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  • What a great show

    Some great characters, some great acting and lots of actionIt was cancelledyears too early, they keep crap like the walking dead for longer its ridicilous.
  • Only reruns

    I thought that this show was done, there haven't been new episodes of this show in 4 years.
  • Top Shows

    Complete (aside from comics, special features) (08-13)
  • Heroes on

    I don't know why there is still no community page for Heroes on
  • Be Silly Too Its Hit In The UK

    Reckon Ur gunna lose alot of money canceling it in UK its a shem to be honest, all good things must come to an end I guess :) keep on smiling.
  • horoes is way intense! the best show in my opinion! So tell me, why the F#%@ are they cutting it down to the season finale NEXT WEEK!

    It is amazing how good this show is! It is my favorite show by FAR! I do not know how they can top itself EVERY week! Although, I did not quite like the last episode, "Six months ago".It was very informative but not really that good, it could have been way better! It is so tenseful and that's one of the things I liked about this show.Seriously though, why are they putting the season finale next week! Right when we are finding out about Claire! I mean can't they wait a little while! Please, PLEASE don't put the season finale next week!
  • Sylar <3

    Major bad-guy lover here. Zachary Quinto is really a good bad guy. Hah. Sylar was probably the best character. The only bad part about it was, why did he become good? Right at the end! That mind-boggled me for a while. It was still a great ending, it's just weird when you get to know and love a phsyco and then they turn soft and fuzzy inside. What happened??? No matter the small details, I loved this show and watched every one about a hundred times :) Heroes is truly amazing!
  • dixon

    I from the UK and when I first watched heroes I loved it I thought it was the best thing to come on to tv since friends every episode I watched I loved it even more especially hero and Ando they are a funny couple. But I wish there could be a season 5 with all the original cast It just sucks that the ended it the way they did so please make some more please I will even help you make the season so do it for all the fans out there you know you want to.
  • Heroes

    I love this show!. But i hate how the canceled it. I miss it terribly. They should of just done the final volume. I don't care if its the last one, i just wanted the one final official ending.
  • Miss it

    First let me say i completly loved this show i just cant get enough of it

    but i personally think the way it ended sucked not the story or the actors but how the end just left the fans hanging and wanting to know what was next i mean fine if they thought it was time to end the show thats ok but if they wanted to end it they should have done a final episode

    thats just my opinion
  • Heroes #1

    I would do anything to be able to see a new HEROES episode! I am a huge fan of TV, have watched and followed many programs since HEROES was cancelled BUT I have yet to find a show as entertaining as HEROES. This show was the best of the best in every way possible!
  • Nr. 1 show.;)

    After Lost "lost" its glow I was looking for a new show, that could make me stay tuned in and then Heroes came :D first, I wasnt sure if it could live up to my expectations, but it surtently did! After the first episode, I was hooked and longed for more.;)

    I hope it will run for a long time and not die out like Lost did!!!

    I definently recommend the show.
  • What has happened to Heroes?!

    here is a little incite on what i think about the problem this show created for itself...
    they are making the drama in the show way to human i mean in the first season all we had was people trying to save a cheerleader for no reason and we kind of lived off the drama what was evolving from that issue. even though it clearly made no sense, well that's a comic book for you...
    but now the show took away Peter's and Hiro's powers (get the human idea now...?) and the soap is just too west wing for the audience... we want comic book action... we don't want a reasonable president we want a evil plan with robots and crazy scientist who will try to destroy the heroes not with lame c i a agents but something more comic-y ... well that's in a nut shell... If you feel like me or don't and want to bash me for it, on Heroes forum there is a new thread called What has happened to heroes... come and discuss it with the fans!!!
  • This is a show about ordinary everyday people who suddenly begin discovering that they have these incredible abilities that you'd see in a superhero comic, like flying or time traveling. It's even got villains, of both the extraordinary and ordinary.

    This show is the bomb! It's got everything: drama, sci-fi, wonder, romance, mystery, and suspense! Not to mention the great actors to play it out! Definitely one of my personal favorites by far, surpassing Smallville and Buffy, two of my faves. It definitely deserves the praise it's been getting! This show is one of the reasons why I watch so much TV! I think it'll become legendary in TV history even. I mean, the way the characters are, just so believable and real, it's easy to see how great this show really is. A much better hour of TV than some of those reality shows out there for sure!
  • Superb show and i dont care if people agree with my point of view or not but this show is the greatest thing that has happened to television series history

    I first thought that heroes is an overrated show but when i started watching Season 3 i realized that i was completely wrong!!! its the best damn show with a huge cast and some fantastic cinematography . Its edgy , thrilling and has kinda a lot of twist and turns.. i liked the sow in fact loved it. The crew is coming out with some fantastic ideas and they have done a very good job!! I just disagree with people who hate the show, if you don't like sci-fi why do you watch it and then go and rate it !!! Anyway i just love the show and i recommend everyone to watch the show!!!
  • My new favorite tv show.

    Back in September 2006 when I heard about Heroes and that it was going to be a new tv show about people with special powers, I thought the show was going to be like X-Men or something. So I didn't really pay much attention. But just a couple of days before the pilot aired, I thought about it again and decided to record the show. After seeing the premier, and noting that the show does not have crazy looking creatures or costumes like in X-Men, I knew it was going to be my new favorite show. Everything in the show excels. The story, the acting, and the special effects are all perfect. Now I have every Heroes episode on DVD and just thinking forward to all the new episodes. I even had a dream about Heroes in February. And to conclude my review, I give Heroes a perfect score, 10. By the way, my pick for power would be like DL's phasing ability. Laterz yall. Peace.
  • heroes

    heroes is a program about normal human beings who are born with special gifts such as flying or your dreams tell the future or maybe you can have all the powers of anyone just by a touch or maybe you kill people for these special powers you choose your path. Sylar is the villain he is the one that kills people for their powers. Peter is the one who can get these peoples powers by a touch he is on the right side, the good side. Some like to use there powers the help others, others want to get rid of them. People have created companies which apparently help these people get rid of these dangerous or not so dangerous powers but instead the use them. For more information email me at georgia.random@hotmail.co.uk x
  • Heroes is a nailbitting action series. Where people have the ability to do all sorts of things, like fly, regenerate and so many more things. You follow the stories of these people and their familys.

    Heroes start out with these main characters. Peter who has the abilite to absorb over abilities, Claire who can regenerate, Issac who can paint the future, Nathan (peters brother) who can fly and many more. Each series they introduce more characters. It gets more complicated every series but if you are clever anoghth you can peice it toghther. Sylar (Gabrial Grey) has the abilite to understand how things work. He has other abilities (move objects with mind-telikenises-,freeze things and others also gained thoughout the series) he gained them by murdering the people with the abilities. Heroes is a fantastic show it may have its downs but it certenly makes up for them with its ups. I would recement Heroes to anyone who wanted a diffrent kind of show to watch.
  • heroes is the best show ever! i always like watching sci-if shows and when i hear about heroes i jumped on the bandwagon immediately because the hype and feed back was very very very great the first episode left me wanting more so i had to wait patiently

    heroes is the best show ever! i always like watching sci-if shows and when i hear about heroes i jumped on the bandwagon immediately because the hype and feed back was very very very great the first episode left me wanting more so i had to wait patiently till the next one aired every week then all the new characters started to discovered their new powers and realized they are special and have unique part to play in saving the world from danger when all the heroes gathered to fight the forces of evil the battles was very cool to watch
  • Cliche idea,unbelivable execution

    No no,this is a joke,right?
    LOST has better score than heroes?
    No no no,let's start again.
    Why is this show so underrated?
    After season 1 every fan turns a hater!
    Why so much hate on this show?
    Season 1 was the greatest i know,but season 2 was awesome too and so was season 3.
    Heroes is still strong,has awesome actors,decent dialogues,great effects,addictive as hell,sometimes is even better than smallville,which is a fantastic show.
    Come on,there's one billion great shows in this word,and all of them..lost?
    Heroes,smallville are easier to belive than lost.
    Nothing against lost,i used to like,but after season 3 it turns a garbage nonsense.
    Anyway,heroes is a great show if you like drama,action and super powers,don't care about the **** haters,if you love heroes,you will love until the last episode!
  • This is as much a Guilty pleasure as it is a necessity to start my week.

    The show started off great. I love how it doesn't follow one person it follows everyone I Tivo it every week. I'm so glad that i didn't miss this show. I'm glad that NBC gave this show the budget and i hope they give them more. As the season progresses so will the story lines for these Heroes. This show is great on so many levels it satisfies my Intellectual,Inner child side who still secretly seeks to be a super hero, The sci-fi geek inside that says this is awesome. Also This show has a great cast and an even better set of characters.
  • An amazing take on ordinary people becoming heroes with special abilities. Great tv show throughout the first season already.

    Peter mimics people; his brother, Nathan, can fly; Hiro can stop time; Claire, the cheerleader, is invincible; the police man, Matt, can hear peoples thoughts; Isaac can pain the future; Niki has an alternate ego; DL can go through solid objects; Micah has an ability but it hasn't really been revealed. Mohinder, is looking to warn all the heroes that there are people out there trying to hurt them.

    It is amazing to see that just ordinary people can become special. It gives people something to think about while watching the show. Wondering if it is actually possible that people in real life actually can have special talents such as the characters in the tv show.
  • heroes is in comic like format but show's us how people with unique abilities can come together and save the world while as some would destroy it.

    heroes has always been the best!
    that's right i think heroes has always been good and never went of track i enjoyed all 5 volume's including three infact it's my fav volume. i just mean the people who liked season 1 liked it because it was something new but what do you think tim could have done. the reason people hate it is because it does reapet the writing style but that's what the idea of it is you know good vs evil, the first volume was just all about what would people do but the story could not just stay on that because it would get even wores. the show is still good but you people are just looking at it from a crooked view.
  • Heroes is back on track!

    Heroes has always been my favourite show.
    The plot is amazing and I love the cast! The first season was superb; I enjoyed the second season despite the difference regarding the first and the third season, although pretty watchable, for me was a desperate try to regain the viewers lost in season 2.
    Though I remained loyal to this series, always defending it, a lot of people didn't, quitting on Heroes (at first I didn't understand it, but I now do. Impaticience as it's limits, and during the last episodes of season 3, the plotholes were too much, and the fast pacing wasn't covering them).

    Now I'm so proud! Heroes is finally back, the catching story that hold me stuck to my TV all time is back! Season 4 brings the season 1 vibes (though it's not a repetition, that would be lame, I want Heroes to innovate) in the way that is focusing on the character developpment, and the story is being great.
    I just love the episode of Hiro and Charlie, it was awesome.
    I can't wait to see more episodes of Heroes as they come out, because I feel that finally the awesomeness returned.
  • Heroes is on track again, thank God!

    One of my favorite shows, that was going down until this season 4, now i think the show is on track again, in the right direction, its less confusion and with time for the characters inprove and grow again, I thik that now the show is on my top 5 again.
    So between Vol 1 and 5, i give to
    vol 1 - 5*
    vol 2 - 4*
    vol 3 - 3*
    vol 4 - 4*
    vol 5 - 5* for now.

    For all the fans tha start livin the show, give it a try again, beacause it deserves it, for a show that was considered 3 years ago, the best show of the moment.
    Now its hoping that the show only gou up and up again with good stories and with good new characters and old ones. I personnaly miss Nicky and Jessica,I loved the sotry of their character, but now I want to know barbara!
  • I really enjoyed this episode.

    I liked the interaction between Noah and his daughter. He walks around like a human punching bag totally without a purpose in his life. Many people get to the point in their lives where they reevaluate themselves and wonder if they are doing anything worth wild, or wasting away. I feel that soon he will be the same Noah we all remember especially when Clair's new friend starts spreading information about her when she was asked not to.

    Poor Hiro. He had to break the news to his sister about him dying. It was a very moving emotional scene. This is why I love the show. It reaches people on many different levels. He tried to save that guy from jumping, but he kept screwing up his life. If you think about it. That scene reached out to so many people. How many people feel trapped in a dead end job they hate. Once you find something you love, you will enjoy waking up each morning and embracing your work. You work will no longer seem long and pointless, but something you can feel excited about. Tim Kring and his staff do an excellent job at putting subtle messages in this show.

    We learned something about Nathan. He was involved in an accidental death of a young girl. For years her mom thought she was in England. Angela did a good job covering this up and knowing where the body is hidden.. Literally. I love how we see what appears to be Nathan being shot, and out of the grave comes Sylar.
  • Random people with random abilities come together to stop random bad things?... That's awesome!

    This show is so cool. It has bad guys, good guys and everything in between. Ok not really, mostly the bad guy is just Sylar, but I like him ;). The good guys names are Claire, Peter, Matt, Hiro, Ando, and Mohinder. Claire basicly can't die. Peter copies peoples powers and pastes them on to his DNA. Matt can read and control peoples minds. Hiro can teleport through time and space and he can also freeze time. Ando has... well I guess you could call it red lightning. Oh and Sylar just rips the top of peoples skulls off and takes the powers by force.
  • Strange start to a journey even stranger

    It's nice to sit and think of a series which is now getting into season 4. You might think that the road ahead is so good to look forward too. I agree! However, to look back to the very beginning is not such a bad idea. I must admit that the trailers and teasers were interesting, but i had no idea what to think of them. I almost thought it was the beginning of a new cheap reality TV show. I was never more pleased to be so wrong. the beginning with Peter Petrelli standing on a rooftop making a jump into the deep unknown is a lot more accurat for the journey the viewers took. This storyline is deep, intense, direct and at times a little raw. All good i say. how we went from the puzzlew of what to see next to the direct question 'what on earth will happen now' has been met with so much wonder and amazement that it boggles most minds. All this deepens even more whewn season 2 took a start and the storyline deepened even further as we travelled through Japan, and we see how matters in action took a hold of all we watched. Then the series took a dive into amazement with a very simple line 'for every hero, there is a villian'. This took us on a route where we wondered what is a villian, and he is a villian in who's eyes? Perhaps some of us wanted to know what will happen when we tend to sleep with the devil (sorry Sylar, you just aren't non-Evil material, even by Republican standards).
    So as we watched Nathan giving it all away to the honest profession of Politics we wondered even more.
    That left us with the question what will happoen next and now Season 4 is here at the door. Heroes has been a perfect journey. We wondered, we got amazed we were left asking for more. This series is truly an amazing achievement.
  • Ordinary people with super powers, who just want to have a normal life life everyone else. One of the best super hero shows ever done!

    This show is probably one of the best of its kind, because it combines lots of action, special effects, amazing plots and a wonderful set opf characters. The idea of putting powers like the ones the X-Men, Spider-Man, Captain America and other super-heroes in people who never asked for them, and just want to have a normal life is really original. And the best part of it all, is that all of them are connected somehow. The characters of Claire, Peter, Hiro, Parkman and Niki are amazing, as well as the rest of the characters. Being Sylar the exception, which I think is a very weak villain (most of us were probably expecting someone like the Apocalypse or Darksiege), and the fact of him being the only villain in the series is awful. Besides that, I think that the series is getting better each season it passes. I hope it goes on for many more seasons to come. In a scale from 1 to 10 I give it a 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000!
  • The best show ever!!

    when i first heard about heroes i thought it was a couple of people with super powers jumping around and saving people.Even when i saw the trailer i thought it was the same.But when i saw a couple of episodes i realised that heroes was completely different from my expectations.Instead of showing people suddenly discovering powers and becoming superheroes it showed people discovering them selfs as different from others,struggling to get on with their powers,trying to control it.The characters are all well casted and the way all of are inter-linked to each other is amazing!.The way all of them come together to save the world is amazing and i dont have words to express for such a brilliant way of story telling!.My favourite characters are hiro,claire a and sylor even though he is the villain.Heroes is amazing and i am not having words to express how much i love Heroes!
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