Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on NBC

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  • Second worst episode of the season so far

    I didn't hate this episode as much as Acceptance. At least something interesting happened here. Unfortunately, it promised much and delivered little. I liked the idea of Hiro's trail and bringing back Kaito and Adam were nice touches. However, it shows especially that both charactors were killed off far too soon. Especially Adam. The oh so symbloic sword fight between them had no effect at all, and if I'm being honest the whol trial aspect was filler. Sure, it represented Hiro's subconcious and his misgivings and doubts. It was the best thing about this episode, if anything just to see Adam again. But who actually thought Hiro would die? Exactly.

    And experiment proved. Zach Quinto may have carried this show but the charactor of Sylar is tried and tested beyond belief. Not even he could make the Claire storyline interesting. I was actually begging Sylar to slice up both her and Gretchen. Seriously, she just. will. not. stop. moaning. And his revelation is annoying to the point of extreme. He's going to try to get Matt to take his powers now? Not only can't I possibly see how they can make this work, I would ask the writers to remind themselves of season 2. Sylar was powerless for the entire 11 episodes yet was still a murderous psycopath. Yet later seasons have tried to blame this on his powers. That is just inconsistant writing. Its his mind that is the problem. And for the first time this week Samuel bored me. That I never expected to happen. But I just didn't care about his pathetic attempts to woo Vanessa. The ending, however, looked promising. He's supposed to be powerful to the point of dangerous; get him using his damn powers!!!

    I'll conclude with Mohinder. If I was (can't spell his name) I'd be very annoyed at the writers this season. They seem to barley want him around for five minites before sending him on his merry way again. Hugley wasted. If they can't fight anything to do with him, kill him off!!

    This season needs to spice up. Seriously, this episode was not all bad but I'm ready for some action now. Far too much time spent dwelling on talky scenes.
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