Season 3 Episode 19

Shades of Gray

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Nathan helps Matt out of the inconvinient situation, Claire is torn on whether to help Doyle or not, Danko digs deeper into the Petrelli family's secrets and Sylar finally meets up with his father. Hiro and Ando track down Matt Parkman but get a surprise.

    The sixth chapter is more character developing than we are used to but one of the highlights of this volume. Mostly because we finally get to see Sylar's real father.
    So, Sylar finally arrives at daddy's house only to find a man (John Glover a.k.a. Lionel Luthor from Smallville) who is suffering from cancer and spends his last moments on taxidermy (making real alive animals into fake ones). Sylar's first thoughts is to kill him but ends up listening to him especially when his father starts giving him tips about his ability (which is the same as Sylar's). Sylar even gets to do his old man's job as he kills a rabbit and makes it plastic. When Sylar's regenerative ability is revealed accidentilly to Samson Gray, the latter one figures if he had that ability he might escape death after all (something which had given up a long time ago). So, he attacks Sylar using one of his abilities (sedation) and tries to steal it from his son. Sylar however proves stronger and manages to escape. His father then asks him to give him that ability since it won't hurt Sylar (as he will heal immediately) but Sylar refuses. Then Samson begs him to kill him but Sylar leaves him there to suffer through his disease and die alone (thinking that will be the best punishment and torture for killing his mom and trying to deceive him). He then leaves and arrives at Danko's appartment (probably influenced by his father's talk about Sylar and the fact that he always goes after the weak and when a strong person appears he runs away much like he did in chapter 1: a clear and present danger of this volume). Claire, after she is paid a visit by Eric Doyle, is torn on whether she should help him or not. Despite that she decides to take a job at Sam's comics (Alex's former job) in order to help the special people while keeping trouble outside her house. Successfully getting the job, she gets a message from Rebel to save Doyle from the same agents that were after Alex in the previous chapter. Running to his aide, Doyle is saved. Claire manages to get him a new ID and a new life so he can live freely (the continuance of Eric's life is shown in a series of webisodes). Arriving home, she gets another message from Rebel warning her that her pass is up and to run away. When the agents get inside, Claire is saved by non other than Nathan.
    Matt is in Washington with explosives on him, after Danko set him up for Matt to look like a terrorist. Nathan arrives there in a gist (much to Danko's surprise) and helps Matt with this situation. Matt is then transferred to Building 26. Meanwhile, Danko's suspicions about Nathan grow stronger when he looks at different video (one with Tracy shouting to Nathan that he is one of them, another of a flying man saving Peter when he fell off the building in Exposed). So, he interrogates Tracy with no hope. Then Noah gives him a tip that Angela might be more involved that he thinks. Visiting Angela, Danko arrives at a dead end once again. The arguments between Nathan and Danko reach a climax with Nathan having an order for Danko to be removed from the operation. Danko thinking there is more to Nathan that he shows pushes Nathan off a window and at that moment Nathan's ability kicks in with Danko witnessing that Nathan is in fact "one of them". Finally, Hiro and Ando arrive at the address that was given to them by Rebel (in chapter 3: building 26) on where to go and save Matt Parkman. To their surprise they find that Matt Parkman is not an adult but rather a baby with the same name (possibly connected to our Matt Parkman).
    A really good episode overall. The pieces keep coming together with Sylar finally becoming a part of the fugitives arc. Nathan is now a fugitive as well and with his daughter Claire as well. Danko is in charge of the whole operation with Noah under his orders. Key facts: The lady that attacks Doyle is non other than Rachel Mills from the webisodes: The Recruit. Enjoy!
  • The "Daddy Issues Road Trip" comes to a close, with a whimper and a wasted opportunity.

    I really fail to understand how anyone with even the slightest shred of intelligence or self respect can have any investment in this series by this point. The entire story of the government hunting those with abilities was broken from the start. There was never any clear motivation whatsoever for Nathan to set it in motion by randomly, with no explanation or background, turning on his brother and everyone else with abilities by going to the President. There has been no attempt to explain, either, why some individuals with abilities such as the kid who can breathe underwater are actually in any way dangerous or worth hunting. Is the next step to hunt anyone who owns a scuba mask? The entire capitol building bomb scare story was ended with a few minutes in one episode, in the form of more incredibly lazy writing. How convenient that 'the hunter', the character we are to believe is so dangerous, cunning, and intelligent, made a 'goof,' and forgot to give Matt enough drugs to keep his powers under control until he went boom. On next week's episode, 'the hunter' is defeated when he trips over his untied shoelaces. Next up, we have the meeting between Sylar and daddy, you know, the one the show has been building up to for several episodes and placing so much importance on...

    In a stunning bit of original writing... Sylar's father's power is... well, basically the same as Sylar's. Despite having the ability to steal powers like his son, and having many, many more years to do so, he is no match for Sylar due to a convenient health ailment. I guess it never occurred to Sylar's pops that, with the abilities he has, he surely could have found a way to make a fortune and get treatment for his cancer. But, alas, that wouldn't have allowed the writers an 'out' for why Sylar was able to defeat him so easily and boringly, and in doing so, bring the whole father storyline to an incredibly anticlimactic end.

    (Before I move on, I suppose Sylar isn't the slightest bit curious as to why he was able to learn Elle's ability WITHOUT slicing her head open? Sure, it made sense when he was supposed to be Peter's brother, but... he isn't. Oh well, its clear heroes fans don't mind gaping plot holes...)

    As far as Claire... yawn... she works at a comic book store now, because, uh, well, because shes a popular character and the writers aren't really sure what to do with her right now. Toss in some throw away dialog with HRG, another moral choice for her to ponder, on to the next character...

    Back to 'the hunter' we go, who finally figures out that Nathan can fly. This is of course terrible, as he would never want to work alongside someone with abilities. We then get a tease at whats to come, 'the hunter' working with Sylar. Wait... but... SHHHH, ITS HEROES!!! DON'T QUESTION THE LOGIC!

    Finally, we are teased with a fascinating plotline to come: Two Men and A SuperBaby. Watch the already neutered Hiro reduced to changing diapers. Honestly, if you can spend an hour watching this show now and not feel literally insulted by the end, I'm not sure what to say.
  • A better written episode, with some neat ideas.

    In an episode I felt was more intrinsically interesting, Claire was faced with the moral dellima of helping a person with abilities who is actually a very bad person. This was interesting. Puppet Man (the one saving grace from the "Villains" volume) returned, and I only wish we could have gotten a little more! Nice ending of that plot where Claire asks, if he's changed and he only smiles coyly.

    On the other side of the tracks, The Hunter has been taken off the case after a dogged pursuit in the ambiguous Nathan Petrelli. I enjoyed the scene at the restaurant with Angela, but I felt it was too early and contrived how he was finally able to discover that Nathan had powers. They could have ran with this for at least another 2 episodes.

    Sylar met his father (Lionel Luthor from Smallville, who's excellent). These scenes were the most interesting of all, as he gives Sylar a new life motivation. Preying on the weak will leave you meaningless and empty. Find the challenge. Novel concepts. I hope we haven't seen the last of the guy. In one episode he's become the most interesting character on the show.

    Also there was hiro and Ando running around with their "destiny mission of the week." I realize typing this, that I didn't really miss them last week, and could have cared less what they were up to this time. Everything else on the show is more interesting than what they're up to. Maybe it's time for them to go...
  • I've been harsh on Heroes but the show's starting to turn around

    My last several reviews on Heroes have been vicious but I think fair but now Brian Fuller is back and it clearly shows. They quickly and thankfully abandoned the whole bomb plot, I thought it was beyond ridiculous, as was the dialogue between Matt and Nathan, but then the rest of the show happened and suddenly became interesting. Sylar's father has his ability which made for an interesting twist, even better was their exchanges about lamenting living a life of a murderer. Even the twist of him attacking Sylar was nice, but sadly it was over and done with too quickly. They had the potential to really devote an episode to understanding Sylar's powers and even shifting his goals away from being a mindless killer. Again Heroes suffers from building up for far too long and not excuting properly. I would like to see more of the eldar Gray but sadly I doubt he'll be back. Claire and Puppetmaster Doyle was interesting. I thought the latter was interesting and creepy and probably the really only good "villain" introduced in Volume 3 other then Arthur Petrelli. Again he was over and done with in this episode. Nathan losing control of the operation and saving Claire was a nice touch at the end. The scene with Ma Petrelli and the Hunter was great as well, and at the end with Sylar and the Hunter left me guessing what he has in store for the operation. My guess is that Sylar is going to want in to his operation so he has prime choice of the powers he desires. Regardless I think the show is finally starting to turn around for the better. Welcome back Fuller.
  • oh goddd

    nothing hapenned once more, the only scene i really enjoyed was the scene where denko visits angela in the restaurant, i just love that woman! But otherwise... claire has got to go, her acting is just getting worse and worse, where is this greatg deal we learn about the infamous sylar? He's been searching for his father for the last 2 seasons, just so we can spend one episode on him? A waste, in my opinion. And no offense, but whoever doesnt find it totally ovivous that REBEL is Micah, is preety dumb. I never get excietd about an episode of herores anymore, i just dont feel the suspense, i can predict what's going to happen.
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