Season 3 Episode 19

Shades of Gray

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

At the Bennet house, Claire finds herself face-to-face with Eric Doyle. He says Rebel sent him there and he needs her help. Claire tells him to leave but a seemingly-desperate Doyle says he can't go back out there. He insists he just wants to go back to being a puppeteer and making people happy. Sandra arrives and warns about the agents outside, but Doyle explains Rebel sent a call to the agents to call them away. Claire admits that she has a free pass and Doyle accuses her of betraying her own kind. When Claire accuses him of trying to kill them, he takes control of them and tells of how he's been hunted in the streets and forced to come to her for help. Doyle releases them and starts crying, then tells her he won't force her to help because that's not who he is anymore. Doyle leaves.

At Building 26, Nathan confronts Danko, who insists he made the right choice. Danko wonders how many people knew Peter was on the rooftop. Nathan gets a call and is informed that Matt is in front of the Capital building with a bomb strapped to his chest. Nathan goes to the roof and Danko notices he's seemingly going the wrong way.

At the Capital building, the police approach Matt and he tries to warn them off. He warns them he was set up as Nathan arrives. The police give him five minutes and Nathan approaches Matt. He explains that Danko set him up on his own. Matt can't read his mind to confirm due to the drugs. At Building 26, Danko gets word that Nathan is on the scene and wonders how he got there so fast. They're prepared to set off the explosives and Danko gives the word. However, someone blocks out their access. Noah arrives to ask what's going on. At the Capital building, Nathan tells Matt to try and scan the minds of one of the bomb squad technicians. The drugs start to wear off and Matt tries to figure out from their thoughts which wire disarms the bomb. With time running out as Danko's man manages to get alternate access, Matt defuses the bomb. Nathan punches Matt unconscious and the police take him away.

Sylar drives up to a cabin in the woods and enters to find stuffed animals all about. Sylar introduces himself as his son Gabriel,. Samson doesn't seem particularly surprised and wonders what Sylar wants. Sylar asks for answers and reveals he remembered that Samson abandoned him and killed his mother. Samson wants to know what he has planned and Sylar says he plans to kill him. Samson invites him to go ahead and reveals that he's dying of cancer.

Danko's analyst tries to determine how their system was penetrated. Nathan insists Matt wasn't a threat. Nathan insists that people might have died and tries to relieve Danko. Danko warns that he's appointed by the President and Nathan will have to prove he was responsible. Nathan talks privately with Noah about putting together a team once Danko's gone. Danko brings up a videotape of Tracy saying that Nathan is one of them, and says that he'll be building a case of his own.

A drugged Tracy is transferred in by a team of soldiers. As she passes by a security monitor, she sees a message from Rebel saying that help is coming. Meanwhile, Nathan gets word that Danko has gone over his head. Noah warns Nathan not to overreact and advises Nathan to follow Angela's lead and keep his head. Nathan goes to see Tracy, who has been moved to a heat cell. He says he still cares about her but she's understandably skeptical. Nathan claims he's been helping everyone out and he's the same person who saved her at the bridge. Danko comes in and tells Nathan to leave. Nathan tells Danko to do whatever he wants with Tracy and goes. Back in the command center, Nathan monitors Danko as he interrogates Tracy about Nathan and whether he has an ability. She feigns ignorance but Danko isn't convinced.

The next day, Claire wonders if she should have helped Doyle. Sandra says she did the right thing but Claire thinks she should be using her free pass to help others with abilities. Claire suggests she get a cover job at the comic book store and Sandra reluctantly agrees. She goes to Sam's Comics and they're not impressed with her lack of credentials. The owner decides to hire her anyway because every guy in the store is staring at her, and asks what type of hero she is. Claire admits she doesn't now.

Samson is waiting for Sylar to kill him, and points out that he can't provide an epic fight. Samson uses a whistling power to immobilize one of his animals and admits that he's had plenty of powers but isn't sure which ones he currently has. Samson figures they're similar and they both prey on the weak. He points out that Sylar hasn't wiped out the agents and warns that one day Sylar will realize there's no challenge and his life has been meaningless. Samson asks if Sylar wants to know more, or if he's going to kill him. Sylar takes a knife and Samson shows him how to gut the rabbit. Sylar does it after only a second's hesitation.

Danko checks the videotape of Peter's rescue and asks Noah if he ever encountered anyone who could fly. He wonders how close Noah was to the Petrellis and figures they both know that Nathan is hiding something. Noah suggests that Angela might have saved Peter and admits that he's never been sure what Angela would do. Noah then calls Angela to warn her that Nathan is moving too fast. He tells her that he's pointed Danko in her direction so she can dispose of him.

Claire leaves the comic book store for the day as all the male customers look on. In the street, Claire notices Rachel Mills and her partner watching from a van. She calls her father and asks how he led two lives. Noah admits he's the worst person to ask and wonders if she wants the truth, or what will make her feel better. She isn't sure and he admits he isn't either. Rachel drives away and Claire gets a text message from Rebel saying that the agents have found Doyle.

Rachel corners an exhausted Doyle in an alleyway. He takes control of her and considers killing her, but says he just wants a normal life. He simply knocks her out but her partner arrives. Claire comes up and knocks him out from behind.

Danko meets with Angela at an expensive restaurant in Manhattan. He points out that many people with abilities inherited them from their parents, and wonders if Nathan has any abilities. Angela claims it skipped a generation but he doesn't believe her. She notes that Danko has no ties and operates from the shadows, making him expendable. Angela refers to the 1997 incident in Angola where a number of civilians were killed. Danko, impressed, notes she's a resourceful woman and leaves.

Sylar talks to Samson about his interest in fixing watches and admits it didn't work out very well. He asks why Samson killed his wife and abandoned Sylar, and Samson admits he doesn't remember any more. As they work on stuffing an animal, Sylar cuts his hand and shows Samson that the wound has healed in seconds. Samson is impressed and Sylar notes that he won't die. Samson tells him to put an animal away and then impales him to a wall with telekinetically thrown arrows. Samson insists he wants the regenerative ability and uses his whistling ability to immobilize Sylar. He figures this time he'll get things right and take real power and authority. He prepares to cut open Sylar's head but Sylar smiles and throws him back telekinetically. Sylar then removes the arrows and reveals he was playing possum. He telekinetically wraps the oxygen hose around Samson's throat. Samson begs him for the power to heal but Sylar departs, saying he's learned what he needed to. Samson begs him for death but Sylar tells him he will die alone with his sickness. Sylar leaves, taking the stuffed rabbit with him.

Nathan informs Danko that the President is relieving him of duty. Danko warns that Nathan will lose the whole team but nobody takes up Nathan's offer to go with Danko. Danko warns that he'll be waiting for Nathan when his friends abandon him. After Danko is gone, Nathan informs Noah that he'll be taking over as Danko's replacement and takes him to meet the President.

As they go to the elevator, Noah says he has a plan in mind. Danko is waiting for them and says that the rules don't apply to him. He draws a gun and aims it at Nathan, and wonders why he's never been afraid. Danko shoots the window behind him and then shoves Nathan out. Nathan uses his power to hover and then fly away. Danko turns to Noah and asks if he knew about Nathan's power.

Claire visits Doyle in the park and gives him the papers for a new identity. Doyle asks if he's earned her help and Claire says it's about her and what she's trying to do. He thanks her and starts to walk away. She asks Doyle if he meant what he said about changing and he just smiles and walks away.

Hiro and Ando arrive in Los Angeles at the home address Rebel provided them. A woman, Beth, hands them a baby and then runs out. They try to explain that they're there to help Matt Parkman and Beth tells them that the baby is Matt Parkman.

Claire is in her bedroom when Rebel messages to inform her that the agents are on the way to retrieve her.

Samson sits at home and smokes.

Danko arrives home and find the stuffed rabbit on his desk. Sylar is waiting for him in the shadows.

Agents burst into the Bennet home and shove Sandra and Kyle aside. They go upstairs and discover that Claire has already fled. She's outside in Nathan's arms.