Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • OMG, wow... I dont even know what to say :O

    What the heck it was this episode? OMG, brilliant!!!

    Lets start with the easiest, it is personal sad for me that Gabriel became Sylar again and also said Arthur isnt his father. I thought that they were really a family, since in the future Gabriel says Peter is his brother.

    I was wondering if Angela is really the mother, but Arthur wasnt the father, I hope so, because I want him to be Peter's brother.

    I hated the fact Nathan became PineHearst leader, it is silly... he is stupid and he can die. Blah

    I knew Hiro was the catalyst, I knew it, just thought it is silly he lost it as soon as he got it. He also lost his power, I think it is the worst part of the serie right now. I mean Hiro is always losing something.

    I love the end, when Sylar was killing Arthur, whatsoever, I didnt understand why the Haitain's power didnt work with sylar.
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