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  • Heroes? If everyone has these abilities, what makes them heroes?

    While I found the first few episodes interesting and entertaining, the writing deteriorated so immensely that by the end of the first season the program became virtually unwatchable. The idea began as novel; there are a few people around the world with special abilities that must stop a seemingly inevitable doom. However, as the episodes continue, it seems as though everyone in the world has one of these special abilities and things became less realistic and entertaining. I should note I do not mean realism in regard to real life, but the program even falls short in realism in regard to the fantasy world created within the show. In sum, I don't see the fuss about this show. It is far from quality television.
  • Could it be? Could this show possibly be coming back...?

    Okay, I'd like to say this right now: I thought when David Berman guest-starred back in season one and died I'd never have to see that horrible sight again (big fan of CSI, and watching adorable David the Assistant Coroner die made me morbidly depressed for a few minutes). Even though I enjoyed that little cameo (and the line "can you get rid of it" just kills me. So cute.) I thought it was done. So now they decide to show his death again like, five times?? I don't like watching him getting his head smashed in by quartz. It pains me.


    Hiro's eyes were freaking me out to the point where I jumped every time they showed them, and the ending was, uh, creepy. I was on the phone with my friends and I screamed "OHGOD MR. AFRICAN-ISSAC! NO!" and there was this silence. So now Hiro's being seriously mind-raped or something (I'd like to point out that Masi Oka is actually fairly good at screaming.) Um, I'd really like Ando to jump in right about now and save the day with those awesome red-lightning powers he apparently has. That would be lovely. Elle and Sylar's story actually caught my attention, which was shocking (no pun intended there…) Even with the constant David-being-concussed-and-killed-by-a-paperweight flashbacks, I enjoyed it. And I laughed when the emo kid died. Dude, he had an awesome power. Seriously, if I had to choose one of the powers on this show that would be on the top ten. Hiro's is on the top. He may be a naïve dumbass, but his powers rock. Ando's are second (even though we haven't god damned seen them yet…) and Adam's are third.

    I digress.

    Mohinder's cameo, even if his current story bores me, still made me giggle. And my friends seriously think I'm nuts now because this time I shouted "Quiet! English-accented Indian man on the screen!" I also shouted at my TV that Papa-Petrelli can't be in that weird open-eyed coma because that will eventually result in Adam's death, which still makes me depressed when I think about it. I miss David Anders deeply and I said so into the phone. "Who's David Anders?" "Ever heard of Alias?" "Yes." "He played Sark." "…Gina, 'I've heard of it' doesn't mean 'I've seen it.'" "It does in my world. He's this sexy British samurai." "…I like the sound of him." 'Yeah, well, he dies." "…oh." I neglected to say how. No need to ruin her perception of Adam, who I continue to talk about despite the fact that he's dead. Meredith's story, sadly, bored me. She just reminds me too much of Claire and, as I'm sure people may have known by now if they've read my other reviews, I loathe her. I did like her brother… he's actually interested me since he first showed up. After all, blue fire is cool. Surprisingly, Peter isn't angering me anymore. Who would've thought? Maybe it's because he barely showed up. And yay-No Matt this week!

    I swear to God, if this eclipse thing in the next episode results in Ando actually getting his powers I will be in utter rapture (yes, I am obsessed with those powers. Ando needs to stop being epically useless and instead be epically helpful. Either way I love him, though.) Til next week, ta.
  • Was it just me or that episode sucks hardcore?

    Was it just me or that episode sucks hardcore? That was pretty much a filler, no progress at all and after a week in hiatus…I think it was terrible. Nothing against flashback episodes as long as they are meaningful and contribute to the main plot is some way. If that was a pre-show episode it would have been great, as an actual episode it was so lame. But that is it with heroes, every time there is a hiatus the following episode is a bad one. The writer's strike almost killed the show....minus that episode I am enjoying this season so far.
  • Dead or Alive? Good or Bad? Future or Present? Choose one and stick to that.

    It starts to get really boring. The writers over use the time travel plus I'm not sure who is dead and who is not, one day is dead the next days its not, come on be more creative, and the last thing is the changing of the characters first 10 episodes good, next 10 episodes bad... I need to keep notes everytime they do that in the series which is in almost every episode in order to understand whats going on.
    First season was very good, Second was incomplete, Third its all over the place, It is very confusing lately.
  • Heroes is show about people all over the world who have been given a gift of super powers were an Indian man whose father discovered these people who was murdered whilst his son tries to find these super genetic humans.

    Season 1: Awesome, Season 2: Even Better And Season 3 is Superb! The Aspects of the new characters and the story line is great. Heroes is a superb show that captures the aspects of an original action/adventure Sc-fi Tv show that has about only 1 or 2 bad episodes in the entire Show. This season has been called ''Villans'' because of the new characters who are villains and the new characters becoming villains. The only problem I have with it that in the first couple of episodes Mohinder was complete out of character and Sylar is now a good guy? Very Weird but still one of the best shows ever made.
  • What a great show Heroes was on it's first season... It's all been downhill since then. WARNING: SPOILERS ABOUT SEASON 1, 2 & 3 YOU'VE BEEN WARNED, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    When I watched the first episode I was impressed, and luckily the coming episodes didn't disappoint me at all. As a matter of fact the show was getting better and better with each and every episode, Claude's character was great and the way we saw each and everyone of the starring characters got familiar with their powers I could pretty much say that that moment of the show was indeed the best part. Of course there was Sylar which was held brilliantly in mystery for a couple of the first episodes and each crime he did let us wondering how he could do it and why would he do it. Then all started falling right into pieces through out the first season incredibly fast...

    Too bad the creators and writers didn't left anything for the second season which only became acceptable in the last couple of episodes. Man the second season was bad, the only good season about that season was the addition of Elle (Kristen Bell's character). We got to third season with nothing to resolve, so the writers had to create new issues to resolve as the season got going, it was a pity that those new issues were not as appealing as the ones on the first season...

    Good thing the writers got working quickly after the strike on season three. But still, this season is way more predictable than the first there's nothing new happening and the writers are recurring to simple things to try to produce a shock in the viewer as for example making Sylar Peter's brother and saying that Nathan got his powers induced in a lab as Tracy (and Niki and their other 'sister')... And if that wasn't enough now Petrelli's father is alive again from the dead...

    I hope that they can turn it around cause they got a great plot to exploit..
  • HEROES is a TV Show which has ts Goods and Bads but I Love It.

    HEROES is a show that is full of exciting turn of events. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way, making you ask yourselves loads of questions but many of these questions remain unanswered. Season 1 was a change from other shows on TV but after the first season HEROES hasn't changed much. Following the multiple stories can be a challenge in a few episodes but its worth it at the end. The latest Season, the 3rd: Villains has started well with a fast paced story and characters. Even though you may feel at some points that one person is totally overpowering the rest it OK. In the end i would say that HEROES is a must watch.
  • Heroes is my favorite show!

    I love Heroes, it is a show that is different from all the rest and you never know what to expect. The only thing I don't like is when it is over. I'm looking for some constructive criticism for my website that is part of a college class project. Please visit my website: concept6.oumark.com let me know what you think. please send all replies to: OUgroup6@gmail.com No sales pitch, no profit to be made, just looking for a personal learning experience. The websites intent is to keep people up to date on their favorite TV shows. It also includes a page on Heroes. Thank you in advance.

    I can't stress how much i anticipate and love the newest heroes episodes. Granted season two was a little slow, but from i know of season three, it gets better than it's ever been. Heroes is and will always be the greates television show in the world. My friend also has something to say about heroes;

    HEROES is by FAR the BEST tv Series KNOWN to MAN!!!!!!!!!Heroes inspires me to be something more and gives me confidence for the everyday world!!!! kinda quoted from heroes season one. So for those of you that think it is your place to dis heroes, i just want you to know that heroes hasn't lost it's formal glory, it was just sleeping for a season
  • Heroes used to be my favorite tv show now it's become plain dumb & it makes me sick, can anyone do something & bring back its greatness to MY show?

    season 1 was a masterpiece if not THE masterpiece!
    season 2 was doomed by the strike.
    season 3 was supposed to be great.
    what we have now is my favorite show dying.
    hiro goes dumb.
    sylar goes good.
    niki goes tracy.
    I have to say: STOP!
    either you improve the stories or cancel it!!!
    pure & simple I said it.
    I can no longer stand watching great characters being ripped off.
    don't tell me you know where you're going cuz u don't!
    enough killing/resurrecting(nathan, niki,ando...)
    it's an action show but the story telling is important!
    even though I hate the turn of events in memory of good old days I'll keep watching til the very end til then RIP HEROES!!!
  • Season 1 episode 1 great - the rest --- yawn worthy.

    Heroes needs to be ended - this series has gone on a tangent that makes it dull and yawn worthy can we please have the writers from season 1 back oh and pay them this time... cause the stuff coming out of the characters mouths is dribble... I fell asleep watching it... i was trying so hard to stay awake... terrible series. Has anyone watched a season one episode after watching a two or three one... and realised that there was something ingenious in that script that has been lost now or maybe it's just me and my tastes have changed. I doubt it though nothing on TV has gone down hill faster.
  • Following the lives of ordinary people with extrodinary abilities.

    Normal people wake up one day to discover they are differant. Peter Petrelli - Believes he can fly only to discover he has the ability to absorb other abilities. Nathan Petrelli - Can fly and on his way to become a Congressmen. Claire Bennett - A highschool cheerleader who can heal from anything. Sylar - The villain of the story slices peoples heads open and takes their abilities. Isaac Mendez - A heroin addict who can paint the future. Hiro Nakamura - A Japanese Geek who can bend space and time. Nikki, Jessica Sanders - Nikki changes into a super strong Jessica in signs of distress. HRG - Claire's father and a company man. Ando - Hiro's best friend and powerless sidekick. Simone Deveaux - The love of Peter and Isaac's life. Mondinder Suresh - A doctor trying to help those with abilities. Matt Parkman - A cop who can read minds. DL Hawkins - Micah's Father and Nikki's convict husband who can phase through solid objects. Micah Sanders - Nikki and DL's son who can control machine's. We follow them through there lives and the struggles with their powers.
  • The 4400, season 5.

    I was in love with season 1, I was pissed off that season 2 was cut so short, and with this season, Heroes has become a complete rip-off The 4400--Nathan coming back from the dead, Mohinder working on a formula to give everyone abilities and transforming into a monster, a coming war between the powered and the powerless--4400 has been there and done that, sorry Heroes. And they did it better than you're doing it. You've become a pale imititation. And to top it all off, this season seems like more of a comedy than an action-drama. A bad comedy. And then there's Sylar. It's hard for me to watch him anymore and not see Mr. Spock. And Spock doesn't cut the tops of people's heads off. But apparently neither does Sylar. Because he's abruptly, inexplicably trying to be good. Which is just an absurd development. Who knew he was having such a moral struggle within himself these past two seasons? The whole show is just turning ridiculous.
  • One of my fav shows!

    Heros is really good. Its got heaps of great characters and their powers are totally cool. I like the shows format, how it always changes scenes for different characters but everyone is connected. My fav characters include hiro, claire, peter, matt, molly, daphne and like all of them. The new season looks really good and interesting. With another future, its kinda confusing with all that. Like becase of the people who can travel through time everything can change. I quite like adam even though he's meant to be kinda bad. i just wish heores was on earlier because here its played at 9:30 Thursday, so ends later. Overall great show.
  • Heroes is definitely one of the great shows on television today. NBC broke the mold with this one, and after three seasons still manages to dazzle the public each week with a new and amazing plot twist...

    Heroes is definitely one of the great shows on television today. NBC broke the mold with this one, and after three seasons still manages to dazzle the public each week with a new and amazing plot twist lovable characters and uncertainty around each corner. Its a super hero show like none before it, there is something here for everyone, a hero each of us can relate to, a part of each of us in each of the heroes, and that, in my opinion is largely a reason for its success. When many of us think about superheroes we get an idea of people running around in tights and capes, but heroes gives a different perspective. This time those chosen by fate are not extraordinary people, just people trying to make it in the world, the same world we try to make it in, in our day to day lives. Heroes makes Monday fun again, with everything a fan could ask for, from hilarious comic relif, to a plot ever increasing in complexity and involvement of the characters and special effects to impress even the most particular sci-fi fan.
  • Now that's what I am talking about!!!!!!

    Now that's what I am talking about!!!!!! That was a classic episode. Kept me at the edge of my seat and was crowned with the best of endings.I love the way the story has turned out, everyone good is getting bad and sylar is the one to save the day this time, I jus hope the producers dont return him back to the villian we once knew. This was what drove me to watch this show in the first place. I just hope that the steam isnt lost.Only God knows whats next.We just need more surprises to keep this show going and they should fine tune some characters, They arent relly relevant. Any way SUPERB!!!!!!!!
  • The last episode before this monday was amazing and peter is starting to get edgy and have some evil stained on his spotless personality. Claire is finding her path down the dark road as well and HRGs reasoning is getting fuzzy.

    I like that Heroes is finally making me say WOW i cant miss another minute of this show!! I like that they are finally drawing lines to each character and how they are all connected somehow. The only thing that bothers me is that they have so many story lines that i dont get to see them all in one episode. Its getting more amazing everytime i watch it. I am so happy that Claire is finally standing up for herself, that she is not the little victim like she was in past seasons. I am so confused about Mohinder. They lost me but hopefully i can figure it out.
  • Season 1 was okay until the finale. Ever since then I don't know why people still watch this show.

    The first season was actually pretty good. The characters were interesting (most of them), the story line was original, and it kept my interest. That all ended with the season 1 finale. The way they resolved all the plot points were stupid and poorly though out. Then season 2 happened, which was basically the same plot as season 1. (prevent some disaster in the future). Season 3 is a little better but still uses the same plot. Also, the acting is just horrible and all the characters are just unnescessary. So long Heroes. You had 20 good episodes, and now its time to just give up.
  • An excellent show about people with abilities. A story as old as cave drawings. I hope they don't cancel it because it's "sci-fi".

    I like Heroes. It's not at all original, and it's been done before as recently as the USA Network's 4400. But at least these guys haven't been canceled yet. Thinking back on our history, there are beings and crafts carved and painted onto cave walls. These beings did things from enlighten the natives, to bringing math and science to the masses. They sometimes leveled herds of animals and abducted people. But at times it's something terrestrial. Which means it could easily be just a bunch of white guys taming cannibalistic mayans. This is the gist of heroes, I think. The extinction of a species. In business it's called disruptive technology/innovation. And it is good. So sayeth me.

    All of these people have abilities that the common folk cannot fathom, and these abilities are by birthright- not choice(for most). It's something the common folk cannot learn to adapt to even if they wanted to compensate for the disparity. The common folk must physically alter themselves to be able to keep up. Which means that all humans are now dead meat, either by bio-alteration or literally. Juicy, eh.

    So, this is a story of a clash of civilizations. The indians had it when the europeans came. The mayans and peruvians had it when.. the europeans came. Jews and Christians have it with the harvest aka Judgement Day, and previously via Noah and the flood. It's out with the unworthy, and in with the worthy. And I like it. I can't say it's original, but it's an inevitable fact of life. And it's nice to see art reflect life.

    The weak die and the strong survive. Evolutionarily speaking, they aren't always better for it, but they're better than being dead. And that's all that one wants really, isn't it. So in short, this is a very old story presented well. And can somebody tell me why those jagoff's at the USA Network canceled the same damn series?... Anywho, please take a gander at this show. It's entertaining.
  • This is the best show ever! How could you not like this show!

    This is my favourite show ever! I love the characters and there powers. There are some pretty unique powers. The episodes have a of action / adventure in them, lots of drama and suspense in each episode. Once again, i cant not say how good this show is. The is the very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very v very very very very very best show in the world! ! ! ! :0) LOL this is the best show ever ;o) how could you not like this show ? ! !
  • Angels and Monsters

    Ive been having bad feelings since the start of this season. I was really hoping that the shoe I had loved during the first 2 seasons wasnt going downhill. I do hope that the writers explain all the crap thats been happening lately...

    - Hero wounding Ando.
    - Mr Petrelli being alive and a villian and seemingly the boss of everyone.
    - The mind readin guys come back from nowhere
    - Mrs Petrelli can see the future but hasnt seen the main villian - her husband.

    Heres hoping that the plot corrects itself or this was part of the plot. The writers couldnt be that dumb. They wrote the first 2 awesome seasons.
  • Someone's got to kill Maya off the show and make some other changes.

    First of all, Maya should be taken off the show effective immediately. She's not fun, she's ok looking and the dynamic with Suresh is pretty sexual but still not a good enough reason to keep her on the show (her power is absolutely useless and just stupid, i mean, she can't just kill one person, she kills practically everyone).Second, I loved that Sylar becomes one of the good guys eventually, plus he's such a fox. The death of his son was a bit tragic though.....riiiiight. Third, what the hell is Mohinder's power?? It's like freaksuperpower, i don't like him so much this season. Fourth, they have got to bring Parkman back RIGHT NOW to start his plot with Daphne aka Speedster ASAP. I loved the last episode "Angels and Demons" it was soooo freaking intense. I like that Peter is becoming more unto the darker side. If we compare and contrast with the first episode, the changes are so astronomical in his persona. The story with Tracy Strauss and Nathan Petrelli is so dull and beige, I mean, they have sex, but where's the dynamics, teach them to act better, too. It's totally boring. Hiro killing Ando was sooooo unexpected, loved it, but find a way to bring him back =D hehe also BRING BACK ELLE, I mean, she was my favorite hero ever. She should totally be back and be one of the good guys. Finally, I want Heroes to bring back:

    Monica Dawson

    That Irish girl who got stuck in the future and never came back

    Claire's gay best friend

    Flying dude at Claire's school, her boyfriend

    Find a way to bring back Hiro's sister through a romance with Ando

    Hana Gitelman

    I want the Heroes people to kill off a lot of the heroes who are on right now and are not that interesting like Maya, maybe even Mohinder or Nathan and bring back other people to kill them off too. I loved it when they killed Bob. Do NoT KiLl ElLe. OtHeRwIsE I'lL JuSt StOp WaTcHiNg ThE ShOw. hahahaha
  • Still going Strong.

    Heroes is still as wonderful as ever and it really is proving to audiences just how amazing it can be and this is only the start of the series! The writers seem to have obverdosed on steroids and are therefore knocking out some absolutly fabulous episodes with great acting, twists and of course the main attraction to the whole saga - the speacial effects. It also helps that that the characters from the first series are focused on more, so it feels like good old fashioned Heroes that drew audiences to it in the very begining. This episode still gives you everything you want and more. The partnership between HRG and Sylar is genius and great to watch. Praise to the actor who portrays Sylar for doing a brilliant job at playing the best villian ever created. He needs to win an award! Claire is tested by her mother, Peter is thrown out of Jesse's body, Sylar adopts yet another power and Tracy learns more about her alter ego Nikki - may she rest in peace. It's good to still have Ali Larter on our screens, but i do miss the character of Nikki, she was great. It is odd how she died in a fire but had no burn marks when Tracy examined her body in the coffin??? Just a slight mistake i picked up on. None the less this is yet another great episode and i can't wait to see more. This show is absolutley mind blowing.
  • Horrible!

    This show sucks so bad, it's not even funny! It's so unoriginal! I can't understand why people even watch this piece of crap! The actors are terrible, and the story sucks! Everyone take my advice and don't waste your time. TV will never be the same cuz heroes ruined it! It's the worst show show I've ever seen! Please watch something good like Smallville if you want a good action and adventure show! Not this! it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks! Take my word for it!
  • this show is done!!

    Heroes started with a bang. With a story that features comicbook like heros and villains, the show became an isntant hit and then some in season two. But with season 3, it seems to be going all downhill. The first cardinal sin of all superhero stories, never make a villain into a hero, less a likeable character. Heroes can have shades of grey but when charactor start ambulating like a pendulum(Peter now will kill to save the world). Wait he does one better he will destroy the world to save the world. make sense? Well no. Parkman was my least favorite character both because of the character as well as the actor that plays it. And now he gets the meat of the plot. Imagine that. We all loved Sylar as the vilain, but of late even he is confused as to what is expected of him. If anything that the third season portrays well, its utter confusion, as the plot bumps from one silly twist to another. We shouldnt expect logic in a superhero story but here the creators have pulled all stops. And as each episode passes, the ratings fall and the desperation shows more and more, with every character dead or alive making an unneccessary appearance.
  • What's going on here?

    What's up with the role reversals? Just about every character has become the complete opposite of what they were and what they stood for in the first two seasons........
    Peter is the new Sylar.
    Sylar is now a good guy.
    Mohinder has turned crazy, mad scientist.
    Hiro kills Ando!
    And to top it off, big daddy Petrelli is still alive!!

    I think it's a big mistake making Sylar a reformed man, he's the MAIN villain in this series and Peter's the protagonist, he's supposed to save the world people! Not turn all Sylar on us!
    I'm not sure anyone likes where this is going so c'mon writers, get it together.

    I Think that this show is unbelievably awesome it is totally cool and I just Wanna watch it nonstop every Monday evening! It was really great the first time I saw it. I'm telling everyone whoever is reading this should decide to watch the show! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Great Show!
  • Just got into Heroes about 2 weeks ago and I love it.

    About two weeks ago my friend was talking about how "Awesome" Heroes is, but I just tried to ignore him. When he got comletely unbearable, I began to watch it and I didn't regret it. The show has Drama, SciFi, and Comedy. I think that NBC really outdid themselves with Heroes.

    All over the world, random people begin to discover that they have powers and they, somehow, begin to find each other. They begin to learn that their abilities are genetic and that their parents have abilities as well. The series tells a good story about good and evil. Many caracters believe that their powers are curses while others believe that they are gifts. It would work flawlessly, only people don't know who they can trust.

    I would recommend Heroes to anyone that likes good TV.

    "Save the Cheerleader. Save the World."
  • Monday nights have never been the same after watching Heroes

    Heroes is one of the best series that I have ever watched. It has completely changed how I think about Mondays. I used to be a person who was the first one to say "God I hate Mondays!" After watching Heroes however, it has forever changed that quote. The intriguing plot combined with so many twists brings about a great interest that most TV shows lack. In Heroes, it is difficult to tell who is good and who is evil. While some people may be good, they can be twisted to become and evil can also repent and become good. You can never expect what happens next in its amazing story. Also, while other shows are reluctant to let their main characters die (especially with shows that are the same genre as Heroes), Heroes is not afraid to give up the old for the new. This adds to its sense of reality and although you might be sad if your favorite character dies or becomes uninvolved with the other characters and leaves, there will always be new characters to love and hate. Overall, Heroes is a must-see and I recommend it to, not only sci-fi fiction viewers, but to anyone who likes interesting plots, suspenseful moments, and a multifarious array of love-hate characters.
  • Heroes is personaly the best show in prime time. It have totaly reshaped my Monday nights.

    The thing I like about Heroes is the whole super powers thing. I mean come on most of us when we were young wished at least once that we had some kind of power like flying or turning invisible, this show lets you believe that it can happen to other people besides Superman or Wolverine. I am a comic collector and have been for nearly 25 years and never has there been a superhero show that didnt invole an actual character from the books until this one. The way that they put the seasons into chapters its like a comic come to life. The way that they use the different kinds of powers some for good, some for evil is spectacular. With season 1 with the whole save the Chearleader save the world thing seemed to me that thats what made alot of people watch because they wanted to know what was gonna happen. Then come to find out that Clare is Nathans daughter and Peter is like the good version of Cylar only he dosent have to cut the power from peoples brains.he absorbs them (Kinda like a Skrull). I was kinda upset with season 2 being so short because of the writers strike but it was still a great way to lead up to season 3 Villians. So far this season with introducing new characters and the whole switching from the future to the present its just so exciting every week. Its just getting better and better. Im hoping that this show will stick around for a long long time.
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