Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • This episode is exactaly why i love watching the show.

    This episode was very touching. To see Hiro as an adult going backwards in time to meet his mother. When she realized who he was, their embrace and tears touched my heart. Who better than his mother to heal him. After she gave him the catalyst, she dies. Imagine looking at your own mother dying before you, again.

    Clair had her own problems. Gaining the trust of the woman who would become her mother was easy. Gaining the trust of Noah, a man who can see through people, that was a challenge. Although he did not say it, one can tell he suspected Clair to be his daughter from the future. After all, look at the organization he works for. Time travel is common place in his business.

    Sadly Arthur got the catalyst and drained Hiro of his powers and tried to kill him. He sends Clair to the present to give a message on his behalf. I love the way Nathan is evolving. He was good, but is becoming corrupt just like his father to create an army. It is obvious that Peter and Nathan will have to fight one another . Poor Peter, he is without any power.

    Sylar is back to his own tricks. I can imagine the thoughts that were going through the girls mind as he was about to take her power. I pity those individuals that came in to give her a surprise Birthday party. The surprise was on them. Once he discover the truth that Arthur was not his father, it was a brilliant move to him as the one to kill Arthur.

    Now Ando, Matt and Daphne must find another time traveler to go backwards in time to save Hiro. Poor guy, he regains his memory only to find himself holding onto a flagpole for dear life.

    Every episode gets better and better. Tim Kring and his staff are delivering the goods as they promised. It will make me (I am sure others) sad when the final episode is shown on the 15th. I cannot wait until the following year to see what happens to our Heroes.