Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • This episode was freaking incredible. EVERYTHING was right. EVERYTHING was there. and it all clicked.

    Never since season 1 has an episode had me shaking in my boots. IT WAS AMAZING. such good writing. i'm glad Tim Kring fired those lousy producers. now we've got this!!!

    Sylar killed Elle. Why??? to prove who he was? he already had her power. maybe it was to get mastery of it.
    The scene between Hiro and his mom was incredibly touching and so was Claires. And when Hiro got his memory back... just wow.
    The most shocking thing was when Hiro lost his power. WHY??? i hope he gets it back somehow and soon.

    SYLAR'S BACK BABY!!! i really forgot how scary he can be. Great scene.

    The way he killed Arthur was the way it should have been. i don't want to see the dark side Peter. he's developed so much since he lost his power. arthur i think is dead forever. Catalyst escaped from him.

    Overall BEST Episode since Season 1 and it surpasses pretty much ALL of Season 1 as well. Must see episode. Can't wait for the finale.