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  • heroes is in comic like format but show's us how people with unique abilities can come together and save the world while as some would destroy it.

    heroes has always been the best!
    that's right i think heroes has always been good and never went of track i enjoyed all 5 volume's including three infact it's my fav volume. i just mean the people who liked season 1 liked it because it was something new but what do you think tim could have done. the reason people hate it is because it does reapet the writing style but that's what the idea of it is you know good vs evil, the first volume was just all about what would people do but the story could not just stay on that because it would get even wores. the show is still good but you people are just looking at it from a crooked view.
  • A show about people who find out they have extraordinary abilities.

    Honestly this show was amazing at one point but it has gone REALLY downhill. Volumes 1-3 were great, I really enjoyed the show, but ever since volume 4, the show has been slowly dying in my eyes. It is just very boring and whenever you think something exciting is going to happen and change the show around, it turns out to be a let down. Honestly end the show after this volume or 1 more, to keep any greatness the show may have had alive. Everything is just very draged out and pointless, the emma story was mad boring, and why the heck did it take 11 episodes to finally end nathan? I see nothing to look forward to this season, in volume 1 we had nyc blowing up, volume 2 we had the virus. Volume 5, we have what? A group of creepy carnival people who have abilities? I am done with this show for good.
  • Heroes is a great show, it is intriguing and makes you want to see more.

    I enjoy Heroes, it is a great show, and is very detailed and gives you a clear backround about the characters. The plot of the story is awesome, random people with amazing abilities meeting, very interesting. Another great part of the show is the special effects. The show at the begining was very intriguing, but over time, its has become more dull, but it still has the ability to make you want to see more. The episodes every week are great, they unravel mysteries, but open new ones. Another thing about heroes which makes it one of the greatest shows on tv is the heroes and the villians, they make heroes what it is. Overall, Heroes is awesome!
  • Heroes is back on track!

    Heroes has always been my favourite show.
    The plot is amazing and I love the cast! The first season was superb; I enjoyed the second season despite the difference regarding the first and the third season, although pretty watchable, for me was a desperate try to regain the viewers lost in season 2.
    Though I remained loyal to this series, always defending it, a lot of people didn't, quitting on Heroes (at first I didn't understand it, but I now do. Impaticience as it's limits, and during the last episodes of season 3, the plotholes were too much, and the fast pacing wasn't covering them).

    Now I'm so proud! Heroes is finally back, the catching story that hold me stuck to my TV all time is back! Season 4 brings the season 1 vibes (though it's not a repetition, that would be lame, I want Heroes to innovate) in the way that is focusing on the character developpment, and the story is being great.
    I just love the episode of Hiro and Charlie, it was awesome.
    I can't wait to see more episodes of Heroes as they come out, because I feel that finally the awesomeness returned.
  • Heroes is still watchable, but not as good as it used to be. Here's hoping that the situation will change for the better in the future.

    After having read a lot of the reviews of the people who have posted here, I have to agree with what everyone is saying. Season one of Heroes was definitely good, really, really good. In fact, I think, as everyone here seems to agree with, that it might have been the best piece of television magic I have seen in recent history. I had high hopes for this series. Unlike other people though, I am someone who actually liked season two also, though it was only eleven episodes long. It was short, but sweet, at least in my humble opinion. Where the series started to go wrong, for me, was the finale of season three, when the writers got the bright idea to kill off Nathan Petrelli. I liked watching the interaction between Peter and his brother. It was one of my favorite things about the show. When they killed off Nathan, it made me not want to watch the show anymore, which leads me to a bigger gripe which is: Why do they kill off so many people on Heroes all the time? I told myself that if they kill off Hiro as it seems like they are thinking about doing this season, or Peter, they are going to lose me as a fan of the show. It kind of sucks because now, I have invested all of this time into having watched every episode only to sit here hoping that they don't kill my favorite characters. I also sit here hoping that the writing on the show, which has really gone downhill lately, improves again like it was in season one. Here's hoping for the best for Heroes...
  • Still one of the Best Shows on TV, this is the Only Show i watch on TV, everything else sucks

    this Episode Started off soft with little to kno whats going on, after Mr.Bennet and Tracey try to help the child, Samuel Asks tracey to Senf him to us he is family here, she realizes that he's right a kid like him wants to live invisible, after he exposed his power around the crowed , they treated him like a dog and killed him, then Samuel was furious with what they have dont and how they treated him for being Different, and we got to see what kind of Power he possess, thats why i cant wait for next week
  • Heroes is on track again, thank God!

    One of my favorite shows, that was going down until this season 4, now i think the show is on track again, in the right direction, its less confusion and with time for the characters inprove and grow again, I thik that now the show is on my top 5 again.
    So between Vol 1 and 5, i give to
    vol 1 - 5*
    vol 2 - 4*
    vol 3 - 3*
    vol 4 - 4*
    vol 5 - 5* for now.

    For all the fans tha start livin the show, give it a try again, beacause it deserves it, for a show that was considered 3 years ago, the best show of the moment.
    Now its hoping that the show only gou up and up again with good stories and with good new characters and old ones. I personnaly miss Nicky and Jessica,I loved the sotry of their character, but now I want to know barbara!
  • Here's my summary: a show rips off The 4400, but does it decently enough that it's one of the best shows on TV. But the quality does a quick nosedive after the first season.

    In fact, the first season is so good, and the subsequent seasons so bad, that fans continue to watch, like a character in a cartoon who runs off a cliff and continues running through the air, not yet realizing there's no longer any ground beneath his feet.

    I am officially giving up on watching this show.I thought I was done after last season's finale, but decided I'd come back and give the show another chance. After the "Hysterical Blindness" episode--I'm done. This show absolutely stinks. It started off as one of the best shows on TV with season one, then did a quick slide into the trash with the subsequent seasons. Tonight, when Peter tries to run and the music gets all bouncy then quickly sputters out as his ability fails to kick in--felt like I was watching a "Roadrunner" cartoon. Absolutely stupid. And I'm tired of the monotonous bouncy music every time Hiro and Ando come onscreen. Hiro is such a one-dimensional character. Raise arms above head, yay! Push glasses up on nose. Smile. Save world. It was cute at first, but now it's all he does. It's like listening to someone tell the same joke over and over every time you see them. Enough already. Now the good folks at NBC are trying to slip in a little social engineering: Let's work in a little homosexuality to make the masses more accepting of it. How about this experiment, NBC: Let's see how much idiocy people will take before they wise up and change the channel. Goodbye, Heroes.
  • Love this show

    I love this show because it tends to capture my attention almost every time. The people that are trying to find place in this world just like all of us. Some strive for the greater good and others for personal benefit. It is great that I can relate myself more to some of the characters then others. I gave 9.0 because sometimes it stretches on like there is nothing better to put on the screen and that could be annoying but once that passes it captures my attention once again. Some people think that it is too childish but come on we live only once and got to enjoy the imagination and creativity.
  • as reason suggests, neither hiro nor peter or even Parkman should be killed, because it will contradict what we have seen in previous seasons in which these character plays an important role in the future

    as reason suggests, neither hiro nor peter or even Parkman should be killed, because it will contradict what we have seen in previous seasons in which these character plays an important role in the future, and if one of these character dies,it will be almost impossible to defeat syler specially that he is allied now with a someone powerful enough to move the earth beneath us, and from my point of view, heroes will not be the same if one of these character pit the dust.but other than that the show can do without people like the mother of peter.
  • Why am I still watching this every week? The story has lost its ability intrigue and now we are just going around in [boring] circles.

    When this show started it followed, maybe unknowingly, a certain code that was straight out of a comic book. You have an arch nemesis and a team of heroes must be formed to defeat the nemesis and good shall overcome evil. The show has completely lost track of itself and reminds me of Lost season 2 when it appeared the writers did not know how long the show would run for and so were writing frivolous episodes as gap fillers. Now we see Nathan is dead, Sylar is the poor lost soul and there is a circus in town. Whats the point of all this. Claire is just living her life, we have not seen Matt in the latest episode and the most silly ability of the whole series, seeing sound, has become the center story. What is going to happen I wonder, will Peter and the deaf lady get cellos and play a song for the circus baddies or Sylar fast enough to kill them? Or will the baddies not give them time to setup and just shoot them!?!? We shall see!
  • Heroes is not really about supernatural abilities, but ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. It is essentially a drama, with sci-fi elements. At it's best it's about the human struggle, at it's worse focused solely on the powers.

    The first season was incredible. It was focused on the characters and not as much the abilities. Additionally it seemed to have greater purpose as the characters represented a collective. The next seasons became more focused on the abilities and individual characters and became a bit confusing and convoluted with too many characters and threads. The new season is bringing Heroes back to form. The writing is strong and the focus on inner turmoil vs external strife is excellent. I'm back invested in the characters and their struggles, which engages me even more. Great job so far in bringing the focus back. I hope the show stays on track becuase it's one of the best sci-fi shows out now. If you like what is happening with Heroes check out The Beach Chronicles featuring Jimmy Jean Louis The Haitian from Heroes. http://thebeachchronicles.com
  • I really enjoyed this episode.

    I liked the interaction between Noah and his daughter. He walks around like a human punching bag totally without a purpose in his life. Many people get to the point in their lives where they reevaluate themselves and wonder if they are doing anything worth wild, or wasting away. I feel that soon he will be the same Noah we all remember especially when Clair's new friend starts spreading information about her when she was asked not to.

    Poor Hiro. He had to break the news to his sister about him dying. It was a very moving emotional scene. This is why I love the show. It reaches people on many different levels. He tried to save that guy from jumping, but he kept screwing up his life. If you think about it. That scene reached out to so many people. How many people feel trapped in a dead end job they hate. Once you find something you love, you will enjoy waking up each morning and embracing your work. You work will no longer seem long and pointless, but something you can feel excited about. Tim Kring and his staff do an excellent job at putting subtle messages in this show.

    We learned something about Nathan. He was involved in an accidental death of a young girl. For years her mom thought she was in England. Angela did a good job covering this up and knowing where the body is hidden.. Literally. I love how we see what appears to be Nathan being shot, and out of the grave comes Sylar.
  • Random people with random abilities come together to stop random bad things?... That's awesome!

    This show is so cool. It has bad guys, good guys and everything in between. Ok not really, mostly the bad guy is just Sylar, but I like him ;). The good guys names are Claire, Peter, Matt, Hiro, Ando, and Mohinder. Claire basicly can't die. Peter copies peoples powers and pastes them on to his DNA. Matt can read and control peoples minds. Hiro can teleport through time and space and he can also freeze time. Ando has... well I guess you could call it red lightning. Oh and Sylar just rips the top of peoples skulls off and takes the powers by force.
  • Strange start to a journey even stranger

    It's nice to sit and think of a series which is now getting into season 4. You might think that the road ahead is so good to look forward too. I agree! However, to look back to the very beginning is not such a bad idea. I must admit that the trailers and teasers were interesting, but i had no idea what to think of them. I almost thought it was the beginning of a new cheap reality TV show. I was never more pleased to be so wrong. the beginning with Peter Petrelli standing on a rooftop making a jump into the deep unknown is a lot more accurat for the journey the viewers took. This storyline is deep, intense, direct and at times a little raw. All good i say. how we went from the puzzlew of what to see next to the direct question 'what on earth will happen now' has been met with so much wonder and amazement that it boggles most minds. All this deepens even more whewn season 2 took a start and the storyline deepened even further as we travelled through Japan, and we see how matters in action took a hold of all we watched. Then the series took a dive into amazement with a very simple line 'for every hero, there is a villian'. This took us on a route where we wondered what is a villian, and he is a villian in who's eyes? Perhaps some of us wanted to know what will happen when we tend to sleep with the devil (sorry Sylar, you just aren't non-Evil material, even by Republican standards).
    So as we watched Nathan giving it all away to the honest profession of Politics we wondered even more.
    That left us with the question what will happoen next and now Season 4 is here at the door. Heroes has been a perfect journey. We wondered, we got amazed we were left asking for more. This series is truly an amazing achievement.
  • Average people from around the world discover they have superpowers.

    It's like when you're best friend is developing an addiction to crack. You don't like the direction they're headed, but the person is still your best friend.

    Sh*tty metaphors aside. With all its problems, and its desperate attempts to fix they're problems, I still can't shake off the show. Its powerful first season was able to capture millions of viewers. The negativity towards HEROES seems to have escalated in tone and numbers as the series progressed. I don't blame them, the problems are just too apparent not to ignore. But the viewers who now claim they dislike the show, seem to make that known, rather than quit watching like so many others (this is where my crap metaphor should kick in). I'm definitely generalizing here, but if you look up the reviews for its second and third season, you get a sense from where I'm coming from.

    Personally, I can let it all slide. If I'm ever caught in a discussion about current "great" television, I have other shows to throw to pick and choose(ex.BREAKING BAD). I never expected these characters to develop into sophistaction or promise. Superpowers don't change the fact that the characters were social drones to begin with. Personally, they somewhat acted like expected(what would you expect from a hospice nurse? a stripper? a dyslexic cop?). The show is far from delivering characters that reflect what the title intends, but with its next season promising "Redemption," we'll just have to wait and see...I mean, if you're still watching.
  • Ordinary people with super powers, who just want to have a normal life life everyone else. One of the best super hero shows ever done!

    This show is probably one of the best of its kind, because it combines lots of action, special effects, amazing plots and a wonderful set opf characters. The idea of putting powers like the ones the X-Men, Spider-Man, Captain America and other super-heroes in people who never asked for them, and just want to have a normal life is really original. And the best part of it all, is that all of them are connected somehow. The characters of Claire, Peter, Hiro, Parkman and Niki are amazing, as well as the rest of the characters. Being Sylar the exception, which I think is a very weak villain (most of us were probably expecting someone like the Apocalypse or Darksiege), and the fact of him being the only villain in the series is awful. Besides that, I think that the series is getting better each season it passes. I hope it goes on for many more seasons to come. In a scale from 1 to 10 I give it a 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000!
  • The show is ok for people who want to see great special effects and cliffhangers on every episode.

    This show totally rips off X-men. Come on think about it! A chracter who can instantly heal (Wolverine), one who can read minds and project thoughts into other people's heads (Professor X), a guy who can take other people's powers (Rogue) come on, think people, you are being minipulated into watching something you have already seen, just because they change the name of the Tv show does not change the plot line, a bunch of people born with special gifts into a world that belives they are dangerous and wants to get rid of their powers, their are too many facts for it to just be coincedences. If you want to watch X-men then watch X-men don't go to a show that claims to be a high rated show that use to be a comic book about something different. I hope Stan Lee sued this show for all the rights!
  • The best show ever!!

    when i first heard about heroes i thought it was a couple of people with super powers jumping around and saving people.Even when i saw the trailer i thought it was the same.But when i saw a couple of episodes i realised that heroes was completely different from my expectations.Instead of showing people suddenly discovering powers and becoming superheroes it showed people discovering them selfs as different from others,struggling to get on with their powers,trying to control it.The characters are all well casted and the way all of are inter-linked to each other is amazing!.The way all of them come together to save the world is amazing and i dont have words to express for such a brilliant way of story telling!.My favourite characters are hiro,claire a and sylor even though he is the villain.Heroes is amazing and i am not having words to express how much i love Heroes!
  • one of the coolest Tv shows of modern time...

    well to quite honest I dont remember so much about the first 2 seasons especially season 2 as it was so short...
    but first season was the best and the conflict there was so much better than the other volumes but of course in the beginning we were just introduced to the characters,after that we began to see the bigger picture,learn about Syler,and get to know some things about the company.
    at first there was Isic who draw the future picture in which new-york city exploded and the main objective was to prevent that by saving Clair to prevent Syler from getting her power,here in Volume 1 we had some great visions of the future which made the show even more greater than ever,in the end they could prevent the explosion and killed Syler as they thought they did...

    In volume 2 after Hiro returned to the past and there he uncovered the past secrets of the story that his father told him when he was a little boy which turned out not to be true and Hiro was the real hero in the past not Kensei/Adam and Peter get caught by an Irish gang after forgetting his past which I dont remember the details of that part completely :)
    and there is the story of a brother and sister which Syler will take advantage of the girl in the end...
    here in Volume 2 Peter goes to the future and sees a world that is destroyed by a virus which he tries to prevent this thing,in the end Nathan gets shot by an unknown person.

    the comes Volume 3 Nathans shooter is uncovered which turns out ton be the future Peter and it looks like Peter is now a bad guy and Syler is good,Clair is trying to kill Peter and so on...
    then comes Peters father back from the dead to make some a new problem and he kills Adam to revive himself after a long fight and some big troubles finally Peter gets to kill his damn father but Syler stops him and he kills his father himself.

    then comes "fugitives" when Nathan starts this project to maintane people with abilities and so on
    after Danko discovers that Nathan can fly he runs away to Mexico then with his mum.Peter.Clair,and Suresh they go to a place "100 miles from no where" there we see the past and the start on the company and Anjelas old life.
    after that Nathan decides to go back but he sees Syler disguised as him on Tv,tying to "shake the presidents hand" to become him.
    he goes back so as the others,Hiro gets to save every one but gets himself in a big risk,Syler kills Nathn in the end,but Parkman,Peter,Clairs father,and anjela make Syler to become Nathan and try to use him for their advantage.
  • I would appreciate no more Sylar, or at least way less of him.

    It was great and new when it first came out, but now it's just okay. If there were more character bonding, and a little more comic relief to lighten the mood, that would be nice. Also, I would appreciate no more Sylar, or at least way less of him. He bores the hell out of me. The whole of the series just feels like it's not going anywhere, but I feel compelled to stick to the end as there's not many other live action super hero shows out there. Also, what else bothers me about the show is that the Heroes are rare to do anything really heroic. They're usually busy fixing problems that they have started. It's rare that they even save anyone. It's strange. Where's the justification for the characters existing or keeping their powers?
  • Heroes is about once-ordinary people that discover they have powers and follows the battle of good and evil that ensues. Not as cheesy as it sounds, I promise.

    So far I've only seen season 3, but I loved it and couldn't keep myself from eating them up in a few days. If people say season 3 was bad, I need to see the previous 2! I love the characters, their powers, how they deal with them, the setup of the chapters, and the badassery that never fails to show up in every episode. Claire's cool, Hiro and Ando are hilarious, Elle's simply awesome in every way, and Sylar's the villain that about everyone can't help but love. Hopefully I'll be able to see the first seasons soon, and I cannot wait for Volume 5!
  • Normal, everyday people wake up one day discovering that they have abilities. This show takes you into the lives of these people. You also have the few occasional bad guy and apocalypse that comes about, but that is just a normal day for these people.

    This show is an amazing show. It seems that many people think the show has gone down hill, but I am remaining optimistic and choose to believe that the show will get better. That doesn't mean that the show is bad, because that is not true. I think the show will get better this next season. Plus, if you look back at any show, most likely you will see that every show hits a "rough patch" and has a time when it is still good, but not as good. These shows get better, so I believe Heroes will too. This last chapter in Heroes was good too. I am worried about what will happen to some of the characters, because you grow to love them, or you love to hate them. Either way, this show is one of my favorite shows and continues to have me as a devoted viewer every Monday evening. I even went out and bought a DVD recorder so that I could record this show and some of my other shows when they come on so that I don't miss them. I am anxiously awaiting the premiere of season four this September, and hope that everyone else is too.
  • This show is about these group of strangers that have these incredible powers.They have incredible journeys,through time and space.Some are evil and some are heroes.This show is a hit.

    A great show filled with action and great special effects for a show.The show has a great story line and great episodes.I love the characters and awesome acting from the cast.I love the first episode of them showing each person getting their powers.In each episode their are different characters with different unique powers.But most of the time you don't see them in the next episode or they just go some where or the super hero is killed by the evil nasty kill a person in a disgusting way villain know by the name Sylar.Sylar is a villain not so sure about his past,but all he knows is killing so he is the villain of this awesome TV show know as Heroes.
  • Good show the first 2 seasons I myself went to season 3 but bad acting and plot directions that didn't interest me made me bow out of the show.

    Good show for the first 2 seasons I myself went to season 3 but bad acting and plot directions that didn't interest me made me bow out of the show. The program rose above it's comparisons to X-Men. The plot and characters unfolded beautifully with the regular people with extraordinary abilities. Watching each character come into their own was thrilling and seeing what new superpowers were out there was equally fun. Getting to know the characters and the twist and turns were fun for the first two seasons. For me though it became either a new twist on the same thing or just a plot leap I didn't care about. One example would be finding out there are multiple Nikki's and Sylar going from bad to good back to bad. I recommend the show for the first 2 seasons and it's ability to rise about standard tv and movie confines. Despite having a much used premise the show at least for a little while did manage to entertain and give us something new on the tv landscape.
  • Heroes is dead.

    I used to love this show. It has gotten so confusing. I don't know if Hiro, Ando, Claire, Peter, Nathan, Angela, Syler/Gabriel, Matt, HG, Noah and the Indian guy are Arthur or Martha.

    Dismal effory - I'll be watching the Australian final of Season 4 (need to have an ending) but then it is goodbye to Heroes from this viewer.

    Tracy got out of it in time (smart girl.

    Well the review has to be at least 100 words. So... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, sex, blah, blah, blah (well I don't want to fall asleep making the quota, do you?)
  • Great Show! Amazing effects... Always keep you in the edge.

    This is a great show based on the fact that revolution has taken its course and some people have started to have special abilities. These are from simple things such as skin regeneration and the ability to fly and as the seasons advance we have seen invisibility, nuclear power, time travel and many many more.

    The show has amazing plot and keeps you interested on every episode. Special effects will take your breath away especially if you are watching on a home cinema multi channel installment.

    Finally i believe that it is a great show overall and everyone that likes fiction movies should give it a go and see at least the first episode. After that you will either see every single one or never watch the show again!
  • An awesome idea.. a very promising and entertaining first season.. aaaand two others that couldn't live up to the hype.

    I really want to love Heroes, I really do. And I thought the first season was very good. You take a formula that appeals to a lot of people: what if ordinary people discover they're not so ordinary at all? They have powers! The first season had a lot of characters they wanted us to get to know, which did not always help for the character development. But the story and idea was so exciting that this was easily forgiven. I was eagerly anticipating season 2 I remember, but it never grabbed me as the first season, and was, even if I didn't want to admit it, a bit disappointing. Season 3 did not restore my hope either. The things that bother me like: never having a real showdown (I could imagine the 1st season not having the budget for it, but come on! the petrelli's vs. sylar in season 3 was a lame cop out!). The storyline is still all over the place, and it seems they can't agree what they should focus on. Boring characters get more screentime, while others don't get used at all anymore. Too many characters and still not enough character development, leaving the characters feel flat and 2dimensional.
    The last finale and the twist had a soap opera feel to it for me, which I didn't like at all. For me, Heroes is a show I really want to love, with a lot of potential, but still not living up to what it could be.
  • i changed my score to poor...

    if not the show will get better in the next season 4 i will contine to lower my score to bad and even lower if necessary. the state this show called heros is in now is very sad, it is ready to be canceled. the show have sinked so low that it is painfull to watch, i personally cant take it seriouse anymore, it is like a jojo. kill that guy kill this guy, rewoke this one or that one, new super power here and there it is getting riddiculus and very boring. as i said earlyer i feel this show should be canceled, there is no future for this shait show. season 1 was the best, as some one said earlyer kick the idiot writers of ttoday and bring back the season 1 writers, now before its to late!
  • Great episode and worth the watch for the Villains past :):)this was one of the very very very very best episodes of heroes so far :L

    Great episode and worth the watch for the Villains past :):)
    Once again went back in time. Not very far back in time; just about a year or so. In fact, the stories in Monday's episode paralleled events we've already witnessed, and even crossed over at times. That was an interesting and fun little twist. Through Hiro's vision, three storylines played themselves out, and they were all impressive. Sylar's back-story (and Elle's and Mr. Bennett's) was tinkered with yet again, and we were given more information on Claire's birthmother Meredith. We also learned more about Arthur Petrelli, his relationship with his family and how he ended up confined to a hospital bed. In "Villains," we learned that Bennett was trying to catch Sylar in the act of killing someone to steal their power. He pushed Elle into making this happen, even after she argued that Sylar might be saved. And then, when Sylar turned to the dark side, killed and went on the run, Bennett was completely nonchalant about it. Now fast-forward to what we know has happened since. The Sylar that this episode wants us to believe Bennett virtually created goes on a killing spree, making Claire his primary target. Did we ever see Bennett's guilt for creating this monster? Has he ever taken responsibility for putting his own daughter's life on the line? Our new knowledge of their history completely changes how we're supposed to see their present and it just doesn't work. Add to this Elle's involvement, and I'm completely at a loss. Sylar and Elle, in this flashback, appeared to have a fairly strong relationship. Yet, when the duo did battle earlier this year, there was no hint that they had a past which was a little dissapointing :( But otherwise it was nice to see them together, I think Kristin and Zak are good together. The episode also gave us a glimpse of Meredith's life before she reunited with Claire. She was a thief with her brother Flint and she was recruited by the Company to become an agent. But then Eric Roberts' Thompson let her go. Of all the stories, I thought learning more about Arthur Petrelli would be the most interesting. Instead, we really didn't get a lot of new information.The fact that Arthur ordered his son Nathan to be killed was a bit shocking! The rest of the story became fairly repetitive until Angela poisoned the old man's soup. This set up Arthur's apparent death and showed us how the rest of the family had no idea he was still alive.
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