Season 3 Episode 19

Shades of Gray

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Claire's free pass is up as she faces inherited problems and Hiro embraces a new generation of Parkmans.

    As Sylar empowers himself through an unforseen confontation with his biological father, Claire faces a confrontation of her own as Rebel assigns her the task to protect Dyle, her mother's archnemesis, and even though he didn't mean the change he claims Claire learns the hard way that sometimes differences doesn't matter when you're all being hunt.

    Unfortunately for her, not even Tracy could buy enough time for Nathan to keep a position surrender right after he saves Matt from the device Danko set up for a midnight Washington explosion. Same as Sylar's father can't buy enough time for himself through a little murder of his own or Nathan enough time for his daughter, Claire's free pass expires as soon as her biological father's does.

    And so the episode ends as these different generations unfolds: with Nathan holding his daughter to protect her from the agents that invade her home in order to take her, Sylar holding his father only long enough to make clear he doesn't deserve a quick death and Hiro Nakamura holding this little baby boy named Matt Pakman Jr. who literally has no idea why Rebel assigned this man to protect him from a hunt that continues without Nathan to hold it back.