Season 2 Episode 7

Out of Time

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • I saw this coming a mile away . . .

    Okay, apart from Claire's lame storyline which continues to irk me more with each passing week, this episode was pretty solid. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the plots, like Peter and Caitlin's adventure through time, and I was cheering for Matt when he conquered his father.

    Hiro's story nearly had me in tears, but I was glad that it ended when it did, before I got too bored with it. (Though I would love for Eriko to return in a later episode. Maybe Hiro can take her to the future?)

    The reason I can't vote this episode a Ten (besides the Claire fiasco, which I've pretty much tuned out) was the whole "plot twist" at the end. I've known since "Kensei" was introduced that he was the Evil Mastermind, so when Adam Monroe was revealed to be none other than good old 500-year-old "Kensei" with one baaaad grudge, I merely turned to my sister and said "Well duh!"
  • Peter still in the future tries to find what cause this evacuation at New York. Claire reveals to West the truth about her father. Hiro's story comes to a shocking end. Matt faces his father in order to save the rest of our Heroes.

    This could ba one of the coolest episode of Heroes.
    Matt faces his father, after the instructions of Bob who tells him his power is just as powerful as his father's. At the same time, Maury uses his abilities in order to kill Bob. One of his victims is Niki who he makes think that Bob killed DL. In an attempt of Niki to give Bob the virus, Nathan interferes and Niki is forced to inject the virus on herself. Matt manages to save Molly and "lock" his father in the same nightmare his father locked Molly. Meanwhile, Mohinder tests Niki and finds that his blood can't heal Niki. Bob gives Mohinder the solution in saving Niki; to find Claire Bennet and take her blood. At that point Mohinder reveals to Bob that he has been working with Noah to take down the Company. All this will lead to a confrontation between Noah and Mohinder a depicted by Isaac's series of eight paintings. Finally Nathan finds out that Peter is still alive and was in fact in the Company three months ago but now they have no idea where he is.
    Claire comes closer to West until her father returns home and West sees him. Remembering that he was the guy who kidnapped him when he was young he flies away especially when he finds out that that man is also Claire's father. When Noah finds out through an article in the newspaper (about last chapter's incident) that Claire has used her abilities in public, Noah decides that they should move but Claire confronts her father and refuses to move away.
    Hiro's story comes to an end in this chapter. Takezo is helping White Beard take over all of Japan and Hiro realizes that there is only one way to stop him. If he interferes. Believing still in Takezo's heroic side still inside, Hiro at first refuses to fight him but in the end Hiro fights him. An accident at the camp where all the weapons are leaves Takezo lying there (Hiro did try to save him but Takezo refused his help and stayed in) and Hiro thinking that he has changed history. With regrets he leaves Yaeko back and returns to the present. Before he leaves however he shares a moment with Yaeko who reveals to him that she will spread the stories of Hiro as being those of Takezo Kensei making him the hero that little Hiro heard so many stories about.
    Peter, still in the future, is arrested and tested for the virus. When the authorities find that he is in fact dead and has no signs of the virus, they are left wondering. Peter's mother appears from that time and helps Peter remember her. When Peter sees Caitlin being deported Peter returns in the present at a moment of anxiety. There he meets up with Adam Monroe who is in fact a person we have already met, Takezo Kensei from Feudal Japan 1671 and Hiro's childhood hero.
    Overall a great episode. Matt's powers keep getting cooler and cooler each episode with the best being that of chapter 9 of this volume: cautionary tales.
    Key facts: Adam Monroe is Takezo Kensei and is the villain of this volume. He has the age he had when he discovered his power. Caitlin's last appearance is in this chapter and the fans of Heroes still wonder what happened to her. The only explanation that was given was that since the future is changed Caitlin is gone as well. I don't think that Caitlin might appear again but you never know with Heroes. Enjoy!
  • Best episode of Heroes by far.

    This was such an amazing & revealing episode. Caitlin gets trapped in the past. Hiro leaves 1671 and supposedly kills Takezo Kensei, Adam revealed to be Takezo Kensei. Claire being the cure for Nikki's virus. Nikki going crazy by the way. Brilliant. Molly waking up from her nightmare. Maury dying finally. The painting piecing together so perfectly. Suresh joins the company for sure and leaves HRG forever. West finding out about Claire's father. Wow, the writers are doing this volume perfectly. Feel bad for Caitlin though, will she be trapped there forever? I liked how the heroes worked together in this episode. Beautiful.
  • An amazing and revealing episode!

    This is definetly one of, if not the, best episodes of the season so far. Peter and Caitlin go to Montreal, but get teleported into the future accidently by Peter. They witness the effects of the Heroes virus first hand, and when Peter comes back to his time period, it is without Caitlin. West invites himself over to Claire's house and all that romance occurs, but when West sees Noah he freaks out and runs away. Then, when Noah hears from his wife that Claire has been seeing a boy, he tells the entire family that it isn't safe to live where they are anymore, they must move. Claire then threatens that if they move, she's not going with them.

    With the unlikely team of Niki and Suresh, also with Bob, Nathan, and Matt, Nightmare Man is defeated. Matt learns how to use his powers more efficiently and also saved Molly, but Niki injected herself with the Heroes virus, and it turns out Suresh's blood isn't a cure anymore. So now he must get Claire to save Niki. And finally Hiro returns home after departing with Yaeko, and an ecstatic Ando tells him that his father has been murdered. But, it seems that somehow either Hiro or Peter teleported Kensei with them, and now he is the mysterious Adam Monroe...

    I just loved this episode, so many plot twists and great acting from the cast, now I really want to watch the next episode and see what happens to my favorite characters!
  • Brilliant! Best episode yet

    Takezo Kensei forces Hiro's face into a haze of opium smoke, preventing Hiro from using his powers. With White Beard having offered Kensei anything he wanted to capture Hiro and to lead his army, he chose to rule half of Japan and take Yaeko as his princess. As Takezo is called off, Yaeko frees herself and takes the opium away from Hiro. As the guards return, Hiro teleports himself, Yaeko, and Yaeko's father to safety. Later in the night, he materializes in White Beard's armory where he plans on destroying the guns, only to find Kensei waiting for him. Though Hiro still has faith in him, Kensei attacks Hiro, provoking a sword fight. In the fight, a lantern is tipped over and the fire spreads to the gunpowder. Realizing they are in mortal danger, Hiro offers his hand to Kensei in order to escape, which Kensei refuses. Left with no choice, Hiro teleports away just before the tent explodes and later finds Kensei's helmet in the smoldering ruins from the fire. When meeting with Yaeko, he cautions that in Kensei's final trial, he has to cut out his own heart to save her life and all of Japan. Hiro realizes he must return to his own time, and with a final kiss, he is gone. Meanwhile, Ando sees the charred mask on his desk, turning around to see Hiro smiling at him. Their reunion, however, is dampened when Ando tells Hiro of his father's murder during his absence.

    In Ukraine, Noah snaps photos of Isaac Mendez paintings and phones to tell Mohinder Suresh he has them after which he lights them all on fire. Suresh hangs up the phone with Bennet as alarms blare. Nathan and Matt arrive with details on their encounter with Matt's father, Maury Parkman, which causes the facility to begin evacuation procedures.

    Peter and Caitlin, still a year in the future in 2008, wander the streets of New York City, but the streets seem deserted; everyone has been evacuated by Homeland Security. An armored car speeds toward them and men in hazmat suits grab them, asking if they are sick or infected. After he and Caitlin are hosed down, Peter asks what's going on. The officer in charge of Peter's admission to the quarantine facility shows him a storage room full of body bags through a window with a biohazard symbol in its corner, confirming the painting Isaac had done of him in the pictures Noah Bennet destroyed. The officer reveals that people in the general population are being affected by the Shanti virus and 93% of the world's population are dead while the rest are living in quarantine zones hoping for a cure to be found. Later he meets his mother, who he does not recognize despite mentions of his brother and the fact that he's the most powerful of all the heroes due to his ability to mimic abilities. Motivated by Angela's demands, he utilizes Parkman's mind reading ability and is able to rebuild some of his lost memories. With flashbacks ensuing in his head, Peter finally remembers her and they share a tearful embrace. While being escorted through the facility by his mother, Peter sees Caitlin in a deportation line - he attempts to rescue Caitlin, but accidentally time travels back to the building in Montreal, leaving her behind.

    Claire wakes up finding West in her kitchen preparing waffles for breakfast. When Claire's mom leaves the room, she scolds West for stopping by the house. He shows her a newspaper article about the drunk cheerleader claiming she saw a flying boy, and Claire tells West they have to be more careful. Claire and West make out on the couch, but she can't stop looking at his tracking marks. They get up to go to the kitchen. When West turns around, he sees Mr. Bennet arrive home. He grabs Claire and runs outside, where she reveals that it was her father who abducted him. Scared and confused, West believes Claire deliberately led him into a trap and flies away.

    Bob forces Suresh to bait Maury so he can inject him with the virus. Suresh worries that this might put the entire population at risk. Niki offers to "persuade" him to take the virus but Bob tells Matt he has the same abilities as Maury; anything one's brain controls, Matt can control as well, making him the only one who can counter Maury. Matt apologizes to an unconscious Molly Walker, adding that he doesn't have his father's abilities like Bob said. When Matt says, "I love you, Molly," there's a blip on her monitor.

    Nathan asks Bob about "Adam Monroe," one of the founding members of the Company. He tells Nathan about the early days of the Company, when Adam convinced them they all belonged together to make the world a better place. Bob says that the "visionary" Adam is the one trying to kill them and he's using Maury as his "blunt weapon", to kill those in the Company. Years before, Adam talked about holocausts, plagues, and punishing humanity to save the world, thoughts shared by Mr. Linderman, a "disciple" of Adam. They locked Adam up and threw away the key, but he escaped two weeks before. Bob tells Nathan that Peter is alive and somehow involved with Adam Monroe.

    In the hall, Suresh frets to Niki that it is morally unacceptable to give Maury the virus. Niki says no one will die, emphasizing that the Company saved her. When Suresh leaves, she turns around and sees a vision of D.L. who tells her she is a killer and by the end of the day, she will kill everyone. When she leaves the hall, Maury emerges from a door. Suresh catches Niki talking to D.L., who is not really there; an unseen Maury is manipulating her mind. Suresh tries to help, but she punches him in the face, revealing how Mohinder ends up with his nose broken.

    Bob shows Nathan a video of Peter taken at the Company facility. As they talk, Niki punches the door open as Matt goes to find his father, only to walk into a dream world where Maury keeps Molly imprisoned. Matt calls for his father, and Maury appears, brought to the nightmare via Matt's newly-realized abilities. In the other room, Niki cannot fight off Maury's parasitic attachment to her mind and stabs herself with a syringe containing the virus. Matt summons all of his strength, grabs Molly, and walks out of the nightmare, leaving Maury trapped in what Matt realizes is Maury's own nightmare. Matt comes to in Molly's room where she wakes up to find Maury collapsed on the ground.

    Suresh gives Niki an infusion of his own blood to eradicate the virus in her system. However, when it does not work, Suresh realizes that his blood no longer possesses humoral immunity and that the new strain of the virus is now completely incurable. Bob says they will keep Maury sedated and destroy every last vial. Bob shows Suresh Claire's file and says that she may be the only way to save Niki. He also tells Suresh that Bennet killed Company operative Ivan. Suresh confesses that he has been working with Bennet to take down the Company. Bob says there is a storm coming and that Claire's ability could cure the virus, before presenting him with the gun seen in the painting.

    Bennet comes home and slaps the newspaper story about the drunk cheerleader in front of Claire, yelling at her for risking exposure. "It's not safe here, anymore," Bennet says. "Pack your bags... we're leaving." Instead of obeying, Claire angrily refuses to leave and runs upstairs. Meanwhile, back in Montreal, Peter attempts to teleport back to the future to save Caitlin, but is unable to access his time powers. Suddenly distracted by a noise coming from behind him, Peter swings around and looses a bolt of electricity. A hand appears from behind a painting and catches the bolt, leaving the flesh charred and blackened, but instantly regenerates a moment later. Takezo Kensei appears from behind the wall, revealing himself to be the mysterious Adam Monroe. Peter still doesn't recognize who Adam is. Adam comments to Peter, "We are going to change history".
  • Peter and Caitlin discover more about the future.

    Matt faces his father to save Molly. His power evolves. Niki and Mohinder get their first assignment. Claire and West have a fight - West found out that the horn rimmed glasses guy is actually Claire's father - Mr. Bennet. Nathan learns from Bob about the past. Hiro takes control of destiny to save history. In the future, Peter sees what the virus did. Caitlin stays trapped in the future and Peter gets back from the future. Peter attempts to teleport back to the future when he hears a noise and sends a bolt of electricity towards it. Someone puts out a hand that absorbs it and then repairs itself. The man introduces himself as Adam, and tells Peter the two of them are going to change history. It's a great episode! I love it!
  • Best episode so far..In season two...

    Hiro returns to the present. Peter accidentally teleports himself and Caitlin over a year into the future in New York and find that 93% of the world's population has died of the Shanti Virus. Peter accidentally teleports back and meets Kensei, who identifies himself as Adam Monroe. Niki is injected with the virus and Suresh realizes that his blood no longer works as a cure. Parkman defeats Maury and finds that he can control others' minds. I really enjoyed this episode, my favourite one out of the season. I'm only going to give it 9.5 though. Everyone's storyline was awesome, apart from Hiro's, but he is back just like I wanted him too. Peter's storyline was amazing this week, remembering his mother was good. Matt was awesome this week, he has been very good this season and Nathan too. Claire's storyline is getting much better I hope that stupid West has gone for good now. Can't wait for the next episode..!
  • Best episode of the season so far.

    I have to say I really liked this episode, most peoples storylines were great apart from Hiro's but atleast he is back to the present day. Peter's story is very good at the moment and I'm glad that Irish girl is gone for a while. the final scene was also very intresting. Nathan is the best in this show, I really like his character he is currently my favourite and in this episode he was great, the company scenes kind of reminded me of Company man. Claire's story was also quite good this week, for a change. Overal this episode is given 9.5.
  • Where the hell is the Heroes we saw back in season 1!?

    I have to say that I don't know why this epidode is rated the best for season 2 so far, for me it was one of the worst. I thought the nightmare man scenes were boring, I just wasn't feeling the suspense or whatever it was that people liked. I don't like Suresh at all, such a boring character, I find it really stupid that the guy they were fighting was Matt's dad and I really don't get why Molly is even in the show. Nathan ... don't even have an opinion anymore, I hardly notice him.

    Now the Peter/Caitlin thing, firstly can I just say as I haven't reviewed any other episodes this season, what is with the APPALING Irish accents. I mean couldn't they have either gotten a few actors who CAn do Irish accents or just scrap the whole Peter being in Ireland thing and make him be in a small town in America. Its hard to like a storyline when you get annoyed when ever they speak. I basically hate there romance, so pointless. I mean them going to the future, Caitlin getting captured, all this was ... ok, but the lowest ok you could give.

    The Hiro thing is SO stupid, its dragging on as well. Yeah we get it, he's in love with a girl but can't have her, blah, blah, blah. I must admit I wasn't expecting the twist at the end, that Kensei was the new villain, Adam! Other than that I am just glad that storys over, they tried to make it humourous but at times it felt overdone, like they knew people liked Hiro's humour in season 1 and thought they'd turn it up a notch. Then theres the slight saving grace and even this story can be annoying at times. Claire/West/HRG - I have quite enjoyed this at times, like when Claire cut off her toe in a previous episode and the whole revenge stunt in the last episode was entertaining. I thought this episode was a bit, only alright. The waffle thing at the start annoyed me, West finding out about HRG was good enough but I did like the ending when HRG told the family they were running again and Claire said "Without me", that was the only part I actually enjoyed, throughout the whole episode!

    I even missed Sylar and Maya's story, though that can be painfully boring, but when Sylar returned I started to like it a small bit. I also like Monica, Mikas cousin, I wish she was in it more. So really I have to say the only reason I am still watching is because I've heard that the writers have apologised and are making Season 3, what is used to be! If this wasn't the case, I would have given up a few episodes ago!
  • amazing episode - loved it when west found out!!

    Omg nightmare man is his dad? that shocked me even though i knew it. haha i was glad when it finally was over though. west finally found out about claires dad and that really shocked me how he reacted. like i knew he would be annoyed but he was kind of okay about it. like he didn't try anything to make hurt any of them and i was expecting some kind of out burtst

    hiro finally kills his "hero" i thought that was a touching moment. we all thought he was gonna finally go good but that really wasn't the way it turned out!!

    great episode.
  • Peter continua recordando su pasado, mientras que antiguos heroes aparecen en momentos actuales.

    1. West (quien puede volar), novio de Claire (la porrista), reconoce al padre de ella como el hombre que le implanto el chip en el cuerpo, y se aleja de ella sin mediar palabra alguna. Luego, el padre se entera de dicha noticia, e inicia acciones para alejarse de esa ciudad hacia una nueva, pues sus identidades iban a ser conocidas. Claire, en clara rebeldia, dice que ella no se ira. Al parecer, uno de los cuadros empieza a tener sentido, y la vida de Noah Bennet continua en peligro.
    2. Peter (multipoderes y, al parecer, real heroe de la serie) viaja en el tiempo con Caitlin (escocesa, quiza con algun poder aun no definido), y van a Nueva York a dias posteriores de la propagacion del virus creado en laboratorio, el cual ya ha costado muchas vidas humanas, superior al 90% del mismo. Peter es interrogado por personal militar, y luego tiene una entrevista con su madre, a quien cuesta reconocerla, para luego viajar en el tiempo, hacia un personaje antiguo.
    3. Hiro (puede viajar-detener el tiempo) regresa a Japon. A pesar de seguir amando a su doncella y lamentarse el haber traicionado a su amigo Takezo Kensei (poder de volver a la vida después de muerto) por esa chica, decide retirarse del antiguo Japon y retornar al nuevo. Sin embargo, Takezo lanza una amenaza, y es no permitir a Hiro ser feliz en lo que resta de su vida.
    4. El oficial Parkman (lee la mente-guia a los demas por medio de su pensamiento) enfrenta a su padre, quien mantenia prisionera a Molly Walker (ubica a los Heroes en un mapa por medio del pensamiento) dentro de una prision mental. Parkman descubre que tiene el poder de encarcelar mentalmente a las personas, pudiendo asi rescatar a la niña, pero perjudicando a su padre.
    5. Mohinder Suresh (investigador) decide no inyectar el virus a los pacientes, siendo Niki Sanders (doble personalidad mediante fuerza brutal) quien se inyecta a si misma, esperando que la sangre de Suresh haga efecto en ella como cura. Lamentablemente, ello no ocurre, y este puede ser el origen del virus que extermina gran parte de la poblacion mundial.
    6. Meter Petrelli, durante su viaje por el tiempo, es asediado por un antiguo amigo de nombre Adam, quien es el heroe con mayor poder y ambicion de la historia, reconocido como el mas letal y destructivo, mayor aun que Sylar (poder de capturar las habilidades de otros mediante el corte cerebral). Y, Adam, es Takezo Kensei.


    La historia corre con mas prisa debido a que solo son 11 episodios en esta segunda temporada. Si creiamos que Sylar era el super villano, todo da un vuelco al conocer a Adam, a quien antes habiamos visto junto a Hiro en el antiguo Japon. La nueva modalidad de salvar al mundo, después de la porrista, sera deteniendo la propagacion del virus entre la población. No sabemos que rol jugara Peter en este caso, ni como interactuaran los demas para lograr estecometido. Me atrevo a pensar que Sylar jugara un rol importante en esta historia, no como villano, sino como salvador a costa de algun sacrificio.
    Espero el viernes de la proxima semana para ver el episodio 8. Heroes ha calado en muchos tele espectadores, no solo de Norteamérica, sino tambien del resto del mundo.
  • One of the best episodes this show has ever produced, as well as the most twisted. This episode not only makes things seem bad, it makes things seem almost unstoppable.

    Somehow Peter goes one year into the future and see's the effects of the Heroe's virus that could become a reality if not stopped. The virus seems like it will spread to everyone in the future and it might kill 93% of the worlds population, so it's being stopped now is a necessity. We learn that Adam is the mastermind behind the killings and that Matt's father is one of his weapons, which is disturbing news, but this doesn't make the company's actions any more correct. Peter also remembers his past, and with all his abilities, seems like the only person who can stop the virus from killing everyone. Matt's dad manipulates Niki to kill Bob, by making her think the company is evil and that they killed her husband. When I saw this I was quite surprised and worried, for once the company looked like they might actually be doing something good and that the bad ones might actually be Adam and his army. But looks can be deceiving and the truth might still be hidden within layers of the show we still don't know. Matt finally stands up for himself and traps his dad in his own nightmare, which was a relief for me because it kind of shows and proves that good is stronger and can defeat bad. We also see the Hiro story finish its chapter with Kensei as Hiro decides to go back to where he came from. The most shocking thing in this episode of all was the revealing of who Adam is, and it seems Adam is the man that Hiro betrayed, the man who can heal himself and who was once called Kensei. This piece of storyline was the most shocking thing I have seen thus far in this show, and makes we wonder what else this "Adam" can do.
  • Heroes is getting good again!!

    Niki's gonna die. GREATEST EPISODE EVER!! Ok...that's just too easy. Yes, this is the best episode so far this season, why, because we had about 3 normal Heroes episodes squeezed into one. Mohinder pissed me off in a way that only Mohindy can. "I am working with Bennet to take down this company". Good job dumb ass. Niki doesn't die in vain, her legacy will be creating a strand of the Shanti Virus that's incurable. Peter has SOME memory back but not all so the Amnesia crap continues. Hiro is BACK...FINALLY!!! Hiro and Ando together again, I'm so happy to see them together. Matt discovery of greater power is cool, the fight against the nightmare man was pretty touching as Matt revealed his fatherly love for Molly. West freaking out about HRG was priceless. It was the first time I actually like the guy.
  • Excellent episode!!!!

    This was such a great episode!!! Peter traveled through time (by accident) to the future that will be created if it isn't changed again. And it's a very terrible future that I don't think anyone would want to live in: 93% of the world's population are dead (it'd probably be too much to hope that Sylar was part of that 93%) and the rest stand little chance of survival considering the death toll that has acumulated in just ONE year. Peter's powers seem almost limitless but he has yet to teleport normally. Also the Hiro and Kensei in the past has wrapped up for now (and I say for now considering the ending of the episode) and Hiro has finally returned to his own time. Also Maury Parkman has finally been defeated and Molly is free of her Nightmare Man. He was scary even for me. At least Matt finally defeated him. He was just too powerful and just too dangerous to be left to roam free. Well he's not dead but just trapped like his victims in his own nightmare. Je's probably gone for good and Matt has finally learned to tap more into his powers and into the more useful in battle parts of them. That was probably how he freed himself and Nathan from that hallucination: he tapped into this part of his power without realizing it. He also finally got to say to his father stuff he's probably wanted to say to him for years. Also we now know who the mysterious Adam Monroe who created the Company is: Takezo Kenesi.
  • Some hope to those dissatisfied with this season so far.

    Critics and fans have beaten up "Heroes" this season. After a thoroughly entertaining first season, the second failed to have that spark that made it a breakout hit. A lot of the stories stood still, or were poorly played out. They were more average than atrocious as some believed, but the masses' effect was clear with diminished ratings and unflattering press. This episode's title could apply to the patience of some viewers and the writers trying to win them back. However, this episode offers some hope, with emphasis on what has worked this season, while incorporating the entertainment value that made season one so much fun.

    In an Entertainment Weekly interview published the week of this episode's airing creator Tim Kring, on strike with the WGA, admitted to all the major faults critics, including myself, have had towards this season. While it must be hard to do the obligatory "we made mistakes" statement during a disappointing run, knowing where the problems are is encouraging that the season may turn around. It would be bad for the series if the show goes on its strike hiatus leaving a bad taste in the fans' mouths like "Lost" did after its poorly received "mini-season", only this time it may be more than three months before we get new episodes.

    This episode resolves the Maury storyline, as some unlikely allies band together to stop him before he kills Bob. Of course, Maury's strength in projecting nightmares proves a formidable obstacle. Ultimately he is physically passive figure in the episode by using Niki's mental illness and guilt over DL to project a nightmare that convinces her to break open Bob's office and infect him (or rip him in two, whichever comes first).

    However, Niki finds herself as Patient Zero as she infects herself before her less stable counterpart can harm Bob. Now it's yet to be seen whether Niki can be contained of if she'll eventually infect the general population, causing the plague of which Peter sees the aftermath. It's possible she'll die even when the virus is ended, which could make this point the beginning of a redemptive arc for her.

    The moral ambiguity remains a central piece of the show. While Bob argues that the virus can be used to take care of formidable foes like Maury and Adam, Mohinder can't grapple infecting innocent people. It certainly shows the strange pairing between Mohinder and Bennet, as he is as morally grey as Bob is, only for different goals for what it is. Mohinder's compass is naturally inclined to do what he feels is right, and that often comes into conflict with his campaign against The Company.

    While Maury was set up as a villain that made Sylar look like an ant, his son defeating him felt a little too easy. Perhaps this is just the result of strike shuffling, but what could've been a few more episodes of Matt learning how to control minds the way his father does and dealing with the issues of his father leaving him at a young age is never touched upon on screen. Despite that, the episode effectively transitions us for Adam to be the new villain.

    Of the many problems this season, this episode effectively ends one of them. Hiro's trip to feudal Japan was an interesting move at the end of last season. However, the amount of story they had to tell was no where near enough to warrant seven episodes, not to mention the forced love triangle. Being separated from the other major storylines has been a major con for this subplot, and has left Hiro's pal Ando with little material; he's done little but literally reading since Kaito's murder in the premiere. Knowing he'll be interacting with the other heroes soon is a welcome sign.

    The brief scene of Hiro and Ando's reunion showed us just what we have missed. Their camaraderie during the first season was a high point, but with them almost three and a half centuries apart, the series suffered. However, once Hiro returned, it felt like no time at all had passed. Who couldn't help but smile seeing them together again?

    Initially Hiro thought his journey was to train Kensei to become the hero legend would remember him as. He had his work cut out for him as Kensei proved to be a philandering drunk. Obviously Hiro played a major role in changing Kensei's path, but it would be rather different than what he expected. What the trip seemed to teach him was that this great legend, this great hero, is actually himself. While that may be cliché, it feels like a good way to end this story.

    Despite being blown up, it was obvious that Kensei wasn't dead. We've seen Claire and Peter in situations where they should've been killed, but weren't because of their ability. Since Kensei has that power, he would've eventually healed his charred skin and any other injuries sustained in the blast, but it's likely they didn't want to reveal his survival until the end in addition to the expense such special effects would cost. However, Hiro doesn't know that, which should make their inevitable showdown in the present interesting to watch. It's likely Hiro would feel guilty over making Kensei the man he is. Hiro is one of the most invested characters in his ability and its use to better mankind. The fact that he helped train the man whose plans now include wiping out normal people will have an effect that would likely be similar to Obi-Wan and Anakin in the "Star Wars" films. Despite the betrayal, Hiro still sees good in him, which may play out in the present.

    Kensei being alive in the present was a popular theory because the following David Anders still has from "Alias" fans and that he was quickly promoted to lead character after only a few episodes. I've mentioned before that he could be a candidate for Mr. Petrelli since the man in the Group of Twelve portrait looked like him, but instead, it's revealed that he is Adam Monroe, alluded to in the previous episode (critic's note: he will be referred to as Adam Monroe from now on).

    The fact that he hasn't aged since 1671 suggests that spontaneous regeneration affects the aging process as well as healing. Since aging involves dying cells, regeneration would make that element obsolete. One could only assume that the same terms would apply to Claire, although unless Peter or Hiro go to the distant future, there's no way to know that for sure.

    Adam is likely the Group of Twelve Killer. His physique resembles that of the hooded figure who tackled Kaito off the building. Plus the lack of a second body could mean that the hooded figure instantly healed from whatever wounds he suffered and walked away (other powers could apply to the second body theories). He was also help captive by The Company, escaping a few weeks earlier, around the time Kaito was killed. However, it's possible that he isn't and that Bob cooked a bogus story about Adam's state (can we really trust what any of them say?)

    One piece mentioned in the previous review was the threat that Peter's adventures in the future would be too similar to "Five Years Gone". However, treating it like a subplot, featuring only one of the established characters there besides Peter and Caitlin, worked in the series favor, and finally gives Peter's story the direction it has sorely needed. Peter's trip is in part to tell him of the virus' threat, but also it seems to begin the journey where his memory will be restored, as seen when he reads his mother's mind.

    Caitlin's fate is unusual, as she's trapped in the possible plague future. After the threat, what will happen to Caitlin? Is Peter going to go to that future in hopes of finding her or will that future be negated and send her back or possibly destroy her? Some interviews have said that while they averted blowing up New York, the timeline seen in "Five Years Gone" still exists on an alternate timeline.

    West continues to act like a creep. Kring's interview implied that West was never meant to be a villain, which in effect makes this bungled subplot harder to digest. They've done just about everything to make us not like this guy. He peeps on Claire without her knowing, harasses her in some bizarre courting ritual and then acts like a total sociopath because he has a power most people don't have. And somehow Claire likes this guy! Maybe this is just being a teenager, but what does she see in him? This relationship, along with her beginning to side more with him than her father, makes her character look at best bad. "Heroes" has a history of poorly executed love stories, but this one is without a doubt the worst. I'm hoping Sylar learns how to fly, and soon!

    If anything, West hopefully is nothing but a plot device to get the Bennets out of hiding in time to interact with the other characters. It seemed like that could've been the point, only it was obnoxiously over the top that sucked the fun out of it. Since West is unlikely to seek revenge now that he isn't supposed to be evil and going after one of the more popular characters isn't going to help us like him any more, even if he can't do it.

    Four of the eight paintings appear to come into fruition in this episode. The hand holding the vial is so vague that it could be argued as one considering the plot. We also see Niki break into Bob's office, Peter in quarantine and Hiro and Kensei's sword fight. The stage is also set for the final paintings, with Mohinder's bandage over his nose and his growing doubts over Bennet's stability, which ultimately cause him to side with The Company.

    Bob is rather skilled at manipulating Mohinder. As Mohinder predicted, giving them Molly allowed them additional power over him. Bennet's methods can go into dark territory as we saw in the last episode and as mentioned, they come into conflict with Mohinder's, who is far less ambiguous. Despite the threat of The Company, they ultimately seem like the good guys in this situation as their motivation points towards curing Niki.

    The writer's strike must be addressed as well. As it happened the day the episode aired, no additional "Heroes" episodes will go into production. They have finished through episode eleven, which has been redesigned as a season finale rather than just the end of the second volume of the story, the third volume being the second half of the season. It's possible, should the strike go on for longer than a few weeks, that the season will end at episode eleven. This season is certainly thrown a lot of wrenches in the narrative gears of many serialized shows, but hopefully "Heroes" will not suffer too badly as a result.
  • Okay I am very confused....

    Who the heck is Adam? So is he the one really trying to kill all of them???? And does this mean Peter went back in time??? I did not know if I trusted West before, but now that I saw how afraid he is of HGR maybe he is telling the truth after all. I really like Matt's dad's ability. It is actually really cool. Does that mean he is dead now? And I am getting very suspicious about Niki. I don't know whose side she is on now. I am glad Molly has woken up. Suresh didn't have to take the gun. He could have just as easily tried to figure things out without taking the gun. And I can't believe he went on and told him about Bennet. I really hope he doesn't do anything stupid. I really think HRG is not the bad guy. There is something about him that makes me think he is really just trying to stop all this madness.
  • Matts's powers develop, Hiro finally leaves the past, and... ...ADAM?!? Very revealing episode...

    This episode is quite revealing! So much happens...

    Molly finally wakes up, and Matt Parkman learns that he too can put people in nightmares. We find out (from Petrelli in the future) that the new virus ends up killing hundreds, if not thousands.

    The paintings are burned. Lots of tension with Mohinder and Bob. Nikki might die. Peter starts remembering his past. West finds out that HRG is Claire's father and ignores her. Noah decides that it is time for his family move, and Claire is quite resistant.

    Hiro FINALLY comes back to the future. The sub-plot of him seemed quite un-intertwined to the whole season so far... but then we find out about Adam Monroe. No Sylar/Maya/Alejandro/Monica, and no development with Elle. I think its pretty likely that Elle is Adam Monroe daughter though.

    Great episode, and next weeks looks just as good
  • great episode

    Peter and Caitlin get transported into the future where the world is infected with a deadly virus that was caused by Dr. Seresh's vaccine. Matt and Nathan get themselves out of a trap that was set by Matt's dad. They rush to new york to alert the company about the attack on them by the nightmare man. West learns that Claire's dad is the man with the horned rimmed glasses. Hiro's trip to ancient japan finally ends by defeating the white beard. it's a really exciting episode, the diverse storylines were so interesting, it was never boring, each scene had something very intriguing in them. i can't wait for the next one.
  • Some great performances, exciting action, and surprising plot twists make this episode the best one of Season Two yet.

    All I can say is: Wow! That was a great episode.

    First off, I loved Matt, Mohinder, Nikki and Nathan all working together. The actors that play Matt and Mohinder are two of the better ones on the show, and they're always good on screen together. The entire storyline surrounding the company keeps getting more intriguing as well, as we still don't really know what the company's ultimate motive is. There is so much gray area, it is hard for us (as well as Mohinder) to figure out who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

    Claire and West's story took an abrupt dip, but I saw that coming. This is all eventually leading up to the scene in Isaac's painting...Noah laying there dead, and Claire and West in the background kissing.

    I found Peter's storyline to be downright disturbing and scary. I figured that something would happen for New York or the world to be in danger again, but I didn't think that it would be the virus. I thought all along that Mohinder's blood was a cure, even though we find out in this episode that a resistant strain of the virus exists. That could definitely pose some problems. Hopefully our Heroes can save the world again. I also really loved the scene with Angela and Peter where he remembers that she is his mom...it was very powerful and heartwarming. Equally powerful but in a distressing way was the scene where he was uncontrollably yanked back to the present and away from Caitlin.

    The scenes with Parkman and his dad were gut-wrenching, but also exciting. I love how Parkman now has some new abilities; when I started envisioning everyone in the series and how all their powers stack up, Parkman was always at the bottom because all he could do was read minds. Now that he has more of a control over what he can do, I think the playing field is a lot more level.

    But, by far my favorite story arc in this episode was Hiro's. His journey into 17th century Japan ended beautifully, and everything worked out just right...all of us believing that the now-evil Takezo Kensei perished in the fire. However...it was not deemed to be so. In one of the biggest twists since the show's inception, we learn that Kensei is the mysterious "Adam" that appears to be behind everything to do with the company. Apparently, other people had already seen that coming, because I read that there were some posts about it on the message board...but it quite frankly shocked the hell out of me.

    This episode provided Heroes a return to all the excitement, great storytelling, and fantastic twists of Season One. Anyone who has been disappointed with Season Two so far should feel freshly revitalized after watching this episode. Season Two may just shape up to be something..."extraordinary."
  • The second season is improving with dramatic twists.

    This episode has many good qualities to it, first and foremost, the overused plot of my favourite character, Hiro, being in the past finally coming to a close, and a new plot of avenging his father's death being a possible re-combining of the Heroes again. While it was obvious from Claire's recent discovery of being indestructable that Kensei isn't dead, it was a great twist for him to arrive in the present as the new villain of Adam, who is now joining forces with Peter.

    The virus being spread as a threat that Peter must stop is also a great plot development that has been lacking the past few episodes.

    Matt and his father confronting as Matt uses his abilities is teriffic, as is the revelation of Claire as the cure, and the company not being black and white evil anymore. Niki being infected with the virus with the possibility of it now spreading also develops many character plots.

    While Claire and her forbidden boyfriend is still a bit boring, the fact that all is out in the open now and Noah's life is now officially in danger as the final paintings come true, is all very interesting, and this proves to be quite a successful episode, with much entertainment values.
  • Great!

    Mohinder wants to get rid of all the viruses. Mohinder is confused about who is good and who is bad. He tells Bob that he and Mr. Bennet were working together to take down the company. West shows Claire a newspaper article about their performance to Debbie. West finds out that HRG is Claire's dad. Matt confronts his father through nightmares and his father dies. Molly wakes up! Niki is confused when Maury starts messing with her. Hiro learns of Kensai's plan. He still believes in Kensai. He and Kensai fight and Kensai dies. Hiro goes back to Ando after talking to Yaeko. Peter and Caitlin travel to the future and find out the results of the virus.

    This was a great episode! I didn't even notice that Maya, Micah, Monica, and Sylar weren't in it. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Season 2 of heroes hant been as good as i hoped, but will this episode change that??

    Well, i have been very disappointed about heroes season 2. Season 1 was amazing and i really loved it, i has expecting season 2 to be as good-even better. I guess i couldnt have because they have to develop more and in different ways, but al the episodes until this one werent proper heroes standard. More developments on peter and the virus. I like where its going with this, but dont like the whole peter can save us only; main character thingy in your face. FINALLY catlin is out the picture for now, so he can focus on being the normal peter. I love Matt's power development. I was like YES! when he got out the room :) And Mohinder took the gun :O! West finding out about HRG was great, glad it happened now and didnt string it out. As for Maya and her brother, im not sure. Her power just i dont get it, but hpefully it will be explained.

    Im a big fan of this show, season 1 more at the moment. I really hope season 2 picks up more of its hero-ness and is just good to watch. Best episode yet!
  • A good episode. It's about friggin' time!

    Good Stuff:
    -We finally get the plot advancement bang for our viewership buck in this episode. Pity it took six episodes for season two to get exciting.
    -As I've said before, I'm a sucker for villains who can mindf*ck people, and Parkman Sr. vs. Matt was great.
    -We're out of Japan! Huzzah!
    -Nikki finally gets some real screentime. And that screentime isn't wasted either. -This episode is the first of Heroes this season that is truly exciting and keeps up the interest. Even when it seems the action is over, it's not.

    Bad Stuff:
    -This entire thing is becoming a huge idiot plot. When you look back, and more of the bad things happening is being caused by the good guys being DRAMATIC than by the bad guys, you know you have a problem.
    -Mohinder, I'm glad you've kept your narration to a minimum so far this season, but would you PLEASE stop angsting?
    -I'm not deducting anything for it, but I'm rather disappointed that Parkman Sr. has been eliminated so quickly. More could have been done with him.

    Writing:1/2 for the idiocy.
    Acting:2/2 for the Parkmans, Nathan, Mamatrelli, and Nikki.
    Plot:1.5/2 for the idiocy, plus the fact that anything surprsing about the future was ruined by the commercials.
    Fun:2/2 for seemingly rising out of the sophmore slump.
    Overall: 8.5/10
  • So that is who Adam is.

    Oh my god this was a great episode of Heroes. I can not believe that Hiro faught Takezo and that he was able to destory all of the guns Yaeko father made. It must be sad for Hiro to come back to the future and find out that his father is dead. I could not believe that Clarie would have West over and not tell him that her father was the one that kidnapped him. I was happy that Peter was able to get his memory back when he was in the future and talking to his mother. I can not believe that Peter left Catlin in the future I wonder what will happen to her. I can not believe that Takezo is Adam and that explains why Hiro's dad died.
  • Heroes is the best and keeps on surprising me

    Heroes is still one of the best new shows ever i tell you.
    Drama, action it has everything.
    Everyone should watch. Noah Bennett is so bad, but why does he care for Claire so much. What has he done to West?? Future sequence with Peter P. is great, now we must go back and see what happened, where he supposed to have met Adam, the guy from Japan from 4oo years ago!!! You can go anywhere with this show. But you still have to pay attention or else you will get lost in the plot. Maybe Hiro will go back in time to rescue his father?
  • First 10 of the season!

    Well, it didn't take long for the show to earn it's first 10 of the season. Let's get to it. Peter and Caitin travel to June of 2008 to find out that 93% of the Earth surfanc has been wipe out. it has something to do with the virus that has inflect Nikki. could she be the first? I hope not. Not unless Claire can help it. She could be the key of saving Earth form the virus. Meanwhile, some of the Heroes banded together against the "Nightmare Man." Hiro comes home from 1671 Japan, only to learn that his father has died. As you may have known, we're under the writers strike, and the final episode of "Heroes" for this year is schuduled for Dec 4.(As far as I know) Although I support the strike, I hope it neds soon, or else we may not see any more 'Heroes" until next fall.
  • A rating of a 6.2 for a series classic. What does that say about the series thus far?

    This season of Heroes does not even hold a candle to the first. So as you could see I was expecting a complete waste of an hour. However this episode wasn't a COMPLETE waste of time. I do not understand what the writers are thinking. There is a problem when even Kristen Bell can't help a show. Her character is almost an embarrassment to her talent. I can't believe the writers could do this horrible writing a part. Ok enough with the Kristen rant. This episode made it seem as though the whole beginning of the season was complete filler. It seems as though they are getting some of their first season magic back. I won't be deleting the show from my TiVo just yet but it is treading a thin line.
  • The Nightmare man vs. the dream catcher.

    While every show on TV has used and abused the "daddy issues" plot ever since the days of Josh Weddon's Buffy and Angel, Heroes dares to take a stand with a whole new concept introduced by the great Mr. Bennet: Having a child changes a man. It doesn't matter who the man is or how the child becomes his responsibility, once it happens it changes him forever, profoundly and irrevocably. It happened to Noah Bennet on season 1 and it's happening now to one Matt Parkman who, just like Mohinder and every other father among "Heroes", puts his child above any other issue, inner scar or problem his own father might have caused him growing up. Because it's this child the only one he must respond to, this child the one he's compelled to protect and the child's fears the only ones that requires his attention. See, having a child changes a man: it gives him a strength he never thought he had, it makes him capable of things he never thought he could but most of all it makes him fully aware that he's no longer a child himself. That's what Matt learns the moment he confronts his father in order to save Molly; that it really doesn't matter who he was or how did she became his responsibility, he is not only a good father but a good man as well which is what finally puts an end to his little girl's nightmare once and for all.
  • Very good episode

    Man! I did not see that coming! Takezo Kensei being Adam Monroe was a very smart move. That's what the whole "Hiro in Japan Flashback" was about I guess, and I can't wait to see Hiro's face when he sees him in the present.
    The other storylines were also very good. Matt finally overcame his nightmare of his father leaving him, and by doing so he woke up Molly, too. Nice going, Matt!
    Peter starts to remember, which is good. Him being in the dark all the time got a little annoying.
    What I didn't like was the way Mohinder reacted in this episode. I mean, why would he tell Bob he was going to bring the company down? Even if he was confused with what is right and what is wrong, I think he should have talked to Bennett or Matt or someone he can trust.

    But, all in all, this episode was good, and I can't wait for the next one.
  • Slowly becoming better after some poor bland episodes.

    Hopefully this episode marks a turning point in season 2 of heroes, because when the creator of the series admitted he has made mistakes then you know it can only get better from here.
    Finally Hiro is back in the present, after dragging his Kensei storyline out a little too much. Ive always thought hiro is a key character in hiros, his adventures in season 1 never disappointed and hopefully now he can have some in season 2. Unfortunatly claire and wests storyline is still ongoing, its not been 7 episodes and it has achieved nothing and hopefully that storyline can end/move on soon. Finally peter has got rid of his irish girlfriend, i felt the whole turning up in ireland plot was terrible and again nothing felt interesting. Hopefully peters new partner? friend? Adam will make his story alot more compelling, considering we have already met adam even though it was in the past. I think the only character that has worked in these first seven episodes has been mohinder suresh. He has been thought quite a bit and seem he plays a pivitol in the next few episodes. It seems that heroes may take a break after episode 8, planned or not i think a break is in order for the writers to get back on track and make this series what it should be. Great.
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