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  • With a glorious first and an abysmal second season, the third season appears as if the writers are making the plethora of plots up as they go along. And boy have they lost track of them.

    Yes, I am willing to cut the show some slack for their second season. It seems it has been hit hard by the writer's strike, and I accepted Kring's apology. After all, Heroes' first season has been a personal highlight for me.

    But we have arrived in the middle of third season now, and the show has maxed out its credit limit with me. I dare anyone to remember what the world needs saving from this time around, the greater story arc has been thoroughly drowned by a muddle of subplots and character introductions. One must even doubt the writers had any plans beyond the diffuse concept of saving earth from explosion, and are now making up the story along their way.

    I sorely miss the consistency of the Heroes as it was introduced to us, with a closed set of characters acting inside a premise that was established at the beginning and followed through the season. What bothers me most is that the show has developed a nasty habit of introducing subplots by teasing them in the last seconds of one episode, and playing them out as established at the beginning of the next.

    Take the "catalyst" subplot as as the perfect example: A somewhat sketchy "catalyst" concept is only hinted during one episode, already firmly established by its end, with Claire suspecting being what she has barley been exchanging two sentences about, and by beginning of the next episode, she's an established "catalyst" as if the week in between had seen another five episodes explaining the plot. And this week's episode had a few people and Ando find out Pinehurst is giving out abilities. Want to bet, by next week, Ando's established goal is becoming America's Next Time Traveller?

    I am not sure if Heroes has always been a soap opera, or if I just didn't care up until now. And I can perfectly understand the market's desire for another Supernatural show. Yet I insist that the show was sold to us under different pretences, and I'm not sure if I can forgive that.

    All in all, at this point, the show couldn't get any worse by letting Hiro wake up from dreaming the whole last season. And if that doesn't say something about a show, I don't know what does.
  • The show's super strengths are its well-developed filmmaking, smooth pacing and a perfect cast. It views like the first hour of a fun, thoughtful movie.

    Heroes (NBC, debuts Monday Sept. 25, 9 p.m.): Identity quest seems to be a new theme for the 9 p.m. slot on Mondays as NBC's "Heroes" and The CW's "Runaway" explore the subject in different ways. One of the oddest new shows this fall, "Heroes" chronicles the possible superhero - or superfoe - hidden inside even the most ordinary of people. A hospice worker (Milo Ventimiglia, above, l.) believes he can fly. An artist finds himself able to paint the future, much to the concern of his girlfriend (Tawny Cypress, above, r.). And an office worker in Japan teleports at will. (His scenes come with subtitles!) What they do with their powers and the impact they'll have on others is the raison d'etre of the show; the moody noir tone and offbeat writing are the reasons to tune in. Grade: A-
  • Okay episode. Needs some work. People need to stop complaining and PAY ATTENTION. This series isn't for people who don't think deeply. READ

    First of Syler. Why did he kill elle? Did you guys see Elle's face when HRG was telling syler that he was being TOYED with. Elle knew HRG was right, her face was in shame and guilt. Syler caught on this. He exploded. He was being used by everyone and his hunger coudnt be controlled. He killed Elle out of not thinking straight/rescent discovery/revenge. even a confident hero/villian is not perfect. They will give in to their weaknesse(hunger) when hell breaks through their head. The elipse showed that Heroes can be heroes WITHOUT their powers.

    Nathans talk with Peter was spectacular. We know his true intentions and he finally admits to it!!

    HRG did a great job this episode. He acted as a company man and killed syler. Claire? comon. act like a hero. u said u will! Finally realized she can't be a hero after her death?

    I like Hiro's comic book thing. Brought him back to his roots. And the "lost comic book" LOVED that part. that is every comic book guys dream. Finding the missing issue!!! Glad they encorporated that in Heroes. The bad part of this 2 parter: What was the point of the elipse. Nothing really 'stands out". except heroes can be heroes without their powers. We see people how they really are when their powers are gone? How their powers influence who they are and what they do. I dont know. Nathans and Daphne's story can use some work. Didnt really belaieve them. Does ando have a power now? Becuase of the eclipse? Shoudnt new people get powers now??

    The ending? What kind of ending is that? Claire already knew she was adopted? What was the point of that? I dont get it. Please explain on next episode?

    All in all. good episode. They need to fix some things.
  • Season 3 killed it!

    Season 3 is the worst. I'm not watching it anymore and I can't understand the hype over this silly show?

    The story is bad, the actors are bad, effects are bad, everything about this show is now bad.

    Season 3 killed it for me. I hope they just pull the plug of this madness!

    Or maybe I'm too old for this show? Do I need to be 10 years old to enjoy it now? I have no idea.

    All I know is that this show is going downhill fast!

    My suggestion is to stay away from it! Let them know that it's bad!

    Sad, it WAS great...
  • Wonderful episode in my opinion.

    With the end of the Eclipse powers returned and the episode was amazing.
    Claire died but after the Eclipse she became alive. Of course!
    Mohinder was happy thinking he founded the cure and looked for Maya but he realized that wasn't true. He returns working for Arthur.
    My God, Nathan lived Peter in that jungle…. and powerless… I hope the Haitian could use his powers to find in Peter's mind what he losted when his father took his powers.
    Hiro is like Peter Pan… doesn't want to grow up. Good idea the comics with the history because they don't have the guy whose painted the future anymore – Mr. Isaac. But, a mystery to discover: who is writing the comics???
    Ando is having an important job supporting Hiro.
    I don't know if Hiro knew what he was doing, but he took de bad guy Sylar far away from Benet's house and made a favor to that people. I'm sad about Elle… poor lady… Sylar with the hunger back maybe had murdered that beautiful electrician angel.
  • Writers need to rethink what they are doing...

    I was disturbed by the episode last night. I know this is fantasy but I thought Noah killing Sylar with a box cutter was just a little too close to how people were killed on the airliners on September 11, 2001. I'm sure I am not the only person who thought of that when they saw the gruesome scene. I'm really not sure what the writers were thinking other than the fact that people might draw that same parallel. Either way, I think it is a bit insensitive and in poor taste for a broadcast audience. On The Unit a couple of weeks ago, they tortured some US soldiers in Iraq off camera (you heard yells and screams) but you did not see anything. If this type of writing holds, the next episode of The Unit will have to show someone being beheaded. Just poor taste and very unnecessary for the story-line.
  • I dont get it....

    Not even interesting enough to keep my attnetion while channel surfing. When I first heard about it, I thought, hey this could work. Then I watched the first couple of episodes and was totally NOT INTO IT. Maybe it is for some people. But personally, they should leave the comics to Marvel. It is too "comicy" for prime time television. The one show that NBC does market isn't even that great! It's mediocre cast and mediocre story line is so over rated. They should invest in better marketing for their other shows and let this one ficker off into the distance or fade in the background like in an eclipse.
  • This use to be good, not it's silly and worthless.

    I'm not gonna waste my precious time, so I'm giving this show 2 minutes to get a review from me. Heroes use to be good, all of season 1 is super, but then it's just silly. You laugh because you don't care about the characters anymore, because all of them have died and resurrected a hundred times. And there's no story to go around, all the mystery has been laid to waste, no intrest in the characters anymore, and did I say there were to many characters too? There's really nothing to go on. I could've written a longer review here, but I just hope this show gets cancelled and that it ends with everyone dying for real, because I don't care anymore about this show.

    Watch season 1 and please convince yourself that "Okay, no more".

    *Looking like Peter or Sylar, pointing my finger at your minds, moving it, and suddenly you understand what I'm saying" (This looks silly, I'm laughing when I see this... But the episode where everyone's flying in season 3? That took the price!")

    Hiro/Ando is the only thing that makes this show watchable.

    No Thanks, for listening.
  • "Heroes," a returning series of NBC, has taken the classic science-fiction, superhero gimmick and molded it into something unique, interesting, and worth watching every week.

    "Heroes," a returning series of NBC, has taken the classic science-fiction, superhero gimmick and molded it into something unique, interesting, and worth watching every week.

    This television show takes the idea of people with extraordinary powers and abilities -- the foundation to comics that superhero fanboys like myself enjoy -- and takes it to something new, molding it into the show's "tagline" of sorts:

    "Ordinary people with extraordinary powers."

    Now, of course, the idea of ordinary people having powers may not be the most original, but it was a fair pitch to the people out there looking for something more supernatural than "Supernatural." And then you add in the diverse array of "ordinary people," all signifying things we are or know: the comic book fanboy obsessed with becoming a superhero; the black sheep of a family who chose to not follow in his family's footsteps; the ruthless politician; the single mother doing whatever she can to provide; the wrongly convicted convict; the starving artist; the scientist attempting to discover something new; the cheerleader, of course; and the father just attempting to find someplace safe for his child. The writers of "Heroes" took us up in a cyclone of excitement the first season, and though the second two haven't been quite as good as the original, I have faith that the writers will give us that spree of amazing exhiliration again sometime soon, but for now, I watch, wait, and enjoy...
  • Original, no, thee story of a person with powers stopped being orginal some 50 years back, but it's still a really good show. The 3rd season is a little so so right now, but now that the writer's strike is over then it can get back on track. We'll see.

    With all of the other countless junk out there on TV this is a really good show. Right now I think there is maybe one other show, possibly two or three other shows out there that are watchable, this being one of them. It's not suppose to be real, or thought provoking, it's a super hero show that is there to entertain. I think it does that. If you want thought provoking watch "The Hills." Not the show, but the producers who decided to put that junk on the air. That will make you wonder. So watch, be entertain, and don't pick the show apart, take it for what it is.
  • Maybe their isn't no originality, but this show is very interesting and you wouldn't want to keep your eyes off the T.V.

    Personally Heroes is a great show. The time setting is great, too. This show is such a success because now there are on their 3rd season. Hayden plays a great role and also Milo. They are both powerful and into their character. To me they make the show what it is today. In other words they are my character's in the show. If you like any type of fantasy shows you would absolutely fall in love with this show. Even though there are some critics, that say its not original, but to me it is. The writer of this show was maybe inspired from other types of t.v shows and probably noticed that there isn't modern age of this concept with actors and actresses. To me the graphics and the way the show attracts audience is really good. So if you love fantasy then you would love Heroes!!
  • Some people have powers given by people with powers others then theirs. Those people with powers don't know what to do with those powers and how to use them effectively cause of the uncreativeness of the writers.

    Can somebody tell me how long such an Eclipse can be ???
    I thought before the just last a few minutes at max,but with heroes..wow.
    We have all the time of the world,to do what ever we want.
    Claire is hurt,bring her home..take care of her..even take a shower and breakfast if we want..then go back to the house were for sure,the bad guys are waiting :P
    My god...,Heroes used to be a good show,what happened guys ? It became so unoriginal and uncreative..I can't believe it. I feel like it turns in circles and the plot doesn't progress ! How many times did we jump into the future..saw something,and then back " I have to save the World" First season,second season...Third season...wow.
    Heroes had a lot of potential,interesting characters...and people who don't know what to do with them,it was innovative in some ways and cool. I think maybe after Bryan fuller left it went downhill.I feel sorry,cause I really liked the show,right now,i am not sure why i keep coming back. Guess it's the hope somewhere inside it gets better and turns around,but thats hard at this point and with all what happened !Summary needed is written...there were so many before me but here we go. Some people have powers given by people with powers others then theirs. Those people with powers don't know what to do with those powers and how to use them effectively cause of the uncreative of the writers.
    So they are running around in circles and try to make things better,but as the writters them self they just make it worse. They have no idea who they are,good Sylar,bad Sylar..no good again..and then again..bad. We don't know it. So the show is about all those people who don't know what to do after fuller left and now listen to tim kring who blames tivo and dvrs for the ratings. So..the characters of the show..have to suffer for the ratings.As they try to safe the show...and save the world at the same time
  • Heroes is a brilliant and original show. It boldly challenges conventional television shows and brings a freshness to action/adventure and sci-fi genre fused in with real emotional and human emotions. Really a fabulous show!

    Every episode has awesome twists and turns. And this season does not disappoint. I am appalled at people who wrote off this show - it is one of the best scripted shows on network television. Even though season 2 was cut short, this season has more than made up for its losses. This season is full of action, comedy pieces and real strong comic book mythos. It has a maturity level and a universal appeal so that anyone can associate with some role in this show. Keep going Heroes.. You have my vote! The following episodes will rock!! Tim Kring really has a great plan for this show.
  • Limbo! How low can you go? How low can you go?

    I think this show has hit a new level of badness with last night's episode. I used to love Heroes, but now, the dialogue is terrible, practically every other line cringe-worthy. I find myself chuckling at moments and words that are obviously supposed to be dramatic. And every plot line has become utterly ludicrous. Hiro's mind regressing into a ten-year-old's is a level of stupidity that hasn't been seen on NBC since the first Star Trek series, when Lt. Uhura had her mind zapped to mush by the Nomad probe and had to fumble her way through the pronunciation of "blue," "blu-eee." One of the worst, most unintentionally hysterical moments of Star Trek. And who is drawing "The 9th Wonder" comic book that Hiro keeps buying in the stores? Didn't Isaac, the guy who wrote and drew it, die back in the first season? Or is this some yet-to-be-revealed plot twist that I'm supposed to ponder? I no longer care enough to wonder or be curious, so please just reveal it now. And then there's bad Sylar, good Sylar, and now bad Sylar again. Come on. Do I care anymore what side of the fence he's on this week? The Sylar storyline went stupid when he suddenly, inexplicably turned good at the beginning of the season, and the moral struggle that had apparently been going on in him popped into the series out of nowhere. Maybe it was beamed in by the producers of the upcoming Star Trek movie, in an attempt to distance Spock from the badness of the Sylar character. And Clair Bear's (please, stop saying Clair Bear, daddy, it makes me want to vomit every time I hear it) confrontation with Horn-Rimmed dude in the abandoned house, with her taking out her emotional rage on her daddy, was so cliché.
  • Unoriginal, corny, stupid, childish, disgrace to sci-fi name.

    Actually it's phenomenal that so many people genuinely like this show. I can't believe it. For one thing, I know I don't. Right now, when I'm writing this, I've already decided to quit watching 'Heroes'.

    If I ran NBC, I'd broadcast this show in weekend mornings for little kids to watch, because that's just what this show is for. For children, not adults in primetime tv time. There's absolutely no realism or even common sense science-fiction in 'Heroes'. It's not sci-fi, it's delusional fantasy! One could inject some sort of substance to human beings and they would get super abilities? Moreover, these 'powers' differ from one individual to another and are sooo unbelievable you have to actually give the creators of the show some credit for their boundless imagination. Some of the most ridiculous abilities include flying, conjuring fire, freezing things, shapeshifting (Wait, did I say shapeshifting? Are you kiddin' me?). Now tell me, how could any chemical substance alter a person so that he would be able to FLY? How would an organic body create a force that would lift it off the ground and carry anywhere? Just think about it the science way. Answer is...NO WAY could it ever be possible. Therefore it is not science fiction, because it is not based on science and only disgraces the noble sci-fi name. Plus, the whole special ability and being a hero idea is a total duplicate of X-men. How come creators of X-men haven't sued NBC for copying everything but the name of the show from them? Plus, it's very corny and some actors (most notably the lead, what's his name, Peter Petrelli) are overacting, making forced expressions of awe and amazement way too often. Plus, the show is afraid to kill-off characters, as they did with Sylar, Claire's father, Nathan. They finally killed that darn mannequin Nikki only to bring the actor back in a role of her never-before-heard twin-sister? Do sissy slavered brats with bibs run this show?

    I can't really explain why have I watched the show for so long (till season 3). Maybe I had to get the bigger picture, see where the programme was going... Maybe I was light-hearted at first, but right now shows like these make me angry and disgusted. The only little redeeming factor could be the casting of some good actors. Dania Ramirez, Andre Royo, Jamie Hector. They were amazing on 'The Sopranos' and 'The Wire' respectfully. However, here they were given small parts and a stupid script, what good could they have done?

    And so to conclude, don't watch or stop watching this circus on TV and chose other TV shows instead. Recommendations? If you like fantasy or something like that, check out 'True Blood' on HBO, a fun, light-hearted show that leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction after each episode. Want REAL science-fiction? Hmmm, that's probably a little bit more tricky... You could try out the new 'Fringe' on Fox with the amazing Lance Reddick in tow. Action? Come on, who could be better than 'Prison Break' on that? Other alternative - 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'. Family TV you could watch with your kids? - the hilarious new 'Crusoe'. And of course, if you look for the queen of all genres, the drama, look no further than the golden 'Mad Men', 'Six Feet Under' or platinum 'The Sopranos' with 'The Wire'.
    Done expressing myself.
  • The absolute best show on tv point blank period. This whole show is a cliffhanger,its to bad theres people out there who are so wrapped into hating on awesome shows like this one..Everybody needs to bow down to Tim Kring.HE kills any show on tv.

    Last nights show was a tough stretch and guess what HEROES pulled it off.The characters develop more and more and I enjoy every minute of it.Please somebody tell me a show that adapts and tries to please their audience like this one.Keep it strong HEROES,YOUR the besr show on tv in my opinion.Heroes and villans lose their powers but the show still gave power for me stay watching.Next week looks like its gonna be another great show.I cant wait to see last nights show again,what an untouchable show.Check heroes.com to check out episodes from this season.I absolutely recommend checking this show out.
  • I really like this show

    Very good serie. It is not just super heroes with costumes waiting for someone to save, no no. This is much better, maybe a little bit remotly realistic, if you know what I mean. The actors are in the top level, they play very well and I want to give the series a very STRONG 9-
    The series has been Tim Kring directed, produced and made and with the story and everything, he has created altså Heroes. Very good job of Tim, that he has done this. Tim Kring Has actually succeeded in their big series Heroes.

    The series is about different people around the world who discover they have special powers. Some forces and characters Monday familiarize themselves with the top include Peter Petrelli, who claims that he can fly. Isaac Mendez a junkie who paint big pictures of the future when he is high. Niki Sanders who can do very interesting things that are mysteriously linked to the mirrors. Hiro Nakamura coming from japan can Teleport and stop time. Claire Bennet a young cheerleading, which can not die or get hurt. Later in the series will be more new and exciting characters.

    My favorite character in the series is Hiro Nakamura. He's funny, he has the coolest forces and the many exciting things happening around him. His best reply in the series is''Yihhooo Hiro Nakamura !!!'' hehe. He is very funny on something seen.

    The series is very smart mood, which initially may take some of those forces development, their fears, concerns, happiness and horror at the same time, so get to know the character much better.

    Please excuse my bad english.
  • A delight!

    I guess this show has a lot to do with our inner wishes. I could argue that it is a pleasure to follow the characters in different places, that we just feel like we are mouses being there always in the right place at the right time to see what huge and important event will take place, but I see more than that in this show.

    Especially going through these hard society times, we have to think there are some kind of entity (spiritual, natural or other) that we can't control. Some shows will talk about a god coming back, some others about natural selection, this one is more about evolution. And I'm sure the people loving this show, deep down, also envy the characters and their abilities because we would all like to have the same, at least, some of them : hearing somebody's thought, being unable to die...
  • This series is so friggin awesome!! Definitely one of the top shows on tv. Third season is about a formula which could destroy the world, so again world needs saving and i guess Peter Petrelli is the one who saves the world... again

    This show is so captivating... i just wish Peter gets his powers back after the eclipse. I know the second eclipse takes their abilities away but theres got to be some way.
    " It's Coming " episode wasnt so special, it only showed us who are the Heroes and who are the Villains.
    At this moment.. Villains holds all the cards, Arthur can paint the future, so he'll know whats going to happen next.

    This show is so captivating... i just wish Peter gets his powers back after the eclipse. I know the second eclipse takes their abilities away but theres got to be some way.
    " It's Coming " episode wasnt so special, it only showed us who are the Heroes and who are the Villains.
    At this moment.. Villains holds all the cards, Arthur can paint the future, so he'll know whats going to happen next.
  • A very cool show with action and super powers. A show of normal people having powers from side effects of an eclipse.

    There aren't that many shows out there with originality.They are all based on older shows like for example, Simpson and family guy, and there are also those shows that have pass their prime like WWe that show has loss so many viewers since they keep repeating story lines and people are tired of seeing 40 year old guys sweating and touching each other when i'm tired of it. Heroes has an ingredients that not many shows have and that's the ideas that are'nt predictable. Epesiode after epesiode to me it's always unpredictable and intersting because usually in movies or shows the good guy always win but not in Heores. In Heroes Victory sometimes goes to the villan and that's good entertaining. To me a great show has to have action, drama, a couple of funny momments but most important it has to keep me guessing what will happen next and prove my guess wrong.
  • Marvel meets DC comics on TV. Super Heroes, Super Villains, Super Powers ! All the action packed entertainment one could ever need.

    Well, what can be said about this show that hasn't been said already - not much !

    The central theme is seemingly "Save the World" but as we have seen, the Heroes and the Villains don't necessarily always fight on the right side.

    If the casual surfer was to pick up Heroes in one of the latter series they may not fully understand everything that is going on, but the cinematography alone may be enough to get them hooked. Best watched from the start as if reading a comic book for the full experience.

    Heroes is quite simply the best television programme around at the moment, if you aren't watching - Why not ?
  • Heroes is about people finding out the amazing powers. Then fighting to save the worldd against a evil organisation.

    WOW, what can i say about this otherr thann amazingg!!!! This is a greatt showw andd all of these power thatt everyone is getting. Nathern Petrelli has got to be my personal favourite. Can't wait till it get more into the new season and what can they do to spot the new organisation? The only bad thing about heroes is that sometimes it can be a bit weird and make little - to no sense at all.. At the begging of season 3 thiss occuredd like my and im sure many otherr didnt have a clue that was going on? agree.
    butt I still lovee it andd wouldd neverr miss it whenn it on TV !!!
  • This seasons episodes are excactly the best episodes of the year.

    The funniest about this weeks episode is when Hiro thinks he is ten years old and when he was playing with those people after he stopped time. When Nathan meets his father all I could think about was weather Arthur would give him a hug and take his power but Nathan did the right thing by not allowing Arthur to touch him. Syler and Elle's meet was great. I want to know How Syler got Elle's power without killing her? Maybe he has the same power as Peter HAD. When will Peter get his power back. I like the new Clarie not the old one who loved her father and then the next episode hated him. I'm waiting for the next episode.
    I don't know why but I always watch Heroes on tuesday.

    Sorry but I needed 100 words?
  • Like most you said WOW… I think it was a very good episode, I was reading some of reviews and someone think that Claire is not part of the formula, I think is a big chance however the writer may be are trying to confuse us, it can also be peter.

    I cant wait till next week that should be the episode called Powerless everyone human how nice I hope they get a good kick around of each other, Claire want pain she can have some, let see how strong can Arthur be without his powers I bet everyone is going pretend to be good and nice for the mean time, I don't know but I hope is a good episode I am already excited and I am mad that my DVR dint record the trailer for next week it stopped exactly in one hour I though I changed to record an hour and 3 minutes.. oh well I need to check on that
  • To understand you must go back then you will understand.

    Season three has good guys turning bad and bad guys turning good. All the flash backs and jumps into the future has me alittle confused. I keep watching to see if the writers mess up. Who knows what about who in that time period. Last episode Clair's mom is present at the train wreck in the first season. I am finding less and less people to dicuss the story with. If you haven't followed the show you don't know whats happening. It reminds me of the stay athome parent that watch day time soaps. I.E Mr. MOM
    Here is an idea! Next year put in a new character who has the ability to know the difference between right and wrong with high moral standards. He can pull the good guys together and focus on a common goal. Then Kill Hero, it will clean up the story line.
  • crashing fast

    This is turning out to be a one season wonder. I still watch but it seems like they just dont get it. The episodes seem to be getting darker and darker. Now since they cant seem to come up with anything interesting to write about let go back and rehash the past. What makes the past interesting it your interest in the present storyline. This is just not working.
    Networks are like political parties and governance. By the time effects of decisions come to their full effect the people who created are often long gone. For whatever reason the people may not be gone but what ever made this a compelling series left shortly after season one.
  • Heroes is about normal people, doing normal things. When suddenly, in the world there becomes a disturbance not in society, but in the society. People around the world discover thay have extroadinary abilities. Some will save the world, whilst others.

    Many power users will die. Many power users will loose their loved ones. Many power users will perish in hell. What about the villains. They will conquer. They will rule. They will defeat the weak, and the weak will perish. Heroes is a new and popular tv series in not just America, but in Australia too. Ordinary people, with ordinary lives one day find out they receive these extroadinary abilities. They can fly. They're indestructable. They're are strong, fast, read the future, travel in time, read minds, and ultimately their are logia types. Logia types are the most powerful people.
  • Highly disappointed with the 2nd season, granted there was a writers strike. The 3rd season rolls in with a fresh new story however its more of the same. save the etc etc save the world.

    Season One started off pretty classic. Lots of twist and turns. I liked the first few episodes as peter started his venture into being a "hero" somewhere down the road the show got repetitive people who you thought were bad werent really bad. claire's father really surprised me with how far he went to protect her.
    Season Two, well now granted there was a writers block, seemed kind of empty even though introducing some characters and furthering the "heroes" line. I really couldnt bare to watch the full season till it came out on dvd/netflix.
    Season Three has really turned around the franchise
    I am really shocked to see peter and nathans dad behind most of the "evil" ongoings. As well as seeing sylar/gabriel showing more of a human side which i always felt like he had. They are diving more into more of the premise of the show. Going as far as showing what took place before we walked in season 1.
    Now there is more to come. I have started to once again enjoy this show. Hopefully it continues on this path and delivers more much needed ump.
  • What happened? Awesome poem I wrote! hah

    Dear Heroes,
    Remember when you were brand new,
    New heroes, new powers, all possibly true?
    Now dear friend, you've jump the shark,
    You're complicated storylines are just plain dark.
    There are too many characters for the show you see,
    We don't understand their place on TV.
    So get out fast,
    Your time has past.
    Peter, Hiro, Matt, and Claire
    You were once worth it, It's just not fair.
    Your once innocent lives are forever lost,
    You only fight selfishly never thinking of the cost.
    The writers have majorly changed your storyline,
    Even if corrected, it would not be in time.
    The original belief of human evolution,
    Has now been tarished with the "formula" pollution.
    I bid you adieu and wish you well,
    Whether others agree, Only time will tell.
    I thank you for the first season though,
    Because at the beginning, you were a really good show.
    So with that said I say farewell,
    I'm turning my back, but wishing you well.
  • For everyone who didn't get the last episode.. and what I think arthur did to Hiro at the end

    The last episode wasn't so much go further with the story, but answer a lot of questions of the past. Nathan's accident for example, Arthur and linderman are the ones who were behind the crash. and all other pieces fit together just perfectly.. I liked/loved the last episode.. But i'm very interested in what arthur did to Hiro. did he remove his power? Did he erase his memory? Did he put the thought to join pinehearst in his head?

    I respect all of your opinions. For the ones who love heroes like me, good for you!
    All of you who don't like or get it anymore, too bad. I look forward to the next episode every time..
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