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  • My favorite show EVER!

    Heroes is the best show I have ever watched. I look forward to every episode. I cannot imagine anyone thinking that it is a "waste of time". Heroes gives you the opportunity to imagine what might happen if our childhood fantasies of having a real superpower. It also incorporates the classic "good vs. evil" but also encompases the fact that in this world in which we live, there are so many wavering fine lines between what is good and what is evil.

    The show is wonderfully written, it keeps you guessing. Just when you thought that you had it all figured out, they throw a wrench in your theory.

    I cannot wait to see what happens next!
  • Once Heroes was great show, now it's a super boring piece of crappy cinematography.

    It started with several people with super powers and nice storyline. Now almost every character in the show has it's power, even those who didn't have it at the beginning. Story is AWFUL, too much dialogues and zero action, heroes become villains, villains become heroes, everybody running everywhere. I stopped reading the story a season ago, because it's pointless. They kill a hero today and resurrect it tomorrow. All the stuff about The Company is twisted and probably worse in the history.

    If you are looking to start watching this show, throw this thought away IMMEDIATELY, because you WILL be disappointed very soon.
  • I have just watched the most amazing epiode in the history of tv.

    This is still the best show on tv. I will never understand why people don't find Heroes great any more.
    It was very clear that This episode was like the first premiere of heroes's first volume. Our heroes are normal people again as we wanted. Very few abilities are used and it was a real drama with a pack of action. Allusions to the first episode were clear like Peter's getting in Mohinder's taxi and at the end the episode ended with holding hands. I really enjoyed it and I have never missed an episode or a minute of the show from the very first beginning. Good job.
  • I gave it a nine because of the 1st season minus the finale. Heroes is a good show, but some drafts need to be written, or the show will have a different story every week. Stories that have nothing to do with each other.

    I was blasted with the first season. It had everything I would find Lost having every season - mystery, drama, mild action, sci-fi, comedy relief... but one thing was missing - a gripping season finale.

    Every episode was built to that one moment, the moment we were going to see if Peter exploded, or didn't. In the end, it really didn't matter. And then it went downhill.

    The second season began really boring, but when it finally came to the end, it was OK. I wasn't that disappointed. The third season began great, really, really great. And then it simply happened. The writers had no idea what they had been writing.

    Time travel destroyed Heroes. Completely unnecessary, it broke the rules of previous episodes every week. You had to learn to roll with it. After some nonsenses I saw (Tracy, Eclipse part 2, Mohinder...), I started to lose interest. Some of the last episodes were great, thanks God. And with "Fugatives", they have a chance to make everything right. But... I do appreciate the clean start, but to erase everything that had ever happened?! Shame, and amazingly stupid. A friendly advice: Do not create a mystery drama unless you take three weeks and write down everything that you are going to be doing. Past actions, present actions, and deffintely, when talking about Heroes, future actions.
  • HEROES is a good idea destroyed by bad writting.

    I'm really just tired. Seasons One had some horrible writting and very bad plot holes but I stuck through it and was happy. Then came Season 2. Need I say more? But I have to say I was really excited for Season Three. This was HEROES chance for redemption and it was a very lame season finalle. Now they're being hunted and to be honest with HRG and Nathan and Nathan's MOM hunting down the other HEROES, I mean REALLY!?! So I guess the writers were like "Hey were out of ideas lets basically take the ideas of Season 1 & 3 together that should work." Cause Season 3 was an improved Season 2. And ...you know what thank you HEROES for taking an amazing concept and raping it in such away you took away the childhood dream of people having superpowers. I didn't think you could do that but somehow you found a way.
  • Brilliant Program the only thing that puts it down is people moaning about it and ten the creator changes it to please these people!

    I love heroes its my favourite program, I am personally sick of all of these bad reviews its getting pathetic now, if you dont like heroes why go on to heroes site on tv.com and bit*h about it whats the point. You are ruining it for those of us who love the show and Tim Kring does lkisten to our bad reviews and then changes the entire way of the program trying to bend over backwards to please the people who moan about it, please stop.

    Anyway Season 1 was really good season 2 started off retty boring but got to be really good the first half of season 3 amazing and so far the second half of it is turning out amazing too if you watch it you'll love it.
  • Dark Heroes - a TV series in the shadows.

    Why on earth are most episodes shot in almost complete darkness??? Many scenes are almost pitch black and you can't see what's going on, not even the faces of the actors! It is so annoying!!! Is it some kind o trick to hide the mistakes in the set or mistakes made by the actors in the scene??? I can understand that when it's a night scene in an open field the actors must be in the dark, but when they are inside a location, why don't they turn on the lights??? They still do everything in the dark!
    Does the director (or maybe the actors...) have some kind of light fobia?? Also, these Review rules are extremely irritating - I don't need 100 words to express my opinion about a TV series, specially when I can't see what's on the screen, except for the subtitles. Need more text? sjvhsd fywsenfzm,n zsrfg mmxvn sflg.fdd çfbdç lbdb,d~b,d pobdçh,~rlbnvgb, kpsdgdb,d pdlgh,~bn lçdfbd~h bf fsgsgs hhhhgdtr çb~rh,~fçn,fb, dçbmep jge vdpgoada kjshdjkshd lsduwer ebnasc hdgdtetege, jasbd bas nKSDoa nLSD nabna sj ehfg lxicfgc askjdfs,.gkjafowiru aoisdaof dnalsnca nc laldqmfda pjfpqfmçs ahafstrwee bxfgstwe lsdfg,regnlsvasm,.fcfwql gnsiv uq0wk gjn2egn asf wfw ofhafjf jsv sen wsg eo t woiwo, gwo gjoegeltkrg dlhd bmsdvs ovhjaoivns vsvmdbçmdbç mdçbm mMOre blablabd fhyrgg bckdjrur bncmasldor g fdada sd fjmfgktiy bncvxcte b,bohmf bs
  • Now that they've ruined Petrelli, what else is there to SCREW UP? Oh yea, THE SHOW!

    I'm going to agree with another TV reviewer here emma5000. I too am close to being done with heroes. Season 1 was amazing, season else has just been downright ridiculous. What is the pre-occupation with "the future"? This need to look forward all the time is leaving current "present" storyline a whole lot of confusing. Lets face it folks. Season 1 was spot on and now, they can't keep. And so little by little, they're making dumb mistakes after another. I'm sticking around for this season end. But for the love of God, if they dont start to move back in the right direction that was season 1, that's the end.
  • I think Heroes is an awesome show !

    I don't know if it's the fact that I really like the idea of supernatural powers or what but I find this an awesome show.Yes I agree it has it's ups and downs like any show.
    When I first saw the preview I thought that might be a cool show and I didn't end up watching it but when the third season started I thought I might watch the it . My favourite character is Peter Petrelli and if they got rid of him I would stop watching the show !Some of my other fav characters are Claire and Hiro.
  • Looks like bad writing...

    I can not understand why they keep surfacing new characters just to kill them off on the next episode! I am talking about the soldier who is given the formula (which is destroyed soon after it is created). They show us the soldier, make him a super-soldier and then kill him! Now they came across this downgrading on Peters powers. I am really finding it difficult to keep watching! It seems the show is down the hill. Getting Sylar a sidekick was also very lame, wait, but if they keep on the track they are know, microwave-boy will be killed on the next episode.
  • Heroes was great for it's first few chapters, then, this season, it went downhill rapidly like a skier attempting to outrun an avalanche. I used to look forward to Monday nights, and now I just stare in disbelief at the convoluted storylines & bad acting

    A story about Heroes is truly pointless if the characters have powers, then lose powers, then regain powers, then die and come back to life! I'm unsure why I even bother to watch Heroes anymore, now that everyone is constantly angry, over-reacting to every word spoken to them and screwing up their faces as they spit out their stiff, asinine lines.

    What happened to the exciting storylines when you actually cared about what happened? Why is it necessary to take away powers, or give powers, to random characters? I'm not sure why I, or anyone else, should even care anymore. It has become trite, pointless and contrived, and I'm only watching a couple more episodes before I finally give up ship and admit that Heroes has indeed jumped the shark.
  • So, coming into this new season Heroes had a revamp. New writers, new producers, new ideas...but what has that turned into? Nathan has become the head of a branch of the government that hunts down and captures people with super human abilities.

    As soon as I realized that I wasn't watching a bad episode of Lost meets Prison Break, I settled into a reality where Heroes was jumping the shark. This episode looked very similar to an episode that was the combination of season one and season two, Claire is a rebel, Nathan is leading a self righteous cause, Peter is being way over dramatic, Noah is torn, and Sylar is evil...or is he? Without Peter having his real powers, the show lacks a true character to move the story along. When Ando and Parkman are the most crucial characters in an episode, the story arch seems to be either not developed or even discussed in the writer's meetings. If Sylar were to become the focus and he begins forming a team similar to the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, then the season could become what it once was...entertaining. Until then, a powerless Hiro and powerless Peter equals a powerless program that NBC brass should consider demoting back to a mid-season replacement.
  • Far and away the worst thing on TV

    If this show couldnt get any worse.The ep begins after the plane crash.They dont even show it happen! Next thing you know the 'Heroes'(i say that loosely.they never save anyone but them selves)are running from a swat team of some sort...no reasons of how they got there so quick or how the cast survived.Nathans bat sh!t crazy,willing to hurt everyone he has met in the last 3 years.HRG is helping.why? But the worst thing ever is the killing off of the last remainning plot line (that was good) Daphne!!!no ones even sad and they could use the chearleaders blood.but no.
  • The first two seasons were almost unbelievable, i hope the third season will live up to them!

    Heroes reads to me like the start of a real life xmen, in another fictional sense. The unique powers of individuals is nothing groundbreaking, but the variety and the infinite possibilities that have been portrayed are always thought provoking. Heroes are always to be shadowed by villains and suitably the second series titles was this. As a poetic reflection the villains aren't always as they seem and as the story unfolds the villains and heroes wane between factions. In some sense the same as normal people in daily situation. I really enjoyed every episode in the first season, it left each week hanging on a vital scene each usually involving a different character. The first and second series worked heavily to introduce many characters. The third series began with some heavy delving into the origins of the powers held by some original heroes, unfortunately not always explaining the abilities very well but allowing the viewer to make a few conclusions of their own.
    As the third season break came some plots are beginning to dry up and the need to draw on the time traveling antics are coming back to haunt us. This can work to lock the entire plot together -so long as the writers don't try to undo the truths of time.
    Nicely they have stripped the time bending power from Hero, in what i see as an effort to curb this interfering with the stories timeline plot.

    I will be waiting eagerly to see what Nathan and Peter do in the third series wit the introduction of there long lost father...

    Love the cheerleader!!
  • Weak plots, bad dialogue and just well not good. shame.

    Its no use, i never thought I'd join the people that said it can't make a comeback but i really thinks is too late. The last episode 3x15 was just well, just pretty rubbish. The acting and dialogue is very bad claire and peter being the worst offenders, and hiro and HRG looking very close to joining them. The wrong people have been killed, I'd like to see claire and peter axed, don't get me wrong peter was great in season 1 but ever since the hair got cut, like samson his strength has deserted him. Don't get me stared on claire its just bad really bad, school play acting. I would have liked it if they had kept adam (someone that actually had a three dimensional character) and kept nathan as a bearded drunk not able to get over his brothers death how i want all my heroes to be. At least sylar can still act all be it, it seems the direction of his scenes though still very enjoyable is getting cheesier. Ando i think is one of the few thing's they've got right and his supercharger power. oh and bring back claude.
  • The first season was average, but after that my interest fell faster than a rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The only interesting story is the Asian guy with time traveling powers.

    Honestly, I think this is the most overrated show right next to American Idol.

    At first, the story seemed unique, but after a while interest fades away. A major flaw in the show, in my opinion, is the fact that if you miss even one episode you are completely lost with the episode right after it. The show is obvoiusly about heroes (hence the title of the show) with superpowers. It is like 5 or 6 little shows in one because every person has a different story to tell. The bad thing is the fact that nearly every story gets dull FAST. The cheerleader's story is descent and the Asian guy's story is kind of good, but unfortunately he doesn't get a lot of air time on TV.

    If the show was only about the Asian guy, I would see the show on a weekly basis, but that isn't the case so I would give this show only a 6.5 out of 10.
  • What is going on with Heroes this season ?

    Was totally hooked on the show since it started couldn't get enough of it. I was on the edge of my seat every week. That is until this season started! I have to admit it has me pretty bored and honestly starting to lose interest ! Things are getting a bit confusing and I am having a hard time following along even without having ever missed an episode. How to they expect to attract new viewers ? I sincerely hope things pick up soon otherwise I will be dropping this show from my "must watch" list.
  • Flying, frying, dying... Not buying.

    When Heroes started, it grabbed the world by the... EYE balls. Both my wife and I watched it while balancing precariously on the edge of our couch. It seemed clear to me that the show was going somewhere, and whilst we - the viewers - didn't know exactly where that was, it was structured in a way that had you hooked. Other than Nicky, who was a glorified Schizophrenic, really, most of the characters were gripping. Sylar made your skin crawl. the characters tended to be consistent in their morals and agendas, and if they flipped, it added up. I really like the whole Hiro stuck-in-the-past storyline of Season 2, while Claire's "teenageness" started to grate somewhat. "I love my dad, I hate my dad, I love my dad." Come on, Claire Bear! Now, in Season 3, I find her mostly irritating, while Noah seems to roam around with a gun and a grimace.

    Peter. Nathan. Angela and Arthur. That whole family thing could've been developed better. Menacing looks and threats, and claims of family relations seem to fight for screen time now. "You're my son!" Viewers gasp. "No, you're not, actually." Viewers yawn.

    Matt has abandoned Molly somewhere and has somehow fallen in love with an irritating blonde Flash Girl, who loves to tilt her head and make silly faces, before blurring away. Now, Matt seems so desperate for her but leaves me wondering how he - or anyone - could fall for her.

    And Mohinder, forever leaning over a test tube and beaker, picking at a scale glued to his skin...

    Look, there's still enough going on to keep me watching. And I'm sure I've upset some of the die-harder fans who see no weakness in the show. But, whereas in Season 1 and 2, where I couldn't wait for the next episode, now, I've got them waiting for me to watch them. And I think that's because there's a feeling of we're-not-sure-where-we're-going this season. It seems to be all over the place, and so I wonder just how much longer Heroes will be on our screens.
  • Welcome back friend

    I was sick at home, missing the outside world. As a fan of Gilmore Girls I decided to check out the actors other work. That is how I found Heroes, through Milo. I was absolutely infatuated. I watched through season 1,2,3 in less than a week. I admit, I became obsessed. I couldn't wait for this episode to begin us on volume four. The only thing I'm upset about it Peter losing his powers. He was, and still is, my favorite character. He only tries to do the right thing. I just hope the writers of the show know what's good for them and find some way to get Peter and Hiro back their powers. They are the few that really deserve to have them. I understand the Peter has some sort of power now but it he is only able to hold one at a time... It's not the same. All in all, despite the small issues where I want to punch the television, love this show. Incontrovertible favorite. ~ Lauren Flores
  • Got boring after the first couple of seasons

    The first season of this show was one of the most original things to hit TV screens in years. The story,acting and visuals were like nothing viewers had seen on TV before. Then came season 2...

    The first half was okay but no where near the brilliance of season 1 and the second half I can't even remember. I did watch the first few episodes of season 3 but I found that the week after I couldn't remember what had happened the previous week because quite frankly it was boring and with Heroes being the type of TV show where it is vital that you keep up with the story line I gave up, and apparently I am not the only one giving the lower ratings this season.

    But like I said previously this show was excellent when it first began and I think that it is possible for it to return to its former glory. I plan to catch up again at some point cause I really want to see if they can bring it back to what it once was.
  • A show filled with super powered humans, its everyones dream!

    This is in my top 10 favourite shows of all time, I can't get enough of superhero shows/films. The series starts off with people around the world suddenly realising they have these fantastic abilities that one would only dream of and they eventually find out they have to save the world, yeah 'been there done that' comes to mind but the show is called 'Heroes' and its how the whole sci-fi superhero thing works. We go through these characters lives and see how they struggle with or relish these abilities and you really do get attached to a lot of the characters, minus a few annoying ones but they do start to grow on you. The show isn't just about saving the world, it is also about the development of their inner selves and the actions each of these characters makes on their path to growing into a hero or villain. One particular character that stands out is Sylar as he is the main villain and what a character he is! I was a bit worried when he was going all goody two shoes on us but thankfully the writers did the truly right thing and turned him into an evil psycho again. This show got a lot of stick after the 1st season as the 2nd didn't live up to the hype however the 3rd was probably the best I've seen in a long time and I will keep watching more as it seems to be on the rise all the time. Heroes with super powers, it don't get much better than that.

    With the new 19th episode of the 3rd season, we can see that all the heroes became so week with Nathan's plan. But it wasn't the case for all of them. Just one still so much strong and nobody couldn't stop him. It's just SYLAR !!!! Personnaly, I won't be surprised if he'll become the unstoppable one. With hope that the scenarists will make him the principal role of the show.
    In general, people like the good person on the show but sincerly in this one, SYLAR has a mysterious caracter which make him under the light of the suspence...
  • This show is great!!!!

    This show is great!!!! I have watched this show since the series premiere, and I have never missed one episode and I DVR it on top of that just in case life happens, and I own the 1st and 2nd season dvds. When this show is on I don't answer the phone, I don't talk to anyone and anyone who interupts my guilty pleasure gets their head bitten off. I'm sooooo happy its finally back and that Peter got his powers back, he has my favorite power, but Hiro is my favorite Hero. I love this show!!!
  • A stagnant series, gains momentum...finally.

    A series that was getting to be boarder line, redundant, finally has made its' first big jump in a new direction since season one. The expectations that everyone has had with one another are completely thrown into a hat and drawn at random. The possibility of an alliance between all heroes and villains isn't necessarily new, but new enough to keep the series going. We've all been down the road before with Sylar and his inability to maintain a normal lifestyle, but this time around, the fans may actually get what they want. If the government puts out a wanted list for all people with powers, this may only force Sylar to finally help out, without having secondary meanings behind it.
  • The tension was finally building up--we are finally seeing why everything was rushing past so fast.

    Heroes season 1 started out fresh and new, became dull in season 2, and then started a whole new direction in season 3. It started out a bit too fast, with events rushing past before fans can say: 'huh?' However, the second part was a complete turnabout--the story line kept the watchers gripping onto their seats and screaming in their heads: "what's next! what's next!"

    The characters were finally developing, making them stand out in their role in the show. Nathan had finally took a side, with HRG following next to him. Thankfully, now Claire can finally be a hero after acting like a 'villianwannabe'. The plot was amazing. The heroes were able to finally use their powers, which was what we were all hoping for. Hopefully, the next episode will surprise us with a brand new twist.
  • Awesome It was an awesome episode

    It was an awesome episode espically the end where mostly all of the main heroes almost die
    and it ended in a cliffhanger
    oh ya Sylar was awesome in this episode killing all those agents hahahahhaha

    oh comes on it tells me that I have to write anout 100 words review so this is gonna be boring this sucks so much I hate doing this I can't take it I don't feel like writing 100 words but I might as well

    so here are some random things pokemon I like pie and pizza and ice cream and avatar and dbz and Naruto and more stuff
  • Just couldn't get into it

    My fellow friends, I am in love with TV and I always give shows that I don't like the first time I see it another chance. I stick to my word and gave Heroes another chance. But frankly, I couldn't get into it.

    The plots just seemed dull and the characters just didn't get me interested. Most people I know enjoy Heroes but I just don't see what the whole hoop-la is about. I don't know why but it all seemed done before.

    There should be better shows on TV than this one but I really don't think this show should've been made
  • Can't wait for the next season!

    Heroes is a great show. While it can be very confusing to most who haven't followed since season one, simpley doing some online research or just watching and paying close attention can get you up to date. For example, I myself fell in love with the first season, but then had to miss out on the entire season two. I started watching again at season three, and I know completely what's going on!

    The show has many twists and turns and is very exciting to watch. I'm always on the edge of my seat, always wanting more.

    I can't wait for the next season! :)
  • it is a great show but you have to watch it from the very beginning to understand it, picking up in the middle of the series wont cut it

    it is a great show but you have to watch it from the very beginning to understand it, picking up in the middle of the series wont cut it. . . a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • Awesome!

    Heroes is one of the best shows ever. I love all the characters. Each episode makes you want more and more. Claire is my favorite character yet because she is just so freaking awesome. Peter is an awesome character as-well. Everytime I watch an episode I want to see what happens next. Heroes has a great story line and all the characters have way awesome powers. and the fourth season is going to be even better than the other seasons. All the action scenes are just totally awsesome. It is definetley one of my personal favorites. I think they have done an excellant job with this show. Go Heroes!!!!!
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