Season 3 Episode 19

Shades of Gray

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Gaps in logic

    When Bryan Fuller returned to the "Heroes" fold, he was bluntly honest about the state of the fourth volume. He said that the first few episodes would be a strong start, but that things would fall apart and get pretty bad by episodes 18-19 of the season. That kind of honesty could be interpreted as simple arrogance and narcissism, but I can't help but see his point.

    Oddly enough, I'm usually one to root for the underdog. If I start watching a random football or baseball game with little or no personal investment in a given team, I'm the one who starts cheering for the losing team. Someone says a film or book sucks? I look for the silver lining. Which is the roundabout way of saying that I still have hope that "Heroes" can pull out of the tailspin they've found themselves in for the past couple seasons, and I see the potential within the story that has yet to be managed particularly well.

    The episode doesn't get off to a good start. Previously, Danko had set Matt up as a "terrorist", complete with a bomb strapped on his chest, to give the public and his superiors evidence of a threat worthy of serious human rights violations. For this to work, Danko's involvement shouldn't be obvious or easy to determine. Unfortunately, somehow, everyone is quickly convinced that Danko set Matt up, and Danko doesn't even try to deny it. This renders the entire situation moot, revealing it to be little more than an attempt at shock tactics.

    But it does serve to bring the conflict between Danko and Nathan to a head, effectively paying off their little power struggle. There was never any doubt that Danko would take full control over the operation, and that his more extreme policies would take effect almost immediately. Nathan was a fool to ever expect that he could keep Danko under control, and sure enough, now Nathan is in the crosshairs. (The outright thick-headed stupidity of the Petrelli family is staggering to behold.)

    Much like Matt's subplot early in this episode, Claire's subplot seems a bit pointless. If the writers were going to have her stay in Costa Verde for a while, working for Rebel and the burgeoning metahuman underground, it would make sense for her to take a new job and establish herself. But as it stands, the situation is mostly notable for tossing her into a comic shop job where she can be the object of attraction. Oh, and so she can prove to be as clueless as her father and uncle when it comes to taking people at their word.

    The highlight of the episode is, as usual, the Sylar subplot. Even that, of course, has its flaws, but the darker side that Sylar represents is a lot more interesting. I loved John Glover during his tenure on "Smallville", and he brings some familiar amoral depth to the role of Samson Gray. If Samson hadn't been weakened by time and disease, I doubt Sylar would have been able to beat him so easily. But it does seem to have given Sylar the closure he needed to move on, and it should be interesting to see what he does with Danko. I suspect he will convince Danko, one way or another, to make him an operative, serving both their interests (since Danko's team was unable to stop Sylar in the past).

    It's far better to contemplate Sylar's ongoing shifts in character motivation than, say, the logic behind tossing Hiro and Ando into a baby plot. That turn of events was beyond random, and perhaps typifies the underlying problems with the episode (and the volume thus far). While the central conflict could certainly be compelling, the writers appear to be struggling with the task of giving so many characters something to do. Even so, I'm holding out to see if the revised writing staff can turn things around.
  • Sylar at last meets his father while Claire must help a former enemy.

    I think at this point in the series I'm simply suffering from fatigue. From what I've read it was very good, but I've lost a lot of my previous interest. The terrorist set-up involving Matt was handled horribly, it really could have lasted the episode and ended meaningfully. Claire's story line had some potential, the puppet master is genuinely creepy. However, I think some of my fatigue crept in here because I was just not blown away. In addition, I hate to say this but Sylar has been used up. What was once the biggest baddie on TV has turned into an overused character, much like HRG. In short, average.
  • huh.

    At first sight I knew this would be another Daphne-less episode, which is really pissing me off. I think with all the commotion about the bomb scene, they could have made it a little longer than 2 or 3 minutes. Plus; The Baby? Really? and they're bringing back Janice!? Oh god no, Are she and Matt gonna have some sort of big heart-felt talk?! I really hate those. ...On a possibly lighter note, Rebel? Did Tracey know their identity all along, or did she really just figure all that out from a message?. I really hope Molly's involved; I drastically miss her. Hopefully Molly and probably Micah, Cause that'd be so awesome. Well, We'll just have to wait and see!
  • One of the better episodes of "Fugitives," but still far from perfect.

    This was one of the better episodes of this story arc, but I still can't bring myself to give the episode more than an 8. Watching Sylar's struggle with his father was interesting, but I was expecting their conversations to be a bit more revealing. The reasoning for abandoning his son and killing his wife? He just felt like it. Really? That's the best the writers could do? Still, this episode did manage to keep things rolling pretty smoothly without too many plot holes like previous episodes. Sylar's self discovery isn't enough to keep this show afloat however. I've heard that season 4 is going to be a completely new slate, so hopefully they can wrap up these characters before then.
  • Oh finally.

    Although this episode isn't right back into the usual Heroes greatness, I at least didn't feel disappointed as it unfolded, hence my higher score rating. It's an overall small push in the right direction. It seems like they've found a purpose for Claire in the show once again. Sylar is finally back to being the bad guy. (Thank goodness. No more daddy issues.) It's a good thing they decided to simplify things and making Nathan's position clear out in the open again. I liked how he saved Claire at the very end. It seems that the show is bringing back some previous characters - not sure yet if that's a good thing (Janice, Eric...esp the baby...) I guess we'll see. Solid episode but not great yet.
  • Exciting....

    I do believe Heroes is back to being the Heroes of old and getting better with every episode. It's back to being a jigsaw puzzle and our job to see how the pieces fit together. I loved the irony in Claire saving Doyle. I don't think I've ever realized just how conniving and resourceful Angela Pertrelli can be. I loved watching the interaction between Sylar and his father as well as determining who flinches first as well as seeing that daddy has some tricks of his own but as I expected Sylar wins. HRG is really playing a great chess match with Danko and it seems he's using Nathan as a pawn. I'm curious about why Tracy kept Nathan's secret. Loved the idea of Claire being eye candy in the comic book shop. Danko maybe fired but I don't think he's not going anywhere far he still has some tricks up his sleeve.
  • I was expecting more

    Fans weeping that Bryan Fuller's Pushing Daisies is cancelled may find some consoladation that he has returned to Heroes. Many Heroes fans have viewed his return as the second coming, finally, Heroes can have the lock to make it a stellar show. One, I thought Heroes has been doing pretty well in Fugitives so far. Two, I'm not aware of the full extent of his impact, since Tim Kring is Heroes' boss. Whatever they were looking, whatever I was looking for in this episode, I didn't find it. The Volume has once again shifted to equal great-okay ratio. This episode was just all right. And that's all it is. Just all right, Fuller or none. Some good developments but plenty of wasted opportunities. Matt's dilemma is solved in less than five minutes. With some help from Nathan, Matt is saved and no one is hurt. However, Matt is back to being captured. Nathan!!! You dump a hero on Washington streets and defuse him in five minutes!!! Punk-out. Claire is shocked to find Doyle in her kitchen and so am I. How did he manage to escape Primatech in tact when Meredith doesn't look to be alive?!? Whatever, if Sylar can walk from the dead unexplained, I guess another villain can too. Doyle needs Claire's help in getting him away from the government and Rebel told her she would be the perfect one. Uh, why? His stay pisses off Claire and Sandra, reasonably, but Doyle limits his 'string'-powers. He's changed or so he says, he even manages to shed a tear, and says Claire should want to help him herself and he shouldn't have to force. What can she do? Sylar finally locates his father (a completely unrecognizable John Glover), only to discover his father is dying. At Building 26, Nathan chews out Danko over Matt but Danko's through with Matt. He's after Nathan now. He suspects Nathan has a power (duh!) and now he has proof, since Tracey is singing like a broken bird, "Nathan, you're one of us!". Nathan goes to Tracey and warns her not to talk about him, saying that he's been protecting her and if he gets fried, so will she. Danko storms in and it comes down to who Tracey is more afraid of. The only thing she will admit is that Nathan sucked in bed. Hah. Claire wonders if she should help Doyle or stay hidden. She doesn't want to be locked up but she's scared of being outted. In the end, she decides to work at Alex's comic hangout so she can double to save heroes. Sandra gives her doubtful blessing. At Father Grey's, Father goads Sylar to kill him. He's miserable, he's dying, what's there to live for? Sylar discovers that Father has his same ability and Father is just as surprised as he is. However, Father is what you could call a "broken" serial killer. Killing got too boring for him, meaningless, just an act. Mother's death, he just did it because he wanted to. Dumping Sylar? Same. Nothing matters to him. He is willing however to skin a rabbit alive since that is a challenge left. A cat dangling with a mouse. He informs Sylar pretty close on the nature of "their" hunger-drive: it will consume Sylar and it will burn him out. He will take challenging lives, from people that are worth the hunt, worth the prize. Sylar denies this, saying he only killed for power-desire but Father informs him that the heroes were challenging, worth the fight. He won't kill anyone that "bores" him. The agents? Luke and his mother? They were "boring". Sylar can't stand this but he wants answers so he does the honor of skinning the rabbit. Claire is hired on as a comic-book employee, however, Rebel soon texts her that Doyle has gotten himself into trouble. Expose herself or save Doyle? Danko asks Noah about Nathan and Noah points him to Angela, pinning Peter's survival on her. Somehow, saving Nathan is in the two's plan. Danko meets with Angela and tries to probe her but poor sap, he should know that Angela always does one better on anyone looking to investigate her. Some quip from Angela over a war incident twelve years ago over hundreds of civilians lost and remarkably, Danko is still alive. Danko leaves peturbed. Definitely his defining moment leading him to hunting but I would like to know more. What is Heroes trying to delve into? What happened? And is the crew trying to point out that Danko has an ability? Shrug. Doyle is cornered but is saved by Claire. Nathan has the President's permission to fire Danko. Apparently, dumping a 'terrorist' near White House grounds will do that. Danko is pissed and tries to make people turn on Nathan but no luck. Danko warns it's not over and it's not. Noah looks to be the next commander but Danko stops near them. He shoots the window and slams Nathan out and Nathan reveals his power. Not that he wanted to, it was instinct. Danko's got solid proof. Nathan flies away. The tables have been turned. Claire gives Doyle new id. She informs him she didn't do it for him but because she had to. She at least asks if Doyle really has changed. Doyle smirks and leaves. You can either take the smirk as decide for yourself or no-way-has-he. I'm thinking the latter. Oh, well. Returned for some reason and then gone. Whatever. Sylar reveals to Father his healing powers, smirking that he can never die while Father will. Father quips that it means more suffering. He changes his tune when his power-lust returns. He telekinically shoots arrows in Sylar and uses an ability of hypnosis to make Sylar sleep. He wakes up when he shouldn't and breaks free. Father is impressed but afraid. Sylar chokes him with a cord and Father asks for a quick death. Sylar refuses. He simpers that Father is not worth the hunt and lets Father go, telling him his death will be slow and painful. Sylar walks off and flashes a crushed look. His last chance at humanity is gone, he is told and given proof that he will always be a monster. What's he to do? Rebel gives helpful signs throughout the episode. At the end, Hiro and Ando finally show up, looking for Matt Parkman on Rebel's tip and they find him, or rather, his son. About time that baby showed up. Although, how The Incredibles was that scene with the babysitter, voice and all? Sylar closes in on Danko's home for Some reason. Did Rebel tell him where Danko lived or what? Claire's reprieve is expired, the brigade closes in to capture her but she is hidden away by father Nathan. Touching moment as father and daughter are fugitives together. While not all-together awful, I was expecting something else. I didn't expect Matt's predicament to be solved in five minutes because really, what? Waste of story-space. I expected this episode to be completely about Sylar and that would have been the way to go but sadly, Sylar's story was greatly squashed and no great developments came out of it. Quinto and Glover were amazing together but Glover was so severally underutilized, it seems wrong. Like many Heroes episodes though, this one is important, as this time, it appears that Nathan is no longer the head of his plan and will be hunted down like the others. Finally, he can get a taste on what he's dishing out to these poor heroes. And I expect and hope for a bitter/awkward/heartfelt reunion with Peter. However, those who expected Heroes to get immediately better no that Fuller is back, this is not the episode they probably wanted. Or maybe it was. Who knows? Shades of Grey's rating boosted probably because of that. Whatever. Fuller is one player on a massive team. If Heroes will get better, people need to realize that. But then again, since this episode was just okay and the ratio has been pretty balanced this Volume, next episode should be really good.
  • Getting ready for the meat of the situations

    Wow....John Glover....goes for being one crazy dad to the next...I loved this episode...wow the writers so cool the actors great job.....I would have never thought that Sylar would have let his dad live...wow...that might come back to bite him...either that or he's just becoming the hero he was never ment to be. Thats two ppl with abilities that he has let live...hmmm...humanity don't give him too much you'll mess up the character.
    Nathan...I knew he was the Rebel this show is shaping up so well and I can't wait for the showdown..now there are three sides to choose from
    Wild cards I love it!!!!!
    Thanks guys for another great episode.
  • One of the most amazing episode's this season. John Glover was amazing as Syler's dad

    After the mid-season finale, i saw that an episode further on in volume 4 had been titled Shades of Gray. Immediately i was excited about this know that it would be a very revealing episode for Syler and i was not disappointed. John Glover did an excellent job as Syler's dad and all of his dialogue was well written. I was also very surprised at that fact that Eric Doyle has changed so much after the event of Villains that he would actually cry and let claire out of his hold. Everything with Danko was great especially the restaurant scene with Angela. Overall, a very special episode
  • Finally a GREAT episode.

    This episode reminds me of why we all fell in love with this show to begin with. So far, this season has been very disappointing, long, drawn out, boring even, but it has all lead to THIS moment. I hope everyone can feel the shift, the set-up is complete, the pay off is about to begin. I wont lay out all the reveals that were put forth in this episode, that would be a spoiler, and I hate those, but let me just say this, if you didn't catch them all, you need to run over to NBC.com and watch it again.
  • This whole episode was one of things not going the way I expected, not in a bad way at all though in the really good sense.

    I was pleased to see that Sylar's encounter with his dad wasn't just one long extended fight scene, there was more to it then that . Yes they fought and Sylar proved once again that no man can control him, even if they think they can but Sylar also got some answers and a new sidekick...a dead bunny...yay? :( Poor bunny. As this volume moves on it seems like Gabriel, though he still comes through in moments, is being somewhat overshadowed but Sylar's darker tendancies. Gabriel still leaks out but Sylar seems to be hitting on more disturbing levels then ever. I mean he killed the bunny, then kept him....but what was up with Sylar going to Danko?

    I originally thought that maybe Danko had an ability but now, maybe not. Maybe he knew someone once upon a time that did. Who knows, well Angela maybe but the last thing I'd expect to get from her was a straight answer. Angela, Danko, HRG and Nathan are a perfect fouresome of crazed madness. Especially Nathan. Once again he arbitrarily decides when to save/capture people. Matt didn't blow up the capital (he painted it but it didn't happen, I love how Heroes throws in those the future can be changed moments consistently), Nathan foiled Danko's plan, but then clocked Matt and recaptured him and yet he saves Claire later in the episode. She's his daughter or whatever but still it baffles me how these people with abilities continue to trust him, like Tracey. I get why she did it, she's a player and she knows that if she alienates Nathan then she'll be left in the hands of people like Danko who very clearly play a lot tougher then Nathan but after all he's been doing to them. Come on guys wise up!

    The one person who seems to be acting rationally is a teenager. After rebel sends her Doyle she actually comes through for him and helps him start over, a new life. She uses her free pass not only to help one of her own kind but someone who essentially tried to kill her and both her moms. Good for Claire, she's starting to really see that the line between villain and hero isn't so clear cut. The answers just aren't that simple. Since the beginning of season three they've been working on this with Claire and I think it's leading somewhere, big.

    Anyway, after helping Doyle her free pass is cashed in and the agents who have been watching her throughout the entire episode (even stalking her at her new job at Sam's comics as Alex's replacement) come to collect. But as I said Nathan is forever changing the rules, playing with less then a full deck, making things up as he goes along, arbitrarily deciding who is and isn't okay to live in the world and blah blah blah he saves Claire. And can anwyay else tell I'm getting really sick of Nathan? He's a bigger tool with each passing episode, kill him already really. At least he got his free pass cashed in too, Danko knows he's a super now. Trouble much, karma much. Dead much.

    I loved the little surprise we got in this episode too. They pulled a fast one on us! Hiro got a message from rebel (I'm more convinced then ever that is has to be Micah) to save 'Matt Parkman' and Matt did need saving I mean strapped to a bomb, captured by Nathan and so and so on. But it turns out that there's another Matt Parkman out there that needs saving. A teeny tiny Matt, the one we heard wind of in 'Five Years Gone'. Janice's (Matt's ex-wife) and Matt's infant son. But why would he need saving right? I mean his mom doesn't have powers, we've seen that they don't just take people because their parents (or parent has a power) so maybe little Matt, who isn't even out of the crib yet has a power? He'd be the youngest ever. And hey what about daddy? We know Matt thought that Janice's child wasn't his so when he finds out that he was wrong...surprise!
  • Who will be the Heroes, and Who will be the Villains

    After a few subpar episodes, I believe this one got Heroes right back on track. A lot of good things about this episode. Sylar and his Dad- This was the best part of the show. To see someone more evil than Sylar at even his worst was great. The cancer twist was also clever. But now, we have to wonder, will Sylar's dad be back and try to fight him. Nathan and the Hunter- Am I alone in hating the Hunter, he's so annoying. I hope Bennett kills him. He's the annoying villain who just doesn't dissapear. And will Nathan just make up his mind on whether he's good or bad. REBEL- Okay, at first thinking I thought maybe Nathan was REBEL. Or maybe Bennett. But honestly, I think it may be someone who we're not expecting. Maybe a past character. How about Claude the invisible man. Wouldn't that be cool. There were some parts that were just kind of dumb. Claire and Doyle and the comic shop. Hiro and Ando and the baby. But hopefully, they're just setup. All and all, a good episode. Should be a good setup for the next one.
  • Great episode, particularly the meeting between the Grays senior and junior.

    Despite all the problems that Heroes has had over the last 2 seasons this episode was really rather good. This was mainly because the scene's between Sylar and Samson Gray, his father, were so well done. I also enjoyed the comic store scene when Claire goes to get a job there. The Parkman thing was a bit weird and I'm enjoying Nathan's discomfort and was so glad he got caught out by Danko at last. The final voiceover from Mohinder was particularly powerful I thought and was a good reminder of how Heroes used to be. Overall, a pretty good effort.
  • Claire's free pass is up as she faces inherited problems and Hiro embraces a new generation of Parkmans.

    As Sylar empowers himself through an unforseen confontation with his biological father, Claire faces a confrontation of her own as Rebel assigns her the task to protect Dyle, her mother's archnemesis, and even though he didn't mean the change he claims Claire learns the hard way that sometimes differences doesn't matter when you're all being hunt.

    Unfortunately for her, not even Tracy could buy enough time for Nathan to keep a position surrender right after he saves Matt from the device Danko set up for a midnight Washington explosion. Same as Sylar's father can't buy enough time for himself through a little murder of his own or Nathan enough time for his daughter, Claire's free pass expires as soon as her biological father's does.

    And so the episode ends as these different generations unfolds: with Nathan holding his daughter to protect her from the agents that invade her home in order to take her, Sylar holding his father only long enough to make clear he doesn't deserve a quick death and Hiro Nakamura holding this little baby boy named Matt Pakman Jr. who literally has no idea why Rebel assigned this man to protect him from a hunt that continues without Nathan to hold it back.
  • Matt's about to blow and than doesn't. Claire continues her underground railroad ways. And the tables get turned on Nathan as his future is sort of up in the air. Oh, yeah and Sylar meets his dad.

    First of all despite all of it's flaws. And there are many of them I still like this show. But watching this show is like watching a game where you just don't really feel like rooting for anyone. Anyone not named Sylar that is.

    If the episode had just been about him my rating would have been much higher. I thought his encounter with his dad was interesting. I mean I kind of saw where they were going with it and in the end it's like Sylar gets to do a redo of his father's life with Claire's powers. Perhaps this time he'll get it right with the usual bodies left in his wake.

    And then there was everyone else. So let me get this straight I'm supposed to root for Claire to save a man who basically is a serial killer/rapist just because he has powers. Well you can do that if you want, but moving on.....

    I'm supposed to cheer for a character who should really be called Two-Face but goes by the name of Nathan Petrelli instead. Even though I thought it was a cool reveal him going out the window. You know you have problems on a show when I'm kind of cheering for the bullet.

    Did they just give Hiro his powers back out of the clear blue sky? And he used to be one of my favorite characters too until these writers got their stupid hands on him.

    It's kind of like when they did their Villains arc. These stupid writers have got to pick a side and stick with it. If you want a character to suck then keep them that way and than maybe kill them for sucking. If you want them to be bad. They have to stay freaking bad! And if you want them to be good. You have to make them good. But it all has to be believable! I hate Nathan. Nothing will ever change that. I don't respect Claire. If she's written better where I believe she's capable of the assignments their giving her maybe, but not now. I don't like her father, but I respect his cold pragmatic intelligence. Matt used to be a good character until they twisted his powers around for no other reason than to fit their stupid scripts. Hiro needs to have powers again just use them less for God's sake. And Ando should have never gotten any powers and after they gave it to him it's like they actually didn't. And the number one characters I hate the most are the writers. The story is fine but the character direction except for Sylar is dreadful!
  • "Heroes" on the right track againt with characters acting in character

    While the stakes of Fugitives are heightened, I'm glad to see the themes of turnabout and betrayal are still being put to good use. It's enjoyable to watch characters moving around like pieces on a chessboard and waiting for the right moments to attack, often betraying their loved ones or intentions for greater causes. Despite the tightening strain of being persecuted, the writers know how to keep characters in character without sacrificing a good storyline. Thankfully the Parkman-Bomb fiasco was resolved in minutes while the identity of "Rebel" continues to thwart characters and viewers alike. Sylar meeting his father was a tremendous expectation from the fans and while I was anticipating a big brawl, the subtle eeriness played out well enough. Samson Gray seems to have the upper hand at first, provoking Sylar for choosing only easy targets and living with limited ambition. Sylar recoils in fear but when his father attempts to take his healing ability, Sylar gets the upper hand and leaves Samson to die a slow painful death. He seems recharged in his goals to take on bigger challenges, perhaps recalling the season one scene where Gabriel kills Virginia Gray and confesses he could "even become president". Once again, Zachary Quinto walks the fine line between frightening adversary and tortured soul without giving up the malevolence that makes his character so popular. So long as he's behind the steering wheel and in charge of his plans, Sylar's a lot of fun to watch in action. I suspect the events of "Five Years Gone" are falling into place if Sylar will have a bigger game then taking abilities on by one or going to the Hunter for an alliance. With Nathan's identity exposed by the Hunter, the Senator's life may also be at stake. As usual, Noah Bennett and Angela Petrelli manage to keep their cool in the line of fire. Christine Rose was priceless as she slurped down oysters and stroked socks without batting an eyelid.

    Claire goes through her own "Shades of Gray" to help Doyle and no doubt viewers can feel her dilemma, also concerned if she should have trusted a man who antagonized her mothers. Ending had some great shockers: Claire fleeing and being saved into the arms of Nathan Petrelli, the horrific theory of Sylar meeting the Hunter, and Hiro and Ando getting to meet Matt Parkman Jr. I suspect the Sylar/Hunter team up will become a darker story while Hiro/Ando babysitting will become comic relief. But all in all a well scripted episode and it was nice to hear Mohinder's narration at the end.
  • This was it. The official return of heroes!

    Sylar is unquestionably the most popular character on the show right now and we got a chance to see him do what he does best, as well as learn more about his father. (Anyone else think that this is not the last time we're gonna see Sylar's Dad?)

    I really liked Claire's storyline as well. The whole thing with Doyle was very interesting especially the ending. As for the comic book store job I like the idea, but I'm not convinced. Why would a cheerleader who knows nothing about comics work at a comic book store? (Yes I know its because rebel can use her to help him, but still...)

    The conflict with Nathan and Danko finally took an interesting turn. Danko now knows about Nathan. I wonder if he (Danko) will still be in charge of the operation now that Nathan is discovered. And I don't think Sylar will kill Danko, but what will he do?

    Who is Rebel? (I have a very good guess, but I will not reveal it here because then I would feel ashamed of myself for spoiling it), Where is Daphne? Is Peter OK? Does baby Parkman have powers? If so what are they? So many questions to answer, all of which we have to wait two weeks for... I really hope the next episode is indeed as good as the trailer made it out to be. If so, Heroes is definitely back on the map!
  • 9.0
    It was good to see Sylar coming face to face with his father. (John Glover can play such a good bad guy - Lionel Luther.) I'm sure that father will attempt to follow his son so he can get get the healing powers from him. I have to agree with others that wonder why Claire is working in a comic book shop. Hopefully it will all come together. I did enjoy her meeting with Doyle aka the Puppetmaster. His little smirk at the end makes you wonder if he has really turn away from evil.

    Danko say hello to Sylar. Is this teaming of two bad guys or will Danko meet his demise? Have to wait until the next episode to find out. How did Ando and Hiro end up with baby Matt? I don't seem to remember them transporting. Did I miss something?

    This week was a great way to spend an hour!!
  • Best episode so far.

    I love all the episodes of Heroes, but in my opinion 'SHADES OF GRAY' is the best episode so far. Danko has had his suspicions on Nathan for awhile. When he pushed him out of the window, I am sure he knew he had a special ability. Now he knows Nathan is not what he appears to be. He is one of them and will be hunted. I feel that he will be joining forces with the other Heroes in an all out effort to stop Danko and his team.

    Clair helps out the Puppet Master. I do not believe he has turned over a new leaf. Look at the way he looked at Clair prior to departing. Perhaps for now since they are being hunted he will form an alliance with the others, but I feel once Danko is stopped, he will become evil again.

    The key section to this episode was of course Sylar meeting his dad. When he saw his dad as a smoker dying, the look on his face was priceless. When his dad found out he has powers to heal, he wanted them. He underestimated his son when he played possum. Once Sylar learnt all he needed to know, he had a new purpose in life. You could tell by the look on his face it is clear now what he must do.

    I am very excited and pleased with this episode. Like all Heroes fans, I look forward to see the next episode in two weeks.
  • Pff...

    After watching "Shades of Grey" I've come to a conclusion that this show has really lost it's path. Giving his father cancer?! then rubbing in our face that there shouldn't be an epic battle between father and son?!
    I'm lost of words... really i was so disappointed, i waited so long for this episode, the anticipation was eating me alive... i thought that it would be the turning point in the season where the writers will leave us off with wide open jaws, proving to us that they have it all planned out, but no. It was just them hammering another nail in their show. I mean come on! Sylar came all this way just to find out his father was a complete loser?! I'm not saying he should of killed the guy, that would be too "Sylar" of him. but why put him in such a ridiculous situation. Just hearing Sylar saying that he has all his questions answered shows that he didn't have any to begin with. Nothing happened there, nothing. his father told him he is a killer and that he did it for powers, WoW! now Sylar can have a clean slate. the apple didn't fall far from the tree. so boring so cliche. so "Heroes".
  • a better episode.....

    a better episode..... silar is the only decent story line.... nathan is now a target, serves him right.. peter being only able to use one power at a time has made his character less exiciting, i was really looking forward to him becoming the leader of the resistance/bad guy with the scar and being the most powerfull next to silar. but looks like silar will be the main character which i love too, and i think he will become the leader of the resistance with pete second in charge.
    nathan will be ousted from the group to fend for himself.....

    and who is the rebel?

    hopefully the remainding episodes pick up a better story line, more action, more fight scenes, more powers being used.. we can only hope.
  • This episode was not what I expected. It was much better! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    I haven't really like the Sylar story up until now, but this episode makes up for it as we finally learned more about Sylar. I am just glad they ditched the kid, it was getting old and there wasn't really a reason for Sylar to let him live if he stuck around any longer. This hunter character is definitely shaping up to be a pain, but it is interesting that for once an enemy in Heroes has no powers (or at least we don't think he has any). I admit it was a bit corny watching Claire try and get the job at the comic book shop, but it was also kind of shocking she got the job for being eye candy. It did fit for what she wanted to do I guess. On the scene where Nathan is standing near a window in a high-rise building knew when the Hunter approached Nathan he probably was going to push him out the window to see if he flies, I just didn't want to be right. I was right unfortunately and now the game plan changes dramatically. Nathan, though a bit rough at times, seems to want to help people, but the Hunter, well we all know he is just out to kill. As much as I didn't want Nathan to be discovered, I think it will make things interesting, now that the guy who set everything up is being hunted by his own people. Well, at least I am pretty sure he will be hunted, seeing as the Hunter exposed him. Another great episode, one of the best of the season.
  • Sylar finds his father at last, Claire must decide whether to help a sworn enemy, Danko digs into the secrets of the Petrelli family, and Matt must find a way out of an explosive situation.

    Sylar finds his father at last, Claire must decide whether to help a sworn enemy, Danko digs into the secrets of the Petrelli family, and Matt must find a way out of an explosive situation.

    The Sylar storyline got better at the end when the father went after him, but the two to three scenes that came before it were just kind of...not good. The biggest problem that this show has is that is makes the first 35 minutes average / below average and then tries to make the final 10 epic. It just doesn't work. Why don't why try making the entire time epic instead of just the final portions of the episode? We spent episodes building up this confrontation between father and son, we got two good scenes out of it and then he up and leaves without killing his Dad because he isn't "big enough" game for Sylar to go after. Claire's portion of the storyline was bad too. She helps the puppet man because he says that he has changed. I don't really see the reason behind bringing him back into the show. Her storyline isn't a part of the real big picture even though it seems like it would be. The Nathan storyline was getting good with Danko being removed, but in the end he throws Nathan out of a window. Now it looks like Danko will be staying around, HRG will come up with a cover story to remain a part of the operation and Nathan will now be one of the big ones to be hunted by the people that he was working with from the beginning. The Angela scene with Danko wasn't even that great and I expected something a whole lot better when I saw him walk into that restaurant. Claire helps Puppet Man by giving him some new information and telling him to run away? Pretty sure he could have figured that part out for himself if he was just looking to run away. Overall, I would have to say this was one of the worst episodes of the series just because it's not going anywhere and this is the time that it should be kicking the main storyline into high gear.
  • This episode alot better thean the previous ones!

    Full steam ahead for Brian Fullers return in teh next ep, the trailer looks great. Hope the ratings increase to its not looking good atm. Anyone else excited about Fuller??

    The 'Rebel' is revealed in the next ep, anyone have any ideas who it is, personally I think it's Micah as he could easily hack in to the computer systems using his ability. This episode was better then recent ones but I was really wanting more action when Sylar met his father, Bring back the old Sylar!!! from season 1. Anyone else agree? Roll on next week ! ! ! !
  • Best episode so far in Volume 4.

    First, this episode makes me even eager to know who Rebel is. I always wish to see Micah again. Sylar finds his father living under terrible condition. He is teaching his son (who he doesn't remember) a few things about hunting and not being hunted. It is likely that Sylar would remain as an antagonist since the audiences love his bad nature. One thing arouses my curiosity. How does he
    arrive at Danko's apartment so fast? That dead rabbit still looks fresh.

    Matt didn't have himself exploded. But how can we explain the image of the burning Washington D.C. drawn on the floor? You can't simply change the future so easily. Baby Matt is another interesting topic to discuss. It is good to relate things that happen in the past with the present. Will this child belong to Matt and Daphne like one of the episodes in Volume 3? One question. Rebel sent a message to both Hiro and Ando, asking them to save Matt Parkman in California. Why should Rebel make this an ambiguity?

    Nathan. What should I say about him? Cunning and loving. Is there a real agenda to explain why is he doing all this? He plans to have every Hero in custody, but then he saves Peter and wants Tracy to "have hope". Maybe he only decides to do good after knowing what the new future will be like according to his mother.

    I have three wishes. First, to see Micah and Molly back in action. Second, to see Hiro with his abilities. Third, to see what baby Matt can do. Well, all the best for our Heroes!
  • hmmm...pleasantly surprised

    Ok, admittedly i've been one of Heores' biggest critics recently but i must say i rather enjoyed this one (i even reweinded it a couple times, which i haven't done for a good while)

    The plot is now firmly in place, admittedly it took a while to get there, but with the exception of Hiro & Ando, we pretty much now know the goals of each character and there was a nice plot twist with the change in command from Petrelli to Danko.

    I prticularly enjoyed seeing Sylar interact with his father (It would probably be a good idea to sign John Glover on for a few more episodes as he is a great actor). The best thing to come from it was that Sylar seems to have rediscovered his hunger, and with that little push from his father is now going after the big fish (as shown by the final scene).

    All in all, theres a decent set up now, im actually intrigued at how it will be concluded. Hopefully Sylar will join the hunt and Peter will regain his old abilities. Maybe then we'll see another one of their classic battles. But knowing the writers of heroes im pretty sure they find a way to screw it up.

    would have been an 8/10 but the special effects in this episode were pretty good. Loved the scenes with Nathan flying
  • Syler is amazing !!!!

    the best character for sure in this series is Syler no doubt. he is powerful, scary, and unpredictable!! the man killed his own father, he for sure was more powerful, and didn't have any problems with killing his father, but i don't know why, but i though that his father will have an impact on the series like he was Rebel, or like he's going to help Syler or fight him, but he just get murdered by his son!!
    Clair keeps helping other people with abilities, even if they were evil!! i loved the scene when Danko entered his house and there he was, Syler waiting for him and we dont know why!!!! which just kills u to know why lol
  • Heroes is on a role

    Sylar finds his father at last, Claire must decide whether to help a sworn enemy, Danko digs into the secrets of the Petrelli family, and Matt must find a way out of an explosive situation.

    Lots to do with Sylar here, we learn more on his backstory and his family and we see a super cool showdown with Sylar and his father and it was a long time coming. Matt with the bomb was a good scene I loved the character interaction between Matt and Nathan very comical. It was good to se Doyle back even if it was for a second and there was more fast paced storytelling here with Cliare coming to save the day. This was a quick episode that I really enjoyed. 9.5 out of 10.
  • Great episode, we're building strongly to the finale.

    Nathan just lost his immunity so he's back on our side again. He will have to find Peter and they will have to figure out a way to fix this somehow. Now that their advocate is out of power, those with abilities are in serious trouble.

    Rebel's got some weird ideas, it's one thing to help an innocent like Alex but Doyle?! Claire taking Alex's job at the comic store is a great idea, people who need help can come to her without arousing suspicion. The question about 'which hero are you?' was surprisingly penetrating – left alone, she was definitely 'flight' but under Nathan's rules, she's 'invisibility'. Went so deeply to the source of her distress that she took the question far more seriously than was intended.

    Nathan is getting reckless, instead of going for the elevator, he goes for the roof! "How'd he get there so fast?" Danko is not stupid! He'll do anything get rid of the annoying senator. Rogue is definitely a talented hacker, bought enough time. Danko just messed up, now Nathan looks like the hero, but Danko has the tape of Tracy saying Nathan's 'one of us'. All he has to do is prove Nathan's got a power and lied and Nathan will be thrown out on his ear, if not arrested. Tracy decides not to burn her bridges and keeps Nathan's dirty secret. Danko goes to Plan B – the footage from the rooftop of Peter's savior. He already suspects Nathan can fly. Noah suggests that Angela could be the one, trying to play on the fact that Nathan and Peter have fallen out. It's a dangerous game, instead of having to protect Peter, he might have to protect Angela too now. Danko has figured out the rules of those with abilities: it runs in families, if both parents have powers, 90% of the children do too. It's not 100%, e.g. Nathan wasn't born with an ability, but the rule is pretty reliable. Angela has a pair of socks in her bag, did she just shoplift them?!

    What a delightful surprise in the casting of Sylar's father – John Glover! I always loved him as Lex's father in Smallville. I suppose we shouldn't be shocked that Samson has the same absorption ability as Sylar. That power went from father to son with the Petrelli's. Samson knows just a little too much about Sylar for comfort, like how he ran from the agents instead of killing them. Deep down, Sylar knows he deserves to die, or even be captured, could his subconscious be driving him? There's still good inside him, very deep down, and I think even a conscience. His father is naturally shocked at Sylar's healing, "I guess not everyone gets old." No, we've got our own immortal serial killer. Like father, like son, Samson tries to take Sylar's powers but seriously underestimates him.

    Claire is still struggling with who she is and Rogue isn't helping. Being heroic and trying to save the world is in the Petrelli genes and Claire has it just as strongly as the rest. She just doesn't have a power that makes it easy, but she does what Peter did when he had no powers. Danko really has given the kill order, the agents are carrying guns now instead of the tasers.

    Nathan managed to get rid of Danko! Loved him chewing the toothpick, where'd that come from? He doesn't usually do things like that. Bennet is the perfect choice, he will use restraint with the prisoners and will only kill if necessary. Not to mention his experience, he's been doing this for 20 years. Danko's cornered and that makes him exceptionally dangerous. A normal person would be afraid of those with abilities, Nathan isn't because he's one of them. Not surprisingly, he tosses Nate out the window who hovers! Danko goes over his head and Claire's 'free pass' is revoked. So sweet!! Nathan comes to get her and they hover outside her window! I so love Nathan when he's being Claire's father!

    Great to see Ando and Hiro again and turns out Matt was wrong, the kid really is his son. And Sylar's next step is to visit Danko, but why?

    Things are about to get bad, Nathan's attempts to save his people has failed and now he is a fugitive from his own people, and worse yet, that means the hard-liners are now running the show. Great ep.
  • For all there are some significant game changing moments in 'Shades of Gray', they essentially act as window-dressing to the episode's real feature: giving Zachary Quinto a chance to remind us all why he's the coolest villain on network television.

    For all there are some significant game changing moments in 'Shades of Gray', they essentially act as window-dressing to the episode's real feature: giving Zachary Quinto a chance to remind us all exactly why he's the coolest villain on network television. The interplay between Sylar and his long lost father is definitely the highlight here. John Glover is excellent foil for Quinto, capturing the sad, lonely callousness of this most wretched of men with great ease. It's a shame that the encounter, while superbly written, ultimately amounts to very little other than Sylar returning to his former self (with a possible minor variation in his potential assisting of Danko), and therefore comes as a bit of a predictable waste of time. Still, for a good thirty minutes, this is riveting stuff. The supporting stories are a slightly mixed bag: while Nathan's fall from grace is executed quite well (even if that shove through the window is completely telegraphed), the Claire/Puppeteer narrative just feels like another exercise in water-treading. The same beats are reiterated here as last week: should young Bennet save the day and risk her life or stand aside and let the big boys do their thing? Oh sure, David H. Lawrence XVII is a joy to watch but was his return really necessary? It seems utterly superfluous and, in any case, didn't he die, like, six episodes ago?! Oh yeah and, writing staff, unnecessarily lascivious comic book store scene where everyone lusts after Claire? Yawn.
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