Season 3 Episode 19

Shades of Gray

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Best episode so far in Volume 4.

    First, this episode makes me even eager to know who Rebel is. I always wish to see Micah again. Sylar finds his father living under terrible condition. He is teaching his son (who he doesn't remember) a few things about hunting and not being hunted. It is likely that Sylar would remain as an antagonist since the audiences love his bad nature. One thing arouses my curiosity. How does he
    arrive at Danko's apartment so fast? That dead rabbit still looks fresh.

    Matt didn't have himself exploded. But how can we explain the image of the burning Washington D.C. drawn on the floor? You can't simply change the future so easily. Baby Matt is another interesting topic to discuss. It is good to relate things that happen in the past with the present. Will this child belong to Matt and Daphne like one of the episodes in Volume 3? One question. Rebel sent a message to both Hiro and Ando, asking them to save Matt Parkman in California. Why should Rebel make this an ambiguity?

    Nathan. What should I say about him? Cunning and loving. Is there a real agenda to explain why is he doing all this? He plans to have every Hero in custody, but then he saves Peter and wants Tracy to "have hope". Maybe he only decides to do good after knowing what the new future will be like according to his mother.

    I have three wishes. First, to see Micah and Molly back in action. Second, to see Hiro with his abilities. Third, to see what baby Matt can do. Well, all the best for our Heroes!
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