Season 2 Episode 7

Out of Time

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • Peter still in the future tries to find what cause this evacuation at New York. Claire reveals to West the truth about her father. Hiro's story comes to a shocking end. Matt faces his father in order to save the rest of our Heroes.

    This could ba one of the coolest episode of Heroes.
    Matt faces his father, after the instructions of Bob who tells him his power is just as powerful as his father's. At the same time, Maury uses his abilities in order to kill Bob. One of his victims is Niki who he makes think that Bob killed DL. In an attempt of Niki to give Bob the virus, Nathan interferes and Niki is forced to inject the virus on herself. Matt manages to save Molly and "lock" his father in the same nightmare his father locked Molly. Meanwhile, Mohinder tests Niki and finds that his blood can't heal Niki. Bob gives Mohinder the solution in saving Niki; to find Claire Bennet and take her blood. At that point Mohinder reveals to Bob that he has been working with Noah to take down the Company. All this will lead to a confrontation between Noah and Mohinder a depicted by Isaac's series of eight paintings. Finally Nathan finds out that Peter is still alive and was in fact in the Company three months ago but now they have no idea where he is.
    Claire comes closer to West until her father returns home and West sees him. Remembering that he was the guy who kidnapped him when he was young he flies away especially when he finds out that that man is also Claire's father. When Noah finds out through an article in the newspaper (about last chapter's incident) that Claire has used her abilities in public, Noah decides that they should move but Claire confronts her father and refuses to move away.
    Hiro's story comes to an end in this chapter. Takezo is helping White Beard take over all of Japan and Hiro realizes that there is only one way to stop him. If he interferes. Believing still in Takezo's heroic side still inside, Hiro at first refuses to fight him but in the end Hiro fights him. An accident at the camp where all the weapons are leaves Takezo lying there (Hiro did try to save him but Takezo refused his help and stayed in) and Hiro thinking that he has changed history. With regrets he leaves Yaeko back and returns to the present. Before he leaves however he shares a moment with Yaeko who reveals to him that she will spread the stories of Hiro as being those of Takezo Kensei making him the hero that little Hiro heard so many stories about.
    Peter, still in the future, is arrested and tested for the virus. When the authorities find that he is in fact dead and has no signs of the virus, they are left wondering. Peter's mother appears from that time and helps Peter remember her. When Peter sees Caitlin being deported Peter returns in the present at a moment of anxiety. There he meets up with Adam Monroe who is in fact a person we have already met, Takezo Kensei from Feudal Japan 1671 and Hiro's childhood hero.
    Overall a great episode. Matt's powers keep getting cooler and cooler each episode with the best being that of chapter 9 of this volume: cautionary tales.
    Key facts: Adam Monroe is Takezo Kensei and is the villain of this volume. He has the age he had when he discovered his power. Caitlin's last appearance is in this chapter and the fans of Heroes still wonder what happened to her. The only explanation that was given was that since the future is changed Caitlin is gone as well. I don't think that Caitlin might appear again but you never know with Heroes. Enjoy!