one Kaito Nakamura a man who has done more sacrifices to save the world than we had ever imagined.

    And yet for me "Our father" is about the father who now might never become one for it's Sylar burying Elle, the last hope Gabriel had to share a normal life, Sylar killing Arthur (the last hope he had for a loving family) and Sylar killing the future that contained his son as he lets Peter leave that effectively and undoubtedly has changed the 200.000 lives would've been lost in Costa Verde, Daphne's death 4 years from now and the life & death of one little child called Noah Grey that now will never been born.
  • Hiro and Claire went back in time to when Hiro's father handed over baby Claire to HRG.In other things that were going on , Sylar is back to his old ways and Peter and the Hatian are going to defeat Arthur who ends up dying in the end.

    I thought this episode was amazing!!!!! Personally one of the best Heroes episodes , it would be my third favorite episode next to Five years gone and Company Man Many great things happened in this episode , Hiro and his mom were wonderful together and made me wanna cry:) Claire's parts were to enjoyable. Sylar was making me laugh with his humor ,"Cake" oh how that part was funny!!!!!The development with the formula is such a great thing to see but also a bad thing. All in all , I'd say this is the best episode so far in the season.
  • Hmm, so Arthur is dead?

    Hey, how are you folks? I gotta say.. I liked this episode. A lot of stuff happening, pretty intense.
    I really enjoyed Hiro's screen time. It was pretty good.
    I kinda expected Arthur showing up like that.. even though he had no clue that Hiro had intercepted Sylar, due to his call to Sylar on the beach, where he got blown off by the psyco boy who had just killed Elle by the way.. Anyway, he jumped on Hiro and took his juice.

    Sylar let Arthur die by a bullet in the brain. I wonder if that's the end of him.. Probably so, since he didn't regenerate after the Haitian left the hall.

    Guess it won't take long til Peter regain his own powers but like Sylar, I think he's gonna lose everything he'd absorbed til his dad took his ability.

    A good show, an awesome episode. Can't wait to see next week's episode!!
  • A real turn-around episode that sets up the volume finale

    The writers have finally realised Hiro and Claire have never shared a scene together so this was a great excude to have Hiro and Claire unite in their bid to stop Arthur by travelling back in time. The chemistry was brilliant and as someone has already said - they didnt even speak the same language! Peter and the Haitian must face Sylar in order to get to Arthur and a powerless Peter - believe it or not is more likeable although he still has that annoying thing with his mouth that he does lol. Lastly, Ando, Daphne and Matt search for the last 9th Wonders! story which rounds off this vast improvement of an episode that made me realise this season may not be as good as Season 1 but this show is still awesome!
  • OMG, wow... I dont even know what to say :O

    What the heck it was this episode? OMG, brilliant!!!

    Lets start with the easiest, it is personal sad for me that Gabriel became Sylar again and also said Arthur isnt his father. I thought that they were really a family, since in the future Gabriel says Peter is his brother.

    I was wondering if Angela is really the mother, but Arthur wasnt the father, I hope so, because I want him to be Peter's brother.

    I hated the fact Nathan became PineHearst leader, it is silly... he is stupid and he can die. Blah

    I knew Hiro was the catalyst, I knew it, just thought it is silly he lost it as soon as he got it. He also lost his power, I think it is the worst part of the serie right now. I mean Hiro is always losing something.

    I love the end, when Sylar was killing Arthur, whatsoever, I didnt understand why the Haitain's power didnt work with sylar.
  • heroes is back on track

    First of, I'm really glad Arthur died. His character was way too boring and one dimensional for me. He was just like a half assed Sylar. Steeling powers but no killing. And his whole company thing. I didn't get the motive behind it, or the whole game he was playing with Angela. In the episode he says "Tell Angela I won." Won what? His voice was just to weird for me. Turtle like and with a strange accent.

    The scenes in the past were awesome. Claire finally shows her acting colors and is in some touching scenes with her mother and father. It's always intense and good when there's love and emotion on one side when the other side has no idea. I think at the end HRG realised that the 16 yr old girl in his apartment was actually Claire from the future, and it was a good moment when they levelled on "Claire Bear"

    Hiro's scenes with his mother were excellent and very moving. Who better than his mother to heal him. Crazy emotions going on. He is overjoyed to see her after so long and then she dies right there moments later. I'm glad she got to know of Hiro's future before passing.

    I am extremely happy that Sylar is back to killing. I thought it was a waste of character for so long while he was suffering with Mommy and Daddy issues, but that lie detection thing he has is a nice touch and makes him even more badass. I'm Looking forward to the next episode, but it sucks this season ends here. Right when it's getting good..
  • Ready to change the world.

    Matt, Ando and Daph found Issac's last issue...:gulp:

    Claire and Hiro manage to change the present, one of the firs ttimes that has actually been on this show. They change the future lots but rarely do they change the present. Claire convinces HRG not to bring Claire to the place where she becomes the catlyst and Hiro, through a reunion was his deceased mother (very, very sweet scene), gets his memories back and the catalyst aka the light along with them. I still don't fully get what it is but we know what it does.

    Nathan, Tracey, Arthur and Mohinder make the first moves to make a new generation of ordinary people with extrordinary abilities. Manufactured ones that is, there's already plenty of them in the world thanks to the company but now there's another. Kyle...:D (Ironic that he should end of on Heroes after starring on The 4400) I mean Scott. He's stronger then Mohinder, embedding a steal chair in what I'm assuming was a steal wall. That'll end well.

    At the very least though Pinehearst may only have enough catalyst included formula for something like 50 soldiers, though with Nathan now at the healm totally unapposed who knows what he'll do next. Like father like son apparently, though we don't exactly have to worry about daddy anymore.

    Surprise, surpise Peter couldn't pull the trigger. Though I don't blame him especially considering Arthur was his father and Angela is not to be trusted. But more importantly Peter's no murderer but Sylar is, funny if Arthur had just left Arthur alone he'd probably still be alive. Talk about karma. But anyway when Sylar killed Arthur he killed the light as well. No more maufactured abilities, to bad he was a little to late. One thing I wish he have got to know before Arthur bit the dust was what on earth he was trying to do in placing Sylar and Elle together, there was a point we just never got to know it. Then again I suppose that's mute now.

    Speaking of Sylar gods I had forgotten just how scary he can be. It's not that I forgot exactly but after everything that he has been through this season, how much he had changed and how little of that side of him we have actually seen this season I did kind of forget just how frightening he could be. And now that we know that at the very least Angela and Arthur aren't his parents, that they were playing him, trying to weild him as their weapon and took complete advantage of him I don't know where this leaves him. Especially considering that he has totally reverted to form. A big piece that were holding him together (thinking he had a family. A different family, which used to be a big wish of his before he discovered he had powers) has been shattered. He can still take abilities without killing but he doesn't seem to have any interest in that anymore. And yet still spared Peter. He killed that woman who was a human lie detector because he wanted her power, he killed Arthur for everything he did to him and all the lies he fed him, he killed those people in that office because they caught him murdering lie detector chick. But what about Elle? Why did he kill her? I still don't understand, he had her power already. She had nothing he wanted. Was it just because he believed he couldn't really ever changed even if he tried? Then why didn't he kill Peter too? I know he doesn't have powers and back in season one Sylar himself said he wasn't a blind murderer, he kills people for reasons (though they may be rediculous, particularly now) but some of the moves he's making contradict one another. I don't have as much faith anymore that he can still be Gabriel but I'm not convinced all he can be is a monster. There may not be a shining redemption, a family, love, a child or anything even close to Gabriel left for him but I'm not quite ready to let go of Gabriel completely. Not just yet.

    Part of it is that I'm clinging to hope about Peter and Sylar, all their similarities. Their lives, their different connections, their similar powers and everything can't just be a coincidence. It can't have all been for nothing, I'm not sure that if there is something there it will be enough to save Sylar in any way shape or formanymore but I still think there may be something there. I'm not willing to let go of the fact that they may be brothers (especially given the extraoridnary lengths they have gone to just to place them together this season), I know it's highly unlikely but a year ago we would have said that about a lot of things when it comes to this show. And as a rule nothing is impossible in the world of Heroes. I'm thinking Vadar in the last minutes of Jedi, with redemptive powers and self sacrifice. One more episode to volume three and in my opinion one last chance to see if there is truly anything in Sylar worth saving, anything that can be saved. Killing Elle, giving into the hunger more ferosciously then he ever has before doesn't leave a lot of room and he's running out of chances.
  • I think things are turning around for Heroes, In a good way.

    Okay, so the Villians arc is coming to a close, and it looks to be pretty self contained. This episode was pivotal. I was really mad last episode when Elle died, but now I understand why they did it. Still :(. Sylar is evil as ever, and there were a couple of really good scenes in his plotline. Hiro and Claire back in time took up much of the episode, but there was some really good stuff in there. Sylar killing Arthur was a great pay-off. Now, for my predictions. Since the catalyst has been destroyed, I think the whole "army of superheroes" is going down the tubes, and I think Tracey will die. Surresh will heal himself and decide to stop trying to give people powers. Sylar will go after Angela and possibly kill her. Ando, Daphne and Matt will obviously have to rescue Hiro somehow.

    A question I have about this episode is...where did Arthur send Claire to?
  • two words : people die!!

    So the writers seem to be back on their way and i belive,given the fact that this episode was elaborated and made sense,that they actually had this storyline in mind for some time now,maybe even from the first season give the isaac mendez line. Maybe they just didn;t know how to fill the middle but what's happening now is thrilling and interesting.

    Arthur death was a brilliant scene[as well as elevator sylar] altough it didn't quite made sense how sylar appear there and why his powers were still working. Nor how did sylar knew about the lying-detector girl. But that's tv!

    In other news Nathat is creating superhumans apparently unaffected by the consequences of his actions [ speaking of which, when does he do his senator work?! that's what senators do? fly and take over suspicious companies? don't they have to vote or smth? ]. Hiro and Claire end dramatically their journey in the past [ how on earth did Arthur came there!? tv again i guess.. ]. and Peter is still powerless..but a hero!..ahem..

    one last thing. it has been mentioned that with arthur dead and sylar more than alive there is noone to stop sylar. but seriously. stop him from what? sylar doesn't seem to have a goal. he's just on his philosophical journey to discover who he really is. I don't see him interferring or taking over the world...but we'll see.

    waiting for the next episode and let'\s hope noone comes back to life and the show keeps the pace!
  • Impressive turn of events for season three

    Like other fans, I was skeptical about season 3's progress and felt Heroes was taking a downturn. The "Eclipse" suspense became a listless flip-flop that didn't satisfy demands. The characters felt as if they were running around haphazardly and the script sounded as if the writers were making everything up as they go along. I wouldn't hold my breath but this episode was like the light at the end of a tunnel. It fuses into the story arch beautifully and delivers the goods. I hope the writers are making progress and can pull themselves out of the mess of season three. We've left behind the organic feeling of season one but we can still have fun watching the adventures unfold. It's emotional to see Hiro with his mother, shocking when Claire encounters herself as a child, and suspenseful when Arthur Petrelli assembles an army of human guinea pigs for experimentation.

    The overlaps of time traveling should get dull at this point but the script (surprisingly) managed to keep it fresh and keep characters IN character. I sense that the writers were trying too hard to push characters into certain directions to bring out their "bad" sides to tie into the Villains arch. But fighting against the grain doesn't please the fans and we don't like to see characters making foolish decisions all the time. It was nice to see a bit of the sweet-faced cheerleader Claire from season one and a bit magical when Hiro convinces his mother to put the catalyst into his body. Of course, Arthur Petrelli has to come and wreck Hiro's mission but the surprises are not over yet. I was unsatisfied with the attempts to "reform" Sylar this season. Much of the show's suspense revolves around everyone's favorite adversary. But when he's tame, the suspense is lost. Sylar is, quite frankly, the square peg who won't fit the round hole. He's much more fun (and lethal) when Sylar is able to plot his own agenda and act upon impulse. Thank goodness he's not a Petrelli because it gives Sylar an excuse to go back to his brain-slicing habits. After being deprived of psycho Sylar for so long, I laughed at his "cake" comment pronouncing his return to serial killer. However, there's not telling if Sylar will be able to continue his killing sprees successfully or if Nathan can create his troop of superheroes to do his bidding. I've learned not to anticipate too on this show because when it's doing well, it goes for the unexpected. Let's just hope it stays on this course for the rest of season three.
  • Great entertaiment..but alas..they should stop treating us like idiots..

    I wanted to write a review right after i watched this yesterday, but work is more important so here i go now.

    First off, kudos to this Episode as it had me glued to my seat and anticipating every next moment and Heroes hasn't done it to me in a long time..BUT as usual, i have my gripes..and i honestly dun care if i get a few thumb downs for my following comments..and u guys..being really fans of Heroes and TV shows should accept criticism and not blindly folo a show cos its cool..else..the show will never get better..


    Bonnie (Claire).. the HRG..we're talking about a 16yrs ago..younger HRG who is ruthless..cynical, suspicious about everybody. BUT he chose to just TALK to Bonnie..and actually LISTEN to her?!? Why? So that we know the origin of the name "claire bear?" Come on..everyone knows he watches CARE BEARS when he was a little toddler and thats how it came about..Issac mendes showed it to me..JUST seconds before he died..he drew me a cartoon about it b4 sylar knocked him off...zzz

    Sylar: After mastering the art of getting powers without killing..WHICH removes the hunger, he suddenly decides to MASS kill again..and gets his hands dirty..waste money on laundry..when he could have just took her powers..by EMPHATISING..and just maybe give the gal a heart attack or die a clean death..but no no..he has to check her brains..thats so much easier.. And whats up with him still having powers while Arthur's were gone? The Hatiian only can dispel powers for 1 person? who the hell said that? Everyone around him loses their powers..EVEN IF HE DOESN'T know that they are around..proven so manay times..Hiro and Elle at the theatre..and previous episodes of peter and nathan just coming across him. He doesnt need to pin point to anyone..but OK..lets say he has to specifically pin point arthur..but doesnt mean he loses the ability to auto dispel Sylar's abilities..and when he sees Sylar come in.. im sure he would have judged who is more dangerous right now..and unleashed everything..but moving on..

    Hiro/Arthur/Claire..in the past. Come on..lets be realistic, Hiro and Claire going back into the past, i dun care..and it seemed interesting..even the healing of his memories made sense..and the passing of the "catalyst". UNTIL..Arthur showed up..back in tie ..TELEPORTING..ok ok..we dun need to know where he gets his powers from, but this guy seems like the Justice league all put together..and powerful enuff just to make the world safer ALL by himself..

    But hey..what did he say when he appeared? Guessed i turn up at the right time? damn..u can turn up anytime u want arthur..11.56..1155..1245..thats what time travel is about..WHY does he have to come at that moment..and take it from Hiro? 1. how the hell did he know Hiro got it from his mum? 2. How he he know HOW to just extract the power from HIRO's chest. 3. Why did he appear there and not at HIRO's mum just to take it from her?
    4. and how did he know this is the moment to appear sp that he can just walk in, take the catalyst and just walk off..when ALL THIS time, he thought the catalyst was CLAIRE and if he knew, why did he send ppl after claire when he could have just back tracked into time and asked Hiro's Dad himself. Giving him the power over time and space practically makes Arthur invincible..and thats why i thought the writers didn't want to give him Hiro's powers, but since he alreaday had Hiro's power, he could have gone back to do anything he wanted..and get answers from anyone dead right?

    Anyway..this is getting too long, u guys get my drift, yet again..loopholes galore..and makes no sense..but i enjoy the action and if i dun think too much..this is a great show ^^
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