Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • The casting director must have had a good laugh

    The casting director who cast Niki/Jessica's shrink must have had a good laugh when the episode aired. The actress is a dead ringer for Oprah Winfrey.

    The mini-arc in which Hiro's eminently capable but unfairly neglected sister is made CEO of their father's zaibatsu at Hiro's behest was both touching and funny.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes matt decides to enter the private bussniess sector and he finds a very interesting clinet and clair is who is now having a very difficult homelife she decides to look even more into her biolocial family hiro and anudo are going to look for the sword again invegas but get sidetracked there again and niki is looking to get out of her terms with letterman but that may spell doom for another hero this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and that is why i gave it a 9
  • Matt gets a job as private security for a former employee of Mr Linderman, Jessica is trying to repay Niki's debt to Mr Linderman, Claire distances herself for her father while she is closer to finding her biological father.

    This episode is one of my favourites. Mainly because my two favourite characters interract with each other (Niki/Jessica and Matt). Matt assignment is to protect Mr Malsky, who used to work for Mr Linderman, while he makes a transaction for valuable diamonds. In the process we find out that the person stole the money he used to buy the diamonds from Mr Linderman and appearantly that is why he is hunted by one of Mr Linderman's men. Of course that man is not a man at all but a woman we all know, Niki Sanders, or better Jessica in Niki's body. Appearantly that is one of the ways Mr Linderman decides that he wants the debt Niki owes him (for getting her out of jail) to be repaid. Regardless, the scenes of Greg Grunberg and Ali Larter are amazing and to die for. In the end Jessica kills Malsky (and in the process Matt almost dies) while Matt finds the diamonds that were hidden and keeps them himself.
    Meanwhile, Claire visits her biological mother, after she is frustrated about the way her dad is treating her especially when Sandra has a nevrous shock (from all the memory lapses she is been having lately). There Meredith tells her that her father is not willing to help her only to provide her with money and feeling betrayed and alone she decides to leave. When Nathan (her biological father) visits Meredith, Claire is by the window and listens to their conversation. Feelling that Nathan is the bad person that Meredith has described to her she throws a rock at Nathan's car while he is leaving. This episode shows the more sensitive side of Nathan Petrelli both in how he did not listen to his mother and went to Texas to meet with Meredith and when the stone is thrown at the car he looks back with a disappointed look giving us the impression that maybe he was looking for his daughter. The relationship of Nathan and Claire will be later developed in this volume.
    Mohinder, still trying to track down the special people gets a phone call from a guy named Zane Taylor who is having trouble controlling his ability. Beating him however is Sylar who gets to Zane first and kills him before Mohinder manages to examine him. Sylar however impersonates Zane in order to get more information about the special people and their whereabouts. This episode marks the beginning of Sylar's killings and how he is starting to collect powers (I do realize that this has been going on since chapter 8 with Charlie Andrews but in the next episodes more powers are coming towards Sylar's way). Finally, Hiro and Ando sidetrack from their mission when Ando insists on helping a woman named Hope to retrieve her missing purse. In the end, Hope turns out she was tricking Ando and Hiro to retrieve the bag that is more valuable that our Heroes think. Ando takes off with Hope, after she tells him that Hiro left for Mr Linderman without him saying that he doesn't need Ando anymore, while Hiro is locked inside a room and is let out by non-other than Hope's presumably ex-boyfriend in who's room the bag was and who turns out to be a police officer hunting Hope.
    Key facts: By the end of this volume you will most probably not remember which Hero met whom and also how some of our Heroes will not meet until Volume 3!
    Also notice Matt's power when listening to Niki - Jessica and how he was able to listen to both of them. Jessica's surprise when Matt tells her so is all the money. Furthermore, everyone seems to be connected one way or the other with Mr Linderman who will appear later on in the series. And finally, the relationship of Mr Bennet and Claire will reach its climax on the seventeenth chapter entitled: Company Man. Enjoy!
  • Not very good.

    I do not know. I did not liked it. It was little too random and off the usual pace and focus - it seemed to be mostly about Niki and Mohinder.. and ofcourse for Claire. I did like her storyline - the struggle with her parents and then her real parents.. and what is going on with her mum - that end was just so scary.

    And then Hiro managed to get pointless storyline again and Niki.. or should I name her now Jessica? Anyway, that cat and mouse game with that police officer was quite good.

    Sadly, it had its moment put overall felt off the pace.
  • Great

    Matt and Jessica's new jobs bring them together. Mohinder tries to contact evolved humans from the list. Sylar resumes his efforts to collect new powers. As Sandra Bennet's health declines, Claire seeks a connection with her birth parents. Nathan travels to Texas to see Meredith. Hiro and Ando return to the Montecito Casino and sneak in through the kitchen. Ando tries to convince Hiro not to bother with taking the sword, but Hiro tells him he won't give up. Hiro tells him that a hero must have hope. Ando tells Hiro that he can figure out how to get into Mr. Linderman's office and that he'll look for hope. They hear a woman in costume crying in the kitchen. Ando is attracted to the woman and asks if there's anything they can do to help. She introduces herself as Hope. This is a very exciting episode and had me on the edge of my seat the part were Matt and Jessica where fighting and chasing was great.this episode has only been rated as a 9.0 it deserves better.
  • "More than anything, a hero must have hope."

    Nathan offers Meridith $100,000 for her silence and hangs up the phone. He doesn't want to know about his daughter. Matt and Jessica's new jobs bring them together. Matt is a bodyguard of a person Jessica needs to kill so they confront. Mohinder tries to contact evolved humans from the list. Sylar wants new powers and he meets Mohinder and lies about his identity and offers him help to find others like him. Hiro and Ando attempt to help a showgirl in Las Vegas but at the end they find out it's a trap. At the end of the episode, Jessica speaks to someone on the phone again and tells the person that "it's done." She then finds out from Micah that she received another package. She opens it and finds a picture of Nathan. She tells the person on the phone to "consider it done."
  • Great Episode, Claire You are in for it!

    While the scandalous truth about Claire's real father is revealed, her adoptive mother faces a crisis. Matt takes a job as a bodyguard for a crooked attorney, which puts him in the crosshairs of Linderman's new assassin. Hiro and Ando return to Las Vegas to find the sword, but get sidetracked by a damsel in distress. Suresh finds someone on the list and unknowingly puts himself in grave danger. Meanwhile, Simone turns to some unlikely help in her and Nathan's struggle to find Peter.

    I absolutely loved this episode it was so unlike the series, if you know what I mean, in a good way though! As usual I liked Claires story again, dont know why but there is something going to happen with her character, It kinda stated it a couple of episodes in but didnt say anything. Overall Best episode of the series!
  • Right off the bat we are hammered by connections.

    Right off the bat we are hammered by connections. The connection of Niki's counter part having to kill Malsky and Matt having to protect him really hits home quick, and makes for interesting times. I loved how the connections were used for a sort of joke early in the episode when Ando was looking for hope and found a women named Hope, it really shows you how well this show is written. Claire's mom's memory problems increase, and we are left to wonder if something happened to make her loose it again from her husbands henchman, or if it is a side effect of the repeated memory wiping. We also get a hint to what troubles are in store for the next episodes as a package with Nathans picture comes to Niki and we hear her talk on the phone about getting a job done. The one thing that I am hoping to see soon in this show is some of the characters to start getting a better handle on their ability's, because the ones that can't control them are a threat to themselves and others.
  • This may be my favorite episode of the series so far: action and exposition play equal roles in this well-written and fast-paced installment.

    "Run", indeed! This episode comes at you so fast and furiously, you hardly have time to catch your breath. Parkman gets a fateful assignment that connects him with Jessica- but not in a good way. Mohinder discovers a new Hero, but Sylar gets to him first- and now Mohinder is in danger, too. Claire's home life gets increasingly unstable, so she seeks out more information on her real father, Nathan, who avoids meeting her. Ando's romantic longing gets he and Hiro sidetracked from their mission in Vegas. And Jessica, now working as an assassin for Linderman, gets a shocking new contract.
  • "More than anything, a hero must have hope." "Fine. You figure out how to get into Linderman's office, I will find hope." - Hiro, Ando

    Matt and Jessica's new jobs bring them together. Mohinder tries to contact evolved humans from the list. Sylar resumes his efforts to collect new powers. As Sandra Bennet's health declines, Claire seeks a connection with her birth parents. Nathan travels to Texas to see Meredith. Hiro and Ando return to the Montecito Casino and sneak in through the kitchen. Ando tries to convince Hiro not to bother with taking the sword, but Hiro tells him he won't give up. Hiro tells him that a hero must have hope. Ando tells Hiro that he can figure out how to get into Mr. Linderman's office and that he'll look for hope. They hear a woman in costume crying in the kitchen. Ando is attracted to the woman and asks if there's anything they can do to help. She introduces herself as Hope. This is a very exciting episode and had me on the edge of my seat the part were Matt and Jessica where fighting and chasing was great.this episode has only been rated as a 9.0 it deserves better.
  • I loved it!

    Matt becomes a body guard for the time being. He guards a man that Jessica has agreed to kill. Matt hears Niki trying to convince Jessica to stop. Meredith says to Claire that her father doesn't want to see her. Nathan visits Meredith and Claire listens in. When she gets home, her mother has no memory of their dog and of Claire. Jessica's next assassination is Nathan. Hiro and Ando stop to help a woman named Hope. Hiro learns that she is bad, but Ando falls for it. Hope traps Hiro and takes Ando. Mohinder finds another hero, Zane. Sylar gets there first and kills Zane and takes his power, the ability to liquify objects. When Mohinder arrives, Sylar pretends to be Zane.

    This was a great episode! I felt sorry for Claire. First, Nathan doesn't want to see her, and then her mother has lost her memory. I hope Hiro finds a way to rescue Ando. This episode gets a 10!
  • Anyone else getting the feeling everything's about Nathan?

    This episode continues the "Nathan trend," in which the pivotal points of the episode contains something related to Nathan. If memory serves, he's met more of the known heroes than has Mohinder. All of the major plot-lines seem to connect back to him somehow, leading me to believe that there will be something outrageous concerning him in the future of the series. I've got this sinking feeling that Nathan will be hiring Matt in the nearly distant future as well.

    The on-going family spats are beginning to get old, though the complete loss of Claire's mother's memories is new. I also must question where Lyle's gotten off to--we haven't seen him in many episodes. Overall, this episode was rather disappointing.
  • Another fine episode..

    While the scandalous truth about Claire’s real father is revealed, her adoptive mother faces a crisis. Matt can’t find himself in the LAPD or the FBI so takes a job as a bodyguard for a crooked attorney, which puts him in the crosshairs of Linderman’s new assassin Jessica. Hiro and Ando return to Las Vegas to find the sword, but get sidetracked by a damsel in distress. Suresh finds someone on the list and unknowingly puts himself in grave danger. Meanwhile, Simone turns to some unlikely help in her and Nathan’s struggle to find Peter. Another fine episode..
  • Pretty good.

    This episode was pretty good, but certainly not one of the best episodes this season. Not a lot of important stuff really happened. Matt has gone into the security and Claire begins to find out a litle more about her mother and she gets to see the back of her father Nathan. How predictable is this getting? The writers are liking all the charactors more than they did on six Degrees. Its good but odd.

    So Sylar is working with Mohinda now lets see how that turns out shall we. Hiro didn't really do much this episode. But what is going on with Claire's mother? Looking forward to the next episode.
  • Review

    This is the lowest rated episode of the series so far and I can understand why people would think so after watching it. The person who is the main influence of the second story arch, Peter, was nowhere to been seen throughout the entire epiosde. Jessica going to Matt and killing the man who got her out of jail was a very boring storyline and one that didn't really contribute to the story much at all. Her next goal of killing Nathan should turn out interesting, as in the flashbacks we see of Peter when he exlpodes it appears that Niki and Nathan are both there and Jessica for the moment is gone. Knowing what happens in the end, I hope the writers can keep the Jessica-Nathan plot entertaining for the rest of us. Hiros storyline once again was pretty boring and filler ish, running a fools erand for a girl who has now run off with Ando. The writers have slowed the excitment down in the middle of the season, relying too much on big reveals and not so much of the amazing story I was used to in the beginning.
  • Moves the plot along...

    Not every episode of such a high-powered series as this can keep up at the pace that this one has and it was only a matter of time before it really needed to take a break, and this is it.

    The episode seems to take the series and characters in a slightly different direction as some of the characters sortof get side-lined but ultimately get drawn back into the main plot. Matt has taken on a body-guard job and ends up on the receiving end of Niki/Jessica's near-lethal ability. Hiro and Ando get caught up in a scam when seeking out Linderman and end up on the receiving end of the scammer's bullets. Nathan is revealed to be Claire's father and when visiting the mother, he ends up on the receiving end of a blackmail threat. And Mohinder, now on a quest to finish his father's work, ends up on the receiving end of Sylar-as-Zane-Taylor-as-assistant when Sylar takes Zane's ability and then his identity.

    Although the stories are somewhat disjointed, they do set up pieces of the puzzle and storylines that will come.
  • If this wasn't Heroes, I'd complain about the frightening number of coincidences in this episode, but since this is a show which has a second theme of coincidences, I'd expect no less.

    This episode of Heroes is certainly not dull, with developments left, right and centre, Claire's adopted mother going insane because of the memory erasion, Jessica killing someone in cold blood aswell as meeting Matt, Claire's father being Nathan, Mohinder unknowingly teaming up with Sylar and leading him straight to his next victims, and Hiro getting hauled off by hotel security.

    I saw the con coming in Hiro and Ando's plot fron the moment I saw her crying (either that or she was a really bad actor) but the plot was still entertaining nonetheless, with the role reversal and cliche room service plan.

    Overall, this episode is a terrific installment, the last few minutes all being integral to the Heroes plot, with Jess going to kill Nathan, Sylar manipulating Mohinder and Claire's mum going crazy.
  • Everything is so twisted!

    This episode was so exciting and there wasn't too much boring chit chat. Nearly every storyline is extremely twisted and the bad guys are winning in every situation. Claire's real birth mum lied and is running with the money and couldn't care less about her. Poor Matt, he does everything right and is such a good guy, one of my favourite characters. He tried his best to save the guy and still he gets crap. He shouldn't have taken the diamonds because what if someone catches him, they will think he murdered and all. The Sylar/Suresh situation is really freaking me out. Skylar is officially the best bad guy ever! Then there is Niki/Jessica, bad sisters winning! It was such a conicidence that Matt had the guys job and Niki was trying to kill him. Something which only happens on TV! I can imagine that things dont get twisted any further.
  • Nathan Is Someone's Daddy

    Meredith Gordon informs Nathan Petrelli, via telephone, that their daughter Claire Bennet is still alive. Meredith claims that the fire, in which she was presumed dead fourteen years ago, was deliberately set by somebody else. With Nathan's campaign just two weeks away, Meredith blackmails Nathan into giving her one hundred thousand dollars in return for her silence.

    As Mrs. Bennet's health deteriorates, the rift between Claire and her father grows wider, since the girl blames him for her mother's condition. Claire is even more outraged when Mr. Bennet reveals that Claire had never gone to the aquarium, though he seems unaware of her reunion with her birth mother, and grounds her. Claire later calls Meredith, who reveals that she has found her biological father. Meredith says that Nathan wishes to help them out. When Claire expresses her desire to meet him, Meredith is hesitant.

    Claire shows up at Meredith's trailer, hoping that Nathan can help Mrs. Bennet. Meredith tells Claire that he will only disappoint her and that he has left them fifty thousand dollars, half of which will go to Claire, who refuses the money. Meredith then tells Claire that she is going back to Mexico and takes a picture of her daughter. Nathan comes to Texas, against the wishes of his mother, and is shown the picture of Claire by Meredith, who offers to introduce them. He refuses, which crushes an eavesdropping Claire even more. Nathan gets inside his limo, visibly upset. As the limo pulls away, Claire hurls a stone at the rear window, cracking it. Nathan dismisses the stone as being thrown by some other kids.

    Matt Parkman is assigned to protect Mr. Malsky, who happened to steal two million dollars from his former employer, Mr. Linderman. Jessica Sanders who made a deal with Linderman to get out of jail, now works as an assassin under the guise of Niki and is assigned to kill Malsky. At the Diamond District, Matt realizes Malsky is being set up. At that moment, Jessica arrives and a chase ensues. At one point, Matt overhears Niki and Jessica arguing and thinks that two women are involved. Matt calls the police, then he traps Jessica in a stairwell and asks of Niki's whereabouts. Jessica, surprised that he knows about Niki, says that she is off killing Malsky. Matt leaves her alone and searches for Malsky. Jessica finally catches Malsky, who has hidden the diamonds he was trying to sell, but not before grabbing Matt from behind and throwing him through a window. While slightly injured, Matt goes back inside, only to find the grisly remains of Malsky. After the police arrive and question him, Matt finds the diamonds, which Malsky had tried to bribe him with before, and decides to keep them when he hears an officer's scornful thoughts about him.

    Mohinder Suresh is contacted by Zane Taylor of Virginia Beach, a man on The List who is frightened by his ability, and is asked to come to his house. Sylar gets to Zane first and poses as Mohinder. Sylar kills Zane and poses as him, as Mohinder arrives to the door. Mohinder is surprised to see "Zane" much calmer and is also impressed that "Zane" can control his ability to manipulate molecules so well. "Zane" gives Mohinder a DNA sample, extracted from Zane's mouth, and offers to accompany him in his search for other people on The List.

    In Las Vegas, Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi arrive at a hotel in Las Vegas and argue about the mission. After Ando states that he will find hope, he comes upon a sobbing woman named Hope. Hope says that she will introduce the men to Linderman if they retrieve her bag, which she left inside the room of her ex-boyfriend. Ando and Hiro manage to sneak in, but Hiro leaves when he finds a gun in the closet. He tries to get Ando to come with him, but his friend refuses. Hiro, realizing that Hope is a con artist, confronts her and ends up locked inside a closet. Ando retrieves her bag, and Hope convinces him to give her a ride. Hiro is finally let out of the closet by the very man whose room he and Ando had broken into: Steve Gustavson, a member of the Federal Gaming Commission.

    Claire come back home to discover that a frightened Mrs. Bennet does not remember neither Mr. Muggles nor Claire. Meanwhile, Jessica returns home and receives a photograph of her next target: Nathan Petrelli.
  • While Jessica becomes a hitman(or hitwoman),Matt tries to salvage his career, Hiro and Ando get duped, Claire is passing through a rough period and Sylar tries to find more special people by joining Mohinder's quest!!!

    In this episode, we follow 5 important heroes and their adventures...Jessica takes over Nicky's body and becomes a killer for hire...She is given a job, to eliminate a guy who stole 2$ million from this mysterious Linderman...She does her job in an excellent manner although she has some problems due to the fact that in order to accomplish her mission she must at first defeat Matt...After succeeding, she receives another mission, and that is to kill Nathan Petrelli...Matt Parkman seeks to make a name for himself in the private security business...He's job is to protect a man who's life is in danger due to a hitman hired by Linderman...I consider the best part of this episode as the fight between Jessica and Matt...Although Matt is able to her Jessica talking to Nicky, he is unable to protect his client and only luck protects him from a terrible death...Hiro and Ando go to Las Vegas in their quest to find the magic sword, but unfortunately they are duped by a woman...Mohinder tries to call the people from his father's list, but he is in danger when Sylar tries to become more close to Mohinder, and to find out who more is on that list...Claire is passing through a tough period...This was kind of a pessimistic episode...All heroes pass through difficult times.
  • Jessica is hired to kill for Linderman while Claire faces a loneliness like never before

    I was so happy for Claire when she met her birth mother. She must have been so glad to finally not be alone anymore. But there's something wrong with that woman. She's claiming that Nathan doesn't wanna know his daughter and Claire unfortunately hears how her mother sets her up. It's sad. Then her real mother suffers brain damage. I hope Claire will be united with Peter soon, so that she will be around good people...
    Btw, what's he doing? He wasn't even in this episode. Hm...
    Anyway, Jessica is killing people for Linderman now and Matt could hear Niki. Maybe there's a shot on getting D.L. and Micah to realize they're not dealing with the real Niki.
    Gosh, it's all getting so much, could this be any more exciting?
  • Ando: "A hero never runs." Hiro: "Stop saying the things I say!"

    Jessica and Matt's shootout was exciting, and I really enjoyed it. It's the first real fight we've had on the series, and I've been hoping for some action for some time now. (What can I say? Probably a result of all the action movies I grew up watching as a kid.) I've decided I like Jessica more than Niki. Yeah, there's the whole she's evil thing, but all Niki does is mope and whine. While Jessica is actually an entertaining and somewhat menacing villain. Plus, Ali Larter looks like she has more fun playing evil; she sure does a great job with it.

    It seems every week the writers give Ando and Hero a new filler plot, but at least this week's was fun. Ando just keeps falling for the blondes, doesn't he? What was especially notable about their storyline was that this was the first time Ando truly took a stance against Hiro and did what he wanted to do. Ando no longer is content being Hiro's obedient puppet. He followed Hiro from Japan to America, to Las Vegas, to Texas, and now Ando wants to follow a cute showgirl, and good golly, he has the right too. Although we all know it won’t end any place good. Nathan flew all the way down from New York, and I was a little disappointed that he and Claire didn’t meet face to face. At least Nathan now knows what Claire looks like. Some biological parents Claire has; Meredith proved to be pretty corrupt this week. Keeping 75% of Nathan's 100 grand. She would make a pretty good politician herself. Speaking of corrupt, Matt kept the diamonds for himself. I can't say I really blame him; he's only human, and it must be frustrating to be put down as a loser constantly. Although turning in the diamonds probably would have given him a few points with the police department. And lastly, poor Mrs. Bennet. She doesn't even remember Mr. Muggles anymore, and it looks like she's on the way to forgetting her family. I guess you can only get your brain wiped so many times before it fries.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Matt heard Jessica and Niki's "discussion".

    - I love Hiro and Ando suddenly finding "Hope".

    - Sylar manipulated Mohinder into letting him join in on the quest to find the mutants on The List. It'll be interesting to see how Sylar picks off the Heroes one by one without Mohinder catching on.

    - Uh-oh, Jessica's after Nathan. Wonder what Nathan did to piss Linderman off.

    - Micah: "I just feel like we're supposed to be fighting crime or something." Foreshadowing future, maybe?

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Heroes continues to be one of the best shows on TV today.

    Yet another fine example of great television from heroes. It was a great plot twist to have Sylar working with Mohinder, (who of cource, dosen't know that Sylar is Sylar.)The Matt and Niki fight was pretty cool. Sadly, no Peter and Claude this episode. All in all, another great instalment of Heroes. Uhh, I guess I need 100 words minimum for this review.



    The innocent shall suffer. Big time.

    On the moon, our weekends are so advanced, they encompass the entire week. Jobs have been phased out...by our minds.

    All that we say and do is right.

    There is only one plan, and it involves this: the screw of damnation!
  • Still a bit of a filler.

    This episode was still sort of a filler, but at least there was a bit of action happening. Matt becomes a bodyguard for someone that Jessica has her eye on. Ando and Hiro meet a showgirl with a mysterious agenda in Las Vegas. And Claire gets a glimpse of her father, Nathan Petrelli. Finally, we meet another person with special powers, Zane Taylor, a man with the power to liquify objects with a single touch. However, he isn't in the scene long; Syler arrives in the guise of Mohinder Suresh, and murders Zane for his power. Suresh then arrives, and thinking that Syler is Zane, accepts Zane plead to come along with the Doctor on his quest for other special persons. I loved that this episode ramped up the action, with Jessica killing Matt's client. The showgirl is more than she seems, and she has a secret bad enough to lock Hiro in a closet to protect it. At the end of the episode, Jessica receives a package containing her next target, who turns out to be... Nathan Petrelli, the man she slept with earlier in the season. I don't think that Ando is going to stay alive very long... for next episodes summary, it says someone close to Hiro dies, and Ando is only a guest star, not a main character. So I have a feeling that next episode will be Ando's last. Which sucks, because he is a good character. Hopefully Heroes continues to amp up the action in the episodes leading up to the season finale.
  • Want a quick class on modern marketing? Watch the show, then read on.

    Here's the thing about this episode, it must be scored and reviewed twice.

    Once if you just watch the show, turn off the TV and leave. In that case, this is par for the course Heroes (that is, real good TV). We get to catch up with the heroes we hadn't seen much of since Peter got the spotlight, the revelation about who Claire's dad is developed further and there's a new climatic fight between Jessica and another hero, which again is the best superpowers action the show has to offer. Not all is good, though, since the main plot doesn't evolve that much and the "B-team" dynamic breaks the momentum the other storylines were gathering. Plus, Claire's parents is the second contrived "couples of heroes breeding heroes" instance and nobody has done anything at all to even hint at an explanation, even an obscure Lost-style one.

    But there's another review possible for this show. If you're a true fan, the geeky kind, the going-to-forums-and-posting-trivia kind, then you didn't see the episode outlined above. You saw the episode in light of the very well timed announcement about one of the main characters getting killed during this season. The writers know you're there, they know you know about their plan (because they told you) and they're playing games with your mind. So much of the suspense in this one is enhanced by that off-screen, metafilmic remark: Mohinder and Sylar, Parkman and Nikki, Hiro & Ando and their trip to Las Vegas. Serialized dramas have a hard time making that kind of situation work. You know characters aren't *really* dead, so who cares if they get thrown off a window, right? Lost changed that rule, of course, killing characters off because the story demanded it, not because of contractual issues, and Heroes is taking advantage of that same approach to make storytelling strategies that were old when Hitchcock made them popular feel fresh again.

    The official synopsis for next episode seems to ruin the surprise, but seeing how conscious this marketing stunt was maybe there will be more to it than we think we know.
  • In this episode we get up to date with several heroes, but there were many missing, like Peter Petrelli and the invisible man for example. It was a good episode but nothing above avergae...

    It was obvious that Mr.Linderman is an essential part of all this, he has something to do with almost every hero in some way. There are somethings I just dont get, like Syler, he is getting every power he can to become this superior being, my question is Why would he want Claires power if we already seen he cant die (he fell from a cliff or something like that when Peter saves the cheerleader, he has been torture and officially claimed dead, and so on..). Any way I like the show i just feel they are making us wait for something bigger.
  • Brilliance has never been this good!

    This was a great episode... Claire finally getting a chance to meet her father... but he didn't want to... heartbreaking. Also, sadenly what's happening with her adopted mother... it's tearjerking when you know that your father is behind all of this chaos with her family and memories and there's nothing you can do about it.

    Hiro & Ando have officially become my favorite characters so far... those two just crack me up everytime they're on. Ando gives in too fast to beautiful women... or whatever he calls them... kuz that lady wasn't pretty at all.

    Jessica Sanders is really starting to irritate me, although I love the ass-kicking attitude and tough chick act but it gets old when she can't even have a heart for her nephew.

    All in all... this episode was an absolutly great one!
  • great episode

    Nathan visits his ex wife to deliver his child support money. Hiro and Ando go back to the casino to find linderman, but they get distracted with a stripper and makes their lives complicated. Matt Parkman works as a bodyguard while he is suspended. He learns stuff about his client and his attacker Jessica. Suresh Mohinder tracks down a mutant and meets Sylar in the process. Suresh gets himself in a lot of trouble, this will play out in future episodes. When Nathan's daughter Claire is revealed to him, this itself is an interesting storyline to explore, hopefully we get to see more of this in the future.
  • Memory, melting, fathers, Linderman and Conning

    This episode was very disappointing for a February sweeps episodes. You'd think they'd bring out all their big guns, but I don't think Tim Kring knows that it is February sweeps. Claire's story line was just fair. Jessica's and Matt's story line was great though I really liked it. Hiro and Ando's story on the other hand was quite boring. I didn't enjoy it at all. The ending where Linderman asks Jessica to kill Nathan is probably my favorite part of the episode. I just hope the next episode will be as good as I hope it would be. It's February sweeps!
  • A very interesting episode.

    Claire wants to meet her father, but her mother advises against it - meanwhile, her adoptive mother begins to suffer from too much Haitian love. Matt actually does something for a change and encounters Jessica while working private security. Mohinder unknowingly meets the man who killed his father. Peter and Claude are nowhere to be seen, presumably off throwing each other off of buildings for kicks.

    Hmm. Where to start?

    Let's start with Claire's story here. Firstly, in the adoptive family front, I like that the writers are beginning to explore the side-effects of being mind-raped by the Haitian a few too many times. This opens up a couple of interesting doors for our characters that I hope the writers explore - for Claire, we get to see her continuing disillusionment with the man she calls father and the way he "protects" his family; for Mr. Bennet, we have him facing the consequences for trying to keep his family safe by keeping them in the dark. I'm most interested in Mr. Bennet here, as it has the opportunity to give him some depth aside from "crazy ambiguous government agent guy" and "way too protective father." I'd like to see him deal with the fact that he's effectively decimated the woman who is (presumably) the love of his life, all in the name of keeping her safe.

    As for the rest of Claire's story, I really hope this isn't the last we see of her real mother. It's not so much that I care about her as a character, but I think it's an interesting story possibility for Claire. Her growing disillusionment with her father (Mr. Bennet that is) has pushed her into taking up the quest for her biological parents on her own. We've gotten insinuations that perhaps Claire's real mom isn't as great as Claire might hope, but Claire hasn't realized that yet and I hope Fire-Mama sticks around until she does. I think the interesting thing about Claire's story is that we're exploring the disillusionment that comes when a teenager figures out that his or her parents are just as messed up and human as everyone else. She's already gotten that with Mr. Bennet and she kind of has it in her head that Nathan is a jerk already, but the writers can explore that same dynamic with the Flame-On Matriarch in a different way.

    I found myself less interested in Hiro and Ando's story than usual (not that I'm usually uninterested, mind you). I think the thing that turned me off at first was the shady acting in their opening scene in the episode; Missi Pyle (who played Hope) was so ham-fisted in her delivery I just couldn't believe it. Naturally we later discover that it was all an act, but that made me believe the story even less because Hiro and Ando should've seen right through it. Maybe I just dislike her as an actress? I guess that could be it too. Every time she wasn't on-screen I enjoyed the scenes as usual (particularly the hotel-room-invasion). I enjoyed the Matt/Jessica story simply because Matt has something to do in this episode. Seriously - reading his boring wife's boring mind and fixing pipes last week? Exciting television, people! No, in all seriousness, I liked this a lot better than last weeks scenes for either of the main cast involved. I like Jessica a lot better than I do Niki; part of that is the fact that she's not nearly as whiny as Niki is and you can put her in situations like this since she's such an obvious villain. I hope the character that dies next week is Niki's character because I can't stand the constant whining she does in the mirror. Ali Larter is good at sultry and dangerous; not so much at scared and sympathetic.

    Matt was also a lot better utilized than he has been in recent episodes. The notion of him working private security is a logical step, considering that the FBI angle has dried up for the time being. There's more I want to say about Matt, but I can't seem to find the words right now. Hopefully next week will have some good stuff with the character so maybe I can articulate it then.

    I was actually interested in the Mohinder story for once - but most of that was because Sylar is involved. If the episode had just been about melty-guy and Mohinder dishing about people powers, I probably would've hated it (primarily because Mohinder is hella-annoying) but the Sylar dimension made it a heck of a lot more interesting, and looks to make Mohinder's scenes more bearable for the forseeable future. A fine offering, as usual. Next week - "Someone flies! Someone dies!" Okay, NBC - seriously. You got lucky with the "Save the cheerleader, save the world" tagline. You can't make lightning strike twice as much as you'd like it to.
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