Season 2 Episode 7

Out of Time

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Peter: Do I know you?
      Future Angela: They brought me here to help you, Peter. You need to remember who you are.
      Peter: I need to find Caitlin.
      Future Angela: You need to focus. You can move objects with your mind, heal, you can paint the future.
      Peter: How do you know about that?
      Future Angela: You absorb abilities from other people. You are the most powerful of us all. You're a kind, caring soul. Selfless. Always thinking about others. But now you need to think about yourself and fly into the face of danger. Just like your brother.
      Peter: I have a brother?
      Future Angela: He died in the first outbreak. But you... you can change that.
      Peter: How? I was in Montreal in 2007. Nex thing I know, I'm here.
      Future Angela: You met a man named Hiro Nakamura. He can travel in time. So can you. You can change history.
      Peter: I can't.
      Future Angela: You must!
      Peter: I can't control these things that are happening to me!
      Future Angela: Then this virus will kill us all.

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