Season 2 Episode 7

Out of Time

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • An amazing and revealing episode!

    This is definetly one of, if not the, best episodes of the season so far. Peter and Caitlin go to Montreal, but get teleported into the future accidently by Peter. They witness the effects of the Heroes virus first hand, and when Peter comes back to his time period, it is without Caitlin. West invites himself over to Claire's house and all that romance occurs, but when West sees Noah he freaks out and runs away. Then, when Noah hears from his wife that Claire has been seeing a boy, he tells the entire family that it isn't safe to live where they are anymore, they must move. Claire then threatens that if they move, she's not going with them.

    With the unlikely team of Niki and Suresh, also with Bob, Nathan, and Matt, Nightmare Man is defeated. Matt learns how to use his powers more efficiently and also saved Molly, but Niki injected herself with the Heroes virus, and it turns out Suresh's blood isn't a cure anymore. So now he must get Claire to save Niki. And finally Hiro returns home after departing with Yaeko, and an ecstatic Ando tells him that his father has been murdered. But, it seems that somehow either Hiro or Peter teleported Kensei with them, and now he is the mysterious Adam Monroe...

    I just loved this episode, so many plot twists and great acting from the cast, now I really want to watch the next episode and see what happens to my favorite characters!