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  • People hate this show just because it's the "cool" thing to do. But, Cold Snap started changing minds...

    This show is amazing. Volume One was a masterpiece, Volume Two was at it's best near the end of the volume, Volume Three was two faced paced, but I found it better than Volume Two, and Volume Four is following in the footsteps of the first volume. This show inspired me to get an account. I like it that much. Also, the return of Bryan Fuller is excellent, he previously was on the show writing for a now boring character (Claire). I have realized that the reason so many people write negative reviews is because other people are doing it too. NO show EVER deserves a 1/10.
  • What The Hell Is Happening

    Ealier we heard that heroes was sinking like the titanic...then NBC says that the show will be revamped and pull all the viewers back beofre the writers strike...Now we here that the fact the show really is now swimming like a rock...personally i like the show...but after 3 seasons i think the charater building has gone on long enough and it;s time that the stories and the show takes off...if something doesnt happen soon we wont see this go into next season at all...NBC and its writers looks like they rather fail this great show! Are you Going to Save this
  • Is this thing going anywhere? It's starting to seem like a revolving plot that turns in circles and never goes anywhere. And what's with the Sylar "Jekyll and Hyde" routine?

    I'm lowering my rating from 9.5 to 5. The start of this season lowered my expectation with yet another painter of future visions painting yet another scene of what's supposed to look like a big explosion. Gee, what's this season about...stopping yet another painting from happening? Again???

    Heroes was my favorite show for the first two seasons. Lately, I have grown quite bored with it since the plot doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The characters are doing the same things as in the first season. They stumble about trying to figure out what's going on and what they should do next. It is now a dog show full of characters who endlessly chase their tails.

    I used to like the character development week to week along with their learning to control their powers gradually. You know the writers are struggling to come up with new material when they stoop to the cheap "parlor trick" of resetting all the characters powers with the eclipse story and thus, erasing most of the development to that point. It's like the soap opera cliché of hitting someone with amnesia when you run out of ideas. At first, I thought it would last a few episodes before things got back to normal but after this much time, watching the most powerful characters flail about like hapless losers...it's just a big disappointment.

    As long as we're only writing clichés, when does Magneto show up or the mutant hunting sentinels? Now that Sylar has found his dada, maybe Lassie can show up and lead him home...or maybe Flipper? :)
  • Bryan Fuller makes his mark and gives Heroes a much needed boost. Let's hope it sticks...

    This was a brilliant episode, although that may just be relative to the recent dearth of good writing on the show. Aside from the high points everyone has mentioned there were little touches that really set this one apart. Danko referencing Yogi Bear, for instance, or Swoosie Kurtz's wry cameo were classic Bryan Fuller. More importantly, the show ditched its usual pretentious air and got a needed dose of self-awareness. This was made especially clear when Daphne lectures Matt on their lack of backstory or real chemistry (a problem which was blatantly evident in previous episodes). The genius turn, of course, was using that subtle setup to make the big fantasy sequence that much more real and poignant. Most of all, though, we finally got back to actually caring about these characters. Heroes has struggled mightily to find a balance between being plot-driven and character-driven, and this episode showed you can in fact have it both ways. It had plenty of action, but paused just long enough to remind us that these are intended to be real, three-dimensional people, not just one-dimensional superheroes. And it was all done in such a nuanced way--building up a level of suspense and emotional investment that will hopefully carry us through the upcoming episodes.

    In sum, Heroes still has problems--many of them--but this episode sure seems like a start in the right direction.
  • Food for thought

    Although it appears Tracy is dead, did no one not notice her BLINK after she was shattered on the floor?

    Since this is heroes and all she may not be dead after all and it could be she knew exactly what she was doing when she froze herself.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the writers have evolved her power to the point where she can continue to live in ice / water form and may even do a terminator and rejoin herself.

    Sounds absurd i know, but this is heroes we are talking about so i wouldn't count it out.

    I just found it coincidental that her dead body was conveniently over an open drain (i could be reading too much into that but only time will tell)

    I personally wouldn't pay for special effects to make her blink after she had been shattered unless i was either a) stupid or b) wanting to reveal something.

    Either way it's interesting.

    Just my thoughts, i could be completely wrong of course.

    By the way, one of the best episodes ever by far, Brian Fuller is an excellent writer, i hope they keep him till the end of time!

    Also, is it just me or does anyone else find it annoying that people can vote for the score of the episode before it is even shown? This is a growing trend on the internet, even with games and it is absolutely stupid!
  • Welcome Back Heroes.....This episode was what this show needed, great special effects, storyling everything, Hopefully they dont mess it up and keep going in this direction

    Welcome Back Heroes!!!!.....This episode was what this show needed, great special effects, storyling everything, Hopefully they dont mess it up and keep going in this direction. I was so happy to see that Mikah was rebel, to bad he is only guest starring i think he should be re-casted as a major character again. I was also very happy to see not only was the show full of dialogue and drama, The characters actually used there powers to the fullest, Matt wasnt him boring old self he used his ability and was actually entertaining and Tracy has grown on me i didnt think it was going to be the same without Nikki, But she pretty much kicked ass in this episode hopefully the blinking after she shatters is a hint that somehow she survives !!
  • Who healed Nathan? Who saved Sylar?

    Who healed Nathan? Who saved Sylar( Season 1 finally )? Actually there's a ton of questions in my mind, the show isn't going to answer because the writers are weak.

    I don't care who "Rebel" is, seriously who cares? Why do they make it as big thing showing in 2 or 3 episodes ? The way that in my opinion, the show may return is by:
    1. Peter gets his powers back.

    2. take away Tracy/Nikki what ever.

    3. Do not focus on Claire.

    4. Bring back Cloud.

    5. More interesting songs and music for God sake.

    6. A battle, I suggest Sylar and Peter. 7. Do not bring thing and never explain, stupid things like Hiro going to India, or Matt seeing that African man and etc.
  • I don't give great reviews to shows that aren't that great, but this is a guilty pleasure.

    I am a comic book guy, so this show is a little irritating. It is clear the producers of Heroes use writers like Kleenex, and that the show's thematic elements are now so non-committal and confused nothing will ever be set straight. Let me offer a comparison:

    In the 90s I, like many others, was a huge X-files fan. Chris Carter brought many cool elements to the alien story line, but this just became confused layer upon confused layer. What propelled the show were the monster-of-the-week episodes. About 2 years ago I went back and watched the X-Files again, in order. I figured I had missed too many parts. Sadly, I realized there was no sense to be had. This was because the X-Files writers crafted their story around effects and singular events, rather than plot, characters and the overall picture.

    This gets more complicated when you have many characters, but it is still totally achievable. Unfortunately, this has not been done. Both Nathan and Peter have disjointed and bizarre motivations that have completely dissolved any liking I once might have had for them. In fact, the only character I now like watching is Sylar. The parallel universe plot from season 3 lost many viewers, and it seems the producers finally ascertained they had overplayed this theme. As such, the writers are now stealing themes from the Watchmen and Marvel's 'Civil War' with respect to the control of 'powers'. In the end, I hope the new direction in writing concentrates on character development. However, I gravely fear that Sprint's product placement and desire for action scenes will drive all remaining hope I have for a compelling story right down the crapper.
  • Awful

    To sum it up: Series 1: Excellent Series 2: Awful Series 3: The worst thing ever!

    This series started off so well. Every episode of series one left you gasping for more. But right from the start of series two, it went downhill fast. As for series 3, well... we're longer watching it.

    It's a real shame as it held so much promise at the start, and the characters as they appeared in Series One were so likeable (well the good guys anyway).

    So glad we didn't bother buying it on DVD now!

    If you like it, then great but don't watch series one and assume it will be like that all the way through!
  • Very very strong cast. Love watching the show. It is hard to make stuff like this without getting cheesy ore irritatingly fake. Heroes is neither of these things, and that is what makes this show interesting.

    Very very strong cast. Love watching the show. Its not to over the top…and for this time op series it keeps very "real" I love that about the show.
    I do agree that it is slowly going down. Almost seems like the script writers are slacking a bit. Some interesting characters seem to disappear without a reason.
    I think that some characters are so strong in there abilities that the writers have trouble keeping them in check. They seem to try and find ways of removing ether the characters themselves ore there abilities from the story a bit to keep it workable.
    Some times that can get a bit frustrating at times. I wonder how the writers can keep this story and the complexity of it fresh in the seasons to come. It is hard to make stuff like this without getting cheesy ore irritatingly fake. Heroes is neither of these things, and that is what makes this show interesting. Hope they keep it like that.
  • Heroes has gone from one of the greatest Sci-fi shows to ever hit prime time, to one of the biggest disappointments in recent television history. (Marked spoilers).

    It's almost unbelievable how far Heroes has fallen. So much that was great about the show is now gone or greatly diluted. As an avid fan of the first season of Heroes, I find myself shocked at what has become of it. I can't help but ask so many questions about what's happened to this show.. Whatever happened to the intelligent, complex, and mysterious plots we saw in the first season and even to a lesser degree the second? Whatever happened to the introduction of characters in a steady and well-arched manner? Whatever happened to "ordinary people with extraordinary abilities" that everyone could relate to? Back in season 1 when things were just getting started, Heroes had everything going for it. Deep plots that may have occasionally seemed confusing or conflicting, but generally turned out well and with some amazing attention to detail that certainly left me impressed. Interesting characters who, while the majority had an "ability", were still just people with their own regular lives they had to take care of as well. After watching this new season, it's hard to believe that any of these things ever existed on the same show.

    Even season 2, which I watched with growing disdain, was more attention-grabbing and relatable. Characters began popping up everywhere, many of them in nonsensical ways to the original plots of the show. However I, as I'm sure many others did as well, forgave the waning interest and weakening plots on the writer's strike that unfortunately cut the second season short. But what excuse is there this time around?

    Now here we are in season 3. A time when most shows are already well into their comfort zones and doing what they do best. But Heroes is struggling to just have one good episode. Every plot that has been introduced this season has been convoluted to the verge of being insulting. Almost like the writers are just sitting there saying "you just don't understand our work". Characters are flying out of every orifice, virtually all of them with abilities. The ordinary life attribute of the show has been eroded to the point that there are maybe 3-4 main & supporting characters total without them.

    ----Possible Spoilers to Follow----

    What's the most insulting about the new season of Heroes is the reuse of the same old plots and personalities, some of them that were unpopular to begin with. Nathan has yet again been on a crusade doing what he thinks is "right". Of course it involves mass control with him at the center. How many times is he going to be the well-intentioned bad guy? Claire with another random love interest to act ignorant and school-girlish over (who on a side note I have named "West v2.0: new and improved with bigger nose"). Matt can now somehow paint the future (a power which should have died with Isaac), Nikki is back as her strangely identical twin sister Tracy, Daphne who was thought to be dead is somehow still alive.. The list just goes on and on.

    The last thing that has forced me to stop watching this show is how little the plots seem to actually mean in the grand scheme of things. For a show that calls itself a serial saga, and focuses on depth and complex plots it seems to very little sight into it's overall goals. Characters that previously had no powers now do, which I feel jumps the shark and forsakes the premise of the show. Villains like Adam Monroe, and Arthur Petrelli were built up to be ultimate baddies, but overall had no impact on the show. It makes me wonder why they even bothered introducing these characters if the only villain they're going to keep going back to is Sylar.

    ----Spoiler End----

    Overall I don't see myself going back to watching Heroes unless it has a serious overhaul. They need to get back to the things that work best, which is what the first season did excellently. Many characters that seem to be going nowhere should be changed or removed from the show. I'm still holding out a little hope that the next season of Heroes will be better than one, and may again catch my attention. But I've completely lost faith on this season.
  • started with season 1 which was excellent

    season 1 brilliant! season 2 still good (i personally thought the Adam and Hiro plot was good) season 3 poor, infat very poor! Bring back the excitment of season 1 please, the tension the goal which everyone was trying to work towards 'save the cheerleader save the world' All the petrelli family (including Claire) just completely overact and ruin the show for me. Sylar probably the most coolest hero has taken a turn for the worst!, who cares about his father, I liked the premise at the beging of season 3 when he started to work with Claires father, this was a step in the right direction for the show, as it kept you guessing. Come on Tim Kring make sure season 4 gets back to the original premise.
  • The show was exciting for the first season. Then season two started.

    So back in season one, the show was new and interesting and their "Save the cheerleader, save the world" ads were attention grabbing. And the show was exciting for the first season. But my biggest with the show was that it changed scenes and storylines to frequently and to many characters all over the place making it hard to keep track of what everyone was doing. Then season two started. It was still good until about half way through when the plots and storylines started going down hill fast. It also continued with the quick scene changes but added even more characters. Frankly its time to just end it.
  • Heroes is an excellent show. It started off strong with Season 1, and had a bit of a slump during Season 2. The show has made an excellent recovery in Season 3.

    Heroes is back on the up-and-up this season. I think that we're all still recovering from season 2 being so bad. Now that we're out of Japan, we're ok again. Thank goodness for Sylar. He continues to keep us entertained. I'd like to see a little more Peter and a little less Nathan, though. I am always a little surprised about how characters just disappear; i.e. the flying boy. Overall, I'm just happy that we are limiting Hiro's flashbacks. That was a terrible storyline. I found myself fast forwarding every time he had a flashback/traveled back into time. Thanks for moving forward with an interesting storyline!
  • Volume Four From Three: A Heroes Reveiw

    Season One saw Heroes at its prime, the most amazing and in its style, the most original show of the TV season. This year Heroes has taken harsh reviews and terrifying viewership losses, but does it deserve it? Volume Three yes, was terrible in dialogue and certain characters failed to develop: Claire was the same teenage girl thinking she was a freak as she was in Season Two and One. Possibly only Sylar saw the best development but even he was scarily awkward at times. In fact his development may have been too fast, the writers didn't take the time to perfect the characters: make then 3-D. Season Two may have been slow but at least there was development. However in Volume Three's defence the ideas were superb: Matt Parkman's dad as Linderman, the villain being Arthur Pertrelli (however this character was by far the worst in the volume) are just some examples. Although I don't mind complexity, Volume Three didn't bring in the mystery of how the future comes true to the best of its ability. Yet the episode 'Villains', apart from Sylar, was perfectly put into the continuity of Heroes. However the episode 'Dual' was superbly put together, Sylar's tricks were cleverly weaved together: ending Volume Three on a positive note.So I see Heroes: Volume Three was not able to reboot the Heroes 'Factor' back into the show: But what about Volume Four? Well Volume Four began with some action, I love the idea of the super-powered people being rounded up: it really brings in a plot and problem thats different from the end of the world senario. Although the first episode was action packed and fast, it was only above the average standard of Volume Three by a few feet. The character development wasn't really needed but the tracking and capturing of the characters had a cat chase thrill to it and the new character 'The Hunter' was a grim masterpeice (superb in fact compared to Arthur Petrelli). However it was the second and third episode that really said to me that Volume Four could be the closest yet to Volume One. The Second episode 'Trust And Blood' took the best structure of a Season Three episode yet: the dark themes were well executed. The phone-call of how Daphne was killed and how everything fell apart from magnificantly timed. The dialogue had vastly improved above Volume Three. It showed how they were people, more 3-D than anything else: I actually liked the manipulative Tracey Strauss in this episode: her personality was best brought out. Thus, a clever plot and strong timing made this episode one that could at least stand up to rival one of the lesser episodes of Season One. Although it was episode three that impressed me most. Claire was actaully fun to watch, there was a renewed energy within her: her fighting against her father felt almost new. Although Hiro and Ando's storyline wasn't as well executed it was still good at times. Moreover Tracey Strauss and Nathan's storyline became stronger, the Hunter was pushed forward as a ruthless villain. The dialogue of the episode was superb, as well as the directing which, along with the episodes acting and structure made 'Building 26' the defining episode of Season Three so far. I'm sure the writers are on the right track, this is what Volume Two had led up to: Volume Three was just the writers trying to make the show faster and more action packed. So now Volume Four is here along with new mysteries and potential threats: Heroes has returned and with high quality, high hopes and actually characters that could be cherished. If Volume Four remains or becomes better I am sure that we will see Volume Five become the level of perfection that the loayal fans of Heroes have been waiting for. Just be more patient.
  • What happened??? This show went from the best thing on TV to a garbled mess of bad acting and pointless plot lines. At this point it is officially garbage and I dont see a way back.

    The Question I now find myself asking on a weekly basis is... what happened? The first season of this show was a flawless rendering of comic fantasy executed in a way that captured the imagination of all demographics, Male, female, young, old, it mattered not this show was TV Gold and I was happy. The second season (what I can remember of it) introduced amnesiac Petrelli and his merry band of Irish gangsters, Immortal Samurai and Hot Mexican chick with black bleeding death eyes... I waited for it to come together like the opening of the Chinese Olympics but instead I was forced to face the reality that the original writers had been replaced with some kind of script writing software, no doubt running on Windows Vista. Nothing made sense no story linked and the plot was so messy I still feel like I'm watching season 2. The last episode I watched of season 3 had a scene so ridiculous (Peter and Parkman doing mind control in a corridor) that I actually laughed out loud. I have been cheated, The show has crashed like the American economy and my investment is now worthless.
  • Incoherence

    I have to write something, because I'm so disappointed. (excuse my English)
    The writers are ruining the show. They make the heroes acting like stupids!
    - In "cold wars": why Matt and Mohinder get caught? Matt can make a room look empty! He did that before when he was with Daphne to escape the villains! So why? It's the same thing in "Exposed": he could make the corridor look empty, he had 30 seconds (said Rebel) instead of that he act like stupid!
    - Matt paint the future, but it seems that he forgot all the things he painted! In "trust and blood" he let Daphne get shot. PLEASE ! he went back there to save her and let her stood exactly like in the painting and so get shot! Its exactly the same thing, when he paint himself with the dynamite around his chest, it's seem that he couldn't understand this painting that he made ten time! He let that happen again! What the point of painting the future?
    - Peter get trapped with Tracy by Nathan (in "Trust and Blood"), so why in "Exposed " he seems surprise when he read in the mind of Noah that the rendez-vous is a trap! So he stood there like stupid trying to understand and so get shot! PLEASE! And the "one power at the time" thing is so stupid. He knows he can't fly and find a point of rendez-vous there, where he had no exit way! He should have prepare and exit because it's not the first time Nathan betrayed him!
    - And Sylar's road trip: unnecessary, pointless
    - Tracy killed an innocent and so did exactly what danko wanted The writers make the heroes act like STUPIDS, it seems like they forgot all the things that happen in Heroes from the beginning. There is no surprise in the reaction of the heroes, we are always disappointed. It can be more intelligent if for example the adversaries were more powerful or have something to block the power of the heroes (so we can understand that they don't use their powers in the right way) .
    I keep watching because, every week, I hope things are going to change, but I'm so disappointed each time!
  • This episode should have been named "How to spoil a really good plot line and plant a HUGE flop"

    It's unclear what the writers are trying to concoct this Volume; almost every episode since the beginning of Volume IV sees the beginning of yet another plot line which ridiculously spins off from a previous plot line and they've got so many threads not securely fastened that are starting to unravel and that causes them to make silly flops like the one in this episode: in the scence where peter is about to meet Bennet to exchange Matt and Daphne for the stolen information, he escapes death at the last minute by FLYING, but, as he himself stated, he can only keep one ability at a time and before he and Matt went into Building 26 he took Matt's ability and he did not touch Nathan before the meeting with Bennet and only AFTER the escape scene when he talks to Nathan and his mother he is seen touching Nathan thereby taking his ability to fly.
    This is a MAJOR flop that could have been avoided if they would have thought this episode (and all of Volume IV for that matter) through.
    I really hope that they'll take a break now (even though I love this show) and sit down to really plan the Volume ahead so we can continue enjoying this awesome show and they can, beacuse frankly there are so many aspects of the show in which they have not even began to scratch the surface.
  • It is greatest SHOW EVER!!!!!

    It is superb and if zou all don t like it don t watch it... What doesn t happening? Many things are happening... You audiens should have little more emagination couse there isn t perfections even in real life... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1
  • What is going on with the show??

    For Me it was the best show ever!!! But now what is happenning?? I really do not understand... are we going to see better in the later episodes??
    I really hope so..

    why are they changing the concept of powers and of the story ...
    I've always seen that Peter,Hiro and Sylar are the most important characters in the show, after that comes Matt,Claire,Noah,Naithan,Angela.... some others...

    Now the power of Peter is totally ruined to me,I try to watch each episode hoping that peter will get his power back, going back to the last episode of Volume 3 when peter had the shot and flew right away without touching naithan, that means he should be able to take powers without touching the person..and get his old power back.. if this won't happen that means there is somthing totally wrong with the story over here...

    There was so many actions happening in the previous volumes, which had some exciting amazing moments,which made us can't wait for the next week where the next episode shows up to watch. I don't see this happening anymore, and it is really disappointing.

    I hope that this is only a phase of couple of episodes then the hype will come back :D..

    Let us wait until the end and see what will happen.
  • Heroes continues its agonizing death spiral into cancellation land.

    Heroes is essentially over and done with, and the writers and producers seems to know this on some level. This episode, as with all of season 3, continues the downward spiral. Peter has been essentially neutered, and his formerly incredibly powerful ability thrown away. Although Sylar is now completely without equal, and with all of his combined abilities, could basically take over the world at this point. He can create his own gold, and could nearly instantly become the wealthiest person in the world, but instead travels around in a beat up old car with some kid, on a daddy-issues road trip. There is quite literally nothing stopping him from taking the abilities of all of the characters on the show now, but... he doesn't. Why? Because that would make for a short series. The mistakes made in the incredibly poorly written season 3 are so fatal, they cannot be undone, and the series is stuck treading water like this until it is inevitably canceled.
  • Another Episode of Nathan stumbling and bumblign his way to stupidity.

    Please dump the current storyline. As soon as possible. That's all that's needed to fix Heroes. Yes its kind of interesting that the Heroes are being hunted but the motivations for it are silly. Especially Nathan. His character went from being interesting in the first season and even in the second to being absurd in Season 3. The problem I have with this series now is that its marred with characters that have become ridiculous. Nathan. Claire. Hiro. Tracy. Mohinder. These 5 characters are ruining a good series, and Peter is sort of on the fence. Now that his powers are nerfed and there's no more time travel or instant healing he's back to actually being in peril. However the previous 5 really need to exit the series, they're uninteresting or silly, and ultimately the biggest losers of Season 3. Lets look at each one, Mohinder, Season 1 and 2 he was a noble scientist trying to learn more and the Heroes and even help them. He was like a Professor X type character and though he didn't possess powers himself his character was very interesting. Season 3, he morphed into a spider-like freak with strength and apparently no moral hinderances whatsoever. Nathan in Season 1 and 2 was an ambitious politician with moral flexibility struggling to do what's right. Season 3 he's become plastic man with his flexibility and simply stumbles his way forward like he has some sort of plan. He chose to save his brother and new york city from being blown up... but now he wants to imprison innocent people for no reason. Does Aqua Boy's power endanger people? Seriously?! Claire's family issues and coming to terms with her powers were interesting in Season 1, but after 2 MORE seasons of her teenage Melodrama and trust issues with daddy. Its just become tiresome and a waste of screen time. Hiro used to be one of the favored characters in the show. His personality and powers were refreshing and fun, but his coming of age in Season 1 and Season 2 have given way to his comic relief role of Season 3. He's become a clown. Tracy/Nikki/Jessica had an interesting storyline in Season 1 and it was nicely concluded at the end of the Volume. Now its become so silly I want to change the channel everytime her character is on screen. Can she just leave? The biggest legacy the previous writers left the show with is this silly plot. Nathan wants to round up EVERYONE with powers, even water breathing powers, cause they're too dangerous. And now DC is going to be nuked with some sort of personal explosive pack? Those don't exist and even if they did how would someone with powers be blamed? Wouldn't it be easier to blame the Iranians? Tons of people know that Matt Parkman can't NUKE anyone with his mind control powers so why would HE be the scape goat? I feel this was just plain rushed and is beyond idiotic. The plot was starting to become a little more interesting after last episode, but this nuke storyline has sent it nose diving. I hope next plot line they create, if they even get one, will be less ludicrous then this.

    i started watching heroes from the beginning of season one
    i loved it, it went into season 2 only being ok, but season 3 is just a huge mess! theyre recycling old plot lines, all the good characters are dead, and their just making it up as they go along! i cant stand watching this anymore, i missed about two episodes and i watched last ngihts, and i felt like i still knew what was going on. they have got to get better writers. Plus, all the powers used on the show now are copmpletely useless. Freezing? Wow, at least in season one the powers were cool
  • This show is dead to me now..

    Heroes used to be my favorite show. I watched the last couple episode, because I was waiting for it to come back from the dead.. I feel, that the writers are either empty or playing a practicle joke on us, viewers. It took me 5 days to get through this episode.. I really wanted it to be good, but it was just a disappointment.. This is the episode, where I simply draw the line.. No more time-wasting.. Too many other good shows to waste anymore time on Heroes.. Sorry, but this show is dead to me now.. Too bad.. Maybe some other network will do a good show about superheroes.. Thanx for the first 2 seasons...
  • Cinematic Entertainment!

    Of course, the story line of Heroes has dropped since the beginning of season 2, but the series is still high-class entertainment. All these big-budget series could definitely compete with cinema these days. I believe that the biggest problem Heroes has, is that there are so many things going on every episode, you just can't enjoy all these highlights. I mean, who cares if somebody dies when two minutes later, the character is back on? Still, in my opinion one of the best action/drama series out there. Even if it's getting a bit darker every season.

    BTW: Has anyone noticed all the similarities to Watchmen?
  • still great

    the events happening now are a natural evolvement of the series,otherwise it would be just about some superheroes doing some good deeds and saving the world yet again,if i wanted to see that i would go pick up a comicbook instead.
    this show is still great,if you want to see the typical thirteen in a dozen superheroes stuff then you should go to the closest comicbook store instead.
    the primary reason why i like this serie so much is because it doesnt show superheroes in the typical spandex suits going off to save the day with the o so typical villain popping up when needed.
    these heroes struggle through daily life because of their powers.
  • Going from Excellent, to poor to good to bad and now just falling off the terrible into an endless pit of darkness. Can't watch it anymore.

    Going from Excellent, to poor to good to bad and now just falling off the terrible into an endless pit of darkness. Can't watch it anymore. The whole story just smells of "forceful" writing. The twists and turns are no longer even interesting. No matter how much you spin it. In my opinion less would have been more in this respect. Too much fancy shmancy, but not enough attention to detail, properly telling the story and just lacking common sense. The "senator" character is one of the most ridiculous out there along with the "father" which seems to be invaluable to every fracking covert organization in the US. Poor poor poor. Again disappointed.
  • Heroes remains my favorite show and I understand the criticism about the show since season 2. Season 3 is a vast improvement but season 1 is still the best season and my favorite.

    Although I agree with certain points that other reviewers and critics made about not liking season 3, its much better than season 2. Season 2 seemed to derail the whole show but the story seems to be back on track with season 3. The areas of the plot that bother me, like many others, is Nathan's attitude. It seems out of character and I have to wonder if he has another agenda. I do not like whats happened with Hiro but he and Ando are still my favorite characters. Hiro stays true to fulfilling his destiny. I am satisfied with the cast as a whole though. I feel like I have to see this show through to the end.
  • Was this heroes???

    This was heroes? This was once my favorite shoe? Because know im just desapointed. I mean the caharacters are lame and stupid. Each one of them they are good and bad....when ever they want. Is like suddenly they wakeup one day and deside to be bad, and the next day good.
    I found my self really thinking this is a joke, a bad and long joke. And praying to found out everything from season 2 and 3 is just a bad dream of isaac mendez.
    Ali larter is in the show??? What hapen to....8 important character they just kill or desapear? Are there any good actors in the show? Is Claire more stupid every time she is in the show. And by the way heroes writers if you are going to copy every episode and comic book of the x-men....just try....try to make it good. I feel they just read every comic book of x-men and pick pages form one and other randomly and puting them together in something they call a script ...because actually that is not a script is just bad wrinting.
    I only have 2 things to say, reboot everything of finish it. This is far the most disapointed show on tv just below lost.
  • All your questions answered...well maybe not all but just watch it...lol

    There are always episodes that u have to build on and then there are the ones that let you know whats going on how it went down and whats to come...

    The former police officer is shaping up nicely, but would he have killed Noah if he didn't tell him where Daphanie was or that she was alive... hmmm

    Nathan is tipping his hand in the wrong direction. I think I have this season figured out but I'm not tellin... lol

    Can anyone trust Noah? He is so good at playing both sides its really cool, should he be the next James Bond...lol

    I want to see just how far Claire will go if she's pushed to the brink. And Shuresh is he playing both sides undercover? The show is coming along just great.
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