Season 3 Episode 12

Our Father

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • Impressive turn of events for season three

    Like other fans, I was skeptical about season 3's progress and felt Heroes was taking a downturn. The "Eclipse" suspense became a listless flip-flop that didn't satisfy demands. The characters felt as if they were running around haphazardly and the script sounded as if the writers were making everything up as they go along. I wouldn't hold my breath but this episode was like the light at the end of a tunnel. It fuses into the story arch beautifully and delivers the goods. I hope the writers are making progress and can pull themselves out of the mess of season three. We've left behind the organic feeling of season one but we can still have fun watching the adventures unfold. It's emotional to see Hiro with his mother, shocking when Claire encounters herself as a child, and suspenseful when Arthur Petrelli assembles an army of human guinea pigs for experimentation.

    The overlaps of time traveling should get dull at this point but the script (surprisingly) managed to keep it fresh and keep characters IN character. I sense that the writers were trying too hard to push characters into certain directions to bring out their "bad" sides to tie into the Villains arch. But fighting against the grain doesn't please the fans and we don't like to see characters making foolish decisions all the time. It was nice to see a bit of the sweet-faced cheerleader Claire from season one and a bit magical when Hiro convinces his mother to put the catalyst into his body. Of course, Arthur Petrelli has to come and wreck Hiro's mission but the surprises are not over yet. I was unsatisfied with the attempts to "reform" Sylar this season. Much of the show's suspense revolves around everyone's favorite adversary. But when he's tame, the suspense is lost. Sylar is, quite frankly, the square peg who won't fit the round hole. He's much more fun (and lethal) when Sylar is able to plot his own agenda and act upon impulse. Thank goodness he's not a Petrelli because it gives Sylar an excuse to go back to his brain-slicing habits. After being deprived of psycho Sylar for so long, I laughed at his "cake" comment pronouncing his return to serial killer. However, there's not telling if Sylar will be able to continue his killing sprees successfully or if Nathan can create his troop of superheroes to do his bidding. I've learned not to anticipate too on this show because when it's doing well, it goes for the unexpected. Let's just hope it stays on this course for the rest of season three.