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  • Heroes needs to put its cape on and fly away and never return. The last series confirmed all our fears.... They don't have a clue where to take this show.

    Heroes needs to put its cape on and fly away and never return. The last series confirmed all our fears.... They don't have a clue where to take this show. Each volume gets steadily worse culminating in a lame finale that is insulting to the people that invested time into the show. Where is the suspense, the drama, the excitement. You have a fight between Sylar and the Petrelli's and its done behind a closed door with sound effects? They kill interesting characters, strip the power of interesting characters and focus on dull ones. I watch heroes strictly because I am stubborn and I like to start what I finish. I think I may have to concede defeat with heroes though as I cannot put up with the drivel that they provide us anymore.
  • Heroes is the most interesting TV series to date.

    The intricate plot twists that come with the already interesting plot keep the show interesting and fresh. The actors are top notch and fit their roles seamlessly while bringing their own individual flare to the characters. The soundtrack to the show is fresh and unique, with adding its own flare to the multiple season show. The addition of the online elements of the show, in the essence of an ARG, adds to the excitement of the series, even when it is between seasons. This goes the same for the web exclusive shorts. If you want a great series that is exciting and keeps your attention, this is it.
  • Heroes is a great show -- the pieces just need to start coming together. Too many loose ends, too many new characters.

    Heroes has held my interest since day one. I am a huge fan. Lately, the show has taken some very unstructured turns. The story is all over the place. New characters keep getting introduced then die before we can develop any type of bond and the characters we love keep getting killed off.

    I have so many questions like: How is Micah "The Rebel"? Where does he live now and where is his mother? It was revealed that Micah's mother is a triplet. We've only seen two, where is the third? What happened to the girl in the household where Micah was living who could watch someone perform anything from a dance to marshal arts then perform it herself in a matter of hours. She saved her place of business from a robbery and that's the last I've seen of her. There are several other disappearances of characters. I just would love it if the writers start answering questions and stop bringing so many new characters in and out of the show. I also wonder if Sylar is taking a break? If he's going to be Nathan Petrelli, we won't be seeing Sylar for a while? I'm just curious. Regardless, I do love the show and look forward to seeing it every week.
  • The writers struggled through this whole season and they plan on doing another? Why you ask?

    It's the same reason that Saturday Night Live is still on. Once they have their dedicated audience that keep the ratings up, they will continue to run the show forever, even if the writers dont have any more good ideas and would like to end it. Why don't they? Because the corporate scum bags in charge will force it to keep going until the ratings drop below a certain point. They don't care if the series ends as absolute garbage (the x-files), they just care that they milked it for every penny possible. This is highly offensive to the dedicated viewers. We continue to watch hoping that the bad episodes are fillers, which are common to most shows, hoping that if we tune in next time it will be back on track. However the fact of the matter is that not only are they not back on track, but the train has gone off a bridge into a river. Now a reasonable and responsible train operator in this situation doesnt say, "Ok boys, how are we going to get this train to float". He abandons it and hopes to salvage his career on a new train.
  • Heroes and Villains.

    Heroes does a good job of televising the comic book formula. Good versus Evil with super powers, but they are not super-heroes they are ordinary people heroes. The everlasting questions of how did they get their powers what are their weaknesses who is stronger and how can they be stopped. All tied into secret companies with hidden agendas and people with god complexes.
    Do not get me wrong I like watching heroes but what i have always said is it is just another version of X-men or say the 4400. Kudos for the writers who have found a way to get there audience to relate to its characters.
  • You catch the bad guy after he killed your son. What would you do? a) kill him b) kill him and use your granddaughter's blood to cure/revive her father c) ask someone with telepathy to erase the bad guy's memory and make him believe h

    I'm a huge Heroes fan, but I'm very disappointed.
    I mean it was a season finale and yet it was lame.

    Compared to Chuck and Terminator's season finale, Heroes finale was weak. Maybe they need to cancel it in order to improve the latest episodes... I Mean, you can't compare Heroes to Lost (which is awesome). But comparing it to another "people's with abilities" series, The 4400, i can say that this Heroes finale made me sad. It was the worst season finale i ever watched..

    One more thing: You catch the bad guy after he killed your son. What would you do?
    a) kill him
    b) kill him and use your granddaughter's blood to cure/revive her father
    c) ask someone with telepathy to erase the bad guy's memory and make him believe he is your son Of course in Heroes they choose C)
  • I know everyone has there differant opinions about heroes but what im sure everyone will agree with is that season one was amazing and everyone couldnt wait for more.

    With the writers strike during season two production, they had to split the season in two which i think is where they started to go wrong. The storylines havent been as good as of late and there is a lot of repition in powers. Although i believe if they could get back to there original synopsis i think they could bring back the series to life. I personally love the series and it is one of my favourites. Is season 4 there was alot of jumping around with the government trying to capture everyone with powers and the sylar side storyline. I dont think they should of mixed the two of them as ts confusing for the audience. However with Sylar now nathan and with what looks like sylars gettting his memory back in season 5 i think this could be extremely interesting for all who follow heroes and all that dont. Sylar is one of my favourite villans of all time but they really have to give him a run for his money and not take him back the minute it looks like hes going to make that powerful move. Im just shooting here but i wouldnt mind a film made with everyone against Sylar and his cronnies.
  • A hit and miss show at times.

    I LOVED the first season of Heroes. It promised wonderful and exciting story lines and a plethora of characters we could love and love to hate. We were heading back in nostalgic classic comic book'heroes' with a modern edge.

    Fast forward to season three and its started to lag. The show seemed to have problems keeping up with itself. There were even several online article on the 10 things Heroes could do to make it better! Something non commonly heard of for tv shows. I was losing interest which worried me as I also lost interest in Lost and never went back to that halfway through season 2. But I stuck with it, though I went weeks without watching episodes, having to later catch up. After news that the next season will be totally reworked something switched in me. Perhaps the sense that maybe I would never see my beloved Hiro and Ando again? Is that possible? They are the only reason I kept watching when all else seemed lost. Everyone else took on irritating undertones and the plots where tiring. But out of the embers of this show, I grew a new found respect and admiration for Sylar. He's kinda hot in a creepy psychotic way. It took me til season three to notice. Maybe its because they seemed to have spent more time on his character development... I am soooo off on a tangent now aren't I? LOL

    So yes, I will continue watching to see what this show develops into further. I will see this to the end. It is still somewhat entertaining and the plot is now thickening.
  • I love Heroes

    I don't watch much TV. A movie once in a blue moon or Judge Judy once in awhile when i'm cooking supper, and that's once in a while.. haha But Heroes on the other hand.. That has got to be the best show on TV for me.. Its the only show ever to hold my attion, I've never miss one episode.. Mind you there were a few episodes that were pretty lame, but I guess it's things we need to know for future episodes, it travels back and forth. If you miss to many episodes tho I think a person would be lost and find it to be a weird show... I just love Heroes... For those who love it too, yahaaaa for you.. Lets keep Heroes going.. And for those who don't. Thank you for watching so you can write your crappy reviews. :)
  • this show is done.

    it was almost painful to watch this crap, this show is done. this episode was BORING, the characters were STUPID and there was absolutely nothing great about it. this season finale was a joke, that's why i'm never watching this show again. since the beggining of this volume, i didnt see this going anywhere. to think that i only watched this episode hoping sylar would die.. this was a complete waste of time. anyway, the cast was great, but the writers ruined it. how i miss season one.. this should end right now, dont make another season in respect of the show.
  • they say that if you're at the bottom, there's no way to go but up. i guess that's what was wrong with Heroes, they were above everyone else during season 1, and now they're going down.

    awful. this show has become a disappointment to us all. what ever happened to the once great show has died in season 1. season two was disappointing, season three is just plain wrong that words could never describe. it's solution to problems are just STUPID! your freaking people with super powers! what to do with a guy like Danko? hmmmmmmm!!!!!????? rebel can shut off their power, and daphne could run around disarming the people, and the rest just make a deal with Danko or they all die. yes, it is evil. but it is a necessary evil to survive in a world where people fear what they do not understand. this has become one of the worst shows ever, i do not understand why it is still popular.
  • heroes is amazing

    I love heroes everything about it is just so refreshing the idea of ordinary people with extraordinary ability's super strenth, speed , cellular regeneration, painting the future, mind control, dreaming the future, understanding how everything works, enhanced memory, breathing underwater and loads more heroes is everything TV should be. an escape from the real world but not so much that you cant relate to the characters. everyone can relate to a character mother (Nikki, Angela), teen (Claire), father(Noah HRG)brother (peter)son(Mika) politician (Nathan + Tracey)nerdy (Hiro + Ando) and i think that's what makes heroes the characters and what makes them act the way they act. the story always stays so fresh and there's always something new like Sylar tying to find his dad or Hiros quest to be a hero and matts new storyline with his family it just simply amazing
  • i wish i never started watching because now im hooked to a show that people are trying to kill.

    I swear heroes is one of the best shows ive ever seen and currently on tv.. so why the hell is everyone ragging on this show and trying to kill it. You see posts everywhere about how people want it cancelled and how it 'sucks compared to season 1'.. Well why the hell are so many people still watching if to just come on here and give bad ratings?? If you dont like it shut up and stop watching and leave the ratings/reviews for people who want to help the show continue. I almost wish i never started watching because now this show holds sentimental value to me and its most likely going to end because the majority of the people cant handle a bit of sub-par writing. Sure heroes has had its share of bad writing and nonsense episodes but it still leaves you wanting the next episode. Often a show gets worse before it his its "Prime" Which in my opinion is right now or coming in season 4. My point.. I dont like 3/4 of whats on tv but i dont go to 'American idol' and post a bunch of crappy reviews just because i hate it. Save this show damnit! Its just so good and has the potential to be better if give then chance!!
  • I am Sylar hear me MOAN! one of the best shows on tv 3 seasons later its now like a persistant rash and wont leave peacefully. rehashing old story lines and even powers

    when i first started watching heroes i loved it, cool funny characters, it was fantastic and now its average, sylar the big bad is now an emo with so many issues, i mean seriously the guy can do what ever he wants and he moans thats just wierd and have you seen his eye brows >:P.
    they repeat certain things with characters such as clair and noah for instance your evil, i hate you, shock your not, i love you rince and repeat per season.
    i suggest that when people watch this they should rebember that the first season is far better than any of the others, the only reason the programs isnt dead is because of hiro nakamura hes so funny,
    and for the blokes who perve over clair.
    once again i am sylar hear me moan, whinge, whinne and go emo! (and maybe kill someone.
  • Aww, goddamn it...

    Aww, goddamn it. Heroes used to be so good, but now... it has either lost me or lost its way. I can pinpoint the decline of Heroes from the end of season 2 onwards. It had a seriously anti-slimactic cliffhangar, and it was all downhill from there. It;s dissapointing too. The writers had such a good set up. The basic plot is simple, people discovering their powers. They had an excellent set up, and a good original run.

    There downfall was in their reveals. Everything, from Homecoming, to Sylar, to the Walker Project had an extremly underwhelming reveal. And eventually this caught up with them.

    Don't you remember Series One and its mysteries? They all got solved, and to continue with the series they invented more. To keep a good show running, you dont invent new ones when you run out. you invent new ones when you still have old ones. When you run out, you are finished.

    And that is my suggestion for Heroes. Don't go past series 4. You won't win anyone else over.
  • Amazing....

    Well what can I say about Heroes,it's just flat out entertaining and fun to watch. This show has everything, comedy, drama, suspence, and action. This show can actually show real super heroes and villians without making it look ridicuosly stupid and that my friends is not easy to pull off. The special effects used are well done and even look good in HD. The acting is quite impressive, and the overal cast and story line is phenominal. If you have'nt already please check out this totaly awesome show especially if you are into the whole hero thing. 9/10 Superb!!!! -MangekyouCinema
  • omg... my brain is gonna melt!

    those last episodes are really painful to watch... the writing is so bad, it makes me think that a 12-year old is writing the dialogues. some characters also just fell from the face of the earth with no explanation whatsoever. how many times are we going to make the arc from claire's daddy being bad then good then bad then good then bad.... arggg

    and in season 1 the blind painting ability was a unique ability.... remember isaac mendes?? now anyone gets that ability if it fits the storyline... bah if u want an example how to write a good series, watch "lost". good characterization, good episode cliff hangers and all that while being vague.
  • The show was one of my all time favorites. Lately it is getting worse and worse. I think the writers need to get their act together. The episodes lately are pretty disappointing. Since volume 4, the plot has been completely uninteresting.

    The show was one of my all time favorites. Lately it is getting worse and worse. I think the writers need to get their act together. The episodes lately are pretty disappointing. Since volume 4, the plot has been completely uninteresting.

    In the beginning, I could not wait to see another heroes episode. Lately, the events occurring leave me completely untouched. I don't know what happened, the writers should rev up their game and stop thinking about summer vacation!

    Heroes is mostly an action based series. In my opinion, trying to 'copy' other series and give more 'depth' to the characters just ruins all the fun.
  • I love "Heroes" but the writing has been absolutely horrible lately, and I don't believe the show will last much longer then may be one more season.

    Well, I know everyone will probably disagree with me and not like my review but alas I have to tell people what I honestly think of the show. I have loved every single episode up untill the beginning of Volume 4 "Fugitives". Ever since then this show has become extremely uninteresting to me. The writers killed off a lot of good characters and kept Syler (it amazes me why) so he can now be the star of the show. Why does Sylar always have to be the most powerfull of all the so called "Heroes" on this show?? It was good back before when Peter could match his powers or at least a few heroes could oppose him. I am so sick of Sylar and he always being the most powerfull. The writers have not given chance of any of the others actors/characters to progress in order for Syler to be in the center of it all. It pains me to say this but if the writers keep this up, the show will end.
  • A look back at information we never knew existed, nor cared about. It's Angela's show this time around, and that's always a scary prospect.

    According to Hulu.com, 1:57 is how long it took me to dislike this episode. I don't really understand what happened... Heroes had such momentum going during this volume. The show had been on a high, in my opinion. And then this episode happened. It just seemed like every professional in charge of making this show happen behind the scenes took the day off and let the... *shudder*... webisode... *shudder* makers take the lead. Everything was just low quality and... how do I put this? B-Team. They didn't have their A-Team running the show. I don't know the specifics behind the names of the writers, directors, etc and how they change from episode to episode, but I think this episode was in stark contrast to what had been the current norm. 1:57 in the episode is representative of the camera work happening. The whole episode had this home-video feel to it-- a sort of Blair-witch thing happening. The cameras were hardly still; in fact, they bounced around as if the filming crew had their memories erased and they were suddenly at the mental states of their 10 year old selves... No, nothing that terrible would ever happen in real life. It wasn't just the movement of the cameras that bothered me. The framing killed me! During the whole Diner scene between Peter and Nathan, the upper frame cut the actors off right in the middle of their forehead. It was so awkward. At one point, Peter's eye gets cut off by the upper frame. So we're left to focus on his weird lip thing right in the middle of the screen. If you're interested in huluing it, it's at 15:42. Besides the Sylar-style camera head slicing, sometimes the cameras were WAY too close to the subjects. Every time Angela bolted up out of bed due to one of her nightmares I had to jump back and go AAAAHHHH!! Too much Angela! Right in my face! Jibbly! (28:05). To make my next point, I would like to just write down for you the lines of dialogue that transpired in this scene: Noah: "You and I have made a mess of things."
    Nathan: "Yes we did."
    Noah: "Danko is working with Sylar. Sylar can change his shape, he can be anybody. He almost made me kill my wife."
    Claire: "What was the last book you read?" W
    Because I can't remember." T
    Not the last book I read, the last movie I saw... Remember movie nights? We used to rent old movies and eat popcorn." F
    Did I miss something? Does the immensity of the situation- you know, talking about Sylar shapeshifting and wanting to eat brains and conquer the world while surrounded by graves of the dead children that were killed in a government project to round up specials meant to remind us of Nathan's current stupid plan- merit a talk about movie nights?? Woman, get in line! My favorite part about all this is Claire's very next line: "You know, I should be a basket case. Digging up graves... I should be, but I'm not."
    You just keep telling yourself that Christie... Next thing you know, she'll be spinning in circles saying "It's corn and corn alone day!" (Corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior.)

    On to lesser gripes:
    I'm not a huge fan of the half-black and white for two reasons: 1. They already used it a few episodes ago during Noah's induced flashback. It was pretty cool then, new and creative, but using it again like 6 episodes later is neither new nor creative. Every Heroes season has a flashback episode: Four Months Ago, Six Months Ago, etc. Season 3 has had two, one for each chapter, which makes sense to me. This episode is the *second* flashback episode in one chapter, the *third* in one season. I just don't feel like we need that much. 2. The black and white just didn't work that well. It was done kinda poorly. Zach pointed out that it seems like they just shot it all in color and then decided to go back and make it all black and white digitally, making the lighting and coloring not as effective. Instead of the beautiful range of grays inbetween black and white you get in true black and white, we got dark and really dark. I wasn't a huge fan of the whole differerent-actors-to-be-their-younger-selves thing. Linderman was weird, if not already outright stalker creepish. "Here, let me touch your leg..." "I uh, think it's healed." "No, wait, give it time... Mmm... nice time..." Charles Deveaux seemed completely out of character from what we knew of him in season 1. I've decided I don't like Claire's hair right now. 1. When does she find the time to get all these new hair styles? Does her spontaneous cell regeneration mean she spontaneously generates new hairdos? I could kind of seeing her becoming more blond as a byproduct of her power because her natural color is generating itself, except that that would make more sense the other way around. In seasons 1 and 2 she clearly had highlights, which would mean her hair is naturally a more brownish color, but we can't have that because brown hair Claire = Evil Claire = Emo Claire. 2. Something is just weird. I think it might be the bangs that give her this creepy 1950's invasion of the body snatchers kind of look. (Less of me referencing the actual movie from the 1950's and more of me saying her body was snatched and replaced by someone who looks like they're from the 1950's.)

    Angela is an overactor. Or overactress, as it were. Everything she says is just dripping with melodrama. She's complaining about this horribly scarring event that happened during her childhood. She tells Claire, "Did you ever do something so awful, something you are so ashamed of, that you think if you ever talk about it, you might never stop crying?" (As if a 16 year old anyone can really say yes to this) And at this point, we're trucking right along. All we've ever known is Angela who lies, manipulates, and twists truths, people, and situations around to meet her own ends. We're totally on board for this awful thing she's done. But at the end of the episode we find out that she... lied that her sister would be safe while she goes galavanting off to a diner with some boys? She claimed she knew all the people buried at Coyote Sands, yet she was there for what? Maybe two weeks? She claimed she *knew* that her sister had died, but she never even saw her body? What of this was really her fault? She dreamt of the death and that it was connected with Chandra. She told the boys, her sister, and Chandra himself. She's just an overactor. I used to like Angela through Volumes 1-3. When she started appearing in every webisode between Volumes 3-4, she's since carried the taint of webisode on her. The feel of trying too hard, as if it will boost her pay. The whole climax of the episode where we discover just how the kids die. Alice freaks out and accidentally weatherizes the camp. Not her fault. She tries to run away from Dr. Suresh, so to try to calm her, he.... Chris Browns her?? Was the open palm to the face really necessary? So then cool sonic wave guy comes out to help her, pushing the guard over, so the guard.... shoots him in the heart?? And then all the other guards feel the blood lust and massacre the children??? Am I the only one who feels like this makes less sense than West ever having a girlfriend? Screaming destroys all acting ability.
    "What are you doing here!?"
    "I Found This."
    All in one tone. No inflection. (17:38) (This paragraph was typed in all caps for effect but apparently I can't do that here). I guess that was more minor gripes than I anticipated. Believe it or not, there were actually some things I thought were good about this episode:
    The young Angela not only looked like older Angela at times, but she was a pretty good actress. She portrayed Angela's overacting well, without becoming too much of an overactor herself. She had good chemistry with Alice and Charles. She actually reminded me a lot of Anna Paquin in her role as Rogue in the X-Men.

    Young Bob Bishop looked amusingly liked Older Bishop. I could totally buy his portrayal of a younger Bob.

    Mohinder deciding to stay at Coyote Sands. Hooray! No more Mohinder!...? I can haz? Awesome grown up Alice. Definitely the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons, times 16. Link attached for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkMvKeX7erI&feature=related

    Sylar becoming Nathan. This was really the best part of the episode: the part that actually carried on the story line that mattered. It sends shivers down your back to think of what Sylar will actually do and how he's still moving towards the future we saw in Five Years Gone. I think in the end what bothered me most about this episode is how much it didn't matter. It was pure, unashamed filler material. Yeah, it's kinda cool to learn about Angela's past... kinda? But we're learning this big secret from the past... that we only learned two episodes ago existed. We sort of get to learn about the foundation of the company, but what have we learned? That some 16 year old kids decided to make a company based solely on the fact that one of them (who we now know is lying manipulator) claimed to dream that they had formed a company? We know Linderman went to Vietnam in the war, so this can't have happened soon. It must have taken several more years for them to establish anything. Bob can make gold, but he can't make maturity appear. I was watching Bolt last night and something in the way the movie was told reminded me of this episode of Heroes. I realized that sometimes a great plot makes a story, but a story should never try to make a plot. That's what happened in that movie and that's what happened here. They had this idea they wanted to run with but they stretched things and made them too loose, too weak, too ridiculous to hold much weight. And in the end, it all didn't really even matter. Philly D's twitter yesterday said: "I don't know if its bc I feel bleh, but I'm just not digging Heroes this week. I could give a s*** about the younger sister. I think why I feel that way about the latest episode of Heroes, is it has not really had any direction or goal *Save the world* ect"

    I hope I don't seem like I like to just point out the negative in everything. Like I've said, I think Heroes has been awesome recently. I'm a passionate person, so when I like something, I really like something, and the same can be said about my dislikes. My opinion isn't the only one out there. Here is a link to a review that thought this episode was great: http://tv.ign.com/articles/972/972517p1.html So oh well. All I know is that the next episode should be awesome! So excited!

    Also, in this week's graphic novel, we see Rachel Mills, who apparently killed her partner for finding out about her, on the run from the government as well. She freed at least three specials, including Puppet Man. I guess we'll see if she will have any more episode appearances.
  • Heroes Season 3 Saved !!!

    Heroes season 3 is finally managing to climb out of the pit it was in. It still needs work but during the latter part of the season it seems to have been salvaged.

    The seasons beginning plot lines seemed rushed and unoriginal. Things were looking bad for our superhuman friends but it appears there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    The characters have become more believable again and this has dramatically helped the show. Sylar is as badass as ever and Matt Parkman is starting to seem to be a more influential character as the series progresses. Danko was a much needed bad guy because even though he may seem a hard case, really there appears to be vulnerable side to him. It will be interesting to see what happens between he and Sylar. Something has to give and it probably won't be long until they are at each other's throats. The end of the season is nearly upon us and hopefully it will end on a much higher note.
  • Simply awesome !!!

    I don't have much words for this show and I'm hooked from the very first episode and I'm a true fan of this serie.

    The story was innovative and it just keeps on coming. We get to know the past, the future and much more. What more can you ask from a show that's building a huge storyline and still keeps you in your seat after all that.

    People want more and they are getting more and more. I hope this is not the end and there are many more volumes to come from this. I keep my thumbs up and keep it up this way!
  • klinssan

    I like this show because each person possesses any abilities, it in a condition to affect a course of events, can change the world to the best. This serial shows as all people are similar in spite of the fact that every person is unique, everyone has the force which it can take advantage or not on the discretion. We build our lives ourselves, we influence the fate of other people, we are trying to perfect to yourself (as well as ordinary people become heroes as a result of evolution) and we therefore do not exist, but we live in! Let us live and watch favorite series! P.S. Sorry for my english
  • This show had a bad patch, but they got that out of thier system, and it's back to what it used to be.

    I loved Heroes volumes 1-3. But this latest volume has been bad to be completely honest. That is until around 3 episodes back starting with Cold Snap. These episodes not only return the series to it's former glory, but serpass it. This makes this volume so far extremely hard to give a score. Chapters before Cold Snap are worth about a 5-7 score and these latest episodes are worth a 10, which makes those bad episodes worth it. But I do have some problems with the series, however. I think that they need to bring back some of the characters that simply were dropped off the cast. Sometimes they didn't even attempt to write them out. And others (Adam and Matt's dad) seemed to be killed off for little reason. (Adam was killed off to bring up another bad guy who didn't even live that long.) Despite these gripes, I think that anyone who dropped this show should get caught back up, because they might be surprised.
  • Still riding the myopic coattails of Season 1

    Seriously, if anyone had missed, say, the last 6 episodes would you even be lost? This show still hasn't been able to capture the intrigue that made it such a success. The characters are just annoying now because instead of using their powers, they just 'have' powers. And frankly, the show just isn't compelling enough to watch everyone just sneaking around. The story has not advanced since Episode 15, Escape From Guantanamo Bay. I can't decide who is more annoying now, Suresh or Noah. All this flip-flopping is making me sick. How many more episodes need to be dedicated to Danko? The 1-Step-Forward, 2-Steps-Back aspect of EVERY storyline is getting out of control. Do we really need a back-story for every incident in every storyline? Why have Ando and Hiro been reduced to clown-shoes? Remember Future Hiro, how fricken sweet he was? Now he's making faces at infants- we need a warrior! How about Peter versus Sylar, the epic battle in the future? Taking away characters' abilities makes them boring and uninteresting. Agree or disagree, it's time to tune this show out. If you don't agree, you need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.
  • i'm pretty sure i'm going to get a lot of disagreements on this comment, but its just that i am disappointed cos season one was AWESOME then it all went down the tube sorry its just my review i mean no offense but....

    are people still watching this confusing, cr*p of a show??

    really don't mean to be rude but to me all the people that still absolutely love this show are just remembering how good season 1 was and riding out this one cos they are confident it will "hopefully" make sense again soon...ish
    this show is starting to look lot like "lost" where they kinda make up sh** as they go along eg: peter is good, no wait now he is bad ...hang on now he is good again and apologizes
    to the brother for shooting him, but then goes bad in the past or in the future huh?
  • Definately the best show on TV!

    This is one of the coolest shows on television! I love how they have so many different people each with unique abilities. I love how the storyline is realistic for a world full of people with powers. It's such and intense show, and it keeps you guessing. Your constantly on the edge of your seat trying to guess what's going to happen next. It's the kind of show that gets the audience thinking, "what power would I want to have?" I love watching how people with different abilities interact with each other. I also enjoy watching how they use their abilities in their everyday lives. I can't wait to see more from this show.
  • People with amazing abilities try to take over the world and their equally amazing counterparts with and without abilities join forces to try and stop them. It's every great super hero movie compiled into the greatest story ever told.

    A show where ordinary people start to discover the are extraordinary! Every young persons dream at one time or another is to discover that they are special and capable of doing things that no other person in the world could fathom! The greatest show ever!

    Since the very first episode I ever watched I was hooked! I refuse to ever miss an episode because for once on a show or a movie, I never know what's going to happen next! The plot jumps around a lot but they always seem to tie it all together like a great Dean Koontz novel.

    I hope this show stays on the air forever and eventually they figure out a way to do character development and back story of characters in the off season instead of just doing reruns like every other show.

    I can't say enough about Heroes!
  • An incredible show, my absolute favorite. Heroes is such a unique and interesting sci-fi show. Heroes shows you a whole different side to that. Its unpredictable and grabs you for a ride you won't want to get off.

    An incredible show, my absolute favorite. Heroes is such a unique and interesting sci-fi show. I love the idea of ordinary people discovering that they are extraordinary. I think everyone has felt at some point in their life that they were meant for something more and Heroes shows you a whole different side to that. Its unpredictable and grabs you for a ride you won't want to get off. You never know what to expect and the story-lines are so unique and complex I always come back for more. Each episode leaves with you with something new to think about. I don't think I've ever seen a show with such relatable characters and original plot-lines. Though it can get a bit confusing at times I think it makes the show ever better because it actually requires you to think, it makes you wonder and dream and become ensnared in this amazing fast-paced show that takes you on a thrill ride that will still be fun for years to come. Peter is a kind and warm hearted male nurse when he starts to dream about becoming something more than he is, like he was meant to do something out of this world, something that makes him extraordinary with his powers to mimic others abilities. Claire connects with the teenage crowd through a cheerleader who has the ability to regenerate from any injury including death, and putting herself together after an autopsy (tune in to see that awesome episode). There are so many relatable characters, Niki with her alter-ego, Hiro with is time traveling abilities, and many others that bring creativity and a spark to this TV show that I haven't seen in ages.
  • These plots are all over the place.

    I don't understand how a show can go from I can't wait for next Monday, sitting on the edge of my couch excitement, to what was that! In season one the pieces all fit together. I have yet to see any cohesion with season 2 or three. What was the purpose of all that soul searching for Sylar and his father? Just so they can meet talk and and then in a blink of an eye he's in the back of a car. What was all that with Mr. Patrelli. I keep watching because I think there will be some great revelation, but I don't see it coming. Characters that I loved (Peter, Parkman, Hiro), I care less about now. Now there is a new character "the Aunt"
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