Season 3 Episode 19

Shades of Gray

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • "Heroes" on the right track againt with characters acting in character

    While the stakes of Fugitives are heightened, I'm glad to see the themes of turnabout and betrayal are still being put to good use. It's enjoyable to watch characters moving around like pieces on a chessboard and waiting for the right moments to attack, often betraying their loved ones or intentions for greater causes. Despite the tightening strain of being persecuted, the writers know how to keep characters in character without sacrificing a good storyline. Thankfully the Parkman-Bomb fiasco was resolved in minutes while the identity of "Rebel" continues to thwart characters and viewers alike. Sylar meeting his father was a tremendous expectation from the fans and while I was anticipating a big brawl, the subtle eeriness played out well enough. Samson Gray seems to have the upper hand at first, provoking Sylar for choosing only easy targets and living with limited ambition. Sylar recoils in fear but when his father attempts to take his healing ability, Sylar gets the upper hand and leaves Samson to die a slow painful death. He seems recharged in his goals to take on bigger challenges, perhaps recalling the season one scene where Gabriel kills Virginia Gray and confesses he could "even become president". Once again, Zachary Quinto walks the fine line between frightening adversary and tortured soul without giving up the malevolence that makes his character so popular. So long as he's behind the steering wheel and in charge of his plans, Sylar's a lot of fun to watch in action. I suspect the events of "Five Years Gone" are falling into place if Sylar will have a bigger game then taking abilities on by one or going to the Hunter for an alliance. With Nathan's identity exposed by the Hunter, the Senator's life may also be at stake. As usual, Noah Bennett and Angela Petrelli manage to keep their cool in the line of fire. Christine Rose was priceless as she slurped down oysters and stroked socks without batting an eyelid.

    Claire goes through her own "Shades of Gray" to help Doyle and no doubt viewers can feel her dilemma, also concerned if she should have trusted a man who antagonized her mothers. Ending had some great shockers: Claire fleeing and being saved into the arms of Nathan Petrelli, the horrific theory of Sylar meeting the Hunter, and Hiro and Ando getting to meet Matt Parkman Jr. I suspect the Sylar/Hunter team up will become a darker story while Hiro/Ando babysitting will become comic relief. But all in all a well scripted episode and it was nice to hear Mohinder's narration at the end.