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  • Let's face it, if it wasn't for Hayden and Milo's off-screen relationship, chances are this show wouldn't even be airing after the writers' strike ended.

    This show jumped the shark before the last completed episode before the writers' strike began was aired on tv. While the majority of the cast isn't too bad, acting-wise, there is one person on there who shouldn't even be on that show let alone in showbiz. Yep, everybody's favorite blonde bimbo Hayden Panettiere who was a child star and should've quit once she hit adolescence, is an ill fit to a show about superheroes. Let's face it now, the only reason she's still relevant is because she has a relationship with a guy 12 years older than she is. There is nothing wrong with the fact that she's dating a much older man, but just so she can remain in the spotlight and to keep the show fresh is nothing short of pathetic. Let's face it, she can't even act her way out of a paper bag, her past roles in movies and tv showed that she's only limited when it comes to talent, and she does have a decent singing voice.
  • A once great show that hopefully will return to its glory days.

    This show is a huge favourite of mine, even if the 2nd and 3rd volumes aren't as good as the first. The characters in the first season were amazing and the story rattled along at a tremendous pace. The finale was thought by some to be a boit of a let down, though. The second season was a mess. Boring storylines and plot holes you could drive a double decker bus through. The show has picked up during the 3rd volume though, which I enjoyed in the main. Here's hopingthat volume 4 can get back to the greatness of volume 1 when it starts again in february.
  • What's the big idea?

    This show was pretty good during the first season. Or so I've heard. But this show seems to be getting more and more like a soap opera. Here's why: They are starting to bring people back to life over and over. They killed off a main character in only the first season. People say they like this show, though I have read that some people (Like me and my Mom) don't understand this show at all. Well, it's nice to have superpowers, but they might want to try and make it simple. In other words, easy to follow! No having one person be stuck inside a mirror, while another person who looks like them is walking around pretending to be them. I mean, how did that woman even emerge from the mirror? Or did she? I don't get it! Agh!
  • I love this show. It's absolutely amazing.

    Heroes is an amazing show. Every Monday morning the only thing that makes me happy is when I know a new Heroes is on that night. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes action, drama or science fiction shows. The fact that its a weekly serial makes it all the better. It likes watching the best comic book ever unfold in front of you. Personally I never know what is going to happen next. The show keeps you on your toes and makes sure you have to tune in every week to keep up. If your not watching this show yet, you deff should be.
  • If you think the writing has gone bad read this....

    Let's start off with the obvious, it's a comic book based idea, after you achieved to understand what a comic book is then you can appreciate the show. Every comic book has a little vague and "corny" part in it, it's just the way the world of comics is built, with a feeling of superior flowing in the air, the parts that die off with out questions asked about them, letting go without closer. Something that in real life we don't like confronting with, well at least not without superpowers. The show pulled off everything in need to become a number 1 show: acting, drama and comedy (thank you Hiro). I would write more but i really needed to make things clear about the mist surrounding the writer ideas. Bottom line amazing show it can go on for at least 8 seasons without a doubt, and still not bore us.
    Bottom bottom line get a reality check! It's a Tv show comic it could get away with anything.
  • when you're bored with smallville,HEROES ARE HERE TO SAVE YOUR DAY FROM BOREDUM!

    its dangerous,fun,exciting,thrilling,actiony,adventurey,
    awesome,arrosing and really fun and so much more!.it might seem stupid with the gay idiot known as slyar and its depressing when ur fave hero dies and you jump for joy when a villain dies and ur spirit is crushed by a villain who kills ur fave hero and i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this show!!!! its awesome!!!!.its so awesome.awesome is the only word i can think of to describe how awesome this show is and everybody loves it!.even joe jonas!.and they should make a movie and many more eps and seasons and i cant wait for the upcoming heroes video game!!!.but for now lets enjoy heroes now! :DD
  • A show about everyday people getting these powers, and learning more about themselves. Almost more people come with powers in the show but that was wrost idea ever,that was the end of heroes..to many people with to many storylines for one show.

    I started liking this show when it started but when season 2 came, I said dissing like it. Wait to many storylines for a hour long show. All the characters started to get annoying with no hope of seeing the annoying characters coming to end. Also, adding more characters to a show with all ready to many characters in the first season. Also, the writting started to suck big time. Like come on, just stop adding new characters and start making storylines for the ones you have. This show was one of my favourites but now it sucks big time
  • Dual is not the best episode in Heroes. But I still like it. Hey, personal favorite!

    This review touches mainly on the last episode in Volume 3.

    The idea of burning Primatech and Pinehearst down seemed ridiculous and were coincidentally done by the fire-powered siblings. This can only mean that the next volume will be better and organization-free. This episode keeps me wondering what happened to the injected soldier, Meredith and Hiro's ability. There are a few questions that confuse me, however.

    1) Every time a Hero or Villain got shot, there was so many blood on the floor. Is that even necessary? Arthur got shot. But how come there could be so much blood poured out from 1 wound?

    2) Why the villains Arthur and Doyle remind me of the famous author of Sherlock Holmes?

    3) Ando knew how to imitate Hiro's facial expression in order to time travel. He even taught the amnesiac Hiro to. Why should he still act like he doesn't know?

    4) This is the most interesting one. I watched this episode twice. I discovered that the formula that splashed on Mohinder had no catalyst. Arthur put his hand onto a transparent container, and then got killed. He didn't manage to insert the catalyst into the bigger one. In spite of all the doubts I have, I will still give this episode a 9.5. Wishing for a better one in Volume 4.
  • I really don't get why people think there was something missing from the show...

    Let's start off with the obvious, it's a comic book based idea, after you achieved to understand what a comic book is then you can appreciate the show. Every comic book has a little vague and "corny" part in it, it's just the way the world of comics is built, with a feeling of superior flowing in the air, the parts that die off with out questions asked about them, letting go without closer. Something that in real life we don't like confronting with, well at least not without superpowers. The show pulled off everything in need to become a number 1 show: acting, drama and comedy (thank you Hiro). I would write more but i really needed to make things clear about the mist surrounding the writer ideas. Bottom line amazing show it can go on for at least 8 seasons without a doubt, and still not bore us.
    Bottom bottom line get a reality check! It's a Tv show comic it could get away with anything.
  • All over the world, there are ordinary people who suddenly gain extroidinary powers. As they adjust to these newfound abilities they question why they developed them and their purpose in the world.

    Heroes is a great show and had me hooked from the first episode. Season one was amazing, but the show worsened in season 2 due to the writers strike, which forced the season to be shortened and stories to ended abruptly. However, I think it has gotten much better in the third season. There are still several things that need fixing,like corny storylines and some characters doing weird things and acting out of,well, character(Elle)but the people behind the show have made improvements and its easy to tell. Although I think that season one was better than the more recent seasons, season three is still very good will hopefully be even better when the rest of the season airs in 2009.
  • This show has great potention, it just needs fixing.

    This show is great. It's one of my favorites and although I see a few errors, I stick with it. It gives me something to do at 9 on monday.

    The problems I have been seeing:
    Too many storylines at a time during 1 episode. It needs to reduce it's storyline count to make a more flat-out story, that we all follow and understand. Too many storylines=confusion.
    Cheesy lines have been in season 3. Why? I don't know. We didn't have cheesy lines in season 2 and 3.
    This also may just be me, but I fill like their trying too hard to fix their season 2 mistakes. Don't get rid of all of the mistakes, make your mistakes into something positive. Into something better.
  • A live version of your favorite comic book - only better.

    Heroes takes place in an altered present-day, where many individuals have begun developing powers. Powers right out of a comic book.
    From there the twisted story-lines and plot twists pull you ever deeper until you crave the show every week.
    The acting isn't spectacular, but believable enough for the story to pull you along helplessly.
    Currently the show, like most of TV, is showing it's scars from the writer's strike, but after a January restart fans can expect the show to kick back into full gear.
    From the diabolical power-stealer Syler to the bumbling but gold-hearted time-traveler, Hiro, Heroes will draw you in and not let go.
  • Heroes Seasons get better and better

    Written by Kane

    The 1st season of Heroes is not that brilliant and is a bit boring but all seasons of new shows are always the boring season out of all the seasons. - I rate Heroes season 1- (50% good)

    The 2nd season of Heroes is much, much better. The Graphics is really good and the story line becomes excellent. - I rate Heroes season 1- (80% very good)

    The 3rd season of Heroes is fantastic and is so intense. I cannot what until the 4th season there is so many Questions about what's going to happen. - I rate Heroes season 1- (95% fantastic)

    Written by Kane
  • it's good but...

    It needs a lot of fixing and if it doesn't well lets just say that it could definitly get cancelled, why, because adding and adding new caracters (i hate arhur patrelly, they couldnt get a worst actor) just doesnt work (aldough I want to see john glover) and I miss nikky, mikah and his cousin the copycat,cuz tracy just doesn't covence me, anyone???

    Why did ando got powers and what the hell is happening to nathan now hi is the bad guy??

    The catalyst wakalaaa! lets just hope that vol. 4 fugitives get the fix that this show desperatly needs cuz it has a LOT of potential.
  • The superpowered show the world's been waiting for.

    The Show I've wanted them to make since I was a kid!?!?
    With that said the acting horribly sub-par. The main heroes and villains are as intriguing as they come while the acting couldn't sell in a B rate movie. Usually that means an immediate labeling as almost great garbage, but in the case for heroes that isn't the case. Heroes has the awesome special effects and great uses of abilities a show about super heroes has been waiting for. The story is ever evolving and doesn't have that feeling of redundancy that these types of series are generally plagued with. The series starts off greatly hidden, dark, and mysterious villains and heroes just beginning to understand their abilities. The mystique of the heinous villain in season one is one of the best parts. As all the heroes and villains characters, abilities, and standings come to light that mystique is lost, but replaced much bigger and better battles and glimpses of an apocalypse as the characters better understand and utilize their abilities. The plot and characters further twist and turn and the lines of good and evil fall into the gray. The evolving plot, creative superpowers and their uses, and focus on character choices to shape the story makes heroes a must see.
  • I used to love her, but I had to kill her.

    I used to be a big fan of this show but completely lost interest after the first season. I can understand the plot taking twists and turns and setting itself up for future episodes, and I don't have a problem with that. It's the acting and the characters themselves that I've lost interest in. Claire and Hiro used to be very lovable characters but now they are just annoying. I'm actually starting to look forward to them being killed off, though I know this won't happen. I will watch the rest of this season, but if it doesn't take a turn for the better, it's off my list of shows to watch.
  • Watch Season 1 then quit, then watch "The 4400".

    Watch Season 1 then quit. Heroes in Season 1 was one of my all time favorite shows, now it is just a joke. In season 2 and 3, all the writers do is rip off of "The 4400". In these past 2 seasons, the show has just become ridouclus. The characters have no conistincey, are completely far fetched, and there are some serious dialouge and acting issues. This past season, has just bounced around aimlessly, with no payoff. Sylar personality is changed with about 5 sentences every other episode. Hiro has lost all of his luster. Nathan and Claire need to be killed off, there acting is TERRIBLE and their characters are whinney, boring, and really drag the show down. Also, the show now completely revolves around the future, which leaves almost nothing to the imagination. None of the characters look for their own solutions to a problem or rely on their wit or intelligence, instead they just read a comic book or have a vision. It seems that all of these characters now just do what they are told by a dream/ comic book and don't question it. The good parts are Kristen Bell as Elle, whose character was actually interesting. Nathan and Noah are really the only interesting main characters. The side characters or secondary characters are pretty interesting as well.
  • I loved this show

    It was the best.
    Peter has his primary power back---power mimic.
    Now he can begin agin to build back the powers like he did before.
    Remember he DOES NOT have the hunger that "Future Slyar" showed him. Just his origin. Unless he did get a copy of Natan power and now he can only fly.
    I really looovoed this show. Natan becoming the better bad guy was happening without much surpise.
    why elas would he be going alond who his father's ideal if he did see how it would get him the power he has always wanted for himself.
    Good or ill it was all the same to him
  • Where's the beef?

    What happened to the show? Every episode of this season has been disappointing. I stopped caring about all the characters. The writing has really gone downhill. There was in interesting story in season 1. This then continued in season 2, sort of. It seems that no matter what happens everyone is back to square one. Someone loses a power, then gains it. Hiro is constantly a wimp. Where is cool Hiro with the sword from Season 1? Peter is does not seem to learn from his mistakes. Heck none of them do. It's a constant rehash. Someone on there needs to spend more time writing a new season and less on filler.
  • Awesome show

    This show is defently one of my absolut favourites, its innovative, inspirational, entertaining and so much more...
    The show is defently highly underappreciated, since it is defently not a popular show in the country i live in - Denmark. A show like this shouldnt just be popular in America, it should be worldwide! Since its so great! I enjoy watching this show, and can hardly wait for the next episode as soon as the one im watching is over. The actors and actresses for this show are all great actors, and they just make it all seem so much more 'beliveable' . All in all - Great show!
  • Finally after so long a new science fiction show is coming out!!!

    I remember the night I watch the season premiere of Heroes for the first time! A commercial comes on, this new scifi show that has to do with heroes on tonight so I had to tell everyone in my house two min's before it started, and let them know there's this new show on NBC tonight and I think I'm going to love it, I think this show could be a winner! Finally after so long a new science fiction show is coming out!!! My younger bother and I watched the show and it was the damn best and we watched all of the first season!I missed the second and third season of Heroes. The show Journey Man was gone, there were two great hours of TV… I'm fine now, I still love the show Heroes and I'm not giving it up!!!
  • As much as I hate to admit it, Heroes went seriously off track this season.

    This volume was named Villains, and was supposed to focus on, yep; you guessed it, the villains of the show. Not only that, but we were also meant to see our Heroes do things that would make them step over that usually distinct good and evil line. This idea was good in theory, but sadly lacking in practice.

    I said before in an earlier review near the beginning of volume 3 that we'd soon see if the escapees from level 5 would live up to all of their hype. In short, they absolutely did not. I was truly expecting quite a few Heroes get knocked off by those escapees, but at the end of the volume, only two of the villains were still alive. (It's a safe bet to say that Flint is still alive, seeing as how he can't be burnt, and I think Eric Doyle is still alive) These villains were meant to be what volume 3 was built upon, but instead we were given the formula as the main plot point, and the so-called villains were tossed aside.

    The second aspect of the whole "villains" plot was the heroes doing things that could be coined as villainous, except we didn't exactly see that, well at least not in the way that I imagined. Only Claire truly had the motivation in this particular plot point, but her character was reduced into a brat who hated her father for the majority of the season. I expected to see powers used for personal gain; I expected to see heroes doing things for the greater good. But that didn't exactly happen.

    Heroes, Volume 3: Villains.


    Peter Petrelli: For the second half of the volume, Peter was actually interesting to me. Ever since he lost his powers, that is. The only thing that could ruin his character after volume 3 is if he regains his stupidity, or if he retains all of the powers he lost before Arthur stole them. I hope that he has to pull a Sylar and start recollecting. That will pretty much stop all the people who complain that Peter is too powerful. Since he injected himself, all we've seen is flight. But he might possibly have Flint's power, and he might possibly have Mohinder's. I'm looking forward to see what happens with his character.

    Sylar as a killer: First three episodes, Sylar was really good, and the last two he was excellent. If only Elle didn't have to die to make him go back to how he was. I know that Kristen Bell had a lot of other stuff on, but the sting still hurts… sob.

    Heroes working together: We did actually see this in season 2 quite a bit, but in volume 3, the super-powered characters worked together frequently.

    Daphne Millbrook: Awesome character; the standout of all the newbies. She was definitely a scene stealer. She has now taken Elle's place as my favourite SURVIVING character. Though now that Peter looks like he's getting better, maybe he'll take back the title he held in season 1.


    . This volume took the heroes away from their ties to real-life: The entire structure of Heroes was ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In both season 1 and season 2 we saw the heroes dealing with problems that were firmly rooted into real-life. In volume 3, we saw about three characters dealing with real-life, but only for about a few scenes. Hiro, Nathan and Tracy. Hiro became the CEO of his father's company. And he was bored, so bored that in his stupidity he inadvertently triggered the formula plotline. Nathan became a senator, and Tracy followed a fast-tracked route that the other heroes experienced in season 1. Aside from those three characters, I don't think that anyone else did anything remotely normal.

    . The Formula: As a main plot device, this was probably the weakest we've seen so far in the series. Maybe it was because we've seen the exact same route it followed in previous seasons, or maybe it was just because the writers tried to pack too much into 13 episodes. In either case, this was my least favourite. (I'm not including the villains, because in my opinion, they don't even deserve plot point status) The virus was even a better plot point, at least before the writer's strike cut it short.

    . The Villains: Good idea in theory, giant failure in execution. Nuff said.

    . The Eclipse: Not only did it contradict every single bit of canon and mythology built up in the show with its randomness. It just gave the writers an excuse to write everyone without powers. The fact that it's pretty much stated that the eclipse gave the heroes their powers is a giant plot hole, because pretty much all of them had manifested before the eclipse in season one. The writers just decided to glaze over the enormous holes, and hope that it wouldn't come back to bite them. They failed. And, like anyone ever thought that Claire and Sylar were really dead.

    . The Catalyst: It seems like all the plot points were failures this season. I'm just glad that the catalyst AKA shiny yellow light wasn't Claire.

    . The Hunger: Sorry, Peter. It only seems to work well with Sylar.

    . Arthur Petrelli: A clichéd soap-opera evil father comes back from the dead and screws with out heroes. Well, at least they didn't do anything else soap opera-y, like make Sylar a Petrelli but then make him find out that everyone was just screwing with him… wait. Well, at least he took away Peter's powers, but sadly, that's not enough to make Arthur Petrelli a pro.

    . Sylar a goodie-good Petrelli: I cannot believe they actually tried to do this. Sylar does not work as a good-guy, seriously. I'm glad he's back to his season 1 self, if only Elle didn't have to die for him to do it.

    . Every main cast member aside from Ando, Matt Parkman and Noah Bennet: Character induced stupidity is contagious. Peter, the hunger, really? The only reason Ando, Matt and Noah are exempt was because they didn't do anything particularly stupid that I can recall. Oh, and Tracy didn't do anything stupid, but she was just a giant pain in the ass. Niki was a lot more interesting. The only parts I liked were when Nathan and Mohinder thought she was Niki.

    . Elle Bishop: Now, don't get me wrong. I love Elle. She is currently my favourite character in the entire series. She is only in here because the writer's couldn't decide on what to do with her character. She's a scene stealer when she's her old crazy self. But in volume 3, she jumped personalities as much as a schizophrenic.

    . Episode 8, Villains: Hated this episode. Hated, Hated, Hated! It made it look like the pilot episode and the 6 months ago episodes back in season 1 happened at the same time. Sylar's story was the only interesting bit, but even that was ruined by Elle's character. Filled with plot holes and continuity errors. BIG disappointment.

    Volume 4: Fugitives looks really good. The heroes look like they are getting back to their normal lives, which is something I've been looking forward to for a while. I hope that with this volume Heroes finds its balance once again and finally gets back to its season 1 magic.
  • Not even close to what the season was building upto. Just before the last episode when they killed Peter's father, it was all looking like the story is just building, there's a lot more to come and all...

    Just before the last episode when they killed Peter's father, it was all looking like the story is just building, there's a lot more to come and all.....And then suddenly you see that Arthur Petroli is killed and it then dawns on you that the season ending is near by.

    Useless story build up at the start, dragging illogically through out the season and then a very hasty end, that's what Heroes season 3 was for me. The primary aim of the season was to demarcate between two groups "The Good" and "The Evil". The writers got so caught up with that, that I am sure not even one single person watching the show would be aware who were in the good team and who were in the bad. Looking at the Season 4 promo, it doesn't seem that's going to be any different. While in Season 3 Nathan was trying to create a force of warriors with special abilities, season 4 promo showed him complaining to the US President and asking him to shut all guys with special ability in a locker room. Now, when did he go through this mind change? I'd probably skip season 4.
  • Heroes, once my favorite show on the air, is fading fast.

    Oh heroes...what we had was so special. I loved this show since the first season, I never missed a new episode, bought all the season DVDs the day they came out, dressed as Hiro for Halloween, and even decided that should I ever have a son I am naming him Sylar. The characters, SYLAR, the smart interlinking stories, SYLAR, the great plot twists, SYLAR, the creative ways of manipulating time lines, SYLAR, and of course SYLAR; all such awesome pieces of this drama epic: Heroes.

    Season 2 ended with promise. A short, yet memorable season that drove the characters away from "OMG WE'VE GOT POWERS" to "Hey, we've got powers, lets use them to change the world." And, for me at least, I was giddy to see Sylar's powers return. Next Volume, which was to be titled Villains, was sure to be amazing...right?

    It started out with promise. The Second Coming was fantastic, and a good way to kick a season off. It opened up new story possibilities, and left us with questions we hoped the season would resolve. But it would seem as if the writers, at this point, started shooting red bulls every ten minutes. The season started fast and furious...but never stopped. Every episode, instead of resolving or working with plot points brought up previously, just added new ones, at a speed that even the most avid fans had to rewind their DVR to figure out what in the world is going on. In season 1 their were separate story lines, each with their own sets of characters, and occasionally their story lines would cross, but in the end the story lines didn't merge until Kirby Plaza. But here in Volume 3, everyone is everywhere in everyone's story, meeting with everyone, it's far too confusing.

    Volume 3 of Heroes destroyed much of what made the show so amazing previously. First point: the characters. Sylar, one of the greatest television villains in years, was obliterated. Turned from serial killer to humble company man in the course of LESS than one episode. Then a few episodes later we see him as a happy loving father? He saves Noah? He tries to kill Noah? Has sex with Elle, kills Elle? Look, having Sylar go through a "road to redemption" type story line is fine with me, but for God's sake make it believable. He went from blood thirsty murderer to "OH YES MOMMY DEAREST, WHATEVER YOU SAY" literally overnight simply because Angela told him, without proof, that she was his mother?! That's not Sylar. Finally, in the season finale, we got the old Sylar back. The way he was meant to be. Then Claire killed him via weak point in back of head, then he was presumably blown up. If Sylar is dead...I'm sorry, this show is done. They've lost their minds.

    Nikki and Micah? Completely forgotten. But Ali Larter still stays in the show, via possibly the single most cliche soap opera motif that has ever existed: Nikki has a TWIN SISTER. Ironically, this new character is even more uninteresting than Nikki, and is clearly just meant to be eye-candy. Claire Bennet...I'm sorry, I was under the impression this was a show based around an ensemble of characters? Why is everything about Claire now? No longer the cheerleader with powers, which was believable and...somewhat entertaining, she's not the high school student who wants to fight crime? No fit. Hiro has spent two seasons maturing and learning what it takes to be a hero, and then in seconds he is knocked down to believing he is 10 years old. The only people who could see this plot twist as anything less than obnoxiously childish unnecessary and ridiculous would have to BE 10 years old. Mohinder Suresh: no one cared about him before, and after another season spent trying to make him even slightly interesting, still no one cares about him. Let him do they opening monologues, let him be the smart scientist with answers, but leave it at that. Peter with Sylar's bloodthirsty hunger for knowing how things work? HUH? Nathan Petrelli? You know what, lets not even get started with everything that went wrong with him this season.

    Then, of course, there's the nonchalance way promising characters are killed. After a whole season of establishing him as Hiro's arch enemy, Adam Monroe is killed off on a whim. As is Maury Parkman, a fantastic villain to Matt, killed as carelessly as the slutty girl in a slasher movie. For a Volume called "VILLAINS" they sure don't seem to give a damn about said villains. Rather than develop them into meaningful characters in opposition to the Heroes, they just kill them off, in some horrible "villain of the week" manner, similar to the first season of Smallville.

    I have a question for the writers, also. How, exactly, do you have a meaningful drama when half the characters you chose to focus on CAN'T DIE?! Honestly, did anyone, for one second, truly believe Sylar and Claire were dead during the eclipse? Arthur Patrelli, our big villain of the season, had the amazing power...of every power...which might have been cool if we hadn't seen the exact same thing in Sylar in the first season, where he was much, muuuuuch more interesting than Arthur could ever be. Characters like Peter and Arthur ruin this kind of show. Whats the point of focusing on all these characters that have different powers when you've got people like Peter and Arthur running around who have them ALL and can take them by simply being close. Sylar at least has to kill for his powers, which makes things fun cause if Sylar is going to use a power already shown, the person with it has to die first, therefore creating struggle, danger, situations that have impact; THAT is drama. When Sylar pulled empathic power out of thin air to take Elle's power, I nearly cried. No explanation for how he did this, Arthur just asserts "he can" and viola!

    On the subject of stuff that makes no sense, was it ever explained exactly WHY the planet was apparently going to be split in two by people having powers? Did anyone ever explain how Nathan came back from the dead? And please, for the love of god, can we forget about Isaac Mendez? He's been dead for two season yet his future telling comic books are still being used to drive the plot? You can't possibly think of anything else? When Seth Green (as a comic book store owner) began talking about what had happened in the past like a fan of the actual show would online, I nearly turned the channel. Please...enough with the future telling comics/paintings.

    Season 3 did have some saving graces, though. Namely, Linderman and Kaito Nakamura, to spite them both being dead, were given decent screen time, which means the brilliance of Malcolm McDowell and Geroge Takei could once again grace the show. I was also reasonably pleased, as I usually am, with the plots surrounding Noah Bennet. It seems no matter what they do, Noah's character does not lose his enjoyability. For over half the volume, Peter had no powers, which pleased me, because he was seriously overpowered. Maya, from the previous volume, though given some face time, was more or less disposed of, which is good considering I don't think anyone liked her. This season also stepped up the action in ways the previous seasons had not.

    I don't know if I will return for the next season, though I can't say I wont. There is promise, as it looks far darker, and for once it appears the Heroes will be fighting for their own freedoms, rather than attempting to end some horrible disaster in the future. I hope the new season can pull things together, because after this volume, Heroes, once my favorite show on the air, is now on the fence.
  • wow what an amazing closing to the volume!

    Dual is an amazing episode for many reasons. First of all, Peter finally gets power back and we know he can fly but hopefully he can also do all of the old stuff as well. Also, Hiro is saved from the past by none other than Ando who now has the power of amplifying the power of the person he touches. Sylar is unfortunately taken care of and his status is unknown. Nathan finally reveals his true colors to Peter so that now Peter knows hot pathetic, dirty and power hungry his brother truly is. I expect volume four to be just as amazing as the first and third volumes!
  • Heroes from beginning to end

    Heroes is one of the top three shows on television with season one being a grand slam. Season two was amazing but it suffered thanks to the writers strike, but still was really good all things considered. Season three has been earth shattering so far a perfect ten in my book. The usual characters have been put to the test in this the season that changes everything has set the bar high for future seasons and new characters. This is going to be one the best seaons of any show ever if it keeps the pace that it set it will be an amazing so smile and be happy Heroes is tops!!
  • This is a good show. I think it was best in it's first season, but it keeps me still watching.

    This is one of the few shows I have watched from the very beginning I normally wait till I hear if the show is good or not before I starting watching, but with this one I knew from the preview that I was going to like it. The show is very interesting. I think that it was at it's best in the first season, and but that it is still good now. I love all the drama mixed with the action. I like how they film it, the jumping around keeps any scene from getting boring. The actors are good and cast in parts that work well with them.
  • Season 1 Great. Season 2 Not so great. Season 3 Awesome.

    This show was truly ground breaking when it first aired and quickly became a huge hit. Not only does it contain brilliantly written and extrememly interesting characters, but those characters have very cool super powers and interact in incredibly interesting plotlines.

    Plus in my opinion it contains the best TV character ever... Peter Petrelli! Cool power, cool back story, great characterisation.

    In fact the only downside to this show was the second season. The writers strike meant that the season was effectively cut in half and the midseason ending was hastily turned into the season finale and lets be honest it was rushed and just didn't work.

    But now all is forgiven because season 3 is fabulous but unfortunately so many people were put off by season 2 that a lot of people (at least that I know) aren't mtuning in any more.

    In conclusion... I love this show and so does pretty much anyone who has seen it just try to get past the second season.
  • This is the kind of show that will be remembered years from now.

    There appears to be a renaissance in good T.V. science fiction going on, and Heros is part of it. The characters are very well developed and generate empathy with the wiewer. And even though the story line is complex,and can be a little hard to pick up on after missing a few episodes as I have, the show does not seem to have a problem with grabbing hold of you and pulling you back in. Kids in junior high school right now will be talking over their favorite "Heros" episodes in whatever passes for cocktail parties when they are well into their middle age the way members of my generation hash over old classic episodes of Star Trek. Save the cheerleader? You bet! At least until the writers start really reaching for new material and the show begins to get stale.
  • Another great Heroes episode! Syler is back, with a vengeance. The formula is perfected and, chaos is about to begin. The question left at the end of this episode is, Is this the end of the world?

    This is a good episode of heroes. Syler is back, with a vengeance, and I like how he has a new list of powers. My favorite part of the episode is when he's at the office and the woman's co-workers walk in yelling surprise while Syler just says, "Cake?". Then he kills them, and even better when he is in the elevator covered in blood, the man next to him is all nervous and he said, "Is something wrong?" the man says no but Syler knows he is lying from the power and just says, "Oh, it does tingle". Otherwise, I hope Aurthur Petrelli is dead for good, and I hope Hiro can get back to the future but overall this was a great episode and I can't wait for the finale!
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