Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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    The eclipse is over and the real fight is finally here. Several people are going to be upset about this but Elle's dead. Completely dead. Sylar did kill her. She's gone and Sylar is back to being a villain. That does somewhat annoy me. I liked Sylar being the good guy. The writers though, obviously like Sylar being the villain. Even when he doesn't seem to be the villain anymore, they like to bring him back to being one. Sylar is fed up with being played around by Arthur and Angela but he doesn't quite believe in Noah either. He wants answers and to do that, he'll murder a woman who can detect lies for her power and in a semi-comic moment, kill her employers wishing her a happy birthday. Angela and Arthur sure did a number on their fake son. Peter is tasked by Angela to kill Arthur and he brings along the Haitian with him. Nathan joins up with Arthur and Tracey and gives his decision to join them, if he can become the head of Pinehearst. Arthur initally refuses but Tracey pulls him in. Nathan is somewhat pissed Tracey went behind his back with Arthur but she's not sorry. She's power-hungry and she doesn't care what she has to to get power. Nathan and her have work to do. Pinehearst has rounded up some military commandos for formula experimentation in a sort of supersoliders moment. Nathan talks with a soldier who lost a lot in combat and Nathan thinks he's doing the right thing. Again, no one filled him in on power corrupting. The world will split over who gets to have powers and those who don't. Hiro and Claire stumble into their past to see their origins. Claire meets the past versions of Sandra and Noah and in a confusing time paradox moment, comes into contact with baby Claire. Weird. Claire convinces Noah to not make her the catalyst. Hiro meets up with younger him as well, as well as Mom and Dad. Finally, Hiro's mother is revealed. Sorry, it's not Angela. Hiro's 100% non-Petrelli. Hiro's mother is revealed to be a healer but in the past, she's dying, probably due to the fact that her healing takes health off her. She tries to convince Kaito that Hiro can be the catalyst. Hiro's father mistakes him for a chef. Hiro confronts her and there is a sweet moment as his mom gets to see him as an adult. Hiro reveals his memory loss and his mother heals it. He tells her everything that happened, except that Kaito died, and tells her he's willing to be the catalyst. She trusts him and gives him the power. Hiro's mother was the catalyst. She had the "light", whatever the "light" is. Claire and Hiro meet up. Everything good, right? Nope. Arthur intrudes on the past, sensing Hiro's involvement. In a shock, he steals Hiro's power and the catalyst, whisks Claire back to the present to tell Angela he won, and strands Hiro in the past. Not good. In the present, Matt, Ando, and Daphne look to recover Issac's last story. Ando at last trusts Daphne and Daphne's more accepting to being a good girl. She worked out all her issues with her dad. It takes awhile and outcunning a post-carrier but they get the story, and it reveals Hiro being stranded in the past. The story ends with that. The three deduce that there might be another time-traveler. Ando thinks it could be him and he walks off for Pinehearst, willing for a power. The Haitian senses Peter's conflict with killing his father but Peter's sense of duty outweighs the conflict. He'll do it. Arthur comes back, catalyst with him, and the formula is completed. Nathan, Tracey, and Mohinder are willing to test it out. Arthur senses Peter coming and decides to confront him. The Haitian does his best to block Arthur's powers but Arthur is too strong, a super, superhero. The Haitian can't block forever. Peter hesitates and Daddy goads him that he can't do it, he's weak, how can Peter be his son? Peter fires and. . .Sylar intrudes on the moment, sparing Arthur's life for a second. It's not because he's being nice, he wants to know the truth. Is Sylar a Petrelli? He's not. Peter had to hear it too since he was tricked into believing Sylar was his brother. Sylar says he won't let Peter become a killer, Peter doesn't have it in him. One final kind act for his not-brother. Sylar lets the bullet free and Arthur dies. Sylar lets Peter go because he's powerless. Peter thinks since Daddy's dead, it's over. No. Killing Arthur came too late. The formula is made. The first experiment subject was a success and Nathan is in charge where Daddy left and the future is starting to become true. If people felt frustrated over last week's episode, this episode makes up for it with plenty of surprises, supense, humor, and action. It is too bad Elle had to die. Only one more episode until the next volume. Will Peter get a power back? Will Hiro die? Daphne? How will Nathan and Peter's confrontation play out? And will there be a plane crash as indicated in the spoilers? Next week's episode will answer it all.
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