Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • two words : people die!!

    So the writers seem to be back on their way and i belive,given the fact that this episode was elaborated and made sense,that they actually had this storyline in mind for some time now,maybe even from the first season give the isaac mendez line. Maybe they just didn;t know how to fill the middle but what's happening now is thrilling and interesting.

    Arthur death was a brilliant scene[as well as elevator sylar] altough it didn't quite made sense how sylar appear there and why his powers were still working. Nor how did sylar knew about the lying-detector girl. But that's tv!

    In other news Nathat is creating superhumans apparently unaffected by the consequences of his actions [ speaking of which, when does he do his senator work?! that's what senators do? fly and take over suspicious companies? don't they have to vote or smth? ]. Hiro and Claire end dramatically their journey in the past [ how on earth did Arthur came there!? tv again i guess.. ]. and Peter is still powerless..but a hero!..ahem..

    one last thing. it has been mentioned that with arthur dead and sylar more than alive there is noone to stop sylar. but seriously. stop him from what? sylar doesn't seem to have a goal. he's just on his philosophical journey to discover who he really is. I don't see him interferring or taking over the world...but we'll see.

    waiting for the next episode and let'\s hope noone comes back to life and the show keeps the pace!
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