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  • You catch the bad guy after he killed your son. What would you do? a) kill him b) kill him and use your granddaughter's blood to cure/revive her father c) ask someone with telepathy to erase the bad guy's memory and make him believe h

    I'm a huge Heroes fan, but I'm very disappointed.
    I mean it was a season finale and yet it was lame.

    Compared to Chuck and Terminator's season finale, Heroes finale was weak. Maybe they need to cancel it in order to improve the latest episodes... I Mean, you can't compare Heroes to Lost (which is awesome). But comparing it to another "people's with abilities" series, The 4400, i can say that this Heroes finale made me sad. It was the worst season finale i ever watched..

    One more thing: You catch the bad guy after he killed your son. What would you do?
    a) kill him
    b) kill him and use your granddaughter's blood to cure/revive her father
    c) ask someone with telepathy to erase the bad guy's memory and make him believe he is your son Of course in Heroes they choose C)
  • Heroes has gone from one of the greatest Sci-fi shows to ever hit prime time, to one of the biggest disappointments in recent television history. (Marked spoilers).

    It's almost unbelievable how far Heroes has fallen. So much that was great about the show is now gone or greatly diluted. As an avid fan of the first season of Heroes, I find myself shocked at what has become of it. I can't help but ask so many questions about what's happened to this show.. Whatever happened to the intelligent, complex, and mysterious plots we saw in the first season and even to a lesser degree the second? Whatever happened to the introduction of characters in a steady and well-arched manner? Whatever happened to "ordinary people with extraordinary abilities" that everyone could relate to? Back in season 1 when things were just getting started, Heroes had everything going for it. Deep plots that may have occasionally seemed confusing or conflicting, but generally turned out well and with some amazing attention to detail that certainly left me impressed. Interesting characters who, while the majority had an "ability", were still just people with their own regular lives they had to take care of as well. After watching this new season, it's hard to believe that any of these things ever existed on the same show.

    Even season 2, which I watched with growing disdain, was more attention-grabbing and relatable. Characters began popping up everywhere, many of them in nonsensical ways to the original plots of the show. However I, as I'm sure many others did as well, forgave the waning interest and weakening plots on the writer's strike that unfortunately cut the second season short. But what excuse is there this time around?

    Now here we are in season 3. A time when most shows are already well into their comfort zones and doing what they do best. But Heroes is struggling to just have one good episode. Every plot that has been introduced this season has been convoluted to the verge of being insulting. Almost like the writers are just sitting there saying "you just don't understand our work". Characters are flying out of every orifice, virtually all of them with abilities. The ordinary life attribute of the show has been eroded to the point that there are maybe 3-4 main & supporting characters total without them.

    ----Possible Spoilers to Follow----

    What's the most insulting about the new season of Heroes is the reuse of the same old plots and personalities, some of them that were unpopular to begin with. Nathan has yet again been on a crusade doing what he thinks is "right". Of course it involves mass control with him at the center. How many times is he going to be the well-intentioned bad guy? Claire with another random love interest to act ignorant and school-girlish over (who on a side note I have named "West v2.0: new and improved with bigger nose"). Matt can now somehow paint the future (a power which should have died with Isaac), Nikki is back as her strangely identical twin sister Tracy, Daphne who was thought to be dead is somehow still alive.. The list just goes on and on.

    The last thing that has forced me to stop watching this show is how little the plots seem to actually mean in the grand scheme of things. For a show that calls itself a serial saga, and focuses on depth and complex plots it seems to very little sight into it's overall goals. Characters that previously had no powers now do, which I feel jumps the shark and forsakes the premise of the show. Villains like Adam Monroe, and Arthur Petrelli were built up to be ultimate baddies, but overall had no impact on the show. It makes me wonder why they even bothered introducing these characters if the only villain they're going to keep going back to is Sylar.

    ----Spoiler End----

    Overall I don't see myself going back to watching Heroes unless it has a serious overhaul. They need to get back to the things that work best, which is what the first season did excellently. Many characters that seem to be going nowhere should be changed or removed from the show. I'm still holding out a little hope that the next season of Heroes will be better than one, and may again catch my attention. But I've completely lost faith on this season.
  • SHAME!

    All i can say is shame, a really good show gone down the tubes.
    The name of this show really needs to be changed to the claire bennett show!
    The show seems to concentrate on rubbish plots with rubbish characters(i,e, a deaf instrument playing hero who can do what?)
    I think basically the creators have tried to overcomplicate this show and are not clever enough to actually see it through.
    Oh why didnt they just leave it at good vs evil which is why most of us loved heroes in the first place!
    I for one will not be watching any more, a fantastic show ruined way to go nbc......
  • One of my fav shows!

    Heros is really good. Its got heaps of great characters and their powers are totally cool. I like the shows format, how it always changes scenes for different characters but everyone is connected. My fav characters include hiro, claire, peter, matt, molly, daphne and like all of them. The new season looks really good and interesting. With another future, its kinda confusing with all that. Like becase of the people who can travel through time everything can change. I quite like adam even though he's meant to be kinda bad. i just wish heores was on earlier because here its played at 9:30 Thursday, so ends later. Overall great show.
  • Sylar!, I am your... mother!?

    Am I the only one who thought it was hilarious when Claire asked Sylar if she was gonna eat it and hes like "eat what" and she was like my brain...and he said "Clair, thats disgusting". I thought it was a perfectly reasonable question...I mean he IS a sick sick boy...it kinda looks like he is being consumed by something which is dangerously cool to me. Its also understanable that Nathan is the only one who can see Linderman and didn't find out til' the nurse told him he was playing chess by himself. I totally remember Linderman dying and I'm pretty sure when you have a near death expierence you get connected to the "other world". Then again, nothing is what it seems with Linderman...and Nathan for that matter and with Angela as his mother....who knows what is going to happen. I'm kinda excited to see how Nathan, Peter, and Sylar hit it off....or blow up. ^_^

    This is sooo bad,i had 2 sign up just to comment.Heroes used to be a great great show...at first.but from season 3 everything started becoming sooo bad...its like the writers have become clueless and started cooking up good rubbish.the just talk...and talk...and talk.they believe that because people have powers anything can happen,anything can be explained,anyone can come back from the dead..its just really pissing people off...please someone should tell them to come back to their senses cos their losing millions of fans right now...i dont think i'll still be able to watch it again...they should really cut this crap...and whoever directed season 1 and 2 shud come back!
  • it is a great show but you have to watch it from the very beginning to understand it, picking up in the middle of the series wont cut it

    it is a great show but you have to watch it from the very beginning to understand it, picking up in the middle of the series wont cut it. . . a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • The best episode so far!

    Wao! speechless, this episode was amazing. the best so far in this season! I am happy the show is back of what is was at the beginning. Sylar -Peter combination will be a very interesting relation in this season, and yes how is the mother of Sylar´s son?, I think in some way Peter-Sylar will change the future and the kid will not die.. I loved to see Nathan-Niki back again! I loved that couple, and I can´t wait to see in what Mohinder became.. it looks like an animal, a reptile.. or something very disguting..I kind of hate Claire..:) and her dark hair...... I can´t wait for next episode.,
  • Can't wait for the next season!

    Heroes is a great show. While it can be very confusing to most who haven't followed since season one, simpley doing some online research or just watching and paying close attention can get you up to date. For example, I myself fell in love with the first season, but then had to miss out on the entire season two. I started watching again at season three, and I know completely what's going on!

    The show has many twists and turns and is very exciting to watch. I'm always on the edge of my seat, always wanting more.

    I can't wait for the next season! :)
  • HEROES is a TV Show which has ts Goods and Bads but I Love It.

    HEROES is a show that is full of exciting turn of events. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way, making you ask yourselves loads of questions but many of these questions remain unanswered. Season 1 was a change from other shows on TV but after the first season HEROES hasn't changed much. Following the multiple stories can be a challenge in a few episodes but its worth it at the end. The latest Season, the 3rd: Villains has started well with a fast paced story and characters. Even though you may feel at some points that one person is totally overpowering the rest it OK. In the end i would say that HEROES is a must watch.
  • Heroes is still watchable, but not as good as it used to be. Here's hoping that the situation will change for the better in the future.

    After having read a lot of the reviews of the people who have posted here, I have to agree with what everyone is saying. Season one of Heroes was definitely good, really, really good. In fact, I think, as everyone here seems to agree with, that it might have been the best piece of television magic I have seen in recent history. I had high hopes for this series. Unlike other people though, I am someone who actually liked season two also, though it was only eleven episodes long. It was short, but sweet, at least in my humble opinion. Where the series started to go wrong, for me, was the finale of season three, when the writers got the bright idea to kill off Nathan Petrelli. I liked watching the interaction between Peter and his brother. It was one of my favorite things about the show. When they killed off Nathan, it made me not want to watch the show anymore, which leads me to a bigger gripe which is: Why do they kill off so many people on Heroes all the time? I told myself that if they kill off Hiro as it seems like they are thinking about doing this season, or Peter, they are going to lose me as a fan of the show. It kind of sucks because now, I have invested all of this time into having watched every episode only to sit here hoping that they don't kill my favorite characters. I also sit here hoping that the writing on the show, which has really gone downhill lately, improves again like it was in season one. Here's hoping for the best for Heroes...
  • A hit and miss show at times.

    I LOVED the first season of Heroes. It promised wonderful and exciting story lines and a plethora of characters we could love and love to hate. We were heading back in nostalgic classic comic book'heroes' with a modern edge.

    Fast forward to season three and its started to lag. The show seemed to have problems keeping up with itself. There were even several online article on the 10 things Heroes could do to make it better! Something non commonly heard of for tv shows. I was losing interest which worried me as I also lost interest in Lost and never went back to that halfway through season 2. But I stuck with it, though I went weeks without watching episodes, having to later catch up. After news that the next season will be totally reworked something switched in me. Perhaps the sense that maybe I would never see my beloved Hiro and Ando again? Is that possible? They are the only reason I kept watching when all else seemed lost. Everyone else took on irritating undertones and the plots where tiring. But out of the embers of this show, I grew a new found respect and admiration for Sylar. He's kinda hot in a creepy psychotic way. It took me til season three to notice. Maybe its because they seemed to have spent more time on his character development... I am soooo off on a tangent now aren't I? LOL

    So yes, I will continue watching to see what this show develops into further. I will see this to the end. It is still somewhat entertaining and the plot is now thickening.
  • Superb show and i dont care if people agree with my point of view or not but this show is the greatest thing that has happened to television series history

    I first thought that heroes is an overrated show but when i started watching Season 3 i realized that i was completely wrong!!! its the best damn show with a huge cast and some fantastic cinematography . Its edgy , thrilling and has kinda a lot of twist and turns.. i liked the sow in fact loved it. The crew is coming out with some fantastic ideas and they have done a very good job!! I just disagree with people who hate the show, if you don't like sci-fi why do you watch it and then go and rate it !!! Anyway i just love the show and i recommend everyone to watch the show!!!
  • Heroes from beginning to end

    Heroes is one of the top three shows on television with season one being a grand slam. Season two was amazing but it suffered thanks to the writers strike, but still was really good all things considered. Season three has been earth shattering so far a perfect ten in my book. The usual characters have been put to the test in this the season that changes everything has set the bar high for future seasons and new characters. This is going to be one the best seaons of any show ever if it keeps the pace that it set it will be an amazing so smile and be happy Heroes is tops!!
  • Heroes is definitely one of the great shows on television today. NBC broke the mold with this one, and after three seasons still manages to dazzle the public each week with a new and amazing plot twist...

    Heroes is definitely one of the great shows on television today. NBC broke the mold with this one, and after three seasons still manages to dazzle the public each week with a new and amazing plot twist lovable characters and uncertainty around each corner. Its a super hero show like none before it, there is something here for everyone, a hero each of us can relate to, a part of each of us in each of the heroes, and that, in my opinion is largely a reason for its success. When many of us think about superheroes we get an idea of people running around in tights and capes, but heroes gives a different perspective. This time those chosen by fate are not extraordinary people, just people trying to make it in the world, the same world we try to make it in, in our day to day lives. Heroes makes Monday fun again, with everything a fan could ask for, from hilarious comic relif, to a plot ever increasing in complexity and involvement of the characters and special effects to impress even the most particular sci-fi fan.
  • Now that's what I am talking about!!!!!!

    Now that's what I am talking about!!!!!! That was a classic episode. Kept me at the edge of my seat and was crowned with the best of endings.I love the way the story has turned out, everyone good is getting bad and sylar is the one to save the day this time, I jus hope the producers dont return him back to the villian we once knew. This was what drove me to watch this show in the first place. I just hope that the steam isnt lost.Only God knows whats next.We just need more surprises to keep this show going and they should fine tune some characters, They arent relly relevant. Any way SUPERB!!!!!!!!
  • A once great show that hopefully will return to its glory days.

    This show is a huge favourite of mine, even if the 2nd and 3rd volumes aren't as good as the first. The characters in the first season were amazing and the story rattled along at a tremendous pace. The finale was thought by some to be a boit of a let down, though. The second season was a mess. Boring storylines and plot holes you could drive a double decker bus through. The show has picked up during the 3rd volume though, which I enjoyed in the main. Here's hopingthat volume 4 can get back to the greatness of volume 1 when it starts again in february.
  • One of the best shows on television. Don't and can't miss this show for anything. Recommend to everyone and anyone.

    If you love sci-fi then you have to watch Heroes. It is by far one of the best sci-fi shows in a long time. Not only do I watch it but I DVR it at the same time I watch just so I can go back and rewatch it later. There is so much going on that it is easy to miss something, so I always recommend to my friends to record it and watch a second time because you will always pick something up that you missed the first time around. But well worth it to see it both times. But then just my opinion. Don't usually write about shows but this is a rare treat.
  • The show was exciting for the first season. Then season two started.

    So back in season one, the show was new and interesting and their "Save the cheerleader, save the world" ads were attention grabbing. And the show was exciting for the first season. But my biggest with the show was that it changed scenes and storylines to frequently and to many characters all over the place making it hard to keep track of what everyone was doing. Then season two started. It was still good until about half way through when the plots and storylines started going down hill fast. It also continued with the quick scene changes but added even more characters. Frankly its time to just end it.
  • Heroes is back on track!

    Heroes has always been my favourite show.
    The plot is amazing and I love the cast! The first season was superb; I enjoyed the second season despite the difference regarding the first and the third season, although pretty watchable, for me was a desperate try to regain the viewers lost in season 2.
    Though I remained loyal to this series, always defending it, a lot of people didn't, quitting on Heroes (at first I didn't understand it, but I now do. Impaticience as it's limits, and during the last episodes of season 3, the plotholes were too much, and the fast pacing wasn't covering them).

    Now I'm so proud! Heroes is finally back, the catching story that hold me stuck to my TV all time is back! Season 4 brings the season 1 vibes (though it's not a repetition, that would be lame, I want Heroes to innovate) in the way that is focusing on the character developpment, and the story is being great.
    I just love the episode of Hiro and Charlie, it was awesome.
    I can't wait to see more episodes of Heroes as they come out, because I feel that finally the awesomeness returned.
  • The best show ever!!

    when i first heard about heroes i thought it was a couple of people with super powers jumping around and saving people.Even when i saw the trailer i thought it was the same.But when i saw a couple of episodes i realised that heroes was completely different from my expectations.Instead of showing people suddenly discovering powers and becoming superheroes it showed people discovering them selfs as different from others,struggling to get on with their powers,trying to control it.The characters are all well casted and the way all of are inter-linked to each other is amazing!.The way all of them come together to save the world is amazing and i dont have words to express for such a brilliant way of story telling!.My favourite characters are hiro,claire a and sylor even though he is the villain.Heroes is amazing and i am not having words to express how much i love Heroes!
  • People hate this show just because it's the "cool" thing to do. But, Cold Snap started changing minds...

    This show is amazing. Volume One was a masterpiece, Volume Two was at it's best near the end of the volume, Volume Three was two faced paced, but I found it better than Volume Two, and Volume Four is following in the footsteps of the first volume. This show inspired me to get an account. I like it that much. Also, the return of Bryan Fuller is excellent, he previously was on the show writing for a now boring character (Claire). I have realized that the reason so many people write negative reviews is because other people are doing it too. NO show EVER deserves a 1/10.
  • Food for thought

    Although it appears Tracy is dead, did no one not notice her BLINK after she was shattered on the floor?

    Since this is heroes and all she may not be dead after all and it could be she knew exactly what she was doing when she froze herself.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the writers have evolved her power to the point where she can continue to live in ice / water form and may even do a terminator and rejoin herself.

    Sounds absurd i know, but this is heroes we are talking about so i wouldn't count it out.

    I just found it coincidental that her dead body was conveniently over an open drain (i could be reading too much into that but only time will tell)

    I personally wouldn't pay for special effects to make her blink after she had been shattered unless i was either a) stupid or b) wanting to reveal something.

    Either way it's interesting.

    Just my thoughts, i could be completely wrong of course.

    By the way, one of the best episodes ever by far, Brian Fuller is an excellent writer, i hope they keep him till the end of time!

    Also, is it just me or does anyone else find it annoying that people can vote for the score of the episode before it is even shown? This is a growing trend on the internet, even with games and it is absolutely stupid!
  • Welcome Back Heroes.....This episode was what this show needed, great special effects, storyling everything, Hopefully they dont mess it up and keep going in this direction

    Welcome Back Heroes!!!!.....This episode was what this show needed, great special effects, storyling everything, Hopefully they dont mess it up and keep going in this direction. I was so happy to see that Mikah was rebel, to bad he is only guest starring i think he should be re-casted as a major character again. I was also very happy to see not only was the show full of dialogue and drama, The characters actually used there powers to the fullest, Matt wasnt him boring old self he used his ability and was actually entertaining and Tracy has grown on me i didnt think it was going to be the same without Nikki, But she pretty much kicked ass in this episode hopefully the blinking after she shatters is a hint that somehow she survives !!
  • A live version of your favorite comic book - only better.

    Heroes takes place in an altered present-day, where many individuals have begun developing powers. Powers right out of a comic book.
    From there the twisted story-lines and plot twists pull you ever deeper until you crave the show every week.
    The acting isn't spectacular, but believable enough for the story to pull you along helplessly.
    Currently the show, like most of TV, is showing it's scars from the writer's strike, but after a January restart fans can expect the show to kick back into full gear.
    From the diabolical power-stealer Syler to the bumbling but gold-hearted time-traveler, Hiro, Heroes will draw you in and not let go.
  • Season 1 Great. Season 2 Not so great. Season 3 Awesome.

    This show was truly ground breaking when it first aired and quickly became a huge hit. Not only does it contain brilliantly written and extrememly interesting characters, but those characters have very cool super powers and interact in incredibly interesting plotlines.

    Plus in my opinion it contains the best TV character ever... Peter Petrelli! Cool power, cool back story, great characterisation.

    In fact the only downside to this show was the second season. The writers strike meant that the season was effectively cut in half and the midseason ending was hastily turned into the season finale and lets be honest it was rushed and just didn't work.

    But now all is forgiven because season 3 is fabulous but unfortunately so many people were put off by season 2 that a lot of people (at least that I know) aren't mtuning in any more.

    In conclusion... I love this show and so does pretty much anyone who has seen it just try to get past the second season.
  • The show's super strengths are its well-developed filmmaking, smooth pacing and a perfect cast. It views like the first hour of a fun, thoughtful movie.

    Heroes (NBC, debuts Monday Sept. 25, 9 p.m.): Identity quest seems to be a new theme for the 9 p.m. slot on Mondays as NBC's "Heroes" and The CW's "Runaway" explore the subject in different ways. One of the oddest new shows this fall, "Heroes" chronicles the possible superhero - or superfoe - hidden inside even the most ordinary of people. A hospice worker (Milo Ventimiglia, above, l.) believes he can fly. An artist finds himself able to paint the future, much to the concern of his girlfriend (Tawny Cypress, above, r.). And an office worker in Japan teleports at will. (His scenes come with subtitles!) What they do with their powers and the impact they'll have on others is the raison d'etre of the show; the moody noir tone and offbeat writing are the reasons to tune in. Grade: A-
  • Wonderful episode in my opinion.

    With the end of the Eclipse powers returned and the episode was amazing.
    Claire died but after the Eclipse she became alive. Of course!
    Mohinder was happy thinking he founded the cure and looked for Maya but he realized that wasn't true. He returns working for Arthur.
    My God, Nathan lived Peter in that jungle…. and powerless… I hope the Haitian could use his powers to find in Peter's mind what he losted when his father took his powers.
    Hiro is like Peter Pan… doesn't want to grow up. Good idea the comics with the history because they don't have the guy whose painted the future anymore – Mr. Isaac. But, a mystery to discover: who is writing the comics???
    Ando is having an important job supporting Hiro.
    I don't know if Hiro knew what he was doing, but he took de bad guy Sylar far away from Benet's house and made a favor to that people. I'm sad about Elle… poor lady… Sylar with the hunger back maybe had murdered that beautiful electrician angel.
  • Heroes is my favorite show!

    I love Heroes, it is a show that is different from all the rest and you never know what to expect. The only thing I don't like is when it is over. I'm looking for some constructive criticism for my website that is part of a college class project. Please visit my website: concept6.oumark.com let me know what you think. please send all replies to: OUgroup6@gmail.com No sales pitch, no profit to be made, just looking for a personal learning experience. The websites intent is to keep people up to date on their favorite TV shows. It also includes a page on Heroes. Thank you in advance.
  • Average people from around the world discover they have superpowers.

    It's like when you're best friend is developing an addiction to crack. You don't like the direction they're headed, but the person is still your best friend.

    Sh*tty metaphors aside. With all its problems, and its desperate attempts to fix they're problems, I still can't shake off the show. Its powerful first season was able to capture millions of viewers. The negativity towards HEROES seems to have escalated in tone and numbers as the series progressed. I don't blame them, the problems are just too apparent not to ignore. But the viewers who now claim they dislike the show, seem to make that known, rather than quit watching like so many others (this is where my crap metaphor should kick in). I'm definitely generalizing here, but if you look up the reviews for its second and third season, you get a sense from where I'm coming from.

    Personally, I can let it all slide. If I'm ever caught in a discussion about current "great" television, I have other shows to throw to pick and choose(ex.BREAKING BAD). I never expected these characters to develop into sophistaction or promise. Superpowers don't change the fact that the characters were social drones to begin with. Personally, they somewhat acted like expected(what would you expect from a hospice nurse? a stripper? a dyslexic cop?). The show is far from delivering characters that reflect what the title intends, but with its next season promising "Redemption," we'll just have to wait and see...I mean, if you're still watching.
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