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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2007 on NBC

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  • Loeb Can't Deliver climaxes.

    It's just classic Jeff Loeb.
    He will give us amazing buildups, but then will totally mess up the climax.
    Every single time.

    He did it with Smallville.
    He did it with the graphic novel "Batmam:The Long Halloween"
    He did it with season 1 of heroes.
    And now he just did it again.

    He will write amazing dialog, amazing character development, great story pacing, fantastic buildups, but in the end he will just abruptly end it with the crappiest possible finale.

    And then he'll just take the story in an unrelated direction.

    So all the buildup is for nothing.

    I would say heroes is a 10/10 show for every episode except "How to stop an exploding man" and this one, "powerless"

    Those two episodes are 0.1 as they completely destroy every episode that came before them.

    I hope Jeff Loeb gets it together one day.
  • Peter faces former friends due to Adam's manipulation, Niki tries to help Monica, Sylar tries to get his powers back, Maya sees the true self of Sylar, Elle is having doubts about her father but wants to make him proud, Noah makes a deal with the Company.

    The last chapter of volume 2 is action packed as expected.
    Peter arrives at Primatech in Odessa, Texas with Adam thinking he will destroy the virus. Hiro appears to kill Adam but Peter stops him. Matt and Nathan appear as well. When Peter manages to open the safe containing the virus, Adam gets inside while Peter faces Matt and Nathan. Convinced by his brother that Adam used him, Peter manages to catch the virus just before it hits the floor. Hiro teleports Adam to the only place he can't hurt anyone; he buries him alive in the same cemetary his father is buried. Thinking they had enough Nathan decides he should go public about them and their powers but just as he is making the announcement someone shoots him. Micah asks for his mother's help to save Monica. Niki hesitates at first but then she realizes she doesn't have many options. Arriving there, the place where Monica is tied up is on fire and Niki rushes into it to save Monica. Saving her, Niki can't save herself (as she doesn't have her ability due to the virus) and the place explodes, leaving Micah, Monica and all of us wonder if she did make it after all (the answer in volume 3).
    West tries to make Claire change her mind about going public with her powers and the special people but Claire refuses. Instead she gives him his own file and lets him fly away.
    Noah, now imprisoned by the Company, reveals to Elle what her father has done to her while she was young. Elle realizing that she needs to gain her father's trust once again, she sees Sylar in Isaac's loft with Mohinder and she goes after him. Meanwhile, Noah returns home to his family who are shocked to see him alive. He tells them that he has made a deal with the Company to assist them in their work and in return his family would be left alone. This manages to make Claire stop her attempt to go on with her plan.
    Finally, Sylar and Maya meet with Mohinder who tell him to save them. Mohinder finds out that Sylar doesn't have his powers because he has the Shanti virus (which is revealed to be the same strain as Niki's and that the Company most probably injected him; this explains how and why he survived during the events of Kirby Plaza in volume 1). Maya finally sees that Sylar is not who she thinks he is but rather what her brother told her he is. When Molly can't track down Alejandro, Maya realizes that Sylar has killed him. Sylar shoots her and demands Mohinder to inject her with Claire's blood. Maya comes back to life and Sylar is attacked by Elle (who is trying to impress her father). Sylar manages to escape while Elle is named a life-saver by Mohinder. The quick preview of volume 3 named "Villains" shows a powerless Sylar injecting himself with the antidote containing Claire's blood. After that he tries to move with his mind a tin of spinach (ironic!) to him and manages to do it saying "I'm back". Overall, a fantastic episode worthy of a season finale. All the stories come nicely together introduce us to the next volume. The possible deaths of Niki and Nathan (who the writers like to kill every season) is a cliffhanger one that was answered during the summer before the start of season 3. Key facts: The items found in the safe in Odessa along with the virus still are a mystery in the Heroes universe. Furthermore, some characters return in season 3 like Adam, Maya and Elle but some don't as Micah and Molly. Notice Sandra's (Ashley Crow's) performance in this episode. You will see a lot more of Sandra in season 3. Also, this is (up-to-date) the last appearance of Monica and West in the series. Hopefully one or both will return in volume 5. As for the man who shot Nathan try and guess who he might be. Back then I didn't but some did accurately. Enjoy!
  • The end of volume two.

    The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The season finale of Generations. Elle gets a lot of airtime in this episode when she swoops in & saves Mohinder, Maya & Molly. She finally made her father proud. I liked that storyline. Sylar is still out there unfortunately with his powers. Nikki & Nathan dying? Hopefully there is a big twist for the premiere cause those guys are one of my favorite characters. I am so glad that were done with the Adam Paradox, buried alive. Hiro finally has the guts to do something like that. Peter & Nathan reunite. West leaves. And HRG joins the company. Perfect episode!
  • a neat finale for a short season

    This episode was supposed to be only the midseason finale but thanks to the writer's strike, it was relegated to being the season two finale. And in that way, this season's finale is not as exciting as season one's, nor does it have a neat season finale conclusion. But besides those two points, the episode fits in nicely and it does well enough to watch until the next season premiere. Peter and Adam locate the Shanti virus while Matt, Hiro, and Nathan work to stop the two from Adam's apocalyptic vision. Meanwhile, Nikki and Micah work to rescue Monica from her captors, Claire and her family plan to make ordinary lives but a surprise visit from her father changes everthing, Elle learns just how evil and conniving her father is, Maya learns just how evil Sylar is, and Mohinder and Molly must confront Sylar again when he kidnaps them for Claire's blood. There is plenty of character development: Hiro must struggle to fight his once friend Adam, and finally makes a decision to stop him that won't kill Adam but will stop him and not comprimise who Hiro is. Peter must decide who he must trust: his friends and his brother or Adam, the one who helped him recover his identity. Nikki makes a choice to help Micah even though she's powerless, even if it may cost her her life, and Nathan decides to confront The Company, among others. Sylar also brings up the fact Mohinder's father "betrayed" him and just how he did is still up for debate. The major flaw with this finale lies that it reinforces that Maya and Alejandro were flimsy characters that could have been more, that took a lot of tv time, but weren't developed well enough, wound up as simply being Sylar food. If they bring Maya back for season three, she has got to grow more of a personality. Elle was one of the best new characters in season two and there's more to her at second glance. Luckily, she will be back for season three for sometime. The end was a serious cliffhanger, with two characters' fates hung in the air, and unfortunately, the return of superpowered Sylar. It was a decent episode even if it wasn't quite the season finale the first season's was and it promises another season that will deliver.
  • Mo is an idiot. Not logical why he gave sylar the cure so easily. At least try lying to the guy! Idiot. Writers failed here. Other than that, good episode. Oh, and did anyone else notice that sark ended up in the same predicament as sloane?

    Mo is an idiot. Not logical why he gave sylar the cure so easily. At least try lying to the guy! Idiot. Writers failed here. Other than that, good episode. Oh, and did anyone else notice that sark ended up in the same predicament as sloane? ha! Do I really have to write 100 characters? That's retarded. Why can't a quick review just be a quick review? Fart fart fart fart face cum bucket num nuts fartholio vote for me in the presidential election fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart
  • Best Episode of the Season

    Powerless, the end of what was a very short season (11 episodes thanks to the writer strike) is the best of the short, arguably lackluster season. While meany of the episodes seamed meandering and a lot like filler, this the finale wastes now time. Everything really came together in the previous episode, but this one resolves most of the season. However, it also includes a great lead-in to season 3. (Hopefully we won't have another strike and we'll get a full season this time). The episode is quick moving and exciting. I just can't wait to see what happens in season 3
  • Best episode of the season! pulse-pounding

    Peter and Adam break into the Primatech compound in Odessa to destroy the Shanti virus. The virus, a life-threatening disease that attacks the blood cells of the body, prevents evolved humans from using their abilities and ultimately ends in their death. Nakamura pauses time and tells Peter that Adam cannot be trusted, but Peter does not believe him and renders him unconscious. Nathan and Matt learn the virus's location from Angela. She tells them that Adam can be killed by a gunshot to the head, and advises Parkman to dispatch of Peter similarly if he cannot be stopped. Peter uses his powers to pry the vault open by force, and is confronted again by Hiro, who he flings against the wall. Matt appears and tries to telepathically convince Peter to stop Adam, but Peter resists him. Nathan stops Peter and is able to convince him that Adam is trying to release the virus, not destroy it. Adam, already in possession of the virus, lets it fall just before Hiro teleports away. Peter enters the vault just in time to telekinetically grab the virus and vaporize it in his hands, which becomes a Helix Symbol as dust in his hand. Once Hiro returns to the Yamagato building in Tokyo, Ando asks him if he was able to avenge his father's death. Hiro says that Adam "can never hurt anyone ever again", and Adam is shown screaming for help in a casket buried in a Japanese cemetery.

    After Monica Dawson is captured by a street gang, Micah Sanders turns to his mother Nikki for help. Despite the fact that Nikki no longer has her powers due to the virus, she agrees to help. They follow a GPS signal emitted by Monica's cell phone to find her location: an abandoned warehouse. The member of the gang that kidnapped Monica has tied her up and intends to kill her by burning down the warehouse around her. Nikki beats up the gang member and enters the burning warehouse. With Nikki's help, Monica is able to escape from the building with Micah's backpack, but Nikki is unable to escape herself. The building explodes, presumably with Niki inside.

    Bob Bishop confronts Noah Bennet, telling him that Claire is trying to expose The Company, and asks if she has any dangerous information. Bennet only smiles. Bob says that they will have to take drastic measures. While Claire is packing up her father's files to expose The Company, West arrives and tries to stop her from revealing his secret. Angered, she gives him his file and breaks up with him. Afterward, Noah returns home, revealing to his family that he is still alive. He tells Claire not to expose The Company, and informs her that he has made a deal, and will again be working for them. In exchange, his family, including Claire, will be left alone to lead normal lives.

    Maya learns Sylar's true nature when he kidnaps Molly and Mohinder Suresh. While searching her father's office, Elle discovers a video surveillance feed showing Sylar in Mohinder's lab. She decides to play the hero in order to get back into her father's good graces. When Sylar forces Mohinder to restore his powers, Maya learns from Molly that her brother was killed by Sylar himself. When Maya confronts him about this, he shoots her in the chest. Sylar has Mohinder test Claire's restorative blood by reviving Maya. As she returns to life, Elle enters the laboratory and attacks Sylar. He escapes, but takes the blood with him. Elle is upset that she let Sylar get away, but Mohinder tells her that she saved their lives, and insists that she is a hero, a statement which she seems genuinely pleased about.

    With Matt's assistance, Nathan calls a press meeting. He has decided to expose the nature of the heroes and The Company. As he is about to announce his ability to fly, he is abruptly shot in the chest by an unknown assailant. Angela Petrelli watches a television news report about her son's attack as she speaks to an unidentified person on the phone. She calmly and firmly states that she understands the reason for the attack on Nathan, but that the assassination attempt has "opened Pandora's box".
    Following the end of Volume Two, the third volume, "Villains", begins with a brief prologue. Sylar, bloodied and hurt from Elle's attack, injects himself with the supply of Claire's blood that he took from Mohinder. His wounds heal immediately, and he is able to use his telekinetic abilities. The scene ends with Sylar stating with an evil grin, "I'm back".
  • The virus is destroyed easily but that doesn't mean no heroes are killed.

    With Claire deciding not to out the company, due to her adopted father's orders, and her biological father deciding to do it instead, a life pays the price, and while the virus is destroyed, the cure runs out for those infected, thanks to an old villain, but Niki ironically doesn't die from the virus. To summarise a hell of a lot happens in the last episode of this small volume of Heroes, and if the action in this episode is any indication of what's to come, the show may be on the rise again. With the invincible Sylar once removed, a few dead heroes for their relatives to avenge and Adam buried for eternity, the episode certainly doesn't wrap everything up, and suspense is used quite well in the episode.

    Whether it's Peter alienating his old allies for his new one until the coincidences become too much for him to trust Adam, a smaller Sylar showdown than last season, or Micah losing another parent, this season finale at least ends the poor season with a bang.
  • Better than last season's finale but the producers are just not inspired enough to write as well as direct a season finale...

    I know the writers strike hugely affected a lot of tv shows and therefore this was supposed to be a normal episode but this again felt anticlimatic. Except the Nikki explosion and Nathan being shot it was flat but because of those two cliffhangers and the Shanti virus being destroyed I will give this a 9/10.

    But little things annoyed me about this episode. 1) Peter is completely convinced Adam is a good guy despite 2 people telling him he is a killer and one of those people ended up being killed in front of him yet when his brother tells him its like "Oh, OK i believe you". 2) Hiro thinking that a human sponge and someone with an ounce of common sense cannot see an attack coming right in front of him especially as that person is screaming: Ahhhh and aiming a sword at him so that was pretty pathetic. Plus, didnt he learn from the last time he did that - he ended up in 1671! I did not see enough Hiro and Ando this season so I definetly prefer Season 1 Hiro. He was funnier then!!
  • A better finale than last Season's but still when are they going to let something mucho bad happen so they can progress the show

    Almost everyone races to destroy or unleash the deadly Shanti Virus, meanwhile Sylar shows his true face and forces Suresh to restore his powers. In other sub plots Claire plans to expose to the world that there are people with powers and Nicky and Micah save Monica but not without sacrifice.

    Although it was a cut down season this brings the Shanti Virus to an end, or so it seems. The problem is that once they knew where it was it was way too easy to destroy. After all the fighting you wanted something more. It's the outcome for Hiro that makes you feel there is some progression, in an act of darkness he literally buries Adam/Kensei alive. It would be foolish to think that Adam will never get out though especially as the next Volume is called Villains. That can't just mean Sylar.

    Speaking of Sylar he was back to his good old self here. He shoots Maya in cold blood, yeah he may bring her back to life with Suresh's help but it was only because he thought he would have a chance of taking her power. Actually if he had got her power then it would have been devastating, lets hope he never does. As of the end of this episode and the start of Volume 3 he definitely has his other powers back.

    I hate the guy who plays Bob, he was in the unaired Buffy Pilot and he was pretty annoying in that as well. It doesn't help that his character treats his daughter like a tool but its the acting itself that bugs me and yet I can't explain why he just doesn't feel right. Anyway in this episode he is getting Noah to rejoin the company and leave his family, of which Claire is planning to expose all superhuman kind. Nobody agrees with her except for Nathan who has the same idea at the end of the episode and look where it gets him. Claire's stuff as with Micah and Nicky's were the filler plot for this episode. Where as Claire's doesn't bear much fruit at least Nicky and Micah's ends with a death. Personally I think that killing off Nicky considering how crap she has got was something that was always going to happen. This season she has had nothing to do and Jessica didn't even appear instead we got another evil personality in one episode which was a rubbish idea in the first place. One of the reasons that I feel Nicky didn't work this time was that the whole point in her was that her, D.L and Micah were a family. With D.L's death that concept was lost. Micah however can survive as a character on his own.

    So all in all I enjoyed the idea of the Shanti virus and it was a more interesting and balanced ending than Peter blowing up New York. Thing is they may be superheroes but sooner or later something really bad will happen and they won't be able to stop it. What Volume 2 has taught us is discovering and utilising powers is far more entertaining than living with them. Also each character must have someone else to play off. Hiro needs Ando in particular but also Claire needs Noah or Peter, and Nathan needs his family back. So does Parkman for that matter as he was pretty bad in this season. Yeah he had a progression of power but I honestly couldn't give much of a toss. Also try not to Duplicate powers, that was a major failing. How does Claire have healing powers when Nathan doesn't, yet Adam does? How come Parkman's dad has the same power as he does which seems to suggest a family lineage? How come Monica's power is just a variation on Peter and Sylar's? When will they stop smearing the camera lens with Vasaline?

    Last question is to do with Kaitlin, how will Peter ever get her back from the future now the timeline has been changed?
  • Exciting

    Wh is this episode rated so low, both finales are low rated I loved both. this one wasnt as good as How to stop an exploding man but it was still exciting and had me watching on the edge of my seat. Damn Adam my favourite doesn't have much of a chance of coming back. And Nikki and Nathan are dead NOOOOOOO why hopefully theses two will somehow survive because there a couple of my favourites. I cant wait for season three now its not that long to wai. Sylar is finally back. I'm hopeing we see Claude again next season. and I'm hoping Elle has a larger role.
  • This was a disappointing season but way better than most shows on tv.

    Overall I think they need to start things moving a little quicker. I was really frustrated with the Maya/Alejandro storyline and wish they would have moved through that a lot faster.
    In any case this season ending episode wasn't up to Season 1 standards but still way better than most other shows. I thought it was kind of lame to kill Nathan as he was giving his speech. Saw that coming a mile away. It would have been more exciting to have him killed before he went up - makes whoever is behind it seem more powerful and proactive rather than just reacting to his speech. Hopefully we see more villains next season - this season really did miss seeing more of the other side of this struggle. We had Sylar and HRG guy (who initially seemed really bad) and this season we had a weakened Sylar while the main villain is Adam Monroe who looks like a surfer dude. On to season 3.
  • Peter learns the truth about Adam before it's to late. Niki rescues Monica. Nathan gets shot. Sylar gets his powers back.

    I honestly don't know what people are talking about when they say this episode wasn't good. I loved this episode, especially the ending. I'm so happy Sylar got his powers back and I was ecstatic when Maya got shot. Personally, I don't like Maya's character. I was kinda upset when she was brought back to life. When Nathan got shot it was somewhat unexpected but I kinda saw it coming. I mean he was going to expose to the world that he could fly. He had to be silenced. I hope he doesn't die because he was one of my favorite characters. Adam's stuck underground which is hilarious, he never was a very good villain. The way it looks, it seems like 2 heroes are going to die (Nathan and Niki).
  • Suresh is a coward

    When held at gunpoint, Suresh prefers to keep his life rather than saving counts of potential victims.
    He could had stashed the blood somewhere before entering into his apartment, granted that he didn't know Sylar has lost his ability, but to be on the safe side I would had done that.

    In his laboratory, he should not had revealed the blood to Sylar which at this particular point he knew that Sylar is powerless. Based on Sylar's misdeeds it is a no brainer that Sylar will continue hunting for other heroes' powers after he had healed.

    Suresh should be responsible for the any deaths caused by Sylar.
  • Great episode, great series finale although mixed up cause of the strike!

    They needed to mix something up just because of the strike but it was a great episode! They destroyed the virus and Peter almost went on the dark side! Adam is locked up by Hiro and that's great! When Nathan got shot I was very surprised and it was great when Angela Petrelli said: "You now know you've opened Pandora box!" It was so great! I love it! OMG! I'm in loved with this show! The intro in the volume 3 is great! When Sylar said: "I'm back!" I was so ready for next episode but the strike came along!!! Anyway, it was a great episode and I'm so sad and angry cause of the strike... And what else to say? I can't wait for the third season, of course!!!
  • Tasteless.

    Ok well was that it ? Was the sentence I said after watching the Heroes second season finale. So many things happened in this episode but the acting was lame and the storyline was lamer and honestly now the way Peter and Adam went into the texas factory was stupid, it's as if Peter was like after beating Hiro 'ok well I'm done with Hiro now lets go get Nathan and Matt ! ' It was that predictable and the reunion that was supposed to be a very emotional between Nathan and Peter was like , Nathan : Hey bro! wassup ?. I mean could they get any colder and could the fight scenes have gone any slower. Why did Matt and Nathan wait their turns to attack ?, why couldn't they have attacked at the same time ?.Everything just annoyed me. Something that could have been made in a really good way was very simple. Things get even worse with Monica and Micah, It's not that easy to untie ropes and watch a video on a machine MONICAH !. It was too easy. The explosion with Nikki was a good one, I can't say that wasn't good and the speech Nathan did at the end was kind of cool before him getting shot. I thought the only fantastic person in this episode was Elle. She saved Mohinder,Molly and Maya and she looked great while doing it aswell, even with a broken arm she did awesome :). I also thought Angela telling Matt to put a bullet in Peter's head if it meant saving the world was very strong of her, it showed what a selfeless person she is... willing to sacrfice her son to save the world. Not what I expected, slow,boring, very disappointing but since I liked Elle so much I'll give the third season a second chance.
  • Stupid writers strike

    Luckily for the Heroes writers i am a fan and am willing to let this season off, with a warning that is. Last season was kick a$$, this season got it's a$$ kicked. The final ep was OK, would have liked to see some more action.
    Peter finally realizes that he is on the wrong side and prevents Adam from releasing the uber virus. I would have preferred them to duke it out but hopefully Hiro will take care of that. Sylar get this powers back, which is great, can't wait see Peter and Sylar face off, again that is. Can't really remember what happened to everyone else in this ep and quite frankly don't care.

    Waiting for next season. PEACE
  • peter and adam face off against hiro nathan and matt on the climax off the season with a shocking end

    I believe this episode was the best closing they could give to a non acomplishing seoson on such a short time especialy after the writers strike . With a surprising finale it gave the season not only kick off for the next volume but saved it fronm being a complete waste of time.Plus the scene with Adam and Peter walking towards the blast door remembered my of first season´s five years gone Hiro and Peter N.S.A. attack scene.Finally the way Hiro got rid of Adam was close to briliant.So to sum up it was the perfect finale for a less than perfect season
  • Pathetic worst 42 minutes of heroes ever!

    nfortunately, this was a pathetic attempt to squeeze 12 episodes of a great series into 42 minutes.

    There are many, many loopholes in this episode that will leave you screaming at the screen in anger.

    Everything about this episode was rushed and the great production we've come to love in heroes has died in this season finale.

    A disgracefully rushed attempt at a season finale of a great series, I've lost so much respect for this great series due to this one episode.

    Pathetic! I just hope that who ever does this show fixes it up becuase season tw o was not any where near season 1
  • Ok, Not great

    Although I love Heroes and I am addicted, every season finally are less then superb. They build it up to the very end, and the way that they conclude the season is a bust. The solution to this season was so dumb, that Aqua teen hunger force looks smart. I personally thought that the virus was way to hipped up. Don't get me wrong, this was not all bad, I did enjoy Adams Punishment, just the way that he saved the earth was mediocre. If they were planning on making this the ending, I am glad that they cut the season short. If the writers where planning on making it better, but they ran out of time, then I am very disappointed that the season is already over.
  • A very short season, lasted too soon because of the strike.

    A very short season because of the Hollywood script writers' strike. Season supposed to be 22 or 23 episode season, however the second chapter of the book finished at 11th episode. This is such a frustrating end for the fans like me. In Turkish there is an idiom which has the meaning of unable to forget the delicious flavor of a food. Used for the amazing things which last sooner than expected and can be felt deeply after ends. This season exactly done this to me. I set on the table for a great meal but it lasted just after the delicious soup and appetizer, on half of the party.

    I wish the strike will end soon. :-(
  • This is the last episode ready for production of Heroes Season 2, since the Writer's Strike destroyed any future plans for the season. Everyone rushes to prevent Adam & Peter from releasing the Shanti Virus, and Niki & Micah faces problems in New Orleans.

    This was a good episode, even though it was reorganized and put back together at the last minute. This was very well written given that it was acting as a de-facto season finale. There was probably some of the most intense scenes of action/drama. I liked the confrontation with Adam and Hiro. There are also some good emotional scenes, too. Another good thing about this episode is that it really set up a good conflict for next season, and ended with a lot of plot twists (ex. Nathan getting shot and Angela talking to a mysterious person, Adam buried under Kaito). The only problem I had was that I felt it was rushed too much. But it's understandable with the strike. And there also leaves a spot for a lot of fan-fics that will follow.
  • A really great show i have ever seen. Love it.

    i admire this show. I think first season was better as characters would have come across several times but this season nearly nobody saw nobody. Peter just saw nathan,hiro and matt and that only happened in the last episode. Peter never saw sylar which was dissapointing. But i will keep watching this show. The good thing about this show is that characters are many and we have the opportunity to follow their lives. I hope volume three comes soon. I wonder what will happen to sylar, nathan and niki. The last episode was the best along with cautionary tales.i love it.
  • WOW. Great episode,but could have been better.

    Really great writing. But the end was really just to get some more action into the plot, and although it was great, it was almost too desperate to end it. Very exiting and great acting with Adam and hiro in the vault, and peter and nathan ouside, and let me on the edge of my seat when adam dropped the virus..
    The Angela Petrelli ending was an exellent addition to the already complex plot, leaving me wanting more. Sylar showed great charecters and it was great acting from zachary quinto, and is really back.
    Volume 2, dissapointed me a bit, but it was a good end, but was slightly desperate to get some more action and cliffhangers in.
  • an excellent ending to an excellent season

    Wonderful episode!! The beginning was pretty good with the whole Maya going whack bit. However, the whole part in Isaac's old apartment where she got shot kind of annoyed me, its as if the scene needed anymore drama. The Claire storyline,though, is getting boring. I'd rather her dead. Nevertheless,I think Elle is great. Its so cute how hard she tries to impress her father and gain his satisfaction. The scene in PrimeTech I loved! I'm not completely sure why, but I guess the sequence of events were perfectly placed. Then Maya comes back to life...Um...Wasnt too happy about that. Maybe its because she is so naive.

    And Finally:
    -Nathan getting shot right before confessing his abilities: WOAAAAA
    -Adam buried alive: WOA!
    -Sylar regaining his powers : woaa.
    -Nicki dead or alive?
  • Probably the best episode of Volume 2.

    Powerless had quite a bit of development in it. You have the the storyline with Maya and Sylar coming to an end. You have Elle being a true Hero and showing that she likes it. They had the confrontationwith Peter, Adam, Hiro, Matt and Nathan. Then you have Micha, Niki and Monica's story. You have Monica who defintily didn't think with her head in the episode before Powerless. Then we also got some more info about Elle also and it gives us a brief insight as to why she is the way she it. We also are left with quite a few unanwsered questions about what happened to Niki, Who shot Nathan and Who will Sylar go after first now that he has his powers back.
  • A big tease of an episode that was good up until the end. I would have rated it higher but the end just spoils it's high score.

    Peter makes a stupid choice early and chooses to go with Adam, which could have horrible results. Maya finds out that Sylar really is a bad person after all and Sylar is discovered by the company. We also see that Claire is reunited with her dad but her dad had to go back to to company in order to keep her safe. Later in the episode we see that Peter comes to his senses after trying to fight everyone who was trying to help him, and then Nathan, Peter and Matt all come to a realization that they need to take down the company that manipulated them. Hiro makes sure Adam can never hurt anyone again by burying him 6 feet under in a coffin, and Niki is killed in a fire while saving Monica. Sylar manages to escape again, and I have to say I am kind of getting sick of Sylar and his constant avoiding of death, I think the writers of the show should just rid of Sylar and find a new enemy, because I think they have dragged Sylar on long enough. Nathan tries to speak out and just as he is about to do so, he is killed and it seems that his mother is still as bad as she has ever been. The company is still at large, and it might take all of the heroes to stop it, but they leave us hanging at the end of this episode, more so then ever, I loved the season, but I don't think I can take another season like this, it feels like the whole season just teased us and then left us wondering, with not many answers. I do love this show, but I think it needs to come to an end, otherwise it might just stretch on, season after season, and become a money grab like other shows. That, or the writers need to think of a way to make it interesting again without completely screwing the fans over like I feel they have. I know I might sound drastic, but after seeing this season finale, I just felt cheated, like I watched the whole season, just to start waiting again and basically got barely anything from it. The very end of the episode made me kind of mad, I know Sylar might have some great purpose, he seems to understand how all the Heroes powers work, but I don't think I am the only one getting sick of his super ability to avoid being taken down, even with no powers, somehow he manages to escape and make it away with the cure for him. I really want to see Sylar ended as a character for good next season, if not I don't think I could watch this show anymore, because frankly, I am just sick of seeing Sylar as a character.
  • The show is on the right track and had a pretty good ending for a premature end.

    The story is getting more intense and interesting, after the end of the first we would think that the show only had a second season because Syler survived, but with this ending we see a larger amplitude of ways the series can go i give it a lot of season that i think the series deserve. Lets see what they want to give to us in the third season, maybe a huge Syler vs Peter or something more, maybe giving Sylar regeneration too, or just get another "apocalypse" for Hiro to stop. Just hope the strike to end and new episodes to come out.
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  • Great episode! just wished it wasn't going to be the last for a while!

    After viewing this episode, and finally calming down my nerves, I have noticed that the writers have very delicately intertwined all of the episodes together. Be it from last season where Molly would search for Parkman's father, or how Hiro travels back to find who killed his father. The story line is great! I really wish that this strike would just be over with, but who knows how long it's going to take. Pivotal questions before the end of the episode:

    Did Nikki die?
    Now that Sylar has his powers back, to what extent will he go to wreak havoc?
    Is Nathan really dead? or can they use Claire or Peter's blood to revive him?

    hopefully this writers strike ends soon so we can find out!
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