Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • "Holy Captain America, Batman!" Super soldiers and now papa Petrelli, the only good villain they had left, is dead. While better than the eclipse episodes, still not where it should be.

    I will admit, I liked this episode better than the two parter but I'm still not happy with Heroes. Arthur Petrelli was a great villain. Why? Because unlike the psychopathic Sylar, he had a method to his madness beyond himself. Sylar is now back to his old self and I still can't wait to see him die. Sorry, never liked Sylar and as long as he's like that, never will. The problem I have with this episode is they go through all that trouble to send Hiro and Claire to the past, Hiro gets the catalyst from his mother (which kills her) and then 5 minutes later it's all over. If anything, this should have been the 2 parter, not the eclipse. It was EXTREMELY anticlimatic.

    And now, as if pulling pages from the X-Men wasn't enough, we now see shades of Captain America. I'm guessing Sylar's going to go in, destroy the "soldier super serum" and thus only 1 soldier is imbued with super abilities. I'd say he'd slay the doctor but the doctor is Mohinder so I don't see that happening. Of course chances are good he slays Captain America too but I'm guessing somehow he finds a way to overcome Sylar and thus lives up to his "Survivor's Remorse."

    About the only good things was Claire and Noah, the Haitian didn't die, and getting the sketch book was pretty funny. Other than that, I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It just feels like they keep emphasizing the wrong things. With Arthur dead, the villainy I was liking has died with him. It seems now it has gone from purposeful (we're helping the world) to thuggery (I'm helping me, and that's no lie). Sylar is not a good central villain. Arthur was. Even HRG was. Because they had a method to their madness. Evil works best when it believes it's doing the right thing, even for the wrong reason. That's been stripped out of the show with the death of Arthur.

    I'll catch the "final episode of 2008" and hope the cliff hanger ending makes me want to come back in 2009.