Season 3 Episode 19

Shades of Gray

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Great episode, we're building strongly to the finale.

    Nathan just lost his immunity so he's back on our side again. He will have to find Peter and they will have to figure out a way to fix this somehow. Now that their advocate is out of power, those with abilities are in serious trouble.

    Rebel's got some weird ideas, it's one thing to help an innocent like Alex but Doyle?! Claire taking Alex's job at the comic store is a great idea, people who need help can come to her without arousing suspicion. The question about 'which hero are you?' was surprisingly penetrating – left alone, she was definitely 'flight' but under Nathan's rules, she's 'invisibility'. Went so deeply to the source of her distress that she took the question far more seriously than was intended.

    Nathan is getting reckless, instead of going for the elevator, he goes for the roof! "How'd he get there so fast?" Danko is not stupid! He'll do anything get rid of the annoying senator. Rogue is definitely a talented hacker, bought enough time. Danko just messed up, now Nathan looks like the hero, but Danko has the tape of Tracy saying Nathan's 'one of us'. All he has to do is prove Nathan's got a power and lied and Nathan will be thrown out on his ear, if not arrested. Tracy decides not to burn her bridges and keeps Nathan's dirty secret. Danko goes to Plan B – the footage from the rooftop of Peter's savior. He already suspects Nathan can fly. Noah suggests that Angela could be the one, trying to play on the fact that Nathan and Peter have fallen out. It's a dangerous game, instead of having to protect Peter, he might have to protect Angela too now. Danko has figured out the rules of those with abilities: it runs in families, if both parents have powers, 90% of the children do too. It's not 100%, e.g. Nathan wasn't born with an ability, but the rule is pretty reliable. Angela has a pair of socks in her bag, did she just shoplift them?!

    What a delightful surprise in the casting of Sylar's father – John Glover! I always loved him as Lex's father in Smallville. I suppose we shouldn't be shocked that Samson has the same absorption ability as Sylar. That power went from father to son with the Petrelli's. Samson knows just a little too much about Sylar for comfort, like how he ran from the agents instead of killing them. Deep down, Sylar knows he deserves to die, or even be captured, could his subconscious be driving him? There's still good inside him, very deep down, and I think even a conscience. His father is naturally shocked at Sylar's healing, "I guess not everyone gets old." No, we've got our own immortal serial killer. Like father, like son, Samson tries to take Sylar's powers but seriously underestimates him.

    Claire is still struggling with who she is and Rogue isn't helping. Being heroic and trying to save the world is in the Petrelli genes and Claire has it just as strongly as the rest. She just doesn't have a power that makes it easy, but she does what Peter did when he had no powers. Danko really has given the kill order, the agents are carrying guns now instead of the tasers.

    Nathan managed to get rid of Danko! Loved him chewing the toothpick, where'd that come from? He doesn't usually do things like that. Bennet is the perfect choice, he will use restraint with the prisoners and will only kill if necessary. Not to mention his experience, he's been doing this for 20 years. Danko's cornered and that makes him exceptionally dangerous. A normal person would be afraid of those with abilities, Nathan isn't because he's one of them. Not surprisingly, he tosses Nate out the window who hovers! Danko goes over his head and Claire's 'free pass' is revoked. So sweet!! Nathan comes to get her and they hover outside her window! I so love Nathan when he's being Claire's father!

    Great to see Ando and Hiro again and turns out Matt was wrong, the kid really is his son. And Sylar's next step is to visit Danko, but why?

    Things are about to get bad, Nathan's attempts to save his people has failed and now he is a fugitive from his own people, and worse yet, that means the hard-liners are now running the show. Great ep.