Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on NBC
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Matt enters the private security business and receives an objectionable client. Suresh finds another person on the list. As her home-life worsens, Claire strives to learn more about her birth parents. Hiro and Ando get sidetracked in Vegas again while searching for the sword. Nathan is forced to deal with a secret from his past. Still indebted to Mr. Linderman, Jessica resorts to unsavory methods that could spell doom for a fellow hero.moreless

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  • The casting director must have had a good laugh

    The casting director who cast Niki/Jessica's shrink must have had a good laugh when the episode aired. The actress is a dead ringer for Oprah Winfrey.

    The mini-arc in which Hiro's eminently capable but unfairly neglected sister is made CEO of their father's zaibatsu at Hiro's behest was both touching and funny.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes matt decides to enter the private bussniess sector and he finds a very interesting clinet and clair is who is now having a very difficult homelife she decides to look even more into her biolocial family hiro and anudo are going to look for the sword again invegas but get sidetracked there again and niki is looking to get out of her terms with letterman but that may spell doom for another hero this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9moreless
  • Matt gets a job as private security for a former employee of Mr Linderman, Jessica is trying to repay Niki's debt to Mr Linderman, Claire distances herself for her father while she is closer to finding her biological father.moreless

    This episode is one of my favourites. Mainly because my two favourite characters interract with each other (Niki/Jessica and Matt). Matt assignment is to protect Mr Malsky, who used to work for Mr Linderman, while he makes a transaction for valuable diamonds. In the process we find out that the person stole the money he used to buy the diamonds from Mr Linderman and appearantly that is why he is hunted by one of Mr Linderman's men. Of course that man is not a man at all but a woman we all know, Niki Sanders, or better Jessica in Niki's body. Appearantly that is one of the ways Mr Linderman decides that he wants the debt Niki owes him (for getting her out of jail) to be repaid. Regardless, the scenes of Greg Grunberg and Ali Larter are amazing and to die for. In the end Jessica kills Malsky (and in the process Matt almost dies) while Matt finds the diamonds that were hidden and keeps them himself.

    Meanwhile, Claire visits her biological mother, after she is frustrated about the way her dad is treating her especially when Sandra has a nevrous shock (from all the memory lapses she is been having lately). There Meredith tells her that her father is not willing to help her only to provide her with money and feeling betrayed and alone she decides to leave. When Nathan (her biological father) visits Meredith, Claire is by the window and listens to their conversation. Feelling that Nathan is the bad person that Meredith has described to her she throws a rock at Nathan's car while he is leaving. This episode shows the more sensitive side of Nathan Petrelli both in how he did not listen to his mother and went to Texas to meet with Meredith and when the stone is thrown at the car he looks back with a disappointed look giving us the impression that maybe he was looking for his daughter. The relationship of Nathan and Claire will be later developed in this volume.

    Mohinder, still trying to track down the special people gets a phone call from a guy named Zane Taylor who is having trouble controlling his ability. Beating him however is Sylar who gets to Zane first and kills him before Mohinder manages to examine him. Sylar however impersonates Zane in order to get more information about the special people and their whereabouts. This episode marks the beginning of Sylar's killings and how he is starting to collect powers (I do realize that this has been going on since chapter 8 with Charlie Andrews but in the next episodes more powers are coming towards Sylar's way). Finally, Hiro and Ando sidetrack from their mission when Ando insists on helping a woman named Hope to retrieve her missing purse. In the end, Hope turns out she was tricking Ando and Hiro to retrieve the bag that is more valuable that our Heroes think. Ando takes off with Hope, after she tells him that Hiro left for Mr Linderman without him saying that he doesn't need Ando anymore, while Hiro is locked inside a room and is let out by non-other than Hope's presumably ex-boyfriend in who's room the bag was and who turns out to be a police officer hunting Hope.

    Key facts: By the end of this volume you will most probably not remember which Hero met whom and also how some of our Heroes will not meet until Volume 3!

    Also notice Matt's power when listening to Niki - Jessica and how he was able to listen to both of them. Jessica's surprise when Matt tells her so is all the money. Furthermore, everyone seems to be connected one way or the other with Mr Linderman who will appear later on in the series. And finally, the relationship of Mr Bennet and Claire will reach its climax on the seventeenth chapter entitled: Company Man. Enjoy!moreless
  • Not very good.

    I do not know. I did not liked it. It was little too random and off the usual pace and focus - it seemed to be mostly about Niki and Mohinder.. and ofcourse for Claire. I did like her storyline - the struggle with her parents and then her real parents.. and what is going on with her mum - that end was just so scary.

    And then Hiro managed to get pointless storyline again and Niki.. or should I name her now Jessica? Anyway, that cat and mouse game with that police officer was quite good.

    Sadly, it had its moment put overall felt off the pace.moreless
  • Great

    Matt and Jessica's new jobs bring them together. Mohinder tries to contact evolved humans from the list. Sylar resumes his efforts to collect new powers. As Sandra Bennet's health declines, Claire seeks a connection with her birth parents. Nathan travels to Texas to see Meredith. Hiro and Ando return to the Montecito Casino and sneak in through the kitchen. Ando tries to convince Hiro not to bother with taking the sword, but Hiro tells him he won't give up. Hiro tells him that a hero must have hope. Ando tells Hiro that he can figure out how to get into Mr. Linderman's office and that he'll look for hope. They hear a woman in costume crying in the kitchen. Ando is attracted to the woman and asks if there's anything they can do to help. She introduces herself as Hope. This is a very exciting episode and had me on the edge of my seat the part were Matt and Jessica where fighting and chasing was great.this episode has only been rated as a 9.0 it deserves better.moreless
Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke

S.R. Gustavson

Guest Star

Ethan Cohn

Ethan Cohn

Zane Taylor

Guest Star

Missi Pyle

Missi Pyle


Guest Star

James Kyson

James Kyson

Ando Masahashi

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Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig

Meredith Gordon

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Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Gabriel Gray/Sylar

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Goof: Zane's home is supposed to be in Virginia Beach, Virginia. When Sylar (posing as Zane) talks to Mohinder, palm trees can clearly be seen through the glass door. This episode takes place in mid-October, when it is too cold for palms to grow in Virginia Beach. This was shot in California.

    • Location Goof:
      Zane Taylor's Window in "Virginia Beach, VA" is on a hill overlooking several houses. In reality, Virginia Beach's is only 12 feet above see level, and doesn't have the rolling hills as demonstrated in the video.

    • At the end of last episode Nathan sits down after he learns that Claire contacted her mom. In this episode he is already sitting when the phone rings.

    • Goof: Notice that when Claire throws a rock at Nathan's car and the camera cuts to an outside shot looking at the back, the glass isn't broken.

    • When we are introduced to the "Hope" character we are led to believe that actress Missi Pyle is far taller than Masi Oka and James Kyson Lee, but actually they have almost the same height (hers being 5'11'' and James' 5'10'').

    • When Hope's supposed boyfriend walks Ando to the apartment door and walks in the bathroom it is possible to see that he's wearing a skin-colored underwear beneath the towel.

    • Goof: Malsky told Matt Parkman to drive him the Diamond District at 6th and Broadway in Los Angeles. After Matt is pitched through the window by Nikki and lying on his back, you can see several LAPD squad cars arrive. 6th and Broadway is in LAPD's Central Area and the squad cars should have "01" on the trunk, not "19" as shown. Mission Area, which is 23 miles away in the San Fernando Valley have the number "19" on the trunks of their cars.

    • Goof: When Sylar goes to steal Zane Taylor's ability, the position of the collar on his coat changes between takes. First it is pulled up, then folded down. Finally, when he enters the apartment, it is up again.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Claire: But, mom, this is Mr. Muggles, you love Mr. Muggles.
      Claire's mom: I don't know any Mr. Muggles and I don't know you.

    • Hiro: We are not Chinese, we are Japanese.

    • Niki: D.L won't be fooled.
      Jessica: Sure he will. Love is blind and if last night is any indication he won't be able to see anything for a long time.

    • Micah: (to his parents) Are we ever gonna talk about it?
      D.L.: Talk about what?
      Micah: What we can do. Our powers. I just feel like we're supposed to be fighting crime or something.

    • Ando: You said I needed to find Hope. It's a sign!
      Hiro: It's a coincidence.
      Ando: How come whenever you want to do something, it's our destiny. But when I want to do something, it's not important.

    • Jessica: Don't worry, Niki, I don't plan on being little miss homemaker forever. I just gotta lay low for a while.
      Niki: You're chasing two men with a gun in broad daylight. You call this laying low?

    • Sylar: You might wanna stand back. That looks like a nice jacket. (liquefies toaster)
      Mohinder: My God!
      Sylar: You wanna see it again?

    • Meredith: Your daddy, he's a, how do I explain this? When your daddy found out that I was pregnant with you... What I'm trying to say is that you can't count on him. He'll give us cash because that's easy but anything else, he'll just disappoint you.

    • Sylar: All this time I was trying to fight it, deny it. But there is no shame in having this ability, is there?
      Mohinder: None whatsoever, it would be like denying you have brown eyes.
      Sylar: Right.

    • Sylar: Can I get you some tea?
      Mohinder: Sorry it took me so long to get here.
      Sylar: No, it's no problem. Is everything okay?
      Mohinder: Yes, it ought to be fine. You sounded rather alarmed on the phone. You seemed to have calmed down some.
      Sylar: I had a cut of epiphany about it this morning.

    • Matt: Sir, sir, please. We have got to get out of here right now. This is a setup.
      Malsky: What? How do you know that?
      Matt: I just do, you have to trust me.
      (Malsky dumps money out of case)
      Malsky: We got a deal, I got to run.

    • Mr. Bennet: But this behavior, it's unacceptable. You're grounded young lady. You're to be home everyday at 5 o' clock sharp until further notice.
      Claire: What? You can't do that! You have no right!
      Mr. Bennet: I'm your father!
      Claire: Not my real father.
      Mr. Bennet: Well, I'm not. But I'm as close as you got. So you'll stay home at night, until you earn our trust back.

    • Zane: Dr. Suresh...?
      Sylar: Yes...yes...
      Zane: Thank God...come in, come in...

    • Ando: Face it Hiro. It is a lost cause.
      Hiro: More than anything, a hero must have hope.

    • Jessica: (over the phone) What Mr. Linderman wants, Mr. Linderman gets.

    • Mohinder: (voice-over) To survive in this world, we hold close to us those people on whom we depend. We trust in them our hopes, our fears. But what happens when trust is lost? Where do we run when things we believe in vanish before our eyes? When all seems lost, the future unknowable, our very existence in peril...all we can do...is run.

    • Ando: "A hero never runs."
      Hiro: Stop saying the things I say!

    • Meredith: (to Claire) I love you.

    • Nathan: I cared about Meredith once. I owe her more than a phone call, I owe them both.

    • Angela Petrelli: We reap what we sow Nathan, you have no one to blame but yourself.

    • Malsky: Listen Parkman, the job is simple. You drive me downtown, I meet a man, I make a deal then you drive me back to the airport. You just make sure no one bothers me ... that includes you.

    • Nathan: How can you be so cold?
      Angela: Because I know you, Nathan. And under that gruff exterior, you're a sap.

    • [Matt reads Jessica's thoughts]
      Jessica: Two in the bodyguard, then Malsky gets one in the gut.

    • Ando: (talking to lady in princess costume) Hello. I am Ando and this is Hiro.

      Lady: I'm Hope.

  • NOTES (7)

    • The Symbol:
      There were no new appearances of the symbol in this episode.

    • Powers Developments:
      There were no power developments in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      Germany: January 16, 2008 on RTL2
      Czech Republic: April 10, 2008 on Prima
      Slovakia: August 18, 2008 on Markiza

    • New Heroes:
      Zane Taylor: He has the ability to liquify objects.

    • This episode was formerly known as "Nothing To Lose".

    • This is another episode to have no intro by Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh).

    • Cast and Crew Listed During Episode:
      Jack Coleman
      Noah Gray-Cabey
      Greg Grunberg
      Ali Larter
      Masi Oka
      Hayden Panettiere
      Adrian Pasdar
      Sendhil Ramamurthy
      Leonard Roberts

      Guest Starring:
      Jessalyn Gilsig
      James Kyson Lee
      Zachary Quinto
      Ashley Crow
      Cristine Rose
      Lisa Lackey
      Kevin Chamberlin
      Bill Fagerbakke
      Ethan Cohn
      and Missi Pyle

      Music by:
      Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman
      with the voice of Shenkar

      Co-Producer: Aron Eli Coleite
      Co-Producer: Lori Motyer
      Produced By: Jim Chory
      Supervising Producers:
      Adam Armus & Kay Foster
      Co-Executive Producer: Bryan Fuller
      Co-Executive Producer: Michael Green
      Co-Executive Producer: Natalie Chaidez
      Co-Executive Producer: Jeph Loeb
      Co-Executive Producer: Jesse Alexander
      Co-Executive Producer: Greg Beeman
      Executive Producer: Allan Arkush
      Executive Producer: Dennis Hammer
      Executive Producer: Tim Kring
      Written by: Adam Armus & Kay Foster
      Directed by: Roxann Dawson

      John Lacy: Detective
      Paul Perri: Dealer
      Jeremy Gram Weaver: Uniformed Cop

      Casting by:
      Jason La Padura, CSA
      & Natalie Hart, CSA
      Keri Owens

      Associate Producer: Mike Ketelsen
      Associate Producer: Mark Warshaw
      Director of Photography: John Aronson
      Production Desinger: Ruth Ammon
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      "A" Camera Operator: Peter Mercurio
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      Erin Fitzgerald
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      Assistant to Producer: Foz McDermott
      Promotional Consideration Furnished by:
      Dell, Inc.
      Tailwind Productions
      NBC Universal

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    • In yet another connection to Star Trek, this episode was directed by Roxann Dawson, who played B'Elana Torres on Star Trek: Voyager, as well as directing several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise.

    • Hiro: (making the "Live long and prosper" hand-sign from Star Trek) I come in peace.

      This is the second Star Trek reference contained in this episode.

    • Hiro: We are not Chinese, we are Japanese.
      Hope: Thanks for the help, Sulu.

      This is a reference to the Star Trek character played by previous Heroes guest star George Takei who played Lt. Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek.