Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

Claire and Gretchen have breakfast at the dormitory cafeteria at the university. When Gretchen tries to get Claire to talk about her problems, Claire says she needs to work them out on her own. Gretchen tries to take her hand but Claire pulls away and leaves for her next glass. After she's gone, Sylar comes over and asks Gretchen if the seat at her table is taken.

At Noah's apartment, Hiro is taking a glass of water while Ando worries that he's not looking too good because of his brain tumor. Mohinder finishes building a new compass and gives it to Noah, and tells him that it will only work for an evolved human. He then says that he has to leave to make amends to a girl in India, bows to Hiro, and leaves. Once he's gone, Hiro tries to finish his glass of water... and collapses.

Hiro finds himself hallucinating that he's at the Burnt Toast Diner, surrounded by dead people. Adam Monroe is present as well, and tells Hiro that the judge will decide if Hiro is to die or not. Kaito Nakamura, wearing black judge robes, is seated at the bench at the front of the diner. Adam gets up and announces that Hiro is on trial for crimes against the world, and the judge notes that if Hiro is found guilty, he'll be executed.

Claire gets to her next class and discovers that the teacher is... Sylar, writing he name on the chalkboard. He says that he's there to learn from her.

At the carnival, Vanessa Wheeler wakes up in Samuel's trailer, wearing a strange dress. She goes outside and finds Samuel shaving. He apologizes for kidnapping her and talks about how he once broke a record player she owned when they were children. He asks her to at least stay for breakfast but she notes that's always how it starts: she has a meal and soon they're together again. Samuel admits it's true but notes that he's always fixed things with her eventually, even her record play. Vanessa reluctantly agrees to have breakfast with him before he takes her home.

Ando gets Hiro to the hospital for treatment.

In the diner/courtroom, Adam accuses Hiro of changing time for his own personal benefit regardless of the consequences. Kaito demands that Hiro plead but Hiro refuses until he realizes he has no choice. He pleads not guilty but insists he should have a lawyer to represent him. A nervous Ando appears next to him and warns that the case look hopeless. Adam then calls his first witnesses: a young Ando and Kimiko.

Sylar admits that he's off his game and figures that Claire hates him, but he needs her help. When she wonders why she would ever help him, he shows her the tattoo of her on his arm and insists that she's his destiny. He wants her to help him discover what he needs to do to make a connection and avoid a life of loneliness. When Claire refuses, Sylar shows her Gretchen's backpack and says that she'll pay the price if Claire doesn't help. He begins drawing on the board their similarities: they are both orphans, both have fathers who are cold-blooded killers, and they can't be killed. As he talks, Claire slips a pencil up her sleeve. When Sylar wonders how they ended up different, Claire says that he's a psychopath. He telekinetically slams her down on a couch, and informs her that he can use Lydia's borrowed power to get the information from her without cutting open her skull. He warns that it requires a certain amount of erotic contact, at least as Lydia does it, and then bends over and kisses Claire.

Samuel takes Vanessa to an ice cream store and buys her a strawberry milkshake. He reminds her that it's her favorite and he talks about how she once described her dream home: a quiet cottage in the woods, surrounded by nature. Vanessa says that he's a romantic and she admires him for it, but they'll never have such a place. She reluctantly gives in and shares the milkshake with him.

As Ando watches over his comatose body, Hiro watches as Adam has Young Ando and Kimiko admit that Hiro traveled back in time and brought them together. Ando tries to object, noting that Hiro brought two people together to fall in love and he didn't harm anyone. Hiro agrees and Adam seizes on his answer, noting that he's conceding that it's only okay to alter history as long as no one is harmed. He then calls his next witness: Sylar.

Sylar finishes empathically scanning Claire and then says that they're alike: they both use their gift to avoid connecting with other people. He talks about having read Gretchen's memories when he tied her up at her dorm room and how in those memories, Claire keeps approaching her and then backing away. He explains that despite her invulnerability, she refuses to let herself become emotionally vulnerable. As he talks, Claire manages to grab the pencil and jab him in the eye, and then runs away as he collapses to the floor in agony.

In the diner court room, Sylar describes all the people he was able to kill because Hiro let him go when he traveled back in time to save Charlie. Hiro objects, insisting he was trying to save Charlie without altering time, but Adam calls Jackie Wilcox, the cheerleader that Sylar killed, to testify against Hiro. The imaginary Sylar is glad to name all of the people that he's killed since Hiro let him go, and Hiro argues that the world is better off for his saving Charlie. Adam then tries to call Charlie to the stand. When she doesn't appear, Adam points out that she's lost in time, and forces Hiro to admit that Samuel double-crossed him.

Samuel takes Vanessa back to the carnival and describes the dream home she mentioned, and talks of how she made it real for him. He shows her a drawing he made of it for her description, and Vanessa admits that he's got past her defenses again. They kiss, and then he takes her to the valley where he has had her dream home built. He invites her to stay there with him but Vanessa says that it's a fantasy and she could never embrace it for real. She accuses Samuel of doing it for himself, not her, and wonders if he's serious. Samuel, shocked, quickly denies having done it for himself and then pulls away as she tries to kiss him again.

Claire goes back to her dorm room and finds Gretchen, tied up. As Claire frees her, the lights flicker and she warns her friend it's not over. The windows telekinetically shatter and Claire decides to take refuge in a closet rather than let Sylar flush them out. As they wait for him make his next move, Claire apologizes for avoiding Gretchen that morning and explains that she doesn't want to let people to get close to her for fear of getting hurt. She admits that Sylar was right about how both of them are alike, both wanting to be alone but not knowing how to reach out. Gretchen considers the matter and suggests that Sylar could become normal and avoid loneliness by giving up his powers. She then transforms into... Sylar, using his duplicated shapeshifting. He tells Claire that Gretchen was never in any danger and is back at the cafeteria, and then leaves.

Claire runs back to the cafeteria and finds Gretchen eating alone. Claire embraces her and apologizes for pulling away earlier. Gretchen admits that she gets impulsive some time, but Claire says she'd like to be more like her and takes her hand. When Gretchen warns that people might start talking, Claire tells them to go ahead and they leave. As they go, Sylar contemplatively watches them.

Adam rests his defense and Ando calls Hiro to the stand. Hiro testifies that he always wanted to be a hero and use his powers for good, and so far he's managed to save the world without breaking his code. He points out that despite the temptation, he didn't use his powers to save his father. When Ando asks what has changed, Hiro explains that since he started dying of his brain tumor, he wanted to leave a legacy and make the world a better place. Hiro finally admits that he may have been wrong, and Kaito declares him guilty.

Hiro finds himself in an imaginary operating room. Ando, Kaito, and all of the jurors enter the room through a white corridor ending in a light. Hiro walks past them toward the light, and then turns and says he wants to admit that he's guilty, so he can face the end with honor. Smiling, Kaito tells him to go and the Nakamura katana appears in Hiro's hand. Adam steps forward, armed with a sword, and attacks Hiro, forcing him back into the light. Hiro manages to kill Adam, and he turns toward the light. His mother, Ishi, steps out and says that she's proud of him. Hiro admits that he based his faith on science, but at the end it couldn't cure the tumor. Ishi says that there are some things more powerful and that he must fulfill his destiny, and then steps forward and uses her power to cure him.

In the operating room, Ando watches as the doctors manage to revive Hiro from the edge of death.

Samuel goes back to the ice cream store and plays Vanessa's favorite song on the jukebox. When the waitress, Tammy, comes over. Samuel asks if he frightens her. She backs away as he snarls at her and says that he no longer is going to play by anyone's rules or try to fit in the room. He releases his power, shaking the ice cream store.

At the carnival, the ground shakes and everyone runs out. In the valley below, the homeland falls into a sinkhole. Later, Samuel returns to the carnival, alone, and goes into his trailer.

On the way back home, Vanessa studies a flower from the valley and considers things.

Claire and Gretchen talk in their dorm room.

Ando sits with his friend.

Janice is playing with Matt Jr. when there's a knock on the door. She answers it: it's Sylar. He claims that he's a friend of Matt's from the precinct and asks where he can find Matt. Janice prepares to tell him and wonders if they've met before.