Season 3 Episode 19

Shades of Gray

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Matt's about to blow and than doesn't. Claire continues her underground railroad ways. And the tables get turned on Nathan as his future is sort of up in the air. Oh, yeah and Sylar meets his dad.

    First of all despite all of it's flaws. And there are many of them I still like this show. But watching this show is like watching a game where you just don't really feel like rooting for anyone. Anyone not named Sylar that is.

    If the episode had just been about him my rating would have been much higher. I thought his encounter with his dad was interesting. I mean I kind of saw where they were going with it and in the end it's like Sylar gets to do a redo of his father's life with Claire's powers. Perhaps this time he'll get it right with the usual bodies left in his wake.

    And then there was everyone else. So let me get this straight I'm supposed to root for Claire to save a man who basically is a serial killer/rapist just because he has powers. Well you can do that if you want, but moving on.....

    I'm supposed to cheer for a character who should really be called Two-Face but goes by the name of Nathan Petrelli instead. Even though I thought it was a cool reveal him going out the window. You know you have problems on a show when I'm kind of cheering for the bullet.

    Did they just give Hiro his powers back out of the clear blue sky? And he used to be one of my favorite characters too until these writers got their stupid hands on him.

    It's kind of like when they did their Villains arc. These stupid writers have got to pick a side and stick with it. If you want a character to suck then keep them that way and than maybe kill them for sucking. If you want them to be bad. They have to stay freaking bad! And if you want them to be good. You have to make them good. But it all has to be believable! I hate Nathan. Nothing will ever change that. I don't respect Claire. If she's written better where I believe she's capable of the assignments their giving her maybe, but not now. I don't like her father, but I respect his cold pragmatic intelligence. Matt used to be a good character until they twisted his powers around for no other reason than to fit their stupid scripts. Hiro needs to have powers again just use them less for God's sake. And Ando should have never gotten any powers and after they gave it to him it's like they actually didn't. And the number one characters I hate the most are the writers. The story is fine but the character direction except for Sylar is dreadful!