Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • heroes is back on track

    First of, I'm really glad Arthur died. His character was way too boring and one dimensional for me. He was just like a half assed Sylar. Steeling powers but no killing. And his whole company thing. I didn't get the motive behind it, or the whole game he was playing with Angela. In the episode he says "Tell Angela I won." Won what? His voice was just to weird for me. Turtle like and with a strange accent.

    The scenes in the past were awesome. Claire finally shows her acting colors and is in some touching scenes with her mother and father. It's always intense and good when there's love and emotion on one side when the other side has no idea. I think at the end HRG realised that the 16 yr old girl in his apartment was actually Claire from the future, and it was a good moment when they levelled on "Claire Bear"

    Hiro's scenes with his mother were excellent and very moving. Who better than his mother to heal him. Crazy emotions going on. He is overjoyed to see her after so long and then she dies right there moments later. I'm glad she got to know of Hiro's future before passing.

    I am extremely happy that Sylar is back to killing. I thought it was a waste of character for so long while he was suffering with Mommy and Daddy issues, but that lie detection thing he has is a nice touch and makes him even more badass. I'm Looking forward to the next episode, but it sucks this season ends here. Right when it's getting good..
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