Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • Great entertaiment..but alas..they should stop treating us like idiots..

    I wanted to write a review right after i watched this yesterday, but work is more important so here i go now.

    First off, kudos to this Episode as it had me glued to my seat and anticipating every next moment and Heroes hasn't done it to me in a long time..BUT as usual, i have my gripes..and i honestly dun care if i get a few thumb downs for my following comments..and u guys..being really fans of Heroes and TV shows should accept criticism and not blindly folo a show cos its cool..else..the show will never get better..


    Bonnie (Claire).. the HRG..we're talking about a 16yrs ago..younger HRG who is ruthless..cynical, suspicious about everybody. BUT he chose to just TALK to Bonnie..and actually LISTEN to her?!? Why? So that we know the origin of the name "claire bear?" Come on..everyone knows he watches CARE BEARS when he was a little toddler and thats how it came about..Issac mendes showed it to me..JUST seconds before he died..he drew me a cartoon about it b4 sylar knocked him off...zzz

    Sylar: After mastering the art of getting powers without killing..WHICH removes the hunger, he suddenly decides to MASS kill again..and gets his hands dirty..waste money on laundry..when he could have just took her powers..by EMPHATISING..and just maybe give the gal a heart attack or die a clean death..but no no..he has to check her brains..thats so much easier.. And whats up with him still having powers while Arthur's were gone? The Hatiian only can dispel powers for 1 person? who the hell said that? Everyone around him loses their powers..EVEN IF HE DOESN'T know that they are around..proven so manay times..Hiro and Elle at the theatre..and previous episodes of peter and nathan just coming across him. He doesnt need to pin point to anyone..but OK..lets say he has to specifically pin point arthur..but doesnt mean he loses the ability to auto dispel Sylar's abilities..and when he sees Sylar come in.. im sure he would have judged who is more dangerous right now..and unleashed everything..but moving on..

    Hiro/Arthur/Claire..in the past. Come on..lets be realistic, Hiro and Claire going back into the past, i dun care..and it seemed interesting..even the healing of his memories made sense..and the passing of the "catalyst". UNTIL..Arthur showed up..back in tie ..TELEPORTING..ok ok..we dun need to know where he gets his powers from, but this guy seems like the Justice league all put together..and powerful enuff just to make the world safer ALL by himself..

    But hey..what did he say when he appeared? Guessed i turn up at the right time? damn..u can turn up anytime u want arthur..11.56..1155..1245..thats what time travel is about..WHY does he have to come at that moment..and take it from Hiro? 1. how the hell did he know Hiro got it from his mum? 2. How he he know HOW to just extract the power from HIRO's chest. 3. Why did he appear there and not at HIRO's mum just to take it from her?
    4. and how did he know this is the moment to appear sp that he can just walk in, take the catalyst and just walk off..when ALL THIS time, he thought the catalyst was CLAIRE and if he knew, why did he send ppl after claire when he could have just back tracked into time and asked Hiro's Dad himself. Giving him the power over time and space practically makes Arthur invincible..and thats why i thought the writers didn't want to give him Hiro's powers, but since he alreaday had Hiro's power, he could have gone back to do anything he wanted..and get answers from anyone dead right?

    Anyway..this is getting too long, u guys get my drift, yet again..loopholes galore..and makes no sense..but i enjoy the action and if i dun think too much..this is a great show ^^
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