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Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Sylar visits Claire, while Hiro's past decisions manifest subconsciously due to his brain tumor. Meanwhile, Samuel tries to impress Vanessa, his long-lost love, but things don't go as planned.

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  • I feel like this season started off on a different pace while remaining still very interesting. However there were a couple slower episodes in the middle. Then they came back with this episode and the 2 prior to it. EXCELLENT MOVE!moreless

    I really feel like Heroes is genuinely making solid strides in a good direction! These past 3 episodes kept me up till 4 or 5am because I couldn't stop the Heroes that we all know and love! Anyways, for those of you who feel like this season was slow for a few episodes don't lose hope! This show has proved time and time again that it's just setting up the plot for the intensity to come... kinda like Empire Strikes Back. =) It was nice to see Ando back in action as well! Hiro and Ando have always been 2 of my favorite characters. Also, not sure what's up with Peter but I get the feeling that he's gonna play an important role with Samuel and what not..

    Bravo Heroes! Sigue echandole ganas!moreless
  • Pushin' it .

    I was afraid that this might happen one day , I am starting to get bored with Heroes.What's up with the last three episode or so ? Is this show a soap opera o it's an interesting action-packed superhero show ? Cause lately I can't tell between both of them. Sylar is such a wuss , what happened with the fearless killer of the three last seasons ? This was my favourite character and now he talks about love and feelings , what is up with that ? Oh Claire , seriously ? Bonding with your father's killer ? And for that matter with your mother's killer ? I don't get it , I simply don't get it. Enough with the lesbian insinuation , is getting old and completely out of character. I think the whole " Law & Order " storyline was pretty creative but Hiro's mother coming from the grave to heal him..... too much. Samuel : Another good character who is starting to completely suck , at least he returned to his evil path after being rejected , that will mak things interesting. At this point , the only thing that can save the ending of this season is a final showdown between Sylar , Samuel and Peter , but what are the odds of that happening ?moreless
  • Heroes the way it should be ( or almost ) .

    Well, we're not quite back to the glory days of the first half of season 1, or "Company man", but this episode was certainly a good try. First of all, all three arcs were character-driven, and not excessively convoluted, just as they should be. Zachary Quinto plays a "different" Sylar much better than in volume 3, and his speech actually makes a point ( I just have a hard time buying he changed just because of what Hiro told him ). Hiro's trial was predictable, but fun, and bringing back Kensei and his parents was a nice idea. Robert Knepper showed once again his fine acting in that episode. And when he's rejected, his reaction is both heartbraking and suggesting a spectacular ending for the season. Again, the episode is not without its shortcomings, but it was very enjoyable. If the end is near ( and maybe it should ) , maybe the show will go out on a strong note.moreless
  • A generally solid episode, thanks largely to its refreshingly considered focus on the show's most sorely mistreated Japanese supergeek.

    A generally solid episode, thanks largely to its refreshingly considered focus on the show's most sorely mistreated Japanese supergeek. Finally, Masi Oka gets the chance to prove that he's not just a cutsie-wutsie face with a penchant for ludicrously overused catchphrases. Give this man something with weight, a storyline that has some actual bearing on the arc plot and manages to deliver a whack-load of character development to boot, and he'll outshine the lot of 'em. As with season three's once-in-a-blue-moon 'Our Father', 'Pass/Fail' dares to treat Hiro as something other than comedic foil and reminds us all precisely why we fell hopelessly in love with him in the first place. For all the makeshift trial is pseudo-fantastical gumf (it's all in his head! Wait... his mum's there! She heals him! Is it all in his head? Is there something more going on? Is it all just symbolic? We'll never know!), it has its hrt in exactly the right place: it helps us to put Hiro's actions in the past season into a wider context and carefully outlines the somewhat murky moral dilemma that inevitably arises when presented with the responsibility of control over the space-time continuum. It also gives us a chance to marvel at the woefully-missed acting talents of good ol' David Anders, whose turn as Adam Monroe, Metaphysical Prosecutor, is right on the nose, and, indeed, at George Takei who, despite having only a handful of lines and just bashing a salt-shaker a bit, is one of the best things to happen to Heroes in ages. It's a shame that the denouement, in which Hiro engages in a symbolic battle with His Inner Conscience (sorry, Kensei), falls rather flat; there is never any question of the character actuallysuccumbing to his illness so while the point is not exactly moot - he still needs to re-learn the moral lesson, if you will - it still lacks the dramatic punch that it perhaps could have packed. Elsewhere, there's a nice little turn between Kate Vernon and Robert Knepper, who act their tiny socks off with every passing scene in order to present the impression of a couple with a tonne of history. Their dialogue, interactions and nuances make the whole thing lift off the page with a delectable sparkle, disguising the fact that the story is distinctly conventional. By hour's end, when Vernon snubs T-Bag as he presents her with his fantasy, you actually feel resca shred of empathy for this dangerously manipulative character... and then he goes and levels an entire town and ruins it all. The episode's other strand, Sylar's quest to understand what draws him to Claire, is passable but nothing particularly spectacular. We've been here before (for a great deal of season three, it should be noted) and while, once again, Zachary Quinto is absolutely marvellous, delivering each line with just the right level of quiet menace, the whole story feels distinctly inconsequential. Still, Claire gets a nice go at Sylar's eye and we get the chance to witness the Heroes writing staff's desperate attempt to channel the ghost of Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer (come on... Claire and Gretchen want to be Willow and Tara so badly, it's bloody embarrassing). Oh, and that Quantum Leap reference made my year.moreless
  • A fascinating Sylar episode.

    Good to see Adam again, even if it is only a dream. The 'charge' is perfectly fair – Hiro has been running around using his powers for personal gain. Sylar is the best example of that – Hiro could have stopped Sylar before he became immortal and he selfishly kept Charlie alive, letting Sylar go to continue killing. Never liked Charlie and she was utterly pointless, except to Hiro, and Hiro let dozens more die. Hiro got off his path about two years ago and it no longer the hero he likes to believe he is.

    Claire is so rude to Sylar – he's practically family, he was even a Petrelli for a while. Which means that hot kiss was practically incest. Sylar has a good point – they do have a lot in common, in the future Claire was a killer too. She's quite a hypocrite. Liked Sylar pretending to be Gretchen – that was shockingly subtle for Sylar, powers on the fritz or not. Who knew Sylar would be such a cupid?

    So Hiro is the other character that was supposed to die – to be honest, he hasn't been anything but comic relief since season 1. He's adorable and I've always liked him but he isn't remotely important to the story.

    Vanessa was the only thing keeping Samuel human – without her, he will become the monster.moreless
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Tamlyn Tomita

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Jordan Dang

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Sylar was shown to be left-handed in "An Invisible Thread," but he writes on the board with his right hand in this episode. Unless it is a continuity error, this makes him ambidextrous.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Claire: He's had me trying to figure out what his issues are.
      Gretchen: Seriously? How'd that go?
      Claire: Pencil in the eye.

    • Claire: I like to think of myself as just a girl who happens to have powers. And it's just one thing in a list of attributes-loyal, friendly, regenerative, good skin, you know.
      Gretchen: You do have good skin.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: March 11, 2010 on 7TWO
      UK: April 17, 2010 on BBC2
      Latin America: April 27, 2010 on Universal Channel
      Czech Republic: March 11, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Finland: May 4, 2011 on Sub


    • Gretchen: I'm getting used to being all Perils of Pauline.
      Referencing the 1914 silent serial, consisting of 20 episodes. Pearl White played the title character, an heiress forced to wait until marriage to collect her inheritance. Her dead guardian's secretary schemes to kill her, putting her in weekly peril resulting in a cliffhanger ending of the episode. It was remade in 1933, and two parody movies were subsequently produced.