Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • Ready to change the world.

    Matt, Ando and Daph found Issac's last issue...:gulp:

    Claire and Hiro manage to change the present, one of the firs ttimes that has actually been on this show. They change the future lots but rarely do they change the present. Claire convinces HRG not to bring Claire to the place where she becomes the catlyst and Hiro, through a reunion was his deceased mother (very, very sweet scene), gets his memories back and the catalyst aka the light along with them. I still don't fully get what it is but we know what it does.

    Nathan, Tracey, Arthur and Mohinder make the first moves to make a new generation of ordinary people with extrordinary abilities. Manufactured ones that is, there's already plenty of them in the world thanks to the company but now there's another. Kyle...:D (Ironic that he should end of on Heroes after starring on The 4400) I mean Scott. He's stronger then Mohinder, embedding a steal chair in what I'm assuming was a steal wall. That'll end well.

    At the very least though Pinehearst may only have enough catalyst included formula for something like 50 soldiers, though with Nathan now at the healm totally unapposed who knows what he'll do next. Like father like son apparently, though we don't exactly have to worry about daddy anymore.

    Surprise, surpise Peter couldn't pull the trigger. Though I don't blame him especially considering Arthur was his father and Angela is not to be trusted. But more importantly Peter's no murderer but Sylar is, funny if Arthur had just left Arthur alone he'd probably still be alive. Talk about karma. But anyway when Sylar killed Arthur he killed the light as well. No more maufactured abilities, to bad he was a little to late. One thing I wish he have got to know before Arthur bit the dust was what on earth he was trying to do in placing Sylar and Elle together, there was a point we just never got to know it. Then again I suppose that's mute now.

    Speaking of Sylar gods I had forgotten just how scary he can be. It's not that I forgot exactly but after everything that he has been through this season, how much he had changed and how little of that side of him we have actually seen this season I did kind of forget just how frightening he could be. And now that we know that at the very least Angela and Arthur aren't his parents, that they were playing him, trying to weild him as their weapon and took complete advantage of him I don't know where this leaves him. Especially considering that he has totally reverted to form. A big piece that were holding him together (thinking he had a family. A different family, which used to be a big wish of his before he discovered he had powers) has been shattered. He can still take abilities without killing but he doesn't seem to have any interest in that anymore. And yet still spared Peter. He killed that woman who was a human lie detector because he wanted her power, he killed Arthur for everything he did to him and all the lies he fed him, he killed those people in that office because they caught him murdering lie detector chick. But what about Elle? Why did he kill her? I still don't understand, he had her power already. She had nothing he wanted. Was it just because he believed he couldn't really ever changed even if he tried? Then why didn't he kill Peter too? I know he doesn't have powers and back in season one Sylar himself said he wasn't a blind murderer, he kills people for reasons (though they may be rediculous, particularly now) but some of the moves he's making contradict one another. I don't have as much faith anymore that he can still be Gabriel but I'm not convinced all he can be is a monster. There may not be a shining redemption, a family, love, a child or anything even close to Gabriel left for him but I'm not quite ready to let go of Gabriel completely. Not just yet.

    Part of it is that I'm clinging to hope about Peter and Sylar, all their similarities. Their lives, their different connections, their similar powers and everything can't just be a coincidence. It can't have all been for nothing, I'm not sure that if there is something there it will be enough to save Sylar in any way shape or formanymore but I still think there may be something there. I'm not willing to let go of the fact that they may be brothers (especially given the extraoridnary lengths they have gone to just to place them together this season), I know it's highly unlikely but a year ago we would have said that about a lot of things when it comes to this show. And as a rule nothing is impossible in the world of Heroes. I'm thinking Vadar in the last minutes of Jedi, with redemptive powers and self sacrifice. One more episode to volume three and in my opinion one last chance to see if there is truly anything in Sylar worth saving, anything that can be saved. Killing Elle, giving into the hunger more ferosciously then he ever has before doesn't leave a lot of room and he's running out of chances.