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  • This fantasy based show hit the mark for creativity, however, is not suitable for family viewing.

    Writers are doing well developing and connecting characters, however, I find at least three of the scenes overly graphic and/or disgusting for a 9:00 time slot. If the writing remains as creative and thorough as it is in the pilot, there should be no need to a hand mangled by a garbage disposal or a man's blood splashed corpse cut in two. The show has enough potential without the gore/sex. If the writers are talented enough, the show should not only survive, but progress well in the ratings if you remove the over-done violence and shock factor. It just is not necessary and will eliminate viewers with sensitive eyes around the television.
  • Unoriginal, corny, stupid, childish, disgrace to sci-fi name.

    Actually it's phenomenal that so many people genuinely like this show. I can't believe it. For one thing, I know I don't. Right now, when I'm writing this, I've already decided to quit watching 'Heroes'.

    If I ran NBC, I'd broadcast this show in weekend mornings for little kids to watch, because that's just what this show is for. For children, not adults in primetime tv time. There's absolutely no realism or even common sense science-fiction in 'Heroes'. It's not sci-fi, it's delusional fantasy! One could inject some sort of substance to human beings and they would get super abilities? Moreover, these 'powers' differ from one individual to another and are sooo unbelievable you have to actually give the creators of the show some credit for their boundless imagination. Some of the most ridiculous abilities include flying, conjuring fire, freezing things, shapeshifting (Wait, did I say shapeshifting? Are you kiddin' me?). Now tell me, how could any chemical substance alter a person so that he would be able to FLY? How would an organic body create a force that would lift it off the ground and carry anywhere? Just think about it the science way. Answer is...NO WAY could it ever be possible. Therefore it is not science fiction, because it is not based on science and only disgraces the noble sci-fi name. Plus, the whole special ability and being a hero idea is a total duplicate of X-men. How come creators of X-men haven't sued NBC for copying everything but the name of the show from them? Plus, it's very corny and some actors (most notably the lead, what's his name, Peter Petrelli) are overacting, making forced expressions of awe and amazement way too often. Plus, the show is afraid to kill-off characters, as they did with Sylar, Claire's father, Nathan. They finally killed that darn mannequin Nikki only to bring the actor back in a role of her never-before-heard twin-sister? Do sissy slavered brats with bibs run this show?

    I can't really explain why have I watched the show for so long (till season 3). Maybe I had to get the bigger picture, see where the programme was going... Maybe I was light-hearted at first, but right now shows like these make me angry and disgusted. The only little redeeming factor could be the casting of some good actors. Dania Ramirez, Andre Royo, Jamie Hector. They were amazing on 'The Sopranos' and 'The Wire' respectfully. However, here they were given small parts and a stupid script, what good could they have done?

    And so to conclude, don't watch or stop watching this circus on TV and chose other TV shows instead. Recommendations? If you like fantasy or something like that, check out 'True Blood' on HBO, a fun, light-hearted show that leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction after each episode. Want REAL science-fiction? Hmmm, that's probably a little bit more tricky... You could try out the new 'Fringe' on Fox with the amazing Lance Reddick in tow. Action? Come on, who could be better than 'Prison Break' on that? Other alternative - 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'. Family TV you could watch with your kids? - the hilarious new 'Crusoe'. And of course, if you look for the queen of all genres, the drama, look no further than the golden 'Mad Men', 'Six Feet Under' or platinum 'The Sopranos' with 'The Wire'.
    Done expressing myself.
  • i'm pretty sure i'm going to get a lot of disagreements on this comment, but its just that i am disappointed cos season one was AWESOME then it all went down the tube sorry its just my review i mean no offense but....

    are people still watching this confusing, cr*p of a show??

    really don't mean to be rude but to me all the people that still absolutely love this show are just remembering how good season 1 was and riding out this one cos they are confident it will "hopefully" make sense again soon...ish
    this show is starting to look lot like "lost" where they kinda make up sh** as they go along eg: peter is good, no wait now he is bad ...hang on now he is good again and apologizes
    to the brother for shooting him, but then goes bad in the past or in the future huh?
  • Heroes: The most overrated show on television.

    I looked forward to, and watched the first episode of Heroes. After about 20 minutes, I was bored out of my mind. It's worthless fluff, and is very, very shallow. The writing is average, the acting is terrible. The characters are so one-dimensional, it's almost laughable. The reason for the classifictation of "Unoriginal": it is a wannabe "X-Men"/"The 4400". Yes, there are minor tweaks, but the core of the story still is just totally unoriginal. This show is not innovative at all, I don't care what all the fanboys say. Heroes is just a joke. If you want REAL action/adventure television; watch Lost, Prison Break, 24, etc.
  • Horrible!

    This show sucks so bad, it's not even funny! It's so unoriginal! I can't understand why people even watch this piece of crap! The actors are terrible, and the story sucks! Everyone take my advice and don't waste your time. TV will never be the same cuz heroes ruined it! It's the worst show show I've ever seen! Please watch something good like Smallville if you want a good action and adventure show! Not this! it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks it sucks! Take my word for it!
  • Limbo! How low can you go? How low can you go?

    I think this show has hit a new level of badness with last night's episode. I used to love Heroes, but now, the dialogue is terrible, practically every other line cringe-worthy. I find myself chuckling at moments and words that are obviously supposed to be dramatic. And every plot line has become utterly ludicrous. Hiro's mind regressing into a ten-year-old's is a level of stupidity that hasn't been seen on NBC since the first Star Trek series, when Lt. Uhura had her mind zapped to mush by the Nomad probe and had to fumble her way through the pronunciation of "blue," "blu-eee." One of the worst, most unintentionally hysterical moments of Star Trek. And who is drawing "The 9th Wonder" comic book that Hiro keeps buying in the stores? Didn't Isaac, the guy who wrote and drew it, die back in the first season? Or is this some yet-to-be-revealed plot twist that I'm supposed to ponder? I no longer care enough to wonder or be curious, so please just reveal it now. And then there's bad Sylar, good Sylar, and now bad Sylar again. Come on. Do I care anymore what side of the fence he's on this week? The Sylar storyline went stupid when he suddenly, inexplicably turned good at the beginning of the season, and the moral struggle that had apparently been going on in him popped into the series out of nowhere. Maybe it was beamed in by the producers of the upcoming Star Trek movie, in an attempt to distance Spock from the badness of the Sylar character. And Clair Bear's (please, stop saying Clair Bear, daddy, it makes me want to vomit every time I hear it) confrontation with Horn-Rimmed dude in the abandoned house, with her taking out her emotional rage on her daddy, was so cliché.
  • Absolutely terrible.

    There is not one good thing I can say about this show. It is boring, uninteresting, and a complete waste of time in my book. I sat down to watch the first episode beacuse there was so much hype and frenzy about it. I don't get why at all. I could hardly even bear to watch the whole episode, it was that bad. They should have saved the hype for a more deserving show.
  • Ok 10 people some super mumbo-jumbo powers and saving a cheerleader is the main plot of this tv show. This isnt an anime is it?

    Ok I cant stress that much: This tv show sucks and i cant even understand y that lot of people watch it!

    I watched the first season supposedly (I only watched it because it was supposed to be the hit of the year) and I was sooooo bored.

    Plot - 3/10 - Comeon could u ever think it could get more than 1? I mean there isnt really a plot some people find out they're super and they wanna save the world... Doesnt seem too original does it? And saving a cheerleader? WTF? Who thought of this...

    Acting - 4/10 - Ok im giving a lil more on acting by singular but on general its brutal. The cheerleader is the worst actress Ive ever seen. Shes not even hot at least(some females make up with that to worst acting). The 2 brothers are completely awful and so is the chinese guy who says "Yata" and do u think the guy who paints in his Trance is better???

    Characters - 7/10 - Ok theres some good things here but anyway the characters do not develope a lot and arent shown how/where do they come from. Most of the time they are jst shown to us in a plate and thats it. U have to save the cheerleader. No y no how, nothing jst do it.

    To sum up I find this show absolutely horrible. This is probably for all the people who dont wanna stress too much and jst want some TV-Hit for killing their time or jst for the happiness to be obsessed in something. For god's sake even if u are that type of person (which is absolutely normal) go watch some animates, ull have fun at least
  • why are we watching this show

    Did anyone remember the TV show Surface. This started the same way. The first few shows made since, but than the show started to be all over the place. The acting of really bad. I mean really bad. they even skipped a few show, I think because they needed time to figure out what they were going to do next. The ending did not even answer where and what was the purpose of the show why did and where did the animals come from ? This show seems to be going in the same direction. This looks like a show that they could of done in one hour, and they are stringing it out giving you just enough to come back every week. They should take a lesson from the show 24. Every epison in the past is like a movie in it self. I wonder if Hero will make any since in the end. Hey maybe I should put my recorder on and record all the shows and watch them all at once.
  • Far and away the worst thing on TV

    If this show couldnt get any worse.The ep begins after the plane crash.They dont even show it happen! Next thing you know the 'Heroes'(i say that loosely.they never save anyone but them selves)are running from a swat team of some sort...no reasons of how they got there so quick or how the cast survived.Nathans bat sh!t crazy,willing to hurt everyone he has met in the last 3 years.HRG is helping.why? But the worst thing ever is the killing off of the last remainning plot line (that was good) Daphne!!!no ones even sad and they could use the chearleaders blood.but no.
  • Stay away far away

    One of the stupidest shows people that have special powers thats been done like 100 times. I don't even get why people watch this junk. It will always be people with powers who want to save the world.I am surprised it even got to a tenth episode. NBC has apparently hit it big with this show but I just do not get it. They will just find more people that have powers then team up with them and fight evil it is just like some lame kids show. Overall I think this show sucks and should be canceled very quickly.

    After watching the first episode GENESIS I told my wife and best friend "This is going to be a great show or its just gonna fall apart."

    And after just one more episode IT FELL APART. This show had the potential to take over LOST with a fun cast and new sense of mystery. But all it showed through 2 episodes is that it is going for shock and over the top drama. When you don't have the budget that blockbuster movies have then you should limit your effects to a minimum. And in the 2nd episode we see 2 heads with the top cut off and a girl pinned to a stairwell. The graphics were very poor and distasteful. And all it also showed was that this show will rely on images and shock to cover its poor writing an lack of creativity. HEROES was a great concept but a failure as a product.
  • Heroes, once my favorite show on the air, is fading fast.

    Oh heroes...what we had was so special. I loved this show since the first season, I never missed a new episode, bought all the season DVDs the day they came out, dressed as Hiro for Halloween, and even decided that should I ever have a son I am naming him Sylar. The characters, SYLAR, the smart interlinking stories, SYLAR, the great plot twists, SYLAR, the creative ways of manipulating time lines, SYLAR, and of course SYLAR; all such awesome pieces of this drama epic: Heroes.

    Season 2 ended with promise. A short, yet memorable season that drove the characters away from "OMG WE'VE GOT POWERS" to "Hey, we've got powers, lets use them to change the world." And, for me at least, I was giddy to see Sylar's powers return. Next Volume, which was to be titled Villains, was sure to be amazing...right?

    It started out with promise. The Second Coming was fantastic, and a good way to kick a season off. It opened up new story possibilities, and left us with questions we hoped the season would resolve. But it would seem as if the writers, at this point, started shooting red bulls every ten minutes. The season started fast and furious...but never stopped. Every episode, instead of resolving or working with plot points brought up previously, just added new ones, at a speed that even the most avid fans had to rewind their DVR to figure out what in the world is going on. In season 1 their were separate story lines, each with their own sets of characters, and occasionally their story lines would cross, but in the end the story lines didn't merge until Kirby Plaza. But here in Volume 3, everyone is everywhere in everyone's story, meeting with everyone, it's far too confusing.

    Volume 3 of Heroes destroyed much of what made the show so amazing previously. First point: the characters. Sylar, one of the greatest television villains in years, was obliterated. Turned from serial killer to humble company man in the course of LESS than one episode. Then a few episodes later we see him as a happy loving father? He saves Noah? He tries to kill Noah? Has sex with Elle, kills Elle? Look, having Sylar go through a "road to redemption" type story line is fine with me, but for God's sake make it believable. He went from blood thirsty murderer to "OH YES MOMMY DEAREST, WHATEVER YOU SAY" literally overnight simply because Angela told him, without proof, that she was his mother?! That's not Sylar. Finally, in the season finale, we got the old Sylar back. The way he was meant to be. Then Claire killed him via weak point in back of head, then he was presumably blown up. If Sylar is dead...I'm sorry, this show is done. They've lost their minds.

    Nikki and Micah? Completely forgotten. But Ali Larter still stays in the show, via possibly the single most cliche soap opera motif that has ever existed: Nikki has a TWIN SISTER. Ironically, this new character is even more uninteresting than Nikki, and is clearly just meant to be eye-candy. Claire Bennet...I'm sorry, I was under the impression this was a show based around an ensemble of characters? Why is everything about Claire now? No longer the cheerleader with powers, which was believable and...somewhat entertaining, she's not the high school student who wants to fight crime? No fit. Hiro has spent two seasons maturing and learning what it takes to be a hero, and then in seconds he is knocked down to believing he is 10 years old. The only people who could see this plot twist as anything less than obnoxiously childish unnecessary and ridiculous would have to BE 10 years old. Mohinder Suresh: no one cared about him before, and after another season spent trying to make him even slightly interesting, still no one cares about him. Let him do they opening monologues, let him be the smart scientist with answers, but leave it at that. Peter with Sylar's bloodthirsty hunger for knowing how things work? HUH? Nathan Petrelli? You know what, lets not even get started with everything that went wrong with him this season.

    Then, of course, there's the nonchalance way promising characters are killed. After a whole season of establishing him as Hiro's arch enemy, Adam Monroe is killed off on a whim. As is Maury Parkman, a fantastic villain to Matt, killed as carelessly as the slutty girl in a slasher movie. For a Volume called "VILLAINS" they sure don't seem to give a damn about said villains. Rather than develop them into meaningful characters in opposition to the Heroes, they just kill them off, in some horrible "villain of the week" manner, similar to the first season of Smallville.

    I have a question for the writers, also. How, exactly, do you have a meaningful drama when half the characters you chose to focus on CAN'T DIE?! Honestly, did anyone, for one second, truly believe Sylar and Claire were dead during the eclipse? Arthur Patrelli, our big villain of the season, had the amazing power...of every power...which might have been cool if we hadn't seen the exact same thing in Sylar in the first season, where he was much, muuuuuch more interesting than Arthur could ever be. Characters like Peter and Arthur ruin this kind of show. Whats the point of focusing on all these characters that have different powers when you've got people like Peter and Arthur running around who have them ALL and can take them by simply being close. Sylar at least has to kill for his powers, which makes things fun cause if Sylar is going to use a power already shown, the person with it has to die first, therefore creating struggle, danger, situations that have impact; THAT is drama. When Sylar pulled empathic power out of thin air to take Elle's power, I nearly cried. No explanation for how he did this, Arthur just asserts "he can" and viola!

    On the subject of stuff that makes no sense, was it ever explained exactly WHY the planet was apparently going to be split in two by people having powers? Did anyone ever explain how Nathan came back from the dead? And please, for the love of god, can we forget about Isaac Mendez? He's been dead for two season yet his future telling comic books are still being used to drive the plot? You can't possibly think of anything else? When Seth Green (as a comic book store owner) began talking about what had happened in the past like a fan of the actual show would online, I nearly turned the channel. Please...enough with the future telling comics/paintings.

    Season 3 did have some saving graces, though. Namely, Linderman and Kaito Nakamura, to spite them both being dead, were given decent screen time, which means the brilliance of Malcolm McDowell and Geroge Takei could once again grace the show. I was also reasonably pleased, as I usually am, with the plots surrounding Noah Bennet. It seems no matter what they do, Noah's character does not lose his enjoyability. For over half the volume, Peter had no powers, which pleased me, because he was seriously overpowered. Maya, from the previous volume, though given some face time, was more or less disposed of, which is good considering I don't think anyone liked her. This season also stepped up the action in ways the previous seasons had not.

    I don't know if I will return for the next season, though I can't say I wont. There is promise, as it looks far darker, and for once it appears the Heroes will be fighting for their own freedoms, rather than attempting to end some horrible disaster in the future. I hope the new season can pull things together, because after this volume, Heroes, once my favorite show on the air, is now on the fence.
  • Hedroes read review for my full answer about why i rated it what i did

    this show makes no sense ive gotten unconfirmed report nbc
    "ge" is getting rid of all old characters and making new ones! i hate wen networks do that if i wanna watch a show i wanna see the ppl i wannna see it needs to be good or likeable for me if im gonnna watch it and i give this show like -billion this is possibly the worst idea plotline for a show since the roseannne talk show im no roseanne show hater it just the material wasnt funny.... i think that nbc should get some better material get rid of identity and put more scrub eps on not keeep putting theeese lame shows on tv nbc univeral parent company once again 'ge' has problems
  • Cliche dialogue, bad acting, and annoying cliffhangers. So why the hell can I not stop watching it?

    The Primetime paranormal soap opera that has 12 year old's glued to the screen and pissing all over this website. Yes. I just described Heroes.

    When the chips are all in Heroes is revealed to be a show for young teens. Strippers, Super Powers, Special Effects, Cliche Dialogue, Constant Cliffhangers, Cliche Twists, and a Cheerleader who we see frequently dealing with things teenagers can relate to. What more could they ask for? Besides decent acting, REAL dialogue, unpredictable moments, and much more. Unfortunately they don't really care about those things so Heroes has no reason to improve. So the fact remains, Heroes needs serious improvement. Don't get me wrong, this **** is addictive. But all it wants is money and popularity. And that's what it gets. But it fails to ever become a great show. It stay's as an "Alright" and "Fun" show. It's entertaining on a very shallow level.

    I predict it can stay on this "Decent" level for around 2 or 3 more seasons. I think either Season 3 or 4 will be the height of the show and it will close down a bit on Season 5. I think by the time Season 6 airs the fans will go down dramatically. Hopefully they will be wise and end it on the 4th or 5th season. Until then just enjoy watching the show. But remember that TV gets so much better then this.
  • Are you really that naive?You people are being brainwashed.

    Come on,this series has more clichess than a Freddy Prinze Jr. movie.If you like so much superheroes go read a comic book.I really can\'t understand how much more the stories can get so uninspiring,borring and as i mention before more CLICHE.Two brothers one selfish one humble and brave,a clowny japanese guy who can save the world,a crazy mother trying to frame her husband and take away his child,a naive and loving cop who\'s wife is cheating on him,i mean come on the whole thing is to make more money when the comic book movies are doing so well(spider-man,x-men etc...)and use the moment while it\'s still hot stock.The sad truth is that this series is nothing more than a poor\'s man version of the x-men mixed up with a cheap tv soap opera.
  • Heroes? If everyone has these abilities, what makes them heroes?

    While I found the first few episodes interesting and entertaining, the writing deteriorated so immensely that by the end of the first season the program became virtually unwatchable. The idea began as novel; there are a few people around the world with special abilities that must stop a seemingly inevitable doom. However, as the episodes continue, it seems as though everyone in the world has one of these special abilities and things became less realistic and entertaining. I should note I do not mean realism in regard to real life, but the program even falls short in realism in regard to the fantasy world created within the show. In sum, I don't see the fuss about this show. It is far from quality television.
  • Writers need to rethink what they are doing...

    I was disturbed by the episode last night. I know this is fantasy but I thought Noah killing Sylar with a box cutter was just a little too close to how people were killed on the airliners on September 11, 2001. I'm sure I am not the only person who thought of that when they saw the gruesome scene. I'm really not sure what the writers were thinking other than the fact that people might draw that same parallel. Either way, I think it is a bit insensitive and in poor taste for a broadcast audience. On The Unit a couple of weeks ago, they tortured some US soldiers in Iraq off camera (you heard yells and screams) but you did not see anything. If this type of writing holds, the next episode of The Unit will have to show someone being beheaded. Just poor taste and very unnecessary for the story-line.
  • Not even close to what the season was building upto. Just before the last episode when they killed Peter's father, it was all looking like the story is just building, there's a lot more to come and all...

    Just before the last episode when they killed Peter's father, it was all looking like the story is just building, there's a lot more to come and all.....And then suddenly you see that Arthur Petroli is killed and it then dawns on you that the season ending is near by.

    Useless story build up at the start, dragging illogically through out the season and then a very hasty end, that's what Heroes season 3 was for me. The primary aim of the season was to demarcate between two groups "The Good" and "The Evil". The writers got so caught up with that, that I am sure not even one single person watching the show would be aware who were in the good team and who were in the bad. Looking at the Season 4 promo, it doesn't seem that's going to be any different. While in Season 3 Nathan was trying to create a force of warriors with special abilities, season 4 promo showed him complaining to the US President and asking him to shut all guys with special ability in a locker room. Now, when did he go through this mind change? I'd probably skip season 4.
  • Heroes used to be my favorite tv show now it's become plain dumb & it makes me sick, can anyone do something & bring back its greatness to MY show?

    season 1 was a masterpiece if not THE masterpiece!
    season 2 was doomed by the strike.
    season 3 was supposed to be great.
    what we have now is my favorite show dying.
    hiro goes dumb.
    sylar goes good.
    niki goes tracy.
    I have to say: STOP!
    either you improve the stories or cancel it!!!
    pure & simple I said it.
    I can no longer stand watching great characters being ripped off.
    don't tell me you know where you're going cuz u don't!
    enough killing/resurrecting(nathan, niki,ando...)
    it's an action show but the story telling is important!
    even though I hate the turn of events in memory of good old days I'll keep watching til the very end til then RIP HEROES!!!
  • This show is one of the biggest wastes of time in my entire life. It is not worthy of me even giving it a review. Also, IMO Barney is a better show than this. Every show is better than this.

    This show 2 me is a very big waste of time. I thought it looked cool at first but now, I think it is one of the worst shows out there. The finale was very disappointing for sure and there was absolutely no suspense in the final three episodes. I am a Lost fan and I've heard people saying that this show is for the same crowd but I COMPLETELY disagree. This show has almost no mystery now because we know who Linderman is, who the exploding man was, now he's dead, this show has no fuel left for next year and I think it will bomb completely. Go ahead and disagree with me, I really don't care because I will not be coming back to the "Heroes" section of www.tv.com again unles magically this show becomes worthy of even COMPARING to Lost, let alone being for the same crowd. For any noobies reading this review, I do not think you should watch this show ever. 2 thumbs down.
  • Season 1 episode 1 great - the rest --- yawn worthy.

    Heroes needs to be ended - this series has gone on a tangent that makes it dull and yawn worthy can we please have the writers from season 1 back oh and pay them this time... cause the stuff coming out of the characters mouths is dribble... I fell asleep watching it... i was trying so hard to stay awake... terrible series. Has anyone watched a season one episode after watching a two or three one... and realised that there was something ingenious in that script that has been lost now or maybe it's just me and my tastes have changed. I doubt it though nothing on TV has gone down hill faster.
  • What a crappy show!

    Why do people like this show so much? I think this is unorganized, stupid and is a terrible waste of time. The whole save the cheerleader, save the world is completely moronic. This is just a fad and the writers will run out of ideas and soon it turn it another late night soap opera that will be a one season wonder. My fiancee loves this show and I can't be in the room why it's on because it's so bad. I guess I'm not into science fiction as much as other people. I really think that this show will be another OC and people won't watch ot.
  • this show is done!!

    Heroes started with a bang. With a story that features comicbook like heros and villains, the show became an isntant hit and then some in season two. But with season 3, it seems to be going all downhill. The first cardinal sin of all superhero stories, never make a villain into a hero, less a likeable character. Heroes can have shades of grey but when charactor start ambulating like a pendulum(Peter now will kill to save the world). Wait he does one better he will destroy the world to save the world. make sense? Well no. Parkman was my least favorite character both because of the character as well as the actor that plays it. And now he gets the meat of the plot. Imagine that. We all loved Sylar as the vilain, but of late even he is confused as to what is expected of him. If anything that the third season portrays well, its utter confusion, as the plot bumps from one silly twist to another. We shouldnt expect logic in a superhero story but here the creators have pulled all stops. And as each episode passes, the ratings fall and the desperation shows more and more, with every character dead or alive making an unneccessary appearance.
  • What's going on here?

    What's up with the role reversals? Just about every character has become the complete opposite of what they were and what they stood for in the first two seasons........
    Peter is the new Sylar.
    Sylar is now a good guy.
    Mohinder has turned crazy, mad scientist.
    Hiro kills Ando!
    And to top it off, big daddy Petrelli is still alive!!

    I think it's a big mistake making Sylar a reformed man, he's the MAIN villain in this series and Peter's the protagonist, he's supposed to save the world people! Not turn all Sylar on us!
    I'm not sure anyone likes where this is going so c'mon writers, get it together.
  • The most overrated show on Tv.

    I really wanted to like it. I really did. I was pumped for the season premiere. I was excited for the casting of Greg Grunberg. And i used to be a comic dork growing up, so finally a non-cheesy comic book tv show. So the pilot came and went. Boring, sure. It's a pilot, it'll get you later. So, i kept watching. But, nothing happened. I didn't care about any of the characters. It was a shame the most annoying one of them, was invincible, or they could just kill her off. Now, i am a lost fan. And i wasn't at first. It took me awhile to get into it. So, i'm going to wait for the end of the season, and watch all the episodes at once. Maybe i'll feel different. I doubt it.
  • Peter is more of a jerk than ever

    Claire gets ability raped my Sylar, Hiro's incompetence is no longer amusing, Peter is more of a jerk than ever, Suresh's insta-ability injection is the next be all to end all, and as if all that wasn't bad enough, now Nathan is playing Jesus? I said I'd give the season premiere a chance to win back my interest in the show. Instead, it has signed, sealed, and delivered it's own death sentence. Other hideous "plot developments" included an attempt at romance between Maya and Suresh, ANOTHER future disaster for Hiro to prevent, a miraculous return by Linderman, and generally shocking dialogue and writing all around. It was the show's religious masturbation that truly killed it for me. What, did the vatican buy Tim Kring out? Nasty, nasty, NASTY!

    Heroes to Zeroes? You bet!
  • Why would anybody want to watch this show I hate this show

    All it is a show that is a serial saga about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives. Oh their are stars from different shows that have higher ratings but are already cancelled. So this series stars Greg Grunberg ( Alias ), Leonard Roberts ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ), Milo Ventimiglia ( Gilmore Girls ), and Hayden Panettiere ( Ally McBeal , Guiding Light ). Tim Kring ( Crossing Jordan , Chicago Hope ) is the series' creator. This is the only reason I think the ratings are so high.
  • crashing fast

    This is turning out to be a one season wonder. I still watch but it seems like they just dont get it. The episodes seem to be getting darker and darker. Now since they cant seem to come up with anything interesting to write about let go back and rehash the past. What makes the past interesting it your interest in the present storyline. This is just not working.
    Networks are like political parties and governance. By the time effects of decisions come to their full effect the people who created are often long gone. For whatever reason the people may not be gone but what ever made this a compelling series left shortly after season one.
  • surprised at the public's response to this series even after many great ones that came before it. Luckily, for mediocre writers, there seems to be enough room for everybody, an open niche for people who don't value their time that much.

    I'm quite surprised at the public's response to this series even after many great ones that came before it. I had thought, or hoped, that after the likes of Lost, or Prison Break, Sopranos, Desperate Housewives, and many many others that have contributed to the TV genre's steady evolution since Golden Girls was cancelled, that the viewing public would be so much more difficult to please. Luckily, for mediocre writers, there seems to be enough room for everybody, an open niche for people who don't value their time that much, that they would rate HEROES a perfect 10 or close. They must be doing something right, whatever it is i don't know. When it comes to teasing this series doesn't offer anything more than an afternoon soap. Well, there's there cool flying by the Petrelli dude, but because we all know about the current ease of computer graphics sfx I can hardly give them credit for this. Acting is good, sfx, good, photography, good, music, good, writing...bad. Unfortunately, no matter how good the other stuff is, I'm not a big fan of the circus where people can show their talents with no or very little coherent plot. One thing cirucuses DO have is a good pace, at the very least. So, yeah, having said that, I'd rather go to the circus. I don't know if it's the writers'fault, or the director's, but something fundamental is missing in this series that doesn't make it more than anything but a network's obviously rushed effort to capture the same crowd that Lost has. Taking unoriginal elements of the X-Men, throwing in stylistic elements from Lost, the occassional strip tease by Nikki, a little blood and gore, some flying to watch out for, then mixing them up in a pot of commercial success. Not exactly the usual inspiration that goes into other huge successes. But if the formula works then it works, it simply says a lot more about the public than of the creatives of this show. I gave this series a fair chance, watched it as intently as I could, but I had to will myself to, unlike Lost that simply caught me and sucked me into it whether I wanted to or not. Heroes basically wasted my time. But if you're not a snob, which I've probably turned into based on this review, go ahead, watch it. I'm just warning the others out there that an average rating of 9.4 does not mean 9.4 for everyone, it might also mean that most people who don't like this show will probably not bother rating it on the website.
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