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  • Love it!

    I loved the show!
  • 3rd season killed it.

    This show honestly was great at first with season 1 being good and 2 being great. I watched about half of the third season but then i realized that it was becoming a chore. The last episode and one of the most exciting is the two part episode "the eclipse" also the last episode i ever enjoyed. And season 1 "company man" is also a fenominal episode. One thing that is extremely bad is the acting and this shows tries to be cool but comes out cheesy and cliche. Honestly when i see the picture for this show when i scroll up it makes me laugh. The writers all try to build an amazing story and connect everyone strongly. But they epicly fail. And the actors think they are just all the shit. Just like the writers, but the writers seem to get confused in making their own story. And fourth season, don't even bother.
  • Get real and drop Noah' s obsessiveness towards Claire and Claire's bloated image of self-importance.

    The tickling and the suspense and the imaginations are cool, but the relationship between Noah and his daughter, Claire, rubbished it all. What arrant nonsense of a relationship is that when the man has to work on tiptoes for her non-biological and aggressively arrogant and opinionated daughter whose actions always and only tend to destroy either her or her father and family. And to think that each episode comes with a repeat of that unbearable show of Noah's obsessiveness towards Claire and Claire's bloated image of her self-importance makes it all sickening. Please, change that script to something alive, real and obtainable. Else if that's how Americans behave, then I bet you that in the next century, you will all turn out worse than animals.
  • First season was good, the rest were bad.


    The first season of this show was great. I liked the characters and the story was well written. I especially loved Hiro, Ando and Peter. As the show went on in season 2, the plot weakened and it was not as interesting. Season 3 was just bad, and season 4 was at first, almost watchable, but the ending was disappointing. The line between good and evil, which made the show interesting in the first place, became blurred.

    As the show went on the characters became stupider. The deaf women who could see sound... I don't really understand her power or the point of her character.

    Watch the first season but beyond that, don't waste your time.

  • dixon

    I from the UK and when I first watched heroes I loved it I thought it was the best thing to come on to tv since friends every episode I watched I loved it even more especially hero and Ando they are a funny couple. But I wish there could be a season 5 with all the original cast It just sucks that the ended it the way they did so please make some more please I will even help you make the season so do it for all the fans out there you know you want to.
  • Best tv show around at the time.

    I'm from the uk and they aired Heroes on BBC ONE 5 - 6 years ago now.... I think? (damn that's a long time now) I remember seeing the trailers for it and becoming super excited about watching it, but they weren't very specific either so it made it more exciting! After watching the first episode I was hooked and followed it for 4 years. So for those which are reading this and haven't watched it yet, then you should stop reading and get watching! I re watched all the seasons just recently as my girlfriend never watched it, like I was she was hooked to it! We managed to complete all the seasons in just a month, which I find seriously funny as I had to wait months to watch the new seasons... Anyway I'm going on a bit now! But like most the other reviews that I read I agree with many on the fact how disappointing it was that they just stopped producing the series, I was devastated when I heard the news! I don't know if people would agree with me, but I hope in years to come that possibly they would consider making a season 5 just to finish it off for us.
  • Heroes

    I love this show!. But i hate how the canceled it. I miss it terribly. They should of just done the final volume. I don't care if its the last one, i just wanted the one final official ending.
  • Miss it

    First let me say i completly loved this show i just cant get enough of it

    but i personally think the way it ended sucked not the story or the actors but how the end just left the fans hanging and wanting to know what was next i mean fine if they thought it was time to end the show thats ok but if they wanted to end it they should have done a final episode

    thats just my opinion
  • I don't know what to say... i mean it really depends which season i'm talking about

    This review is kind of tough because the seasons are so different. Season 1 was great in terms of everything. It had great characters, plot, formula everything! Season 2 had everyone pairing up with someone? boring plot lines horrible new heroes that i don't think anyone cared about and a lot of filler episodes. I have faith in heroes and i think it will turn itself around with the new season and hopefully regain what it lost. Season 2 needed some fixing up and hopefully season 3 can repair the damage. I think that this show really needs to pick up the pieces if they want a season 4.
  • Heroes #1

    I would do anything to be able to see a new HEROES episode! I am a huge fan of TV, have watched and followed many programs since HEROES was cancelled BUT I have yet to find a show as entertaining as HEROES. This show was the best of the best in every way possible!
  • Heroes all Seasons

    Just finished season 1, 2 and 3 and watching season four till tenth episode, I would like to comment on the show, firstly Nathan, very decent and pleasant character, followed by Peter, a very hot, decent and the most charming character of the show. They both were good in all the four seasons. The best one however was Hiro Nakamura, very innocent and very funny, the Daphne, the lightening speed was too good her hairs white and they way she runs very appealing and attractive. Till now; I can say that it was a very good show and thanks to free download version of the show that I was able to see this one. Mr. Bennet and Claire Bear were both good, Dr. Suresh and Mr. Parkman, both also played there part well along with Niki Sanders. Mr. Petrelli, who just entered the show and remove all power from Peter which was quite sad and very painful, he should have his powers with him to face Mr. Sylar. I simply don't like Sylar, as he has a strange face, and he neither shaves and more so he was a bad guy. His unshaven face looks he is shabby and he laughs very badly. If you ask me I like to slap on his face; just kidding. Mr. Samuel, he played his part well a cunning and sharp person who knows how to make a team work and how to make way in a difficult path. From my side this show is 9/10. In the end I like to thank the team and staff who work very well to make this show a success and there should be more shows like this once which has diversity from all over the world
  • heros

    was a good show season 1&2 were good season 3 not as good season 4 good season 3 should have been season 4
  • A fantastic show.


    I have never seen a show like 'Heroes' and it is definitely refreshing, and brings new ideas to the table. The fact that everybody is connected and that there are so many twists and turns, really makes for a great show.When this show first premiered back in 2006 I admit, I only caught the first two episodes and somehow forgot about the show. After going back years later, restarting, I thought to myself how I could have not watched this show before. It is brilliant, original, and contains a great variety of different characters and really shows what their missions are in life. I wish Heroes never got cancelled and would continue forever. Once again, a very brilliant show and really takes you into the mind of all the characters and see life from their perspective.

  • heroes is about people all around the world who discover they have superpowers and it shows how somepeople deal with it.

    i like the ideal of heroes about people all over the world who discover they have powers and what they will do with it.

    some heroes decide to used their powers to save others,some decide to kill for things and others try and find a way to get rid of their power.

    the show as lots of good action especailly when some heroes using their powers to fight eachother.

    the acting is great in the show.

    the problem with the show comes in with the writing.the writing wasnt bad but it wasnt good either.

    season 1+2 were very good,the story was very fresh,the action was good,and the acting was good also.

    season 3+4 were not so good.this seasons was just okay.i felt like season 3 and 4 could have had more action,the writing could have been alot better and this season should have took risk in killing heroes like they did in the first 2 seasons.in this seasons i felt like they keep some heroes around b/c of popularity for example sylar.

    overall even tho the acting is good,the action is good and the writing is okay.i still feel season 1+2 were very good and season 3+4 were okay.

    season 1+2 are a 9
    season 3+4 is a 8
    overall this show is a 7.
  • 9.5

    I stopped watching TV a long time ago.. I spend most of my time on my computer, therefore, I wasn't one of those who watched Heroes when it was on the air. However, my daughter had apparently been a big fan, yet had missed the end of Season 3 & all of Season 4, and desperately wanted to see them.

    Having Netflix, I decided to look into it, & happily enough, there it was, all 4 seasons able to be streamed, so together we watched them in order from the beginning. By the end of the first episode, I liked Peter's character so much, I simply had to watch another... and before I knew it, I was hooked.

    Having just finished Season 4, I went in search of why it went off the air, and came across this site, and the information I was looking for....

    There have been an awful lot of mixed opinions regarding the writing, the storylines, the characters, etc... from the truly disappointed (those saying after Season 1 it was doomed), to the die-hard fans who loved it even though it had some not-so-great episodes ( especially regarding what was to become the series finale).

    I decided, since I watched them in a different way; after the fact, all in a row, one after the other over the course of a week or so ~ that i'd give my two-cents simply for the hell of it. It's true that Season 1 was phenomenal, it's true that they continued to add more characters and spin a spiderweb of storylines all interconnected, yet running in unison which can cause some people to become confused or as I saw said repeatedly, not hold the attention of the common viewer of the age: reality tv viewers for those withshort attention spans...

    And yet.... I still think it had plenty to offer. Yes, I became disappointed myself a few times with certain characters... where they were going with them, at times seeming to be coming from left field somewhere... but all in all I think all 4 Seasons were well worth the watching. There have only been select television shows that i've viewed faithfully, never missing an episode, etc.. as I am now with True Blood, and Heroes definitely fits the bill in my book. When I got to the end of Season 4, I admit, I too thought that Samuel was going to use his powers of devistation to possibly destroy everything surrounding his beautiful valley in order to set all of them apart from the rest, or in order to simply try towipe out the rest of mankind, but it could've been worse. Who knows? Maybe they thought that in doing so, it might be far worse to try to continue from something of that magnitude especially facing the strong possibility of being cancelled.

    It looks to me as though the writers did try to give it some kind of at least acceptable ending for those who had watched from the very beginning, so that they could then use their own judgement & imaginations to decide where they all went from there... and at the same time, leave a possible opening for future shows should they try to possibly bring it back sometime in the near future with a whole host of well-written episodes that another network would be thrilled to air... they've been bringing shows back lately that had been previously cancelled for whatever reasons... so why not Heroes?

    I hold a small glimmer of hope that Heroes will in fact become one of the select few who get pulled back out of the closet, dusted off, spruced up all new and improved & are given a true second chance. If not... then along with those characters we lost on the show.... farewell... you were loved by many & will be missed by all.....

    Never-the-less, I will say this: Heroes did not deserve to be canned in such a manner, it would have risen above had they had a little faith... there are certainly many more television programs that have survived longer that are what I call mindless television, no thinking required... not my kind of television, which was one of the main reasons I quit watching it so long ago... I prefer using my mind when watching a tv show... yet, time and again, the networks, etc... continue to prove that more often than not the Television is in fact, an idiot box....

  • THE Show revolves around a group of special indivuals that find they suddednly have strange abilities like flight and telepathy .They each them struggle with their power and how to use them.

    Even im a self pofessed heroes fan i was always so,im more of a convert in that area.In the begining i saw very little differance betwwn heroes and the classic x-men series,except that the faces were chance but the story seemed the samed,however i watched to be proven wrong and thank god i was.Its edgy and sdhows life how it is not in black and white but with the many side of grey that it has.Heros being made and villains being faced ,friends enemys and fights with some very awesome special effects .I wanted to give it a 10 but to be its not perfect just yet
  • Creators should have re-watched the 1st series before continuing.

    The creators should have gone back and watched the 1st series and observed what was so great about it. Then continued instead of getting caught up in the hype and making silly plot choices. Kill Sylar, Parkman, and Pete's mum, Claire's dad. They should never killed off Issac that early, instead they should have found a way to save him and keep the love triangle going. Split personality chick should've gained control of the strength and done more. Bringing her back as a water power kinda sucked. Indian bloke shold have always stayed human without powers ( what were you thinking...Were you thinking??? ). More about saving the future, Pete going into the future to save the Irish chick, c'mon they endless plot directions and they always zigged instead of zagged. it's a pitty that it ended on such a disappointing note when it should have gone down as one of the great shows this decade. Instead it is a good example of what not to do when making a TV show.
  • Fantastic show and great special effects and powers, wrong genre.

    I loved the first season and I flew throught the whole season in about a week and I love Peter's character but I am not very into comics and superheroes. I just honnestly whant to believe that apparently extraordinary, selflesss and compationate characters with great powers would actually use their time, ressources and power to do something meaningful not just run around doing flips in the air and Houdini tricks. I don't know, aren't there enough great causes around the world than just oh! I must find little Gabe who is still intimidated by his mum and who goes around calling himself Sylar?! The Sylar character was good in the beginning but I didn't like that he is Peter's counterpart, he just don't measure up to him, even as his nemesis. He isn't a good enough character to be put against the great Peter.
  • A show created by Tim Kring about ordinary people discovering they possess superhuman abilities. Great Cast,Great special effects,Inconsistent writing at times, which is the series' ultimate downfall. A proper ending would be nice tho, NBC!

    Volume 1: Obviously the hype and criticism explains that season one of Heroes is pure television magic... just the right amount of mystery, conflict, revelations, character development and comic relief to make a great beginning to the series. Genesis Deals with the main characters discovering and dealing with their abilities while a killer roams the states who specializes in killing post-humans and taking their powers for himself, and a nuclear bomb to stop from going off in NYC.

    Volume 2: Where many say (thanks to the writing strike) the show lost it's way and never truly returned to form. Generations is about the Heroes dealing with the events of the season 1 finale and how their lives have changed since. Claire is in hiding and Peter Petrelli is MIA. The main villain along with Sylar is Adam Monroe who wants to release a deadly virus created by The Company that will knock out 93% of the world's population come June, 2008.

    Volume 3[Season 3, part 1]: With the cancellation of the original volume three-Exodus, Villains picks up right where volume 2 left off with the identity of Nathan's shooter being revealed while some dangerous Villains are released from Level 5, some new Heroes emerge with familiar faces while Peter deals with becoming normal. Main villain along with Sylar is Aurthur Petrelli who has the ability to steal people's powers by touch, who wants to make a formula who gives regular humans super powers available to the general public.

    Volume 4[Season 3, part 2]: Picks up 6 weeks after the end of volume 3 where Nathan Petrelli has revealed the existence of post-humans to the President of the United States who gives Nathan all the financial and governmental resources he needs to capture and contain anyone with an ability inside Building 26 in Washington, DC. Claire Bennett is given a free pass which she uses to help out a secret Hero named Rebel who is helping Heroes escape capture. Peter Petrelli adjusts to a new power while trust bonds are broken within family and friends. Tracy Strauss opens up a new side to her ability. Main Villain along with Sylar is Emile Danko, a human who for unknown reasons hates Post-Humans, and eventually allies himself with Sylar to take down as many heroes as possible. The life- and identity of a Hero is taken in the season finale.

    Volume 5[season 4]: With the Heroes moving on thinking Sylar is finally dead, a new villain, Samuel Sullivan, who has the power to move the Earth, emerges with a carnival gang of Superhumans whose objectives aren't really clear until the end of the volume. Claire tries to find a balance with her college normal-dorm life and her life that comes with her ability. Tracy Strauss tries to return to her previous life but her newly-evolved-power lets her know that-that life is not what it used to be. Matt Parkman deals with being a stay@home daddy and Peter tries to save as many people as possible. The final season started out really well..but by the time the hiatus was over and the 2010 episodes aired..the arc was just fizzling apart and the season(series) finale felt....underwhelming.

    Volume 6(if there ever is one): A Brave New World is opened up when Claire decides to stop hiding and living in the shadows when she reveals her regenerative powers to the world in front of live cameras and press. Sadly..we may never see what would come of one of the best things Heroes has ever done..especially at the end of a season. It's a terrible thing..that NBC couldn't give a show with an already existing fanbase a final season to wrap up it's storylines and close it's can of worms that were opened up when Claire jumps off. Plus I always envisioned Heroes ending with Sylar's death.. please Kring/NBC Universal make a Series Finale Movie or a mini series please...

    Oh Heroes..even with all your unfinished storylines and retcon here and there..you are very missed..and i consider Brave New World, Volume 6 the missing volume that will hopefully come to fruition in some fashion.

    ..Kring...your a good writer..but as a show runner for a sci fi series..it just looked like you couldn't find the balance. Hope you get to wrap it up though..
  • I used to really love this show but I said months ago that it's rotten now (unbearably unwatchable). Some people agreed with me while many disillusioned fans said it was the best season ever. Suck it monkeys! Even tv.com made a point that the show sucks.

    I loved the first season of Heroes. I was hooked! I'd look forward to it every week and every episode was just epic. However, the show started on a downhill slope and hit rock bottom with the latest season finale. The characters sound more like broken records and keep repeating the same thing over in case you're always forgetting what they're all about. Save Claire. Sylar is evil. Sylar is good. Sylar is evil again. Nathan's the politician and Claire's dad does anything and everything to protect his family...and so on. A lot of characters were introduced who were doomed to die so they weren't developed at all. Many events that happened seemed forced as if the writers thought the show was getting boring so they simply added some random twist like Saresh becoming evil. What really made me not want to watch this series anymore was the season finale. Ok, so let's say Sylar, a powerful mutant motivated by self interest kills your son. He's unconscious so what do you do? You brainwash him and make him shape shift into a version of your dead son. Ticking time bomb I tell you, like digging your own grave. The fight between Sylar, Nathan, and Peter was pretty pathetic too. A flash of light and a crash here and there and it was done. I believe that after this, especially if Angela's in charge, there is no chance for redemption. I mean, where do you go from there? Sidenote: I like Zachary Quinto and all (as Sylar and in Star Trek) but he's not a good enough reason to watch this show. Also, I find it hard to believe that yet again the fate of the world rests in the hands of a select whiny group. Couldn't saviors of the planet come from Australia? or Denmark? and not have anything to do with Saresh and co? I'm sure there's someone else out there who can travel through time and space and rewrite history.
  • Heroes, a tv show that i though it might bring something exciting but...The idea of the show is good imo, good vs evil, hard life of "freaks" facing normal ppl that cant understand ppl having those abilities.

    Tho, the show is not good. Not good at all. What this show misses is some real acting. Act is terrible in my opinion. in some situation, where hate, sorrow, lust, common sense and other emotions/actions should be exposed, well there are not any. i only saw 2 seasons so far. I will give you few examples. in season 1, Hiro said many times "i have failed to saved the world", because he was to scared(or too late) to act when he needed. Once, he had a chance to kill Sylar, tho he did not. After that scene, he says "i failed to save the world" and ando says to him like "it will be okay, you will do it". I mean, if something like that happened in real life, if you were Ando, you would act furious, angry, or whatever, and the dialog should go like "You had the chance to finish him, to end all the suffering, but you screwed up. Of course you failed to save the world..." etc etc, saying it all with high and hard tone in his voice. What my point is, they missed alot in expressing their feelings, intonation and many other things that go by. While watching each episode, i see many scenes that i watch like "oh my god, terrible".

    Example No. 2: Season 2, last episode. Hiro teleports to odessa in that paper factory, stops time, and he faces Peter. Peter knocked him out with electricity. Peter and Adam continue to virus. Matt and Nethan are coming to the paper factory as well. They finally got there, and woila, infront of them Hiro spawns saying "FLYINGMAN yeyey". I mean, what the hell. Wouldn't it be more normal that, when Hiro came back to his conscience, that he would continue to hunt peter, go down to the safe where virus is and stop them, cus he is running out of time? But no, he "somehow" knew that Nethan is outside so he went to hug him and matt and wish them welcome. Back to season 1. Peter finds out that he is the exploding man. Tho nevermind that, he still wants to meet with Noah, Matt and the radioactive man. Peter knows he can absorbs other people abilities, he knows he is going to blow up, tho he still is going there to meet them, having contact with radioactive man. I mean, it's not like this show is being watched by 10 years old kids. This look very stupid, and that whole scene should have been made up in different way.

    as i said, there are many example in each episode, that's why i dont like the show much.
    + it sucks that, 90% of charackters in this show are ppl with some kind of abilities. Only in New York there are like so many ppl with those abilities, i bet there are more people with abilites then normal people, that's how it's showed here. On the other hand, there is no word of people around the globe, possibly having more extra powered abilites. Maybe something happens on season 3+, gonna watch it soon, but so far, in first 2 seasons, there's no word of ppl with abilities in europe, asia and such. Tho must admit, special effects are not that bad, that's a plus from me.
  • A good and intelligent show

    Being that I basically like shows that keep me entertained, this one has improved in the last few seasons.At the start of Season 1, I thought that the series might be interesting but quite a challenge to maintain since the premise of the show, the fact that all these people that were introduced in season 1 were "people with special admirable and not so admirable powers", I would have to conclude that the show has had it's ups and downs but being that I am an honest and forgiving viewer I have seen this show mature to a well written series in this past season.

    I think that, hopefully with introducing several new characters who tie all these people together who are rather shady as one never knows what their real motive is behind what it is they do, we are kept guessing and therefore are prone to yet again tune it to see what they do.

    I think that I will keep watching the series as long as they are keeping the writers that they have at the moment.
  • A lot of heroes , none to like .

    when you try to collect too many mega power heroes without any necessary reason that's what happen to this show , you will like none of them , except the dead one (Isaak Mendes)and not heroes stars.
    the story of season 1 was strong but as you go further the writers just want to make empty twists to where they themselves don't know how to control the story as is happening to the other tv show (LOST) that I think is going the same way .
    season 2 is totally disappointing and season3 and season4 is not undrestandable . tanx god it's finished .
  • Underrated, a multi-layered show that deserves a second look for whats underneath!

    The show was rough around the edges during the second season, but whoever works on the show has definitely ironed out those edges, and the show is going in an even better direction now than it was in season 3. Everyone likes to harp on the how derivative Heroes is of the X-Men, but you'll be hard pressed to find anything entirely original; not groundbreaking, but Heroes definitely mixes it up almost to a Shakespearean point. Heroes succeeds where many in the genre of superhero based fiction fail: its the most accurately adapted comic book, but it's not even a comic book! The show itself seems tailored to fit in panels, the story arcs are superb (with the exception of Claire, who'd make a better villain than hero) and the characters are well defined and enjoyable. I can't wait to see more!
  • Nice end to the season.

    I Enjoyed how the brought out Sylar in the show and I am a fan of the puppet master and he got a big part in the finally. Wish they would have had a longer season but that's how things go. I am looking forward to seeing what comes of the new good heroes and the new vilians I believe the new season will be even better than the last because of what happens in the finally. I guess we will just have to wait to the next season comes out on tv to see what comes of it all.
  • Evolution At Its Finest

    The last solar eclipse did actually give super human abilities, ironically to all the creators of Heroes. The newly adopted balance of artistic expression and business prowess that blends this saga into a virtuoso of film innovation is one that will sustain a competitive advantage for some time. Kring masterfully orchestrates his story into one that not only captures the human soul at a seemingly atomic level, but finally speaks to the true intelligence and wonder of the modern global citizen. While the series seemingly died in the second/third volume, the band of Heroes came back just in time with NBC to save the cheerleader and the world of countless fans and viewers, in the fourth and on (I'm sure the bastards had it planned the whole time). Every way you look at it this creation is truly forward thinking, which is why 1) even an intern working in this organization probably will get some powers from the influenced generated and 2) why I need to move to LA.
  • SHAME!

    All i can say is shame, a really good show gone down the tubes.
    The name of this show really needs to be changed to the claire bennett show!
    The show seems to concentrate on rubbish plots with rubbish characters(i,e, a deaf instrument playing hero who can do what?)
    I think basically the creators have tried to overcomplicate this show and are not clever enough to actually see it through.
    Oh why didnt they just leave it at good vs evil which is why most of us loved heroes in the first place!
    I for one will not be watching any more, a fantastic show ruined way to go nbc......
  • Great start, lousy end. (Hopefully it ended with Season 4!)

    Heroes began as great as Lost once did: A superb known (tried many times before on TV, cinemas, comic books,etc.) formula that was actually hard to fail:A load of different powers and (some ordinary, some with big secrets) characters who possess them.Suspense, action, drama. Perfect for comic book lovers.The first season of Heroes was a huge success making the fans expect for more and better.The second season (which was almost as good as the first)was cut short thanks to the writers' strike and it all began with the promising 3rd season:No details actually worth mentioning but the whole season totally sucked.The characters were dull, the story seemed like it came out of the hands of a 10 year old boy and nothing satisfied at the end.There was even no final fight; everything happened behind closed doors and they showed in right after everything happened!
    The 4th season was not accepted (by me, at least) but there came a 4th try.Comparing to the 3rd this one was very good but overall it brought nothing new and fullfilling.And there was again no serious final fight;another huge dissapointment.
    Well, hopefully this was the last season!
  • Started great, had a huge downfall and slowly starting to build up to fine expectations

    When i first started watching Heroes i gave it a score of 10.0 ... yes thats how exited i was to the show now i have reset my score to a 7.5 and i think that is fair due to the storyline and development of the show. It had a fair ending.... lets hope we see no more of the bad changes. If they will make another season to this complicated puzzle of a show they have to do it right and be wise about it because any more mistakes the show might end up being a disaster .... all in all the show is pretty good ... great cast .. nice acting just needs a solid finishing touch to the storyline and character storytelling.
  • a good show when it came out but has been sliding for the last few years

    the show was a huge show when it came out tons of people were interested in it.i myself included i own all the season that are out right now and will buy the 4th when it comes out . but i have to say its been sliding and going even more down hill. its cool with a show with people with powers a guy that can stop time a man that can paint the future a cheer leader that can not get hurt a guy that can fly and a man that kills people for powers. that makes a good show but its been going down .
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