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  • Ended just the way no one wanted it to. But oh well, no surprise there.

    This show could have been so good. It started out as one of my favorites and led to a feeling of complete anti-climax. All of the things the viewers had been hoping for never happened and things turned out really weird... the character had a lot of weird turnouts and ended up being unrecognizible... that's a death sin any scriptwriter should avoid - making the characters unrecognizible!!

    First of all, it seemed as though Claire and Peter would end up as a couple, as goes in any show where there is a cute guy and a cute girl, I think a lot of viewers had expected that to happen - but NO, it turns out the writers had decided to make him her uncle!! Are you guys brain-dead, or what??

    Second of all, what the freakin' hell is the deal with the carnival...? I mean, come on! A carnival? That's just stupid. To all scriptwriters in the world - let the turnout of Heroes be a lesson to you. Look at it and remember how not to do things!
  • I liked it at the start but as most long series go, I disliked it as time went on.

    Hiro and Peter were good characters. Sylar was a great character who will do well in future films. I enjoyed Ali Larter even though she took on two characters. The original plot was great until the eclipse. All of the sudden they thought that the powers were off balanced and everything changed. Peter went from being all powerful to only having one power at a time. Sylar did not change and Peter's dad showed up with a plethora of powers.

    This had a good, well, Great start... It almost made it before the dreaded 100 episode point yet died at 78 excluding the pilot.
  • Great Show Overall

    Heroes is a great show overall, but it does remind me of the TV show 'Lost'; it starts off great, each season is dedicated to a different part of the whole story, which comes together as time goes on in order to understand everything, and in the meantime slowly goes downhill... The first series was great, we were all learning about the characters and Sylar was the main focal point - the villian everyone was running from whilst still learning about their powers. Season 2 and 3 were okay, i guess, not very rememberable unless you're a total Heroes addict! lol. The final series was probably the most predictable, even though some other episodes were too, but it sort of finalised Heroes in the opposite direction of how it started... After that series finale, i think it's a good idea the whole show ended, i'm not sure how it would have continued! Definately worth a watch though, as it keeps you glued to the screen, and hanging on the episode endings :o)
  • At least season one was good.

    This show had one of the best first seasons I have ever seen in a show, to bad it was really their only great season they would have. The first season had a great story to it and all the characters had me interested in it, but as the show went on so did my interest, the show has never been bad but seasons 2, 3, and 4 never lived up to what the shows first season had created. I personally have seen every episode in this series, and I still want to know how this show would have ended.
  • A show whose initial brilliance was ultimately its own demise.

    Some things i heard:

    -Tim Kring spent two and a half years writing the first season of heroes. When pitching it, he presented them the story for all 23 episodes. (naturally they were bowled over)

    -He never planned a second series for the characters he had made because he planned to swap the entire cast for new characters with new stories.

    So the show was arguably Emmy worthy for 22 episodes. It did garner a nomination for best drama and 7 other catagories. It was rich in plot, perfectly paced, diverse characterisation from a huge acting spectrum, and, what did it for me, was intriguing due to the outrageous amounts of mystery, which was always satisfyingly answered. Sometimes a rug was pulled that you didn't even know was there. (Claire's dad, for example.)

    But clearly something changed in the last episode of the first season. The plot was sluggish, there was no real payoff with the expected Peter/Sylar battle, and the supposed 'emotional rollercoater' of Matt, Nathan and D.L. all being in life threatening situations just felt like the shocks of a badly written comic book.

    Season 2 was slow and had lost the magic in the writing. I mean, that scene at the dining table with the Bennets was meant to be amusing. Please. A particularly contrived plot ended in larging unsatisfying 'the good guys beat the bad guy' cliché end, which was originally planned to be sour and shocking, with 93% of the worlds population in danger (trust me, the latter would have been better)

    I'm not going to comment on Season 3. I would be here all day. Season 4 started very promisingly, but it's own unsustainable premise (a carnival of specials and Nylar) just fizzled out, as I expected. I mean, it was totally counterintuiative to the shows original aims, of stories about special people living among normals, with their powers a secret.

    The very very end was the best set up the show has done since the beginning, but it will never be acted on. What could we have expected though? That's just how Heroes works.

    Season 1 10/10
    Season 2 6/10
    Season 3 2/10
    Season 4 6/10
  • A very good show regardless of it's flaws. Even though it was going downhill, it didn't deserve to be treated badly and end as it did. I sincerely hope a film comes out in the years to come.

    Heroes is a show about people who have there normal lives who witness an eclipse. The eclipse causes them to gain supernatural powers such as invincibility, flight, Super strength, time traveller etc. They try to fit into regular society and stop the evil villain Sylar.

    The first season of the show was one of a kind, it was pure brilliance and the fans wanted more. Then came season 2, which i thought was even better! Season 3 then had 2 volumes, everyone started complaining about volume 3 '' Villains'' but i disagreed, in fact i thought it was still very good. Then came the first step to a path of sloppy writing and a show that seemed to be going nowhere. Volume 4 ''Fugitives''. The show started feeling more like 24 and Prison Break rather than what the show was really about. The very last volume which was in season 5 starring T-Bag from Prison Break, i did enjoy. Enjoyable season but was not nearly as good as the originals. The show did seem like it was back on the rise, but unfortunately due to it's budget and the enormous decline in ratings; NBC decided to cancel Heroes in 2010. Ultimately, i think that for someone who hasn't watched this they should definitely check it out. You will enjoy the first seasons and who knows, maybe even the rest. It is still very good and there are roomers of a movie, which i'm hoping are true. As the show left off on an unanswered question.
  • The slow fall of a great series.


    Even after a few short years it's easy to forget just how good the first season of Heroes was. It had movie quality cinematography, effects and acting (well, mostly). The stories felt fresh and exciting, the characters had emotional depth and it was a seriously cool show. The only other fantasy or SF stuff out there that was quite as cool was Lost and Battlestar Galactica.

    The breadth of characters was awesome, but never overwhelming, we took the journey with them as they began to take their first steps down the road to becoming true heroes, they saved the cheerleader, the company man turned his back on the company and while the showdown with Sylar was a little underwhelming, they saved New York. Then then got a glimpse of what was to come and all looked grand.

    Then season two. Yes, there was a writer's strike and it had an impact, but that doesn't change the fact that season two was utterly half-baked. Hiro's adventures in fuedel Japan became near pointless as we learned that Kensei was a bumbling idiot. Peter's trip to "Ireland" was stuffed full of stereotypes and bad sets and worse accents - added to that an appalling bit of writing had him abandoning his new girlfriend in an alternate future, way to be a hero Peter! We got Sylar regaining his mojo (when they should have just killed him off) and the insanely irritating poison twins. The Shanti virus wasn't a bad threat, but once it was diffused, Nathan getting being shot at the press conference was frustrating.

    The third and fourth season did improve, on occasion touching the greatness of the first season, but only briefly - the character flip-flops and frustration remained. It was still a very good series, just not the great one it started as.
    Finally, the weight of all the conspiracies and inter-twining characters just became too great. The show had taken a route more like the X-Files or the 4400 with all it's government conspiracies, shady businesses and convoluted mythology. Where were had our heroes gone?

    Season five was the last straw. Characters went back over the same ground - Claire hates her dad, Claire wants a normal life, HRG goes back to the company, Matt's now back with his wife, Peter's trying to be a hero on the quiet. On top was the poorly thought-out resurrection of Nathan, Hiro's dream-aneurysm-trial, the not-at-all freaky carnies somehow not realizing their boss was evil, despite being transparently so. It felt so much more forced and low-key than previously and just made it a shadow of what it once was. The finale of Claire revealing her power to he world was just too little too late, the coffin was nailed shut.

    My main disappointment with the show was that is was not about Heroes. Maybe it should have been called 'Powers' (although that name is taken). I hoped to see it show the characters begin to morph into superheroes and villians and examine the effects of their rise on a very realistic world. It oftem hinted that it was going this route in the first season and consistantly had an epic feel the later seasons lost.
    Maybe if they'd allowed Nathan to do the reveal at the end of season two then maybe they could have turned it around. Instead Heroes jerked and jolted itself to oblivion, all the more frustrating for it being a huge missed opportunity.
  • This fantasy based show hit the mark for creativity, however, is not suitable for family viewing.

    Writers are doing well developing and connecting characters, however, I find at least three of the scenes overly graphic and/or disgusting for a 9:00 time slot. If the writing remains as creative and thorough as it is in the pilot, there should be no need to a hand mangled by a garbage disposal or a man's blood splashed corpse cut in two. The show has enough potential without the gore/sex. If the writers are talented enough, the show should not only survive, but progress well in the ratings if you remove the over-done violence and shock factor. It just is not necessary and will eliminate viewers with sensitive eyes around the television.
  • The scripting looks to be a copy of Surface with the details changed. Whiie it has the same issues and potential as Surface, the differences may make it a success.

    While watching the first episode of Heroes, I couldn\\\'t help but feel I saw this show before but with different characters and driving forces. Even the end narrator speech sounded very much like Surface, except this time the writers added some pieces of information. The heroes will save the world and forever change it. I suspect this was also the Surface writers plan, but they never got to tell us about it.

    Over time I'm realizing maybe just maybe the event the heroes are to stop is a season long event. This would allow the show to continue for years and to spend quality time on developing characters and the plot for that season. The combination of the Surface and 24 concept may make Heroes a true winner. Additionally, like Law & Order heroes and bad guys could come and go, just as long as the ratings stay acceptable to NBC.

    Hopefully, if NBC does decide to cancel the series they will allow one of their cable channels to pick it up and continue producing new episodes.
  • This is a show about ordinary people who find they have extraordinary powers and they save the world.

    This show in my opinion is....weird. It is totally for a person who likes Sci-Fiction. It is a little gross to see a person not be able to die. This story is very hard to understand. I just can\\\'t follow it, plus it would never happen. General= its a hard to follow sci-fic show. On the good side I think the acting is pretty good..
  • Nr. 1 show.;)

    After Lost "lost" its glow I was looking for a new show, that could make me stay tuned in and then Heroes came :D first, I wasnt sure if it could live up to my expectations, but it surtently did! After the first episode, I was hooked and longed for more.;)

    I hope it will run for a long time and not die out like Lost did!!!

    I definently recommend the show.
  • This show was perfect the first season and great the second but is going downhill fast. Makes you wonder what the writers were thinking during this season.

    Season 1 - The first season of Heroes was a pleasure to watch with interesting characters and fresh ideas. You had an interesting villain which is Sylar and Heroes ready to take him down. From start to end you never knew what would happen next. Some of the things that I didn't like about Season 1, well there aren't many. Just some minor annoying characters (Ex: Micah and Simone). Other than that it was a thrill ride. With great acting on all parts and mysterious characters, Heroes became one of the top shows.

    Season 2 - Could season 2 of been perfect? Yes, it most certainly could of. Was it? No, not by any means. In this season we were introduced to more Heroes. To me it just seemed like all the characters they added had to have special abilities. One of the things that annoyed me most about this season was Claire's boyfriend West. Personally, I didn't like his character and I didn't like the way Claire was whiny while with him. Season 2 also introduced us to Adam who I consider to be one of the better characters of that season. One of the worst characters in my opinion was Maya, she was just a waste. Season 2 was decent enough and kept fans interested.

    Heroes Today - Heroes is now in it's third season and as much as I love the show I hate to say that it looks like it's going down hill. This season has me questioning what the writers were thinking. As fans of the show know, Nikki was killed in the last season. Surprise, she's back. Wait, that's not Nikki it's her twin sister Tracy. The whole plot around that was not very interesting. It made me feel like I was watching a Soap Opera instead of Heroes. Almost everything about this season was bad. I'm hoping that the coming episodes will shed some light on this now darkening show.

    Overall - Heroes has entertained me for years now and even though it's not what it used to be I'll continue to watch. I'm glad that they still have some decent characters on there like HRG. To me though, most of the characters are starting to seem dull. It's almost like they are too predictable. I'm hoping that this season ends quick and they go back to what worked best with season 4.
  • What has happened to Heroes?!

    here is a little incite on what i think about the problem this show created for itself...
    they are making the drama in the show way to human i mean in the first season all we had was people trying to save a cheerleader for no reason and we kind of lived off the drama what was evolving from that issue. even though it clearly made no sense, well that's a comic book for you...
    but now the show took away Peter's and Hiro's powers (get the human idea now...?) and the soap is just too west wing for the audience... we want comic book action... we don't want a reasonable president we want a evil plan with robots and crazy scientist who will try to destroy the heroes not with lame c i a agents but something more comic-y ... well that's in a nut shell... If you feel like me or don't and want to bash me for it, on Heroes forum there is a new thread called What has happened to heroes... come and discuss it with the fans!!!
  • This is a show about ordinary everyday people who suddenly begin discovering that they have these incredible abilities that you'd see in a superhero comic, like flying or time traveling. It's even got villains, of both the extraordinary and ordinary.

    This show is the bomb! It's got everything: drama, sci-fi, wonder, romance, mystery, and suspense! Not to mention the great actors to play it out! Definitely one of my personal favorites by far, surpassing Smallville and Buffy, two of my faves. It definitely deserves the praise it's been getting! This show is one of the reasons why I watch so much TV! I think it'll become legendary in TV history even. I mean, the way the characters are, just so believable and real, it's easy to see how great this show really is. A much better hour of TV than some of those reality shows out there for sure!
  • Superb show and i dont care if people agree with my point of view or not but this show is the greatest thing that has happened to television series history

    I first thought that heroes is an overrated show but when i started watching Season 3 i realized that i was completely wrong!!! its the best damn show with a huge cast and some fantastic cinematography . Its edgy , thrilling and has kinda a lot of twist and turns.. i liked the sow in fact loved it. The crew is coming out with some fantastic ideas and they have done a very good job!! I just disagree with people who hate the show, if you don't like sci-fi why do you watch it and then go and rate it !!! Anyway i just love the show and i recommend everyone to watch the show!!!
  • This show is just a complete waste of time and bores me to death.

    There was absolutely nothing good about this show. I hated it from the first second. It just goes on and on about the same thing. Hoping for better episodes.

    This program features some people who have found some sort of power or ability that is out of this world. But the program just goes on and on about something for a million episodes and is just plain boring. I watched a couple of episodes but found myself snoring after five minutes.

    That's five minutes of my life I'll never get back!

    I am just waiting for a descent episode and I might start watching again. Until then, I'm tuning out.
  • My new favorite tv show.

    Back in September 2006 when I heard about Heroes and that it was going to be a new tv show about people with special powers, I thought the show was going to be like X-Men or something. So I didn't really pay much attention. But just a couple of days before the pilot aired, I thought about it again and decided to record the show. After seeing the premier, and noting that the show does not have crazy looking creatures or costumes like in X-Men, I knew it was going to be my new favorite show. Everything in the show excels. The story, the acting, and the special effects are all perfect. Now I have every Heroes episode on DVD and just thinking forward to all the new episodes. I even had a dream about Heroes in February. And to conclude my review, I give Heroes a perfect score, 10. By the way, my pick for power would be like DL's phasing ability. Laterz yall. Peace.
  • heroes

    heroes is a program about normal human beings who are born with special gifts such as flying or your dreams tell the future or maybe you can have all the powers of anyone just by a touch or maybe you kill people for these special powers you choose your path. Sylar is the villain he is the one that kills people for their powers. Peter is the one who can get these peoples powers by a touch he is on the right side, the good side. Some like to use there powers the help others, others want to get rid of them. People have created companies which apparently help these people get rid of these dangerous or not so dangerous powers but instead the use them. For more information email me at georgia.random@hotmail.co.uk x
  • Heroes is a nailbitting action series. Where people have the ability to do all sorts of things, like fly, regenerate and so many more things. You follow the stories of these people and their familys.

    Heroes start out with these main characters. Peter who has the abilite to absorb over abilities, Claire who can regenerate, Issac who can paint the future, Nathan (peters brother) who can fly and many more. Each series they introduce more characters. It gets more complicated every series but if you are clever anoghth you can peice it toghther. Sylar (Gabrial Grey) has the abilite to understand how things work. He has other abilities (move objects with mind-telikenises-,freeze things and others also gained thoughout the series) he gained them by murdering the people with the abilities. Heroes is a fantastic show it may have its downs but it certenly makes up for them with its ups. I would recement Heroes to anyone who wanted a diffrent kind of show to watch.
  • Brillant show! One of my favourites!

    Heroes is one of my new favourite show.
    Heroes is an American Emmy Award-nominated science fiction drama television series, created by Tim Kring, which premiered on NBC on September 25, 2006. The show tells the story of several people who "thought they were like everyone else... until they realized they have incredible abilities" such as telepathy, time travel, flight and instantaneous regeneration. These people soon realize they have a role in preventing a catastrophe and saving mankind. The series emulates the writing style of American comic books with short, multi-episode story arcs that build upon a larger, more encompassing arc. Kring said "we have talked about where the show goes up to five seasons."
  • heroes is the best show ever! i always like watching sci-if shows and when i hear about heroes i jumped on the bandwagon immediately because the hype and feed back was very very very great the first episode left me wanting more so i had to wait patiently

    heroes is the best show ever! i always like watching sci-if shows and when i hear about heroes i jumped on the bandwagon immediately because the hype and feed back was very very very great the first episode left me wanting more so i had to wait patiently till the next one aired every week then all the new characters started to discovered their new powers and realized they are special and have unique part to play in saving the world from danger when all the heroes gathered to fight the forces of evil the battles was very cool to watch
  • Cliche idea,unbelivable execution

    No no,this is a joke,right?
    LOST has better score than heroes?
    No no no,let's start again.
    Why is this show so underrated?
    After season 1 every fan turns a hater!
    Why so much hate on this show?
    Season 1 was the greatest i know,but season 2 was awesome too and so was season 3.
    Heroes is still strong,has awesome actors,decent dialogues,great effects,addictive as hell,sometimes is even better than smallville,which is a fantastic show.
    Come on,there's one billion great shows in this word,and all of them..lost?
    Heroes,smallville are easier to belive than lost.
    Nothing against lost,i used to like,but after season 3 it turns a garbage nonsense.
    Anyway,heroes is a great show if you like drama,action and super powers,don't care about the **** haters,if you love heroes,you will love until the last episode!
  • This is as much a Guilty pleasure as it is a necessity to start my week.

    The show started off great. I love how it doesn't follow one person it follows everyone I Tivo it every week. I'm so glad that i didn't miss this show. I'm glad that NBC gave this show the budget and i hope they give them more. As the season progresses so will the story lines for these Heroes. This show is great on so many levels it satisfies my Intellectual,Inner child side who still secretly seeks to be a super hero, The sci-fi geek inside that says this is awesome. Also This show has a great cast and an even better set of characters.
  • It was great for the first season but since then? Come on it's been pretty poor. This supposed ripoff of X-Men seems to go absolutely nowhere. Pull the plug.

    Now I'm going to get a lot of flag from Heroes fans on tv.com especially. Lots of thumbs down but before you do, atleast listen to my argument. I was an avid Heroes fan through the first 2 seasons. I usually tivoed and watched the 3rd season. Anyway the first season itself was pretty interesting all these people from different walks of life with powers and the introduction of Sylar only made it better. However the season finale which created hype for a big Peter vs. Sylar showdown didn't deliver the goods. Since then I think the show kind of lost it's edge. The 2nd season went almost nowhere, Mohinder joined the company, Claire defied her father and started a relationship with a guy who could fly, Peter met an Irish chick and lost her in time? It just seemingly became more and more embarrassing. Not to mention none of the main characters seem to ever die, let's face it. Amongst the Heroes cast the only interesting Heroes are Nathan, maybe Peter, and Parkman. The most compelling villains are HRG and Sylar. Almost everyone else is useless. I thought originally the show would develop from a bunch of characters learning their powers and putting it into good use like the X-Men? I understand that they have budget problems on the show but still atleast make them do something Heroic. They are all in for their own self interest in this series. Anyway a show with so much promise deflated by it's poor writing, acting, and storyline. Heroes is not worth watching.

    This is sooo bad,i had 2 sign up just to comment.Heroes used to be a great great show...at first.but from season 3 everything started becoming sooo bad...its like the writers have become clueless and started cooking up good rubbish.the just talk...and talk...and talk.they believe that because people have powers anything can happen,anything can be explained,anyone can come back from the dead..its just really pissing people off...please someone should tell them to come back to their senses cos their losing millions of fans right now...i dont think i'll still be able to watch it again...they should really cut this crap...and whoever directed season 1 and 2 shud come back!
  • An amazing take on ordinary people becoming heroes with special abilities. Great tv show throughout the first season already.

    Peter mimics people; his brother, Nathan, can fly; Hiro can stop time; Claire, the cheerleader, is invincible; the police man, Matt, can hear peoples thoughts; Isaac can pain the future; Niki has an alternate ego; DL can go through solid objects; Micah has an ability but it hasn't really been revealed. Mohinder, is looking to warn all the heroes that there are people out there trying to hurt them.

    It is amazing to see that just ordinary people can become special. It gives people something to think about while watching the show. Wondering if it is actually possible that people in real life actually can have special talents such as the characters in the tv show.
  • Heroes, when it first came out, was nothing short of amazing. loved the idea of ordinary people with extra-ordinary abilities!

    Heroes, when it first came out, was nothing short of amazing. loved the idea of ordinary people with extra-ordinary abilities! Excellent camera work, amazing effects, great characters and plots. The end of season one left me wanting more, but when the second season began, the storys told won't pulling me in like before and well that was okay, cause they didn't have much episodes to go on with due to the writer's strike or whatever. Season three was just plain confusing, it would have to sit in the worst season of Heroes list. Did not like how some of the characters were killed off or messed with such as Matt Parkmans character and how Peters power got screwed with, which left Sylar as the most powerful.
    shouldn't there have been something about balance of power (good vs bad) between characters?
    Not that i'm putting the whole season down, there were some good scenes and ok ideas that were floating about and could of been worked more with. But just like season two it was missing its all-out awesome-ness of the first season...
    In conclusion to my ramblings, I am now starting to like season four especially how episode three played out, I just hoping it coninues this way.. =)
  • Heroes

    What can I say about this show, it will forever be my favourite (joint with Lost). I loved this the minute I say Peter jump off the building at the start, I was hooked the characters are so intresting I could watch them forever. I think that is what I really like and what brings me back to the show season after season I'm intrested to see if Peter will save the world or if Sylar will do something evil or funny. Peter at first was my favourite mainly because since the beginnig he has been a Hero. Slyar is great as well because there is so many different sides to the character. The acting is top notch. Season one is my favourite season of TV ever. Season two is underrated I mean I know the story is not as strong as season 1 but who cares we were introduced to some cool new character like Elle and Adam. Season three had its good times and bad times. Will always watch this show one of the best ever.
  • Real good, dont know why ppl hate it

    Normal people wake up with incredible abilities.

    Heroes is a rlly good show. I dont get why ppl hate it so much. Is rlly good and has amazing special effects. The first season is the best, the thirs and second season were good too, but ppl disagree. Ppl say the writers dont know whta the hell are they doing, but they're wrong. Just in the second volume of season 3, volume 4, they have been screwing things up, and it was all at the very end. Heroes is a good show, but the finale was kinda bad. I'm hoping with the new season, which I havent seen yet, the show gets better, just as season 1.
  • The basic premise of this show revolves around humanity making its evolotionary leap forward.This resulted in a a few individuals being gifted with almost magic like powers.The are then forced to come to terms with their abilities and whether to take a pa

    I have had a somewhat of a love hate relationship with this show .I was pleasantly surprised when this show was first showned and it had a lot of potential being in many ways a more drama proned version of xmen.Lately the writing team has made some changes for the better redeeming it in my eyes and making it worth watching.
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