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  • Rene (Haitian) vs. Nathan Petrelli - The Big Heroes Blunder

    After watching all the episodes of Heroes, I still could not understand how Nathan Petrelli was able to fly and escape in from of the Haitian in season 1. At first, I thought that the Haitian's power was only to erase the memory of other heroes or people, but he has also the power to negate other heroes' powers. Tim Kring made a big blunder in making this episode.
  • This show is just a complete waste of time and bores me to death.

    There was absolutely nothing good about this show. I hated it from the first second. It just goes on and on about the same thing. Hoping for better episodes.

    This program features some people who have found some sort of power or ability that is out of this world. But the program just goes on and on about something for a million episodes and is just plain boring. I watched a couple of episodes but found myself snoring after five minutes.

    That's five minutes of my life I'll never get back!

    I am just waiting for a descent episode and I might start watching again. Until then, I'm tuning out.
  • Here's my summary: a show rips off The 4400, but does it decently enough that it's one of the best shows on TV. But the quality does a quick nosedive after the first season.

    In fact, the first season is so good, and the subsequent seasons so bad, that fans continue to watch, like a character in a cartoon who runs off a cliff and continues running through the air, not yet realizing there's no longer any ground beneath his feet.

    I am officially giving up on watching this show.I thought I was done after last season's finale, but decided I'd come back and give the show another chance. After the "Hysterical Blindness" episode--I'm done. This show absolutely stinks. It started off as one of the best shows on TV with season one, then did a quick slide into the trash with the subsequent seasons. Tonight, when Peter tries to run and the music gets all bouncy then quickly sputters out as his ability fails to kick in--felt like I was watching a "Roadrunner" cartoon. Absolutely stupid. And I'm tired of the monotonous bouncy music every time Hiro and Ando come onscreen. Hiro is such a one-dimensional character. Raise arms above head, yay! Push glasses up on nose. Smile. Save world. It was cute at first, but now it's all he does. It's like listening to someone tell the same joke over and over every time you see them. Enough already. Now the good folks at NBC are trying to slip in a little social engineering: Let's work in a little homosexuality to make the masses more accepting of it. How about this experiment, NBC: Let's see how much idiocy people will take before they wise up and change the channel. Goodbye, Heroes.
  • The writers struggled through this whole season and they plan on doing another? Why you ask?

    It's the same reason that Saturday Night Live is still on. Once they have their dedicated audience that keep the ratings up, they will continue to run the show forever, even if the writers dont have any more good ideas and would like to end it. Why don't they? Because the corporate scum bags in charge will force it to keep going until the ratings drop below a certain point. They don't care if the series ends as absolute garbage (the x-files), they just care that they milked it for every penny possible. This is highly offensive to the dedicated viewers. We continue to watch hoping that the bad episodes are fillers, which are common to most shows, hoping that if we tune in next time it will be back on track. However the fact of the matter is that not only are they not back on track, but the train has gone off a bridge into a river. Now a reasonable and responsible train operator in this situation doesnt say, "Ok boys, how are we going to get this train to float". He abandons it and hopes to salvage his career on a new train.
  • You catch the bad guy after he killed your son. What would you do? a) kill him b) kill him and use your granddaughter's blood to cure/revive her father c) ask someone with telepathy to erase the bad guy's memory and make him believe h

    I'm a huge Heroes fan, but I'm very disappointed.
    I mean it was a season finale and yet it was lame.

    Compared to Chuck and Terminator's season finale, Heroes finale was weak. Maybe they need to cancel it in order to improve the latest episodes... I Mean, you can't compare Heroes to Lost (which is awesome). But comparing it to another "people's with abilities" series, The 4400, i can say that this Heroes finale made me sad. It was the worst season finale i ever watched..

    One more thing: You catch the bad guy after he killed your son. What would you do?
    a) kill him
    b) kill him and use your granddaughter's blood to cure/revive her father
    c) ask someone with telepathy to erase the bad guy's memory and make him believe he is your son Of course in Heroes they choose C)
  • this show is done.

    it was almost painful to watch this crap, this show is done. this episode was BORING, the characters were STUPID and there was absolutely nothing great about it. this season finale was a joke, that's why i'm never watching this show again. since the beggining of this volume, i didnt see this going anywhere. to think that i only watched this episode hoping sylar would die.. this was a complete waste of time. anyway, the cast was great, but the writers ruined it. how i miss season one.. this should end right now, dont make another season in respect of the show.
  • they say that if you're at the bottom, there's no way to go but up. i guess that's what was wrong with Heroes, they were above everyone else during season 1, and now they're going down.

    awful. this show has become a disappointment to us all. what ever happened to the once great show has died in season 1. season two was disappointing, season three is just plain wrong that words could never describe. it's solution to problems are just STUPID! your freaking people with super powers! what to do with a guy like Danko? hmmmmmmm!!!!!????? rebel can shut off their power, and daphne could run around disarming the people, and the rest just make a deal with Danko or they all die. yes, it is evil. but it is a necessary evil to survive in a world where people fear what they do not understand. this has become one of the worst shows ever, i do not understand why it is still popular.
  • i'm pretty sure i'm going to get a lot of disagreements on this comment, but its just that i am disappointed cos season one was AWESOME then it all went down the tube sorry its just my review i mean no offense but....

    are people still watching this confusing, cr*p of a show??

    really don't mean to be rude but to me all the people that still absolutely love this show are just remembering how good season 1 was and riding out this one cos they are confident it will "hopefully" make sense again soon...ish
    this show is starting to look lot like "lost" where they kinda make up sh** as they go along eg: peter is good, no wait now he is bad ...hang on now he is good again and apologizes
    to the brother for shooting him, but then goes bad in the past or in the future huh?
  • What happened??? This show went from the best thing on TV to a garbled mess of bad acting and pointless plot lines. At this point it is officially garbage and I dont see a way back.

    The Question I now find myself asking on a weekly basis is... what happened? The first season of this show was a flawless rendering of comic fantasy executed in a way that captured the imagination of all demographics, Male, female, young, old, it mattered not this show was TV Gold and I was happy. The second season (what I can remember of it) introduced amnesiac Petrelli and his merry band of Irish gangsters, Immortal Samurai and Hot Mexican chick with black bleeding death eyes... I waited for it to come together like the opening of the Chinese Olympics but instead I was forced to face the reality that the original writers had been replaced with some kind of script writing software, no doubt running on Windows Vista. Nothing made sense no story linked and the plot was so messy I still feel like I'm watching season 2. The last episode I watched of season 3 had a scene so ridiculous (Peter and Parkman doing mind control in a corridor) that I actually laughed out loud. I have been cheated, The show has crashed like the American economy and my investment is now worthless.
  • Heroes continues its agonizing death spiral into cancellation land.

    Heroes is essentially over and done with, and the writers and producers seems to know this on some level. This episode, as with all of season 3, continues the downward spiral. Peter has been essentially neutered, and his formerly incredibly powerful ability thrown away. Although Sylar is now completely without equal, and with all of his combined abilities, could basically take over the world at this point. He can create his own gold, and could nearly instantly become the wealthiest person in the world, but instead travels around in a beat up old car with some kid, on a daddy-issues road trip. There is quite literally nothing stopping him from taking the abilities of all of the characters on the show now, but... he doesn't. Why? Because that would make for a short series. The mistakes made in the incredibly poorly written season 3 are so fatal, they cannot be undone, and the series is stuck treading water like this until it is inevitably canceled.

    i started watching heroes from the beginning of season one
    i loved it, it went into season 2 only being ok, but season 3 is just a huge mess! theyre recycling old plot lines, all the good characters are dead, and their just making it up as they go along! i cant stand watching this anymore, i missed about two episodes and i watched last ngihts, and i felt like i still knew what was going on. they have got to get better writers. Plus, all the powers used on the show now are copmpletely useless. Freezing? Wow, at least in season one the powers were cool
  • HEROES is a good idea destroyed by bad writting.

    I'm really just tired. Seasons One had some horrible writting and very bad plot holes but I stuck through it and was happy. Then came Season 2. Need I say more? But I have to say I was really excited for Season Three. This was HEROES chance for redemption and it was a very lame season finalle. Now they're being hunted and to be honest with HRG and Nathan and Nathan's MOM hunting down the other HEROES, I mean REALLY!?! So I guess the writers were like "Hey were out of ideas lets basically take the ideas of Season 1 & 3 together that should work." Cause Season 3 was an improved Season 2. And ...you know what thank you HEROES for taking an amazing concept and raping it in such away you took away the childhood dream of people having superpowers. I didn't think you could do that but somehow you found a way.
  • Dark Heroes - a TV series in the shadows.

    Why on earth are most episodes shot in almost complete darkness??? Many scenes are almost pitch black and you can't see what's going on, not even the faces of the actors! It is so annoying!!! Is it some kind o trick to hide the mistakes in the set or mistakes made by the actors in the scene??? I can understand that when it's a night scene in an open field the actors must be in the dark, but when they are inside a location, why don't they turn on the lights??? They still do everything in the dark!
    Does the director (or maybe the actors...) have some kind of light fobia?? Also, these Review rules are extremely irritating - I don't need 100 words to express my opinion about a TV series, specially when I can't see what's on the screen, except for the subtitles. Need more text? sjvhsd fywsenfzm,n zsrfg mmxvn sflg.fdd çfbdç lbdb,d~b,d pobdçh,~rlbnvgb, kpsdgdb,d pdlgh,~bn lçdfbd~h bf fsgsgs hhhhgdtr çb~rh,~fçn,fb, dçbmep jge vdpgoada kjshdjkshd lsduwer ebnasc hdgdtetege, jasbd bas nKSDoa nLSD nabna sj ehfg lxicfgc askjdfs,.gkjafowiru aoisdaof dnalsnca nc laldqmfda pjfpqfmçs ahafstrwee bxfgstwe lsdfg,regnlsvasm,.fcfwql gnsiv uq0wk gjn2egn asf wfw ofhafjf jsv sen wsg eo t woiwo, gwo gjoegeltkrg dlhd bmsdvs ovhjaoivns vsvmdbçmdbç mdçbm mMOre blablabd fhyrgg bckdjrur bncmasldor g fdada sd fjmfgktiy bncvxcte b,bohmf bs
  • Far and away the worst thing on TV

    If this show couldnt get any worse.The ep begins after the plane crash.They dont even show it happen! Next thing you know the 'Heroes'(i say that loosely.they never save anyone but them selves)are running from a swat team of some sort...no reasons of how they got there so quick or how the cast survived.Nathans bat sh!t crazy,willing to hurt everyone he has met in the last 3 years.HRG is helping.why? But the worst thing ever is the killing off of the last remainning plot line (that was good) Daphne!!!no ones even sad and they could use the chearleaders blood.but no.
  • Season 3 killed it!

    Season 3 is the worst. I'm not watching it anymore and I can't understand the hype over this silly show?

    The story is bad, the actors are bad, effects are bad, everything about this show is now bad.

    Season 3 killed it for me. I hope they just pull the plug of this madness!

    Or maybe I'm too old for this show? Do I need to be 10 years old to enjoy it now? I have no idea.

    All I know is that this show is going downhill fast!

    My suggestion is to stay away from it! Let them know that it's bad!

    Sad, it WAS great...
  • This use to be good, not it's silly and worthless.

    I'm not gonna waste my precious time, so I'm giving this show 2 minutes to get a review from me. Heroes use to be good, all of season 1 is super, but then it's just silly. You laugh because you don't care about the characters anymore, because all of them have died and resurrected a hundred times. And there's no story to go around, all the mystery has been laid to waste, no intrest in the characters anymore, and did I say there were to many characters too? There's really nothing to go on. I could've written a longer review here, but I just hope this show gets cancelled and that it ends with everyone dying for real, because I don't care anymore about this show.

    Watch season 1 and please convince yourself that "Okay, no more".

    *Looking like Peter or Sylar, pointing my finger at your minds, moving it, and suddenly you understand what I'm saying" (This looks silly, I'm laughing when I see this... But the episode where everyone's flying in season 3? That took the price!")

    Hiro/Ando is the only thing that makes this show watchable.

    No Thanks, for listening.
  • Some people have powers given by people with powers others then theirs. Those people with powers don't know what to do with those powers and how to use them effectively cause of the uncreativeness of the writers.

    Can somebody tell me how long such an Eclipse can be ???
    I thought before the just last a few minutes at max,but with heroes..wow.
    We have all the time of the world,to do what ever we want.
    Claire is hurt,bring her home..take care of her..even take a shower and breakfast if we want..then go back to the house were for sure,the bad guys are waiting :P
    My god...,Heroes used to be a good show,what happened guys ? It became so unoriginal and uncreative..I can't believe it. I feel like it turns in circles and the plot doesn't progress ! How many times did we jump into the future..saw something,and then back " I have to save the World" First season,second season...Third season...wow.
    Heroes had a lot of potential,interesting characters...and people who don't know what to do with them,it was innovative in some ways and cool. I think maybe after Bryan fuller left it went downhill.I feel sorry,cause I really liked the show,right now,i am not sure why i keep coming back. Guess it's the hope somewhere inside it gets better and turns around,but thats hard at this point and with all what happened !Summary needed is written...there were so many before me but here we go. Some people have powers given by people with powers others then theirs. Those people with powers don't know what to do with those powers and how to use them effectively cause of the uncreative of the writers.
    So they are running around in circles and try to make things better,but as the writters them self they just make it worse. They have no idea who they are,good Sylar,bad Sylar..no good again..and then again..bad. We don't know it. So the show is about all those people who don't know what to do after fuller left and now listen to tim kring who blames tivo and dvrs for the ratings. So..the characters of the show..have to suffer for the ratings.As they try to safe the show...and save the world at the same time
  • Unoriginal, corny, stupid, childish, disgrace to sci-fi name.

    Actually it's phenomenal that so many people genuinely like this show. I can't believe it. For one thing, I know I don't. Right now, when I'm writing this, I've already decided to quit watching 'Heroes'.

    If I ran NBC, I'd broadcast this show in weekend mornings for little kids to watch, because that's just what this show is for. For children, not adults in primetime tv time. There's absolutely no realism or even common sense science-fiction in 'Heroes'. It's not sci-fi, it's delusional fantasy! One could inject some sort of substance to human beings and they would get super abilities? Moreover, these 'powers' differ from one individual to another and are sooo unbelievable you have to actually give the creators of the show some credit for their boundless imagination. Some of the most ridiculous abilities include flying, conjuring fire, freezing things, shapeshifting (Wait, did I say shapeshifting? Are you kiddin' me?). Now tell me, how could any chemical substance alter a person so that he would be able to FLY? How would an organic body create a force that would lift it off the ground and carry anywhere? Just think about it the science way. Answer is...NO WAY could it ever be possible. Therefore it is not science fiction, because it is not based on science and only disgraces the noble sci-fi name. Plus, the whole special ability and being a hero idea is a total duplicate of X-men. How come creators of X-men haven't sued NBC for copying everything but the name of the show from them? Plus, it's very corny and some actors (most notably the lead, what's his name, Peter Petrelli) are overacting, making forced expressions of awe and amazement way too often. Plus, the show is afraid to kill-off characters, as they did with Sylar, Claire's father, Nathan. They finally killed that darn mannequin Nikki only to bring the actor back in a role of her never-before-heard twin-sister? Do sissy slavered brats with bibs run this show?

    I can't really explain why have I watched the show for so long (till season 3). Maybe I had to get the bigger picture, see where the programme was going... Maybe I was light-hearted at first, but right now shows like these make me angry and disgusted. The only little redeeming factor could be the casting of some good actors. Dania Ramirez, Andre Royo, Jamie Hector. They were amazing on 'The Sopranos' and 'The Wire' respectfully. However, here they were given small parts and a stupid script, what good could they have done?

    And so to conclude, don't watch or stop watching this circus on TV and chose other TV shows instead. Recommendations? If you like fantasy or something like that, check out 'True Blood' on HBO, a fun, light-hearted show that leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction after each episode. Want REAL science-fiction? Hmmm, that's probably a little bit more tricky... You could try out the new 'Fringe' on Fox with the amazing Lance Reddick in tow. Action? Come on, who could be better than 'Prison Break' on that? Other alternative - 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'. Family TV you could watch with your kids? - the hilarious new 'Crusoe'. And of course, if you look for the queen of all genres, the drama, look no further than the golden 'Mad Men', 'Six Feet Under' or platinum 'The Sopranos' with 'The Wire'.
    Done expressing myself.
  • Horrible!

    This show sucks so bad, it's not even funny! It's so unoriginal! I can't understand why people even watch this piece of crap! The actors are terrible, and the story sucks! Everyone take my advice and don't waste your time. TV will never be the same cuz heroes ruined it! It's the worst show show I've ever seen! Please watch something good like Smallville if you want a good action and adventure show! Not this! it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks! Take my word for it!
  • Ok 10 people some super mumbo-jumbo powers and saving a cheerleader is the main plot of this tv show. This isnt an anime is it?

    Ok I cant stress that much: This tv show sucks and i cant even understand y that lot of people watch it!

    I watched the first season supposedly (I only watched it because it was supposed to be the hit of the year) and I was sooooo bored.

    Plot - 3/10 - Comeon could u ever think it could get more than 1? I mean there isnt really a plot some people find out they're super and they wanna save the world... Doesnt seem too original does it? And saving a cheerleader? WTF? Who thought of this...

    Acting - 4/10 - Ok im giving a lil more on acting by singular but on general its brutal. The cheerleader is the worst actress Ive ever seen. Shes not even hot at least(some females make up with that to worst acting). The 2 brothers are completely awful and so is the chinese guy who says "Yata" and do u think the guy who paints in his Trance is better???

    Characters - 7/10 - Ok theres some good things here but anyway the characters do not develope a lot and arent shown how/where do they come from. Most of the time they are jst shown to us in a plate and thats it. U have to save the cheerleader. No y no how, nothing jst do it.

    To sum up I find this show absolutely horrible. This is probably for all the people who dont wanna stress too much and jst want some TV-Hit for killing their time or jst for the happiness to be obsessed in something. For god's sake even if u are that type of person (which is absolutely normal) go watch some animates, ull have fun at least
  • poor imagination - poor script - poor acting and after 2 seasons my brain feels a bit poor too.

    where should i start from.

    lets talk about the general idea of the show.

    original?not actually. i really liked x-men but that doesent mean that i would enjoy the same idea in a show. and if i even did, after there have already been shows with the same subject, i cant really appreciate the writers imagination. especially after after "watching" their script on the tv. a bange of "cold" caracters with my favourite-to-hate doctor-tryin-to-reach-my-dads-iq(i cant remember his name) who does not persuade at all with his all philosophical mambo-jumbo.he is so fake and almost redicullus. and dont get me started about the actors acting... i hope that it is because of the script otherwise i really wish they soon discover one more secret superpower... .....the power of acting....

    i have already watch the 2 first seasons trying very very hard to like it. after so many hours i can say regretfully that it was a complete waste of time. unoriginal - poor imagination - poor script - poor acting and after 2 seasons my brain feels a bit poor too.
  • heroes is not a real show

    heroes as a show is not very good and doesn't give any thing new it is just like reading a comic book with some people with some powers like watching a cartoon and it is only highly rated cause it is on a good network and well promoted but it is highly over rated and it doesn't deserve all this attention and there are at least 4 other shows found on other weaker networks that if have half the promoting and the financing that heroes gets will win emmeys all the time so start watch other shows and you will all notice the differance and how weak the consept of heroes is .
  • Peter (Trunks) realizes by coming back in time he changes things and allows for villians (Androids and Cell) to escape and it changes the timeline.

    I knew I should have just changed the channel or shut the television off when I had noticed Maya's accent from last season mysteriously turn in to perfect English. Unfortunately for me I decided to keep it on and watch a show with a great first season turn in to a "whoa bet you didn't expect that" or a "surprise, but where did this come from" "you knew it was coming, but we did it anyway!" even a "HADOKIN" was tossed out for good measure. To me this show has clearly jumped the shark. How many times can the world be saved from destroying itself and people hoping back and forth through time.
  • Awful show!!!

    This show is one of the worst I've ever seen in my life, just silly!
    People basically have powers and can do amazing things, well having powers like this is so wrong, horrible show with heaps of action and all but the plot and the storyline does not set a good example. It's psychic, evil, possibly witchcraft and just really bad for anyone to watch. Unfortunately to all of you who love this, It will not pay off, but more and more bad shows will come and people will really have no choice but to watch what is there.
    This is the kind of show that will get you into hell.

    Here are the BAD points:

    -Very evil
    -People having powers is wrong
    -More and more people will be tempted to watch this and may love it or not, but it's bad.

    Here are the good points:

    -The good points are the bad points, refer to the bad points above.

    Agree or disagree it's OK. Be honest, I'll be surprised if any of you agree and if so, you made the right decision!
  • Came in toward the end of the wave of new US suspense dramas, and comes off looking like it rippped twice as much off. Very popular of course, but its not impressing me.

    Theres something about Heroes that makes me want to like it, and boy have I tried to!

    Yet, whenever I try, and try ignore the lame intro, I dont get very far untill I think, this is another show with an ongoing mystery thats gonna make you wait 200 episodes to find out what you REALLY want to know. I watch Lost and desperate housewives, I can't be doing with another story that spends most of its time not getting to the point.

    I cant also help but think the idea for it was ripped from The 4400, and changed the concept enough so most couldn't tell. Friends who are fans tell me this isn't so. We will have to wait and see if the Heroes story becomes a case of the government want to take them out of society or tries to harness thier abilites...If it goes down this track, (and underhand covert scemee within the government) its definatly a rip-off. Whilst in this day and age very few shows can truly be called original, and most shows can be accused of this, Heroes doesnt really do anything beyond being glamourous. Heroes is easy to like because it plays its safe, everything it does is tried and tested. It has cherry picked the succesdful elements of many recent popular American TV shows not to mention thier stars - They even got Doctor Who in on the action, and even iconic Trek stars. This show feels as if it was made by a bunch of buisnessmen in a boardroom thinking how best to make money, rather than some talented person who had such a good story and idea worth sharing with the world, and being realised as best as possible. This is another show where you find you watching for 60 minutes 15 for ads (if not more) 45 for the show in which it spends about 15 minutes telling you something you dont want to know 5 mintues repeating old news and 10 minutes doing absolutly nothing.

    Theres something very opious about this show; it feels as if the point is to keep you hooked and the cash rolling in, rather than a genuine attempt (on the creative side) to tell a good story. Its easy to know what makes a good show, and its just stupid to do these things if in the last 2 years 15 people beat you to it.
  • Overrated

    This could possibly be the most overrated show on television. There are so many things wrong with this show that it is hard to list them all.______________________ Let's start with the acting, it's horrible. I can't tell if it's the writing or the actors that make the lines come off as cheesy, predicable, and pretty much laughable. Another problem with this show is it focuses way too much time on characters nobody cares about like the cheerleader or Maya and Alejandro. We get it Claire can heal and well …the two Mexicans they were just stupid and pointless. I will list one more thing because I just realized nobody's gonna read it, just automatically disagree with it because the hero fanboys will go, "omfg Heroes is so cool I Luv it U SUCK NOOBIE" Anyhoo death is pointless on this show now. When somebody dies people will just expect them to be back next episode which destroys all impact of the death, even though it is hard to connect with these characters since they are so cookie cutter and one dimensional.___________ There's a lot more but like I said earlier nobody with half a brain is going to read it so why bother. I see this show lasting one more season after everyone realizes how truly overrated and crappie it is.
  • Not bad, but not good either, there are better shows than this on tv.

    heroes is pretty good but i hate the way the show goes on. its really slow and sometimes can be quite confusing on what's happening and when. i mean it is quite new and i have expected better graphics but MAN, this is lame! i mean the last episode for the season 1 where sylar pushes hiro and hiro starts to fly off..its like so lame, you have to see it yourself to understand it. also when the heroes fly around, its like watching a guy tied by strings. come on heroes you can do better! i like the story kind of, but not really cause it's about mutants and i have watched enough x-men and spiderman to understand whats going on. i dont the way the show goes too, very slow, and a lot of talk that doesnt clear your questions on whats going on. sorry heroes but u got to do alot better than that.
  • This show is spastic(for lack of a better word)

    This show is one of the strangest, weirdest, horrible shows i have ever seen, and they have mobs just trying to touch the stage where the stars are in japan and crap. this show has a freckin cult. ok back to the show, why people like it i cant understand there is some weird dudes trying to kill the "heroes" for some strange reason and all the "heroes do is try to stop them. if you liked superman or spider man a ton then i could see you liking this somewhat, but otherwize....Stay away from this show!!! if you want a real show watch 24 not this crap!
  • Plastic caricatures, unimaginative, culturally inbred.

    Did anyone resonate with the caricatures? I mean "actors". The story might seem fresh to those who consider manga to be high literature, but it was close to dreck. The contemporary dialogue was practically culled from the politically correct handbook. The "bad guys" were cardboard. (A great example of a complex villain was CHIWETEL EJIOFOR - The Operative in "Serenity") The story line was freshman - State a conflict, resolve conflict, fade to black. It was culturally inbred, and for all the global references, it was still a warped mirror of U.S. mass media unthink. Why didn't the writers convey any references that made sense in India or Japan. Instead, we get banal Star Trek references, as if that's what "everybody" thinks is cool. Shucks, the Hindu pantheon has more 'superheroes' than the Legion of Super Heroes and Saturday morning cartoons combined. And what brain dead zombie (or studio exec) transforms a research professor into a taxi driver in NYC? Yeah, right - he is so smart he can become instantly adept with local traffic and destinations. Green card, and hack license please? Maybe we could believe Forrest Gump, but not a rebel geneticist chauffeur.

    Dawson's Creek meets Buckaroo Banzai would have made a better sensory impact. Wait, oh, crap, that's inbred, too.

    Technically, I was disappointed with the cinematography. The dark tone was overdone, and somewhat hard to view at times. Though I should be grateful that "shaky cam" was kept to the minimum.

    For a premiere it was lame - and not in a cute Tiny Tim way. Hopefully, it will improve. Otherwise, I don't see it lasting the season.

    [update - apparently America's taste has fallen so low that this is a "hit" of the season. Sigh.]
  • Heroes set off to a promising start with an interesting story arc, but is rapidly sinking into Lost country.

    What could have been a really great show has taken a sad turn. Heroes quickly caught an audience due to its intriguing story line, but has not been able to sustain the quality and as such is heading down the unfortunate Lost path.

    Like Lost, Heroes relies on a story with a hidden secret. This can make for good viewing when done correct (X-Files - first seasons), but can also wear thin when done badly (X-Files - later seasons).

    Like so many before it (Twin Peaks - season 2), Heroes feels like it is being written as we go along. Each episode based on focus group feedback, not daring, not taking any chances. It's done by the book - quite unoriginal.

    The fact that the main story is now taking a back seat to a Conspiracy Theory story is sad. As the story gets thinner and increasingly pointless, we are reminded that this is a populist show - based solely on ratings. Conspiracies seem to be an inevitable plot line for successful shows. Even the (at times) exhilarating Prison Break, was not able to center the story around it's original premise, but had to stoop for an elaborate Conspiracy frame-up. Good television shows do not necessarily need to follow the same formula, which must be evident by now from excellent shows like: Dexter, Sopranos, Weeds, The Riches, et al.
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