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  • Booorrringggg...

    I had high hopes for this series and thought it would be good with all the hype and popularity. But boy, was I wrong. For some reason, the characters lacked anything interesting. It was just difficult to continue to watch. It lacked something special. Maybe it was the way it was executed or the atmosphere?

    It just wasn't that good.
  • Rene (Haitian) vs. Nathan Petrelli - The Big Heroes Blunder

    After watching all the episodes of Heroes, I still could not understand how Nathan Petrelli was able to fly and escape in from of the Haitian in season 1. At first, I thought that the Haitian's power was only to erase the memory of other heroes or people, but he has also the power to negate other heroes' powers. Tim Kring made a big blunder in making this episode.
  • S3E1 unrealistic much!!??

    As much as I have ignored many a diss re watching this show to begin with... serious oversights Really annoy me here! ... as IF a doctor would come directly to a family member from an operating room after many hrs and simply say "i'm sorry" & walk away! Then Peter can just walk right into the room and see his dead brother on the bed (not operating table!) Covered in blood etc? I call BULLSHIT! ! talk about insulting my intelligence!! Seriously. Such a disappointment. I am rewatching the entire series now to prep for heroes reborn.... perhaps i shouldnt bother? I must have been high a lot when i watcjes the full series when it first aired. Wowza (not in a good way). :(

    Just a quick comment to rosehamlick or whatevs.... u must have pirated files without the captions.... cause i have all 5 volumes of heroes and all the japanese has subtitles. Also even if not, just change your settings on your media player.... i use VLC & i dont even have to change settings to automatically have captions. Cheers!!
  • unbelievable

    Why make the characters sooo overly stupid justt to keep a storyline reminding me that I'm watching a TV I was thinking that TV shows and movies have the goal of making them feel as real as guess Tim didn't think about just could do without the great amount of ignorance and stupidity!!. All shows do it but this one . does it too fucking No show has everr!!will neverr! disappoint me and make me as angry as this one definitely found a way to make it imperfect. Like every human does with whatever they do fucking wiz
  • Solid 9.5 !

    Lovely show with lots of heart from writer, director and actors!! Even when Heroes had its lows, those where fun WTF?!-moments. Acting is solid. Writing is very good. Tim obviously spilled his soul into this work, because the story is fun, original and remains creative. I'm binge watching currently at S04E03 and Heroes still runs strong. Tim had his creative holiday to recharge with new energy and I can't wait for Heroes Reborn! :DD Congratulations for the team! Heroes was a ground-breaking accomplishment and we will NEVER FORGET YOU!!
  • What a great show

    Some great characters, some great acting and lots of actionIt was cancelledyears too early, they keep crap like the walking dead for longer its ridicilous.
  • Language barrier

    Just started watching on netflix, my question is why are there no translation for the Japanese speaking parts? Disappointing .
  • More Than Just a Show

    Heroes is an American made science fiction television drama series produced by NBC. The show follows the stories and lives of ordinary people who can do extraordinary things through the manifestation of unbelievable abilities and how these ability change their lives and the worlds. As they start to react to the realization of their powers they start to affect their everyday lives. We begin to realize that there is more to this than just god given superpowers, because at the same time a group of people known now only as "The Company" are capturing heroes, and rallying up scientists, one of which is Suresh, a research geneticist who's trying to continue his late father's research into the biological source of these powers. The story really starts to develop when we're introduced to Noah Bennet, the lead agent and current "spokesperson" for the company is looking for these heroes to bring them to the company to be experimented on, He is in the middle of his a morale battle of his own; having to chose between his life's work or his family as his daughter, Clair Bennet also has superhero abilities, she can't. After only having a short time to come to terms with their powers, they are drawn to each other in New York City at Kirby Plaza. There they must do their part to stop the destruction of Manhattan by a villain, Sylar who can absorb other peoples abilities.

    The show has done exceptionally well especially with its at funding at first the show was able to pull off quite the first season, and a lot of that had to do with the story itself, but more importantly the characters. People love the idea of being able to possess these powers, and it comes down to why everybody loves the idea that someone seemingly ordinary is out saving our world from imminent destruction. People however, well myself love it a lot more when those people go through the same emotions, the same obstacles we face everyday but a million times worse under undeniable odds. Its just like Peter Parker in Spiderman or Bruce Wayne in Batman. This fantasy gives us hope. Hope that we can be something bigger, greater. Whats so unique and great about heroes is that all the characters, even the villains are human beings, and they are all trying to find themselves just as much as we are just in many different ways. Not only did the characters grow onto me while watching heroes, but for once the actors did too. These people were not recognized as actors before this show and its important to note that these people were dynamic in themselves throughout the making of the series. I think it was this combination of storytelling and acting alongside with my own questions of the universe that made the show captivate me so much. I highly recommend heroes for anyone who ponders the idea that we have the ability to be something more .It will have you picking sides as there really is no good or bad guy, and questioning your own good and evil for yourself.
  • Only reruns

    I thought that this show was done, there haven't been new episodes of this show in 4 years.
  • loved it

    My son got me too watch too sure but I was hooked after the first episode.

    Another show that could have been stretched out for another season and ended properly

    Gotta love hero :) hes so funny
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  • Heroes on

    I don't know why there is still no community page for Heroes on
  • Stupidity of Heroes

    After seasons 1 & 2 I hated the show afterwards. The most hated person i wanted dead the most was Matt Parkman. Such a coward and such a loser. Using his powers for nothing was a waste of ability. Wasted my hope for Matt, wish Sylar killed him after season 2. Man he didn't need to be such jerk and idiot. Claire Bennett was a disappointment, I wish she was dead too. Such a rebellious child. Nothing but disappointments in this show.
  • Didn't wait to listen to viewers voices...

    The show became annoying and idiotic... very fast.

    Mainly because after finishing up one season, then rushed to finished 2 whole seasons pre-recorded ... so once the first pre-recorded season was aired, it met terrible reviews.

    Sadly do to their mistake of pre-recording the following season they couldn't fix the show.... so the final season was trying to put a band-aid on a wound effected with gangrene for they might get a renewal but eh
  • Legit movie

    This show is a pretty good show although throughout the show it was pretty hard to make sense of everything and everyone's cause of action but at the end of every volume it was very clear and i liked it a lot. At first the graphic quality wasn't that good but as the show progressed it got better and better. One thing that i didn't like about this show was the time travel. Because i'm really into physics and as i read about time travel there is this problem called Paradox (Google it). And the show went against the law of physics and it was really confusing to me. But it was a very legit movie. :)
  • Be Silly Too Its Hit In The UK

    Reckon Ur gunna lose alot of money canceling it in UK its a shem to be honest, all good things must come to an end I guess :) keep on smiling.
  • horoes is way intense! the best show in my opinion! So tell me, why the F#%@ are they cutting it down to the season finale NEXT WEEK!

    It is amazing how good this show is! It is my favorite show by FAR! I do not know how they can top itself EVERY week! Although, I did not quite like the last episode, "Six months ago".It was very informative but not really that good, it could have been way better! It is so tenseful and that's one of the things I liked about this show.Seriously though, why are they putting the season finale next week! Right when we are finding out about Claire! I mean can't they wait a little while! Please, PLEASE don't put the season finale next week!
  • Anyone Can Be A Hero

    ... and I think that is one of the most important lessons to be learned from this series.

    Though I wish I could give this show a 10, I know that it wasn't perfect and that it would be purely biased of me. I love it, and I love what it represents and what I associate it to and it's imprinted my life in a way that at first I may not have understood the significance of but have now started to fully grasp. Because that's what television should be about, it should be able to reach out to people from all walks of life and touch them. I do recognize the flaws and wrong turns Heroes had and took. I also believe the show suffered from the writer's strike and never made a full recovery.

    But at the end of the day, I realize, that's not what is important. In spite of the plot holes or incomprehensible writing decisions, I can say in all honesty that Heroes is one of my favourite all time shows and probably my favourite live action show. Because at the end of the day, while Heroes may've lost its way from an artistic and technical point of view, it never lost sight of its message and remained true to it throughout. Hope. And when I feel awful I just have to watch it because it gives me hope. And reminds us that anyone can be a hero. So I will try my best to do it justice in this review.

    It's been nearly three years since this series ended and yet it feels longer, perhaps because of its abrupt ending? Perhaps one of the highest profile shows to be hit by NBC's draconian cancellation policies even though ratings were still technically viable. Many people have been left desolated and starved after the ending of the 4th season. Indeed, the show was cancelled, not finished, and it came as a shock to them, enough that they hadn't planned much of a real ending. While the open end leaves place to the imagination the uncertainty is what is primarily disappointing... perhaps that is just a reflection of the uncertainty of life. On the positive, the open end was set up in such a manner that it leaves space for the series to have a sequel, either serialized or as a film, though whether or not this will ever see the light of day is an other matter entirely.

    But let us start by the beginning.

    The first season of Heroes kicked off in an absolutely fantastic manner. The storyline reminded me immediately of a mosaic type narrative, like in the type of ensemble films where multiple characters have different plots attached to them but their destinies all end up crossing paths with one an other. In that sense the show powerfully backed up its original tagline: Ordinary people with Extraordinary abilities. The wide palette of characters meant that there was something for everyone, reaching a larger audience because it allowed many different people to identify. Characters from all walks of life who have a single thing in common: a genetic mutation giving them super powers. In spite of this, most of them are fantastically human, and layered. The intrigue and suspense introduces multiple threats to these characters, with other elements perfectly shaded grey wherein for the longest time you do not know who is good, who is bad, who wants to harm and who wants to help. The character that exemplifies this is the man with the Horn Rimmed Glasses also known as HRG, later revealed to be named Noah Bennet. He will turn out to probably be one of the most badass characters on the show and on television in general. Though his greatness didn't hit me the first time I watched the show, because I wasn't focused on him, upon reflection I cannot laud the writers and Jack Coleman enough for the character that is Noah Bennet.

    In fact, while we're talking about characters, one of the show's strongest selling points is perhaps the evolution and devolution of all those in the original first season cast. For most of them it felt real, human. They grew, or in some instances regressed, just like real people in real life either find ways to cope with what is thrown at them, or are unable to do so. Claire Bennet is by far my favourite in terms of evolution and growth, and indeed perhaps hers was more striking by the fact that she starts the series as a high school freshman and ends the series as a college freshman. From teenager to young adult, that is for most people a tremendous leap, even from year to year, and more so for this character who has gone through a lot- both on a regular human level, and a more traumatic life experience. And what to say of Sylar? Sylar. This despicable but fantastic villain, this "monster" who turns out to have humanity still, in spite of it being choked to near extinction, driven mad by his own, unfortunate power. I think some unfortunate writing decisions were taken in regards to him. He either should have died when he was supposedly killed, or his road to redemption should have started much earlier. There was a brief moment, a glimpse during the third season where the character took interesting turns before going back to square one.

    But I'm wandering off here; in short, fantastic characters were introduced in the first season, each with a unique ability (or not, a few of the important characters don't have any powers), a unique story but that ended up being interconnected, each bringing an equal contribution to the show. The writing was airtight, the consistency and continuity a delight. All the makings of an unforgettable show. I'm not generally speaking a huge fan of SciFi, I find fantasy more appealing because it strikes the imagination in a different way, but I think that's simply because of the kinds/styles of show SciFi is usually put to use in. The way in which it worked with Heroes, was woven in to the fabric of every day life and captured my mind because it had that resonance that rang true. It didn't feel far away- like you would have in a futuristic setting, or a space-exploration setting. In a sense it had the real/original science fiction feeling that made you almost believe that this could be possible. It made the suspension of belief almost unnecessary because it was teetering on that line- both in terms of the sci-fi content (superpowers) and the storylines/human content (character behaviours, reactions where it seemed plausible. If nothing else, the first season alone is well worth a watch.

    The second season started off strong. While I've seen complaints about the introduction of new characters, I personally loved it, as it continued on the show's initial premise about having all kinds, and all walks of life being represented. It also brought out some very interesting angles to the inner workings of what was behind the curtains in regards to certain organizations and gave a better insight in to the goals of the antagonizing forces. It also introduced one of the most beloved characters in the series; Elle Bishop. Unfortunately for the show, however, the writer's strike happened and the season was cut short. While you could sense that the build up was happening, it wasn't as satisfying as it should have.

    This is where the show hurt the most. After the writer's strike, the show never truly recovered. The third season is my least favourite of the four. Though there were some good moments, overall I felt like the show spun out of control. You could have driven a truck through the plot holes, the villains felt a lot less substantial and a lot more like ridiculous devices, some of the decisions made in regards to certain main characters were plain incomprehensible. A disaster. To its credit, it had a lot of action, so I guess if you're in to that sort of thing, that's good, and it was faster paced than the previous season, which a lot of people had complained about. But, the numbers speak for themselves, Season 3 to the best of my recollection saw the sharpest drop in ratings.

    If however by then the show hadn't lost you, you were good to go in to Season 4. While season 4 wasn't stellar and far from being on par with Season 1 & 2 overall, it gave a feeling that the show was on the path to recovery. Unfortunately not enough to save it from the gallows though enough to at least give it an end with a modicum of dignity. Now, the thing about Season 4 was its radically different direction. The vibe and feel was different from the other previous seasons, because the structure was changed, especially the nature of the threat to the characters. That being said it was decently executed and in the end most of the characters flourished or kept growing or changing in a noticeable but believable manner. Self-discovery, self-doubt, questioning, etc. All the good stuff one likes to see, especially for someone like me who is very character-oriented.

    At the end of the day however, in spite of its triumphant highs and terrible lows, the show never truly lost sight of its original message, and it was lovely to see that while the quality derailed the direction and true north was never lost throughout: everybody and anybody can be a hero. You just have to reach out and rise to the occasion when it comes. And that is a comforting thought, one that brings hope.

    So if nothing else, for that reason alone, I tip my hat off to Heroes and hold it near and dear to my heart, with a glowing recommendation. If you haven't already given this show a try, do it, at least for the first season.

  • Bring back Heros damn it

    wish i new why they cacel it they r stupid
  • fucks!!!

    i'm gonna kill that mother fucker who's cancle this show!!!!!!
  • What Went Wrong?

    I really loved this show, but I'm not sure why it ended so abruptly. Each character was unique and their superhuman powers expanded upon that. The plot lines were written well and the acting executed efficiently. Of course not everything was perfect, but I do think it deserved a proper ending. Overall, one of the best shows I've watched.
  • Sylar <3

    Major bad-guy lover here. Zachary Quinto is really a good bad guy. Hah. Sylar was probably the best character. The only bad part about it was, why did he become good? Right at the end! That mind-boggled me for a while. It was still a great ending, it's just weird when you get to know and love a phsyco and then they turn soft and fuzzy inside. What happened??? No matter the small details, I loved this show and watched every one about a hundred times :) Heroes is truly amazing!
  • Great start, abrupt ending.

    This show has a lot of potential judging by the first season, but slowly, slowly, it began to crawl and the end of it was under my expectations. The show did have some great ideas though, and it is one of those in which not everything goes the right way, eventually.
  • Amazing show - to begin with.

    This show was amazing to begin with, definitly a personal favourite of mine. The casting is incredible and flawless in my opinion. The newer episodes are on the other hand, sadly dissapointing. I especially love the caracters Claire and Peter. Hayden and Milo plays those part incredibly, fascinating, flawlessly and downright perfect. The plot is awesome, and the story throughout the first and second season are amazing. But the newer episodes seems kinda 'forced', like they are just made to make money or something. I think the series need a new fresh angle. In the beginning the twist was unexpected, but now it seems rather predictable
  • From heroes to zeros...

    Loved the first series, forced myself to watch the second series and dropped out of the third series when it became unbearable. Such a shame as it started brilliantly and had some really likeable characters and plots.

  • Heroes is amazing, dont spread negativity!

    Heroes is possibly the greatest show on t.v, if your not getting it anymore, it sounds like you never got it, my philosophy, if you dont like a show dont watch it, and if your not watching it then dont review it! Heroes deserves to run for many years and I personally hope it never ends.

    Some people feel the need to review stuff they dont get, I wouldnt think of reviewing Ugly Betty, Cause I just dont get it, doesnt mean other people deserve to have their slated. Heroes rules Heroes rules Heroes rules Heroes rules Heroes rules Heroes rules
  • Wish they would try again

    Season 1 of course was theee greatest season by far and season 2 was epic, but I do believe the show went down hill and revived itself after time. The final season is what destroyed the show. But i truly wish fans would have brought the show back just like they did for SuperNatural. The writing for the show took a bad turn BUT....the show was revived and even better now!
  • My review.

    hello all

    In my opinion season 1 & 2 was great , the show had potentials but then got from bad to worst. after finishig season 2 i was tunned for season 3 but i was so disapointed. anyway maybe its weird by here in greece we dont have so manny great ideas of tv series. and it would be great to copy that show.

    thanks for reading this and sorry if you see any mistakes.

  • Loved season 1 & 2

    Season 1 was very good. Story line is well written and the characters are well developed. You really get to know these people and what drives them. Season 2 was also very decent, only slightly below season 2. Season 3 started very promising (only the first episode), but from then on, it went downwards and never came up again. Season 3 introduces new important character, which they shouldn't have.

    Season 4 is even worse than season 3. I never stopped watching it, because I always hoped it would get better again. But it never did, until it got cancelled.

    My rating is only for seasons 1 & 2.
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