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  • Anticipation is extremely high for this show.

    I have heard of this show for a while now. Its like a new season of 4400 with out the alien sub drama. The list of powers is very cool with some that might be hard to do in a weekly show, that makes it more exciting. The cast sounds fantastic, the little geeky lab tech from scrubs as a student who can stop time. Some of my favorite cast from so many shows. I really cant wait.

    Anyone from the show reads this and wants me as a test audience I would be more then happy to help out.
  • Well worth the wait!

    I was lucky enough to see the first hour of the pilot. (One of the perks of being in the business!) Really compelling characters. . . My bet is my man HIRO (the Japanese guy) will steal the show. The writing is intelligent, and the cast is relateable. . well, Ali Larter is waaaay hot but she does play a stripper! No Greg Gruberg in what I saw, that was my only disappointment. . but it means I will have to see next ep. It's supposed to ba a two-hr pilot but we only got the first hour :-(

    You really need to pay attention during the show in order to absorb what's going on, but that's a GOOD thing. . there are subtle things that are worked in that will be fun to debate when this actually starts airing. Whatever these folks abilities are isn't fully revealed in the first ep, so I left wondering "hmm. . what was that?". LOVED IT.

  • Whoa! Superpowers, it's about time!

    It's about time that they came up with a superhero show that wasn't a cartoon, well i should say another next to smallville. Wow, this looks like it is gonna be great! I can't wait! Sept. 25, huh. That's long, but well worth it. I think this is gonna be a great show. Maybe better than Samallville. I hope nobody heard that.

    But the summary says that they "think" they have super powers. what if they really don't and this is just some elaborate dream in a parallel universe/world. That would make me mad. I hope this is good. REally.
  • I knew I recognized his voice!!

    I knew I recognized Milo Ventimiglia\\\'s voice when I heard it in the promos on NBC. I\\\'m very hopeful this show will last for more then six episodes. I really hate it when actors I really like can\\\'t get a show to stick. Personally, I love super-hero shows, but I think they\\\'re downfall comes when they get either too cartoonnish, or too campy. I\\\'m crossing my fingers for this show, and for Milo!


    Whoa! This show is going to rock your world. Hands down this is the best pilot I've ever seen of a TV Show, and we all know that pilots are nutritiously bad examples of a show's promise and potential-if, this fact holds true? Then watch out because we are all in store for something phenomenal to blow us away.

    I think everyone has it in them to be extraordinary beyond measure, it's just the rare few of us that recognize it. Generally, we are nothing more than people who can tell a story so well that we can reach the furtherest plains of the imagination and take so much further. Others can paint such amazing beautiful pieces of artwork that enlightenment is given to those who choose to accept it. But, none of us believe (not really) we can be so much more then the "accepted" human potential. We don't think we can fly, we don't think can alter time and space, we don't think we can paint the future, nor do we believe the possibility that not only is our pain tolerance so high that sustaining a significant-life threaten injury could even register within our consciousness and yet be able to have such a healing factor to seal up wounds in a matter of seconds leaving not a trace of said injuries.

    Well, what if your dreams were not so much your own of flying, but dreams of you being carried by your big (larger than life) brother that can fly? Peter, our male (30) health care professional that is working with terminally-ill patients, is having dreams of flying or falling towards his brother. Believing he can fly and wanting to face up and meet his destiny/fate head on Peter challenges his dreams, to only find out it's NOT him that can fly...........it's his brother.

    Maybe, you are a Japense suit in a cubicle obsessing with altering time and transporting to NYC? Hiro, mid-20s-original series Trekkie, actually alters this clock back a second is 14 seconds late due to altering the commuter train-that's never late. Gets himself bounced from a club after being labeled a pervert from transporting himself into the womens' restroom, which the idea was brought onto him by his best friend.

    Perhaps, you did something really stupid about getting involved with the mob in Vegas, to get your son into a private school and you work nights as a web-cam stripper? Nikki found herself in some major hot water with the Vegas Mafia because her prodigy of a son deserved to go to a special school that would challenge him; now that's love for your child, stupid but love nonetheless. Anyhow, Nikki (33) has been feeling crazy and paranoid, because she feels like someone that can't be seen is watching her. She is being watched..........by herself, her mirror/alter-ego self to be precise. When the muscle shows to collect, Nikki got her son to a friend's house (to only have him lift 300 dollars from said friend's purse to flee to NYC to find his father, that's another story-and has yet to be shown, probably will be in Part 2 of the pilot when I get my hands on it-in probably late August or Early September, we'll have to deal that then.) so she can go back to collect her things and get the hell out of dodge. Anyway the muscle is there waiting in her home, in which they tossed, and proceed to have start doing her night-job for them. When she's less than completely cooperative and smacking her unconscious they find themselves beaten and killed by her mirror-self, only her other self does not know it's happening until it's too late and she awakens to the bloody mess.

    Now what if you were a drug addict that painted the future actually while high? Thus, we now have Issac, your typical NYC struggling artist, who tries to kick his addiction cold-turkey by handcuffing himself to a pipe in his studio loft. Apparently, his gift is too frightening when he is clean, either that or he has to be "altered" to be able to see the future that clearly, because it's his gift that is the real addiction. After sawing off (yes, literally sawing off) his cuffed hand.......he paints a massive grisly scene of NYC in a huge catastrophe all over his loft's floor.

    How are our heroes supposed to understand their gifts and what they mean? Well, Mohinder Suresh-the son of college professor and genome specialist, whose killed in NYC-follows in his father's footsteps but he'll be the guiding force for all of our heroes that are now gathering together. Only one problem, there's a man whose been following Mohinder's father's studies and quite possibly the person responsible to the the death of Suresh, Sr.

    Whose this man and what's his connection to one of our many heroes? He's the adoptive father of Claire Bennett, (17) Popular and cheerleader in Odessa Texas, who is first seen in attempt #6 (jumping from a 60, 70-ft. walk-way, to break every bone in her body) and with her "friend" (she stopped talking to him when they were in the 6th grade) asking her "so then what's that" (in response to her "I am a freak-show" speech) and we see a few of her still broken ribs jutting out from her left side (near her hip) that she just shoves non-nonchalantly back into the skin and as she replaces her sweater over it we see it heal up before our very eyes. Later, she speaks of stabbing herself with a knife into her chest and putting a lead pipe through her neck..........and this is still before she attempts #7 at a railroad fire scene, only to discover a trapped stow-a-way, to whom she rescues and is discovered as having no burns on her from where the fireman saw her left forearm and left hip-area being encased in flames. The last we see and when we are first let in on the fact that the "evil" man is her father is after she reaches into a operational disposal unit in the kitchen sink, where she dropped her class ring, and pulls her hand out to see it all bloody and fingers broken/mangled-to only witness her re-positioning them into the non-broken and completely un-scaved pre-mangling. And her mother's prized (if, not under-rated) Pom-Pom dog licks up the dripped blood on the kitchen floor as she hid her hand behind her back, this is where we discover the fact that Claire is adopted.

    Now we are left with the impression that somehow all these heroes are connected in one way or another. But, how do they connect. Well, Peter is connected to his brother, Mohinder came looking for his father's work and took up driving a taxi (like his father) and he ends up picking up Case-Zero in his cab--or should I say Case-Zero's brother. Peter is the nurse attending to a dying man, whose daughter is dating Issac, then you have Niki who had D. L Hawkins' (not seen in the current pilot-but, is described as an inmate that finds himself waking up outside his cell) son...........and we are left with Claire.......to whom does she belong, outside of the bad guy's adopted daughter? My guess, is that Niki had another child when she was sixteen and put her baby girl up for adoption.

    Overall, this ain't your over-the-top comic book show-however, it gives you the comic/graphic novel feel to it, also. I know this summer I am going to be watching my "Not for review" Pilot of Heroes DVD over-n-over again. I am impressed and highly look forward to Sept. 28th.
  • I cant miss this one!!

    Heroes is a realistic depiction of what the world would be like if there were people among us who had superpowers.

    The show explains the lives of ordinary people who realize that they are destined for something bigger after discovering that they have extroadinary abilities. One girl discovers she is unbreakable while another can read minds. A japanese man who can stop time and another guy who believes he can fly. As many more discover their abilities, their lives will come together in order to prevent a catastrophic event that was predicted by a man who can literally paint the future.
  • I cant wait to see Heroes in the fall. It is going to be a truly amazing show!!

    Normal people with superpowers is a wonderful idea and I think it is going to be next years best show and rise up to all time greatness. This show tells us of the lives of normal people that get superpowers and I am curious to see how they get their special and unique powers.
  • Just saw the pilot and....it blew my mind!!! Good acting, great cast, very well written and some great directing too!

    Forget any type of super hero´s kind of show, like Smallville, Lois and Clark or Mutant X, etc.
    This Show has a unique human touch and sensibility, and The cast help us to see that. Loved the choices!
    Since Gilmore Girls, Milo Ventimiglia was having a type of reverse Midas touch, and when I heard that he was casted to do the show I felt a bit apprehensive, but I think he did a great job with is character, and maybe this is the ONE for him!
    The rest of the cast is also very good, and again, all the characters where well designed. I personally loved the actor from japan, hilarious!!!
    Really great show!
    Cant wait for the next episodes!!!
  • With a lot of similarities to such a show as Lost, I think this show will have a great chance at a long based life on NBC.

    Unlike LOST, this show has the power to introduce new characters all the time. Sure, LOST can also but not to the extent that Heroes has. I think the first episode was very good in breaking out quickly and easily introducing each character with just enough back story to allow none of them to be pegged as a main character. I do like that they all converge on NYC at the end of the episode. I just hope that this show doesn't come upon an idea of creating something like the X-Men or Justice League to combat evil. I would like to think that even though the show looks like it is going to push for everyone to come together through some sort of means, I hope that they will still have a personal story line that only fits to them. Otherwise one large story line for me could grow tiresome and I may be done with this show by the end of the season. As long as it doesn't turn out to be like Invasion or Surface I think America is ready for a good primetime super-hero drama.
  • I was able to get my hands on a few pilots before they premiere in the fall. I will be reviewing them over the next couple of weeks. The first one I got is "Heroes", which will premiere on NBC in September.


    Okay, any show that has Ali Larter half naked in the first five minutes is four out of four stars, no questions asked. But seriously, in addition to Ali Larter, this pilot really rocks.

    Very X-men like, the show opens with a Professor giving a lecture to his class on changes that are happening in the human body. In other words evolution is happening, causing people to develop extraordinary powers. The pilot introduces us to each of these people (except for Greg Grunberg and the other cast regular Leonard Roberts, who were strangely cut out of the 55 minute pilot I saw), and the powers that they have.

    The Characters:

    - Peter Petrelli - works as a private nurse, keeps having visions of himself falling from a building towards his brother.

    - Nathan Petrelli - cynical brother of Peter who is running for Congress. Doesn't pay attention to Peter when he wants to talk about his dreams, and doesn't have time for his mother who has acting out (ex: shoplifting) after their father's death.

    - Niki Sanders - a single mom in Vegas who's job is stripping for men via web cam. Niki, while trying to get her very gifted son (Micah) into private school, borrowed money from loan sharks and is two weeks overdue. By the way - loan sharks don't like that. She has the most mysterious power of the whole cast though, a doppelganger self, who apparently has a violent streak.

    - Claire Bennet- a girl in Texas who discovers she is unbreakable. In other words she can fall 80 feet smack on her face and get up, all without leaving a bruise. She is popular at her school, and just wants to lead a normal life (very Buffy like).

    - Isaac - a very gifted artist who paints images of the future. His girlfriend (Simone) becomes worried about him when he says he can't remember painting any of the pictures.

    - Hiron Akamura - a humorous man in Japan who figures out he can bypass the time space continuum. Basically he can stop time and teleport.

    - Mohinder Suresh - the professor in India mentioned above, who’s father recently died. Mohinder believes that his father was killed because of his research and theories that the human genome is changing. He travels to New York to pick up his father's papers, and finds that a mysterious man is following him.

    Pilots always are a tough task, and very much like Lost, this pilot has to introduce you to a rather large cast of people and give you background on their lives, who they are, their families/friends, meanwhile making sure you remain entertained. The pilot does a pretty good job of that, and by the end of the episode it looks like an Apocalypse could be right around the corner. That’s always entertaining.

    The writers do a good job of intertwining the characters lives. You know Peter? Well he is caring for a man whose daughter happens to be Simone, the girlfriend of the gifted artist. Yeah and that mysterious man following Mohinder, he's the father of another core character in the cast.

    The acting is very good, and one thing this pilot has going for it is that it will appeal to a wide range audience. It has a teenager just trying to be a normal teen, a mother struggling to do what's best for her son, a man trying to care for his mother while all his selfish brother cares about is preserving his campaign image. The pilot is really about normal people discovering they have not so normal powers, while trying to lead out their lives, and discovering the hero that lies within. This can be best seen with Claire in the pilot, as she uses her special ability to rescue a man in a burning train.

    The pilot may be a little slow, but the writers had so much to stuff in that I'll forgive them. The episode provided a good launching pad for the series. With likeable characters and a nice twist at the end of the episode, I know I'll be checking in to see what happens next.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Ive seen the pilot episode

    I just saw the first episode of Heroes and I have to say, this is going to be one of the best new shows on TV.
    It starts out with several people who all have abilities.
    There's a man in china who can teleport.
    A girls who heals very fast.
    A man who can predict the future by painting.

    And there are a few more.
    The way it was set up, right from the beginning was just amazing. It said these individuals will come together and change the world. Just that sentence makes me want to watch this show. I wonder how it's all going to come together and I hope the producer of the show can keep up the good work.
  • Normal people, with normal problems, with extraordinary powers.

    Love this show. It is like a breath of fresh air. Very well written and with a great premise. It is true that the evolution approach has been done before (X-men, for example) but this one is done with a great sense of reality. Normal people with normal problems with extraordinary habilities. Great one. Hope NBC doesn\'t cancel it.
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... a show that looks so promising. For all the superhero fans out there and comic book fans, this could well be a treat.

    Remembering the last team superhero show, Mutant X was one of the crappiest show's based on comic books. I saw one episode and never bothered to watch it again.

    This on the other hand could well be a good show. In the wake of Smallville (based on DC's Superman) and the upcoming Mercy Reef (based on DC's Aquaman), Heroes could be equivalent of Marvel's X-Men - "People all over the world discovering they have superpowers".

    Being a comic book fan I can't wait for this show.

  • Watched the pilot and at first it was a little slow but that didn't last long... it's quite a cool premise and looking forward to the series starting up properly.

    A whole bunch of unassociated people (bar the brothers but didn't find that out till the end) all with super powers. Actually there's the artist whose now in touch with one of the flying bros and hopefully they'll stick his hand in a bucket of ice - or will it regenerate? The Japanese guy finding himself in the middle of New York and this guy seems to be the only one who is aware of and embraces his new found power - plus he's a trekkie by the sounds of it ... what a laugh. The killer guardian angel, Ms indestructible and her Dad whose collecting the research papers ... hmm lots of stuff to look forward to unravelling. I hope the series lives up to its pilot.
  • its not original, but it sure as hell is dam good! it more then makes up for the downfall of cinematic x-men

    just finished watching the pilot, i didn't expect much.. i thought the show might be good or ok, i expected it to be a rip off of x-men, but it was great, they kept to the storyline of being different, being special, feeling strange, although its early days you can tell this show will be a major hit, the only bad thing about it is the title, its corny simple and cliche name don't fit with the quality of the show.

    the show will start to suck when they wear tight black leather with logo's eventually that might happen.

    to be honest i also think this is a blatant rip of of x-men. at the same time, i think its better the story is more refined and not too focused on showing of, but rather exploring.. as i said it makes up for the lower standard x3 and i feel good.
  • This is a great show, that got off to an excellent start. I have high hopes for this show, I hope the rest of the series lives up to the opener. I enjoy intelligent SciFi. I so want this to fill the gap left by FireFly & Farscape.

    At the start of the summer I made a list of new shows that I wanted to try. I'm quite even-handed, I usually give a show 2/3 episodes before I make a decision. This one got my attention after one episode.
    The characters were interesting, their talents were intriguing and there were enough twists that even with my jaded viewing eyes, I didn't see coming.
    I'll be back at the end of the season, to let you know if it lived up to expectations.
  • Heroes is a show about indiviudals who seem to have special powers beyond their belief, it's a show that ties into human powers for everyday people like a nurse, and it seems like a show where somehow they get together and save the world.It seems good.

    When i first heard of this show i didn't think it was very appelaling, but then when i watched it i was very amazed at how good the pilot was. This show keeps you interested and in some bizarre way reminds me of some kind of Fantastic Four movie/show becasue of some of the stuff. It's a good show, and i personally love how the have so many differnet people, for example the chinise guy, that part is very funny. I'm going to give this show a chance, i think it has alot of potentilal and can be a very good show.
  • A review of the 50 minute pilot. I tried to keep it mostly nonspoilerish...

    Out of all the new shows announced for the 2006-2007 season, "Heroes" was my most anticipated show. I was very eager to watch the show and was thrilled when I was able to get the pilot. I wish now I hadn't had such high expectations because at first I was a little disappointed, even though I did think it was a good show. But after thinking about it for a while and watching it a second time, I found it to be better than it was the first time I saw it and I think the show has the potential to be really great.

    The version of the pilot I saw - the one that had been edited down to nearly half of its original length - features the following characters:

    - Peter Petrelli, a male nurse who thinks he can fly.
    - Nathan Petrelli, Peter's older politician brother who can fly.
    - Isaac Mendez, a junkie artist who can paint the future.
    - Niki Sanders, a single mother and a stripper, who has a mysterious alter ego.
    - Hiro Nakamura, a Japanese office worker who can bend space/time.
    - Claire Bennet, a cheerleader who has rapid healing powers.

    This version of the pilot leaves out two characters who should be featured in the NBC premiere:

    - D.L. Hawkins, a prison inmate who can walk through solid objects.
    - Matt Parkman, a cop who can read minds.

    Some of the storylines in the pilot are hit and miss. The only ones I found truly interesting where Claire's and Hiro's. The others have interesting storylines but they simply were not established enough. Peter has the potential to be a much better character but for the time being is stuck with incredibly corny lines. ("I just keep having these amazing dreams...yada yada yada".)

    The pilot is mostly very dramatic and not upbeat and all, and what little humor there is comes from Hiro, who can be very funny, but will most likely get tiring soon if the writers don't use him carefully and overuse his silly nature.

    One of the pilot's major flaws is that the characters are underdeveloped and we don't get a chance to really get into their heads. Of course, since this is a character-driven show, these moments were either edited out of the pilot or the writers intend to flesh them out beginning with the second episode.

    However, the show does have a good, interesting plot and manages to make itself seem original, despite it being compared to X-Men, The 4400, and Unbreakable. And while it starts out slow, the action quickly gets rolling and manages to hold your attention.

    It's my hope that this show can live up to its hype and that the writers will know what direction to take it in, because even though the pilot is less than perfect it has virtually limitless potential, and a hundred different directions in which it could go. I would highly recommend this show to any sci-fi/fantasy fan, and suggest to those who find the pilot mediocre to give it another shot and watch the full-length pilot and second episode to see where it goes.
  • This could be a very hot series... The Pilot does indeed make me want to see more... So, I am ready for this show!

    I too, was lucky enough to see a sneak preview of the show, and no I am not saying where, but it was in HD and it looked fantastic. It wasn't finished yet, so we might see something else in the final cut... The music used in the version I have seen was all temp tracks, meaning they were from other movies and series... It opens with a great introduction in text, with the Hans Zimmer / James Newton Howard Score for Batman, which actually works. Then there are later other scores mixed into the pilot, but we won't hear that in the final release. It has a very good beginning and the people are introduced well, some with very strong contrasts to each other and some with less unique and interesting personality who actually will surprise you!! Yes, they actually manage to pull one over you already in the first episode... In fact that was what made the episode stand out... Because you simply wasn't expecting it... And, then the feel of the series was very well directed. When we see the Asian "Hiro" (you'll know what I mean when you see it), the place he works and the setting is very well done. Though some of their dialogue is kind of silly, it is a prelude to why he will become someone unique for the fans. Then we have the artist who does something quite exceptional and in someways, introduces the notion of the intricate and interwoven relationships that might develop throughout the series...

    While not a lot of characters were introduced, don't know if there will be more, those we see are quite interesting, like the Cheerleader, who in some strange way in her uniform actually looks like a superhero. Her character is not badly portrayed and in fact she does a very good job of convincing you that she isn't just someone with a special gift, but has in fact some issues...

    Then we have the scientist, who will be the story teller in the show. He will be the one explaining to the audience how these super heroes became the way they are. His story by its self is very interesting and you'll see why... It is the thriller and suspense of the series. We then see the mother with her child that has gotten them selves into a serious mess. She is somewhat of a question mark, and at this point, we know too little about her, to say if she is a villain or a hero... or if she is just one messed up person... However, keep an eye out for her kid...

    I won't go into details, but, for me, it is a good beginning and the cast has a good nuanced feel to them.

    I give this first episode "101" a score of 9 out of 10... Let this series "fly" into a wold of wonders!
  • Love them superheroes...

    I managed to see the hour long version of the pilot yesterday and I must say that this show looks really good. All of the characters feel really fleshed out and the stories behind them are starting out great. I can see this becoming NBC's LOST.
    If you like the mystery type shows this is one for you. I don't think you have to be into superheroes to enjoy this show which is one of the greatthings about it.
    If you are into heroes you will see some simalarities to other shows or comics but don't be too critical.
  • my opinion

    I think that this show is gouing to be a grand entrance for more shows to come. I cant wait for the first episode hopefully it will follow in the shoes of the show like smallville and hopefully it attracts people and the show goes on the true test is going to the first episode that going to make or break the shows future prospects. this opens doors for superheroe show to come and if done right will bring imagination back to telivision there is to much of the reality tv in todays broad casting and to me the imagination is what really draws in the cowds
  • Never before have we seen a show that is completly original... something we havnt seen in a long time.

    What I love about the show is it’s the ordinary people who get the powers and while some start to realize what they have others already know and start testing their limits. Also what interesting is how they each are connected to one another.

    The casting director should be given kudos for bringing to the small screen a fresh cast that blends together giving the show its substance. What also is amazing about the show is NBC has the complete first episode online for us to watch. NBC is going all out to make sure the buzz about this show is worth the hype (unlike Snakes on a Plane even though I loved it, still not all the hype). This is the true essence of what a saga is supposed to look and feel. And because it’s the first of its kind I predict that not only will it survive its first season but will still be around for many years to come. If like me you cant wait till its initial broadcast check Heroes out here: http://tv.yahoo.com/feature/fall06/?d=503 . Help create the buzz! This show doesn’t appeal to one type of person; it’s really a show for everyone. One does not have to be a geek like me to love the show, the characters, everything.
  • It's the return of <3Milo Ventimiglia<3!

    Since Milo left Gilmore Girls, tear..., he's been doing some small shows like American Dreams and the Bedford Diaries. But now he's on HEROES and this show actaully good. I love shows with superpower concepts. Like Charmed for instance. I can't wait for this to start. This show looks really good. I love the commericals for it. It looks really interesting and it looks like he has a very good concept. I can't wait to see the comeback of Milo. Basically I'm interested in this show because of 4 things... one... the superpowers... two... Milo Ventimiglia... three... Milo Ventimiglia... and four... Milo Ventimiglia.
  • I was lucky enough to view the Pilot prior to it's release date. WooooooooT!

    Heroes may just be what the doctor ordered this coming Fall Season. An awesome idea that combines great writing and solid acting to deliver what will be one of my favorite new show(s) this TV Season. The attitudes and personalities of the characters are fantastic. The characters come from a wide array of different backgrounds and personalities that meld together with utter finesse. I for one can not wait to see how the story develops - If this show gets cancelled I will be very disappointed. However with the obsession of reality based time wasters and Prime Time Soap Opera Trash... Time can only tell.
  • Show has potential but Japanese character total disappointment.

    Honestly i think this show has potential but the Japanese character is a total miscast and disappointment. He may have been born in Tokyo but the pronounciation and intonation is unbearably lousy. And his friend is equally flaky. The first office scene... I doubt there was a single Japanese guy there except Masi. The set is equally contrived... The signage outside the disco, the ads in the subway all are elementary words barely in context. For me having lived many years in Japan, I find it so unbelieveable that is is very very distracting. Im left wondering... why Japan? and why Masi would let something like this slide. Why not set in mainland USA? Little Tokyo would still be a bit more believable.
  • Great idea..good to see something besides reality stuff. There is a lot of things you can do with this show. Fun and exciting.

    Who cares if it is suitable for a family or children? Not every show needs to be that. It\\\'s just like the comics that children read. Young children should be asleep anyways, or you can change the channel.

    Heroes is exciting and something new. The reality TV is getting old and this show is outside of the box and is needed (on one of the big stations), Medium and GW are doing farely well, so Heroes should do even better because it is more exciting, has more story lines, characters people can relate to, etc. Having a hit show after it should help (which will be a hit show just because of the charcters and how they go over the top to promote it (\\\"The best new show on TV\\\", etc). The last 10 minutes of the first few episodes needs to be big, as the viewers for the show at 10 will start to tune in, so hopefully it will draw them in.

    So far, so good.
  • Now this is what a good show is, finally a creative show that is being seen on television. It would be the most amazing thing in the world if you had a super power that no other had, and you could use it to save humans or the world.

    Now this is an amazing show, a show that is creative and taps into our imaginations. This show taps into our imagination and makes us think, this would be the most amazing thing in the world if you had a super power that no other had, and could use it to save humans or the world.
  • This show featured a world where people started to manifest super human abilities. I found it quite entertaining.

    The Japanese character referenced Uncanny X-men #143, and being a stickler for factual television, I checked to see if Kittie Pryde actually traveled through time in this issue. While this issue did in fact star Kittie Pryde pretty much solo. It was a Christmas issue in which the brood attacked the mansion. All in all I liked the show though the concept was stolen from The 4400. It does get the season pass treatment though.
  • This is the most original show in a long time. Not since X Files have i been so enthralled with tv. and before that it was twin Peaks. This will be a \"don\'t-call-me-during-this-show\" show. its been too long.

    10 minutes into this pilot episode Genesis, i was already wishing for the whole season on DVD. The twists and turns hinted at already in the first episode are intricate enough to give Lost a great run for its money. My favorite characters are Hiro the time/space bender/ teleporter and Isaac the heroin addict artist who can paint the future only when high and then doesnt remember any of it. Absolutely orignial and impressive! We can see the best of tv all combined into this one show. The complexity of Lost, the superpower connection to the comic book universe and the conspiracy/ government involvement of shows like X Files and the Dead Zone. A million thumbs up on this one. A special acknowledgement comes from my husband now stationed in TX getting ready to deploy to the Middle East next week. The Uber-geek comic book fan that he is appreciated the play by play i gave him over the phone as the episode ran and said a couple of events in the show gave him goose bumps. Now that\'s saying something. It moves well without seeming choppy yet not so fast that you cant keep up. Final review: A Phenomenon waiting to Happen!
  • The heroes are introduced to us in different parts of the universe! Fantastic pilot!

    Not only can you feel the cult following coming on but this is also a great show! The pilot takes us all over the place meeting people with extraordinary powers! I enjoyed the writing, the effects, the directing, the cinematography and the actors! Everything was as it should be and I was enthralled! It's about time NBC had the guts to have a Japanese character speaking Japanese as well! The pace was nice and as you watched the pilot, you could truly feel a hit being born! In a time where the world needs superheroes perhaps more than ever, "Heroes" will be a show that matters this season! I loved it! And to that critic who made me dread seeing Ali Larter in this- you were quite wrong, my friend!
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