Season 3 Episode 19

Shades of Gray

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • This whole episode was one of things not going the way I expected, not in a bad way at all though in the really good sense.

    I was pleased to see that Sylar's encounter with his dad wasn't just one long extended fight scene, there was more to it then that . Yes they fought and Sylar proved once again that no man can control him, even if they think they can but Sylar also got some answers and a new sidekick...a dead bunny...yay? :( Poor bunny. As this volume moves on it seems like Gabriel, though he still comes through in moments, is being somewhat overshadowed but Sylar's darker tendancies. Gabriel still leaks out but Sylar seems to be hitting on more disturbing levels then ever. I mean he killed the bunny, then kept him....but what was up with Sylar going to Danko?

    I originally thought that maybe Danko had an ability but now, maybe not. Maybe he knew someone once upon a time that did. Who knows, well Angela maybe but the last thing I'd expect to get from her was a straight answer. Angela, Danko, HRG and Nathan are a perfect fouresome of crazed madness. Especially Nathan. Once again he arbitrarily decides when to save/capture people. Matt didn't blow up the capital (he painted it but it didn't happen, I love how Heroes throws in those the future can be changed moments consistently), Nathan foiled Danko's plan, but then clocked Matt and recaptured him and yet he saves Claire later in the episode. She's his daughter or whatever but still it baffles me how these people with abilities continue to trust him, like Tracey. I get why she did it, she's a player and she knows that if she alienates Nathan then she'll be left in the hands of people like Danko who very clearly play a lot tougher then Nathan but after all he's been doing to them. Come on guys wise up!

    The one person who seems to be acting rationally is a teenager. After rebel sends her Doyle she actually comes through for him and helps him start over, a new life. She uses her free pass not only to help one of her own kind but someone who essentially tried to kill her and both her moms. Good for Claire, she's starting to really see that the line between villain and hero isn't so clear cut. The answers just aren't that simple. Since the beginning of season three they've been working on this with Claire and I think it's leading somewhere, big.

    Anyway, after helping Doyle her free pass is cashed in and the agents who have been watching her throughout the entire episode (even stalking her at her new job at Sam's comics as Alex's replacement) come to collect. But as I said Nathan is forever changing the rules, playing with less then a full deck, making things up as he goes along, arbitrarily deciding who is and isn't okay to live in the world and blah blah blah he saves Claire. And can anwyay else tell I'm getting really sick of Nathan? He's a bigger tool with each passing episode, kill him already really. At least he got his free pass cashed in too, Danko knows he's a super now. Trouble much, karma much. Dead much.

    I loved the little surprise we got in this episode too. They pulled a fast one on us! Hiro got a message from rebel (I'm more convinced then ever that is has to be Micah) to save 'Matt Parkman' and Matt did need saving I mean strapped to a bomb, captured by Nathan and so and so on. But it turns out that there's another Matt Parkman out there that needs saving. A teeny tiny Matt, the one we heard wind of in 'Five Years Gone'. Janice's (Matt's ex-wife) and Matt's infant son. But why would he need saving right? I mean his mom doesn't have powers, we've seen that they don't just take people because their parents (or parent has a power) so maybe little Matt, who isn't even out of the crib yet has a power? He'd be the youngest ever. And hey what about daddy? We know Matt thought that Janice's child wasn't his so when he finds out that he was wrong...surprise!