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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Very enjoyable mind-games between Matt and Sylar.

    Matt has a lot more experience with his abilities so figured out how to regain control. It's becoming a genuine power struggle now. As Sylar says, he's the one without rules and he doesn't hesitate to kill. Sylar takes Matt back to Charlie's café and what's interesting – Sylar now remembers the revised history – he 'tried' to kill a waitress here once. Very gutsy of Matt to stop Sylar whatever it takes – killing himself kills Sylar – suicide by cop.

    Nathan's back and connected instantly with his flying power.

    Peter's new healing power works great with his paramedic duties but it's very hard on him. At this rate, he's going to collapse.

    Claire's feelings for Gretchen are surprisingly strong. For someone who wants a relationship with Claire, she runs at the first sign of trouble. Granted, it's a homicidal maniac, but if she wants Claire, Gretchen has to fight for her.

    Noah's past actions come back to haunt him, as they have before. Noah killed Becky's father and she wants revenge. Danko got the compass from Joseph. Why did Samuel save Noah? Though stopping Becky does buy good will from Noah, letting them escape.

    Emma accidentally let her nephew drown. Explains why she doesn't trust herself to be a doctor.

    The episode ends with what I love most about the series – Nathan and Peter together.
  • Action-packed episode , bad Tv.com reviews starting to banish

    After watching Heroes ever night I log on to tv.com and vote the episodes and read some reviews both good and bad , and what I noticed lately is that bad reviews are decreasing throughout the weeks. Also episodes are getting better scores ( This is the first over 9 episode since season 1 ) and that's probably because the show is getting better and better. This episode was simple great ,it was full of action , very good plotted and very revealing. Lots of powers were used and it felt like season 1 all over again.I love Heroes just the way it is , but I understand that some people demand more action and cool fights and Shadowboxing it' s a great example of this. I think writer should do more episodes like this and they will recover viewers within weeks. Robert Knepper adds a lot to the show and Matt-Sylar's fight is getting pretty interesting although I wasn't very sure about the concept at the begining. I say keep up the good work and keep this kind of episodes coming , this is definitely a great start
  • extraordinary

    Shadowboxing is the practice of sparring with an invisible opponent for combat sports. Which sums up this episode quite nicely as Matt, Claire, Noah, Peter, and Emma have to face their personal demons. With Matt, his demons are literal as Sylar tries to board a plane to New York, so he can grill Peter since his last memory is of Peter injecting him with poison. However, Sylar doesn't get far when cops pull a gun from a metal detector checking his luggage. Turns out that ingenious ploy was courtesy of Matt. Nice. Sylar tries to hypnotize his way through but Matt's got full access of his powers, sneering that Sylar won't get to them, Sylar being dragged away, protesting. Back at Carnivale, body-Sylar awakes as Nathan. "Nathan", clueless where he is and confused, he flies off before Samuel and Lydia storm outside, Lydia seeing Claire as a lost cause after Rebecca butchered the deal. Samuel believes otherwise. Claire convinces her ditzy sorority sisters that what they witnessed was the result of a spiked drink. They walk away, freaked out. Gretchen and Claire go back to their dorm, Gretchen trying to pull information about Rebecca but turning up nothing, Gretchen still spooked about Rebecca and paranoid Rebecca could be anywhere. Claire promises she'll handle the situation, leaving Gretchen to fend for herself with baby powder. Sigh, yeah Claire. Excellent defense system. In New York, Peter's hospital deals with an accident crisis, Peter continuing his heroic missions with his healing-touch ability in tow, with unexpected results. When Peter heals someone, energy is drained from him. Emma winds through the chaos, a medic pulling her aside so she can help him treat a patient's wound, Emma providing adequate care, Peter watching her. He turns to a dying patient, heals patient, and almost doubles over in agony. Claire walks into the sorority house, finding the ditzy sisters' memories wiped. True enough, turns out to be the work of the trusty Haitain. Noah walks up to Claire, she marveling that he works fast. With Sylar shut off from air travel, he rents a car, only to have it break down. Matt laughs, taunting that he mindbended Sylar into not seeing a tack on the road. Matt snarks that he kind of likes being the shadow villain. Sylar gets pissed, not finding Matt's humor in this and informs Matt he not's completely in control. To prove it, when a mechanic pulls over to fix the tire, Sylar kills him with a wrench. Ugh. Noah and Claire talk through their plan of action for Rebecca. Noah will look in her room and the Haitain will go with Claire back to the dorm. Claire, scared that Noah plans on erasing Gretchen's memory, begs him not to. Noah sees how important Gretchen is and insists he not going to erase her memory, Claire just needs the Haitain so he can negate Rebecca's power if she gets to Claire. Good plan. Sylar stashes Mechanic's body into the car, smirking that Matt underestimated one thing. Matt plays by the rules, Sylar doesn't. He has no qualms towards doing anything possible in order to get what he wants. True but why does that remember of the Joker's speech at the end of Dark Knight? Anyways, Matt agrees to stop saboteguing Sylar and Sylar fixes the car. Peter collects himself while Emma sits with him. He explains his glitch while Emma reasonably advises to just stop healing people. For Peter, it's like she told him to stop breathing. More than that, this power, while limited, is making him stay extraordinary. He marvels over Emma's quick thinking with her patient and asks how she knew how to do that if she's just a secretary. Emma explains she went to medical school but dropped out, running off. Claire comes back to her room with the Haitain to find Gretchen packing to leave, maybe temporary, maybe forever. Who knows? Claire insists she's got the situation under control and Rene?!? aka the Haitain will take care of them. Gretchen says she's too scared and doesn't want to live in fear of an invisible woman coming at her in her sleep and doesn't want to stay on lockdown. She marvels at how Claire lives this everyday and wishes she could be as brave. Claire pleads with her to stay but Gretchen wishes her goodbye. Claire requests 'Rene' follow Gretchen to the airport. When they leave, Claire cries, only to have Samuel come to her doorstep, asking for Rebecca's whereabouts. He puts up a nice front and explains to Claire he's looking for his niece and regrets the awkward situation. Rebecca's "told" him about her ability and says he's a hero too. Samuel promises to explain, Claire intrigued. Meanwhile, Rebecca slinks in while Noah storms her room. Noah finds a compass in one of her shirt pockets when he senses her prescence, pulling out a taser, goading he had a partner like Rebecca. He says he doesn't want to hurt her when Rebecca materializes, finding that hard to believe. Sylar takes a pitstop at the Burnt Toast Diner of all places, showing Matt he's familiar with the place and people, especially Lynette. Sylar orders food and at Matt's look of discomfort, a 'Diet' Coke, changing his mind when Lynette insists he live a little. Sylar marvels at how he killed a waitress here and he'll do the same for Lynette if Matt doesn't cooperate and explain what happened to him. Matt balks so Sylar moves to kill Lynette. Matt finally gives. Samuel explains his power and his "family" and his relationship to Rebecca. He admits she's kind of crazy (look who's talking) and he doesn't codone what she did to Annie but he says she's not completely right because her father was murdered when she five. And who else killed him but good old HRG? Rebecca takes Noah on a trip through memory lane, saying he stormed into her house to capture her and her father, her father hiding her under the bed. He attacked Noah and Noah shot him to death. He didn't find Rebecca because she wished she could hide, making her ability manifest. Rebecca wants revenge against Noah for what he did and in order to do that, she's willing to hurt Claire in order to hurt him. Both are spared by two sorority girls bursting into her room. Rebecca fazes, Noah leaving. Samuel congratulates Claire on sending her friend away. When she says Gretchen left, he laments that ordinary people don't get it, will never get it. Easier to live with one of your own than pretend to be "one of the them". He claims he came to Claire because he couldn't make Noah understand, knowing what he'd do, and true to form, Noah shows, pulling a gun on Samuel. Samuel realizes Claire set him up and Claire smirks just why she would trust a stranger over her father. Hah! Noah demands answers after Samuel digs him for causing Rebecca to go crazy. Samuel explains he killed Danko because Danko killed his brother and people like Noah would do Samuel and hi crew harm. He explains the compass is a navigation tool that in the wrong hands would be disasterous for Carnivale. Back in New York, a little girl collapses in a children's ward, Emma with her. Peter comes over for support, Emma sparing him ability by saving the girl. Noah handcuffs Samuel, planning on taking him away, Samuel manipulating Claire that Noah will never understand "them" when Rebecca intervenes. Samuel tasers Rebecca to gain trust and Noah pulls his gun on both of them. Claire rushes to stop him but Noah slaps her aside. Realizing what he did, Claire finally reasons with him to let them go. Samuel-Rebecca flee, while Noah apologizes. Sylar doodles on a napkin, flinging it away when he asks for a check. Matt finally admits Angela's plan. Sylar, marvelled, leaves for New York, informing Matt he's going after "Nathan" to get his body back and then he'll kill everyone remotely involved with the plan. The cops surround Sylar outside. Matt manipulated Sylar into writing that he had a gun. Sylar demands what Matt is doing. Matt says Sylar's right about Matt's morality but Matt won't let Sylar kill anyone. If he has to die for Sylar to, so be it. Matt forces Sylar to reach into his pockets, when the cops shoot Sylar down, Matt phasing away. Noah takes Claire back to her dorm, apologizing. She brushes it off but all is not forgiven. Noah says he wishes Claire could have everything she wanted but Claire pines that it's not that simple. Emma plays piano, Peter giving her a tiara from her rescuee. Awwwwww. Emma finally tells Peter her sad story. Her nephew, Christopher, drowned when she didn't hear him walk out. She tried to rescue him but couldn't. Soon after, she dropped out of medical-school. Peter coaxes that she has a second chance. She saved that girl, she can be a doctor. Emma says Peter saved her (awwwwww!). Peter asks to join her in a duet even without the shared ability, Peter placing the tiara on her head. Awwwwwwww! At Carnivale, Samuel tells Rebecca Claire's-recruitement isn't a total loss, they still have her in a comprising situation and he'll let Rebecca get revenge on Noah, as he promised. Samuel's grand-plan is thrown for a loop when Lydia says Sylar's gone. Claire sleeps alone. Emma dusts off her old medical coat. Matt's driven away in an ambulance. Noah tracks Samuel's criminal record. Peter lets go of some of his hero-obsession, taking down the clips when "Nathan" appears, begging for help. I can't say this enough, Heroes somehow finds way to impress me in ways I couldn't be more impressed about. This was such a great episode, extraordinary on so many levels. For one, it had an odd connectivity between the individual stories that Heroes hasn't been able to reach for a long time. Poor Noah has to face his past and realize that he's created another monster. Claire, using her brains and calling Noah and the Haitain for help and not letting Samuel play her for a sap? Brilliant. I could finally understand why she cared for Gretchen so much and it's because she's lonely. She doesn't have a lot of friends. Gretchen was her first ordinary friend besides Zach that took her for her and gave an edge of normalcy in Claire's chaotic life. I understand but it would have worked a lot better between her and Gretchen if the OC-lite wasn't pulled. I would have liked to see Gretchen and Claire be friends without Gretchen having a crush on her, where Gretchen and Claire were on equal terms, her sharing that she was a lesbian sooner and Claire her ability, two "outcasts" against the world. And Claire's only stable relationship with Noah is comprised by Samuel so now she's on her own, Samuel pushing her closer to his designs. Now we now why Samuel wanted Danko dead and not just for a key. We find out the Haitain's name is Rene?!? Huh. Rene. I'm still going to call him the Haitain, if that's all right. For all the Matt-critics, Matt proves he's got brains and considerable skill by making Sylar dance like a marionette. Wonderful to see Matt get the upperhand for once. Matt willing to sacrifice himself to do the right thing was powerful. Those who want Matt to turn darker, it's not necessary, because Matt proves he truly is a capable hero that can hold his own. And it's great to see that doing the right thing didn't wind up crippling Matt or Peter as usual. It was nice to see Sylar a little more calmed down, less megamaniacal anyway, a little "nicer" towards Matt, at least as nice as Sylar can normally be towards most people. Finally, we know why Emma refused to be a doctor, she, like Peter, felt she could have done more to save someone. It makes the accident that rendered her deaf, resulting in her ability, bitterly ironic. It was wonderful to have Emma finally be the one to calm Peter's obsession down. As for Peter, it was wonderful seeing him grapple with his limitations and wanting to have at least that one self-inflicting power that made him extraordinary. He doesn't want to be normal anymore. He doesn't want to go back to being human, to being fragile, to being useless and letting people's lives slip from his grasp. I loved that he learned that the smaller victories, as with Emma, can be just as powerful. And I loved that "Nathan" has returned, for now. I don't think I'm spoiling anything but look away if you will be, but enjoy "Nathan" while he's still here. And regarding Peter, this storyline proves how traumatic it will be once he finds out about "Nathan". He will take it on himself that he couldn't save his real brother from Sylar and since it is his brother, he will go even more far and beyond to try and "save" him and I have a bad "feeling" (more like an indication) that it will have tragic results. Applause, applause, applause. Bravo. Magnificent. I hope Heroes can continue this wonderful path. Next episode, we find out why Samuel killed Mohinder, Peter having to come to "Nathan's" rescue, and Matt reviving along with Sylar to find "Nathan". Strange stuff. Stay tuned.
  • Just getting better and better

    I really liked this episode even thought it may be some fillers but first off about Matt-Sylar thing.I dident know what at first thinking about their storyline.I don't like it so much but it was actually more intresting in this episode and i liked what sylar said in the Café, ''I actually tried to kill a waitress here once'' or something like that.But good set up episode for ''Brother's keeper'' when nathan/sylar and Matt/sylar finally meets! And we are gonna see mohinder too.Peter was really exhausted when he healed all those people and i hope he gets another power soon.But man the scene with Peter and Emma at the piano playing when emma asked ''You can stil see the colours''? I was so hoping for him to say Yes and have his old ability back,lol wonder why i thought that?.Anyway a great episode with a good set-up for next episode.Can't wait!

    sorry if my english wasn't all that great.
  • With 'Shadowboxing', Heroes begins to feel like it's going somewhere for the first time this season.

    With 'Shadowboxing', Heroes begins to feel like it's going somewhere for the first time this season. Dangling narrative threads start to come together and we acquire an idea of where it is that the volume appears to be heading. The Carnival developments are interesting, even if they take a complete U-turn from where we were last week (really, couldn't we have had some sort of acknowledgement of the HUGE Mohinder-related cliffhanger/bombshell we were treated to? No?) - seeing Robert Knepper without eyeliner is decidedly unnerving after eight episodes, but his transformation to 'normality' works very well. He's excellent with Hayden and the pair seem to have good chemistry. Becky's ignomny with HRG is logical, if a little repetitive (haven't we seen this a dozen times in the show before?), and it's questionable whether she can carry this sort of emotional gravitas, but at least it doesn't descend too far into absurdity. The scene in the car park is well choreographed, pointedly tense and just the right side of dramatic. The effect on Gretchen is neatly handled, and kudos for not having her change her mind and be sat in Claire's room at the end of the episode. It's actually a little touching when young Bennet sheds a tear, which is a sign that this storyline is moving in the right direction.. let's just hope they don't abandon all the good stuff in favour of some hot, meaningless, unbelievable lesbian action next week. If they handle the issue with sensitivity, as here, who knows... maybe they CAN compete with Buffy's handle on the scenario.

    As ever, Matt and Sylar are amazing together, with both parties putting in some fine, angsty performances. The dialogue continues to sparkle, with Parkman's about turn into manipulative SOB working exceptionally well... it's a nice change of pace, after all. It's a little irritating that the writing staff couldn't give him an ounce of sense when it came to the concept of Sylar using his body to kill... that seemed obvious to everyone and his or her cat from that fateful moment at the end of episode seven, and it takes a brutal murder for Matt to realise the gravitas of the situation. Still, this doesn't detract from how genuinely intense the sequences are; particularly the final, parting (supposedly) gasp, as Matt sacrifices himself in order to put an end to the 'Brain
    Man's sinister legacy. It's a genuine jump-out-of-your-seat moment, a 'mouth wide open' shocker... of course, they have to bookend it with footage of the guy being driven to the hospital and what's the betting that Peter is able to heal him next week?! Ack, if that happens... for now, I'm happy to think positive and commend the writers' bravery. Hell, even threatening to do away with one of the show's favourite characters shows they clearly have some balls... Peter and Emma's story is really the only lightweight element of the hour. There is some good character development to be found here, a product of the heroes' abilities rather than some grafted on swerve. The writing staff have done a damn good job of fleshing out Emma, to the point where she actually feels like an integral part of the show, and we want to see her develop. Her scenes with Milo have a delicacy that the show is often lacking, and they really are a joy to watch. Sadly though, after four or five episodes of amazement at the fact that she can 'see' sounds, it is beginning to become apparent that she is pretty directionless; that her story amounts to little more than musing over psychological issues and being taught how useful and all round great it is to have abilities. It's threatening to become tired, and the last thing we want is for this to besmirch an otherwise wonderful character. Let's hope they do something different with her soon... The other big news, of course, is that Nathan's back. Well, sorta. Zachary Quinto'll probably rear his ugly head pretty soon... but at least we have some actual plot development here; dramatic ironies are demystified and revelations made... if 'Brother's Keeper' picks up where 'Shadowboxing' left off, we should be in for some interesting sequences between Pasdar and his televisual family. On the whole, this is a pretty competent episode, steadily moving pieces across the board at a decent pace and finding the time for some encouraging character development and one mother of a shocker at the same time. There are gripes, and this certainly isn't an all time great, but 'Shadowboxing'is certainly one of the better offerings that Heroes has served up this year.
  • One of the best episodes of the season

    Something funny has happened since the rough start to the fourth season. "Heroes" has actually gotten some good storylines going. I find that the success or failure of an episode has everything to do with which plot threads are currently being explored, and by extension, which characters are involved. I mentioned this in a review for one of the earlier fourth season episodes, and it continues to be true.

    I've liked the Matt/Sylar battle since the beginning of the season, and it's only gotten better with time. I thought that Sylar's ploy to take over Matt's body was very well done, but I think I like Matt's chess game with Sylar in this episode even more. Both of them are playing for high stakes and adopting a "scorched earth" policy that fits their personalities. Sylar is willing to destroy Matt's life and kill innocents to gain advantage; Matt is willing to sacrifice his own life to stop Sylar.

    The best part about Matt's decision in this episode, however unlikely it is to succeed, is the fact that this is his chance to redeem himself for the mistake of helping Angela with her plan at the end of the third season. He's not talking about redemption; he just does what he feels is necessary. It's far more believable and genuine when redemption, or the search for it, is unspoken.

    Quite unexpectedly, I liked Claire's subplot this time. I almost wish that Gretchen could have stuck around for a bit longer, since her swift departure plays into the notion that the lesbian angle was just used for shock value. But her departure does make sense in terms of Claire's sense of isolation, and the circumstances could very well drive a wedge between father and daughter.

    In the end, Samuel could get what he wants: Claire within the watchful care of the carnival. His plan may have been a bit more complicated than necessary (almost to the point of being impossible to follow), but the end game is still just as compelling as it has been all the while. I've always felt that Samuel was the saving grace for this season, and this just continues to prove the point. I just hope that the writers manage to make the inevitable revelations worth it. They have a bad track record with developing strong conclusions to their arcs.

    Hopefully Samuel's latest act has resulted in a more satisfying subplot for Noah. His character has been aimless this season, with several false starts, and it would be nice to see him finally get on a solid and meaningful course. Hunting down the truth about Samuel is a promising direction, but the writers definitely need to approach it carefully. It would be all too easy for Samuel to be rendered as an absolute villain; it would be a lot more interesting if the situation could be seen from differing perspectives.

    Considering how Peter and his issues used to be one of the worst aspects of the series, I was shocked to discover how much I like his relationship with Emma and his struggle with the healing ability. I found his desire to heal more and more people, despite the effect on his own health, to be a logical extension of his earlier behavior. Emma's medical scenes were a bit overdone, but when that's the worst thing I can say about an episode of "Heroes", that's a very good thing.

    With the ratings so low and the show essentially on its last legs, I get the feeling that the gloves have come off and they are just doing their best to go out swinging. Maybe that's why, for the first time in a long time, I find myself looking forward to each new episode. I didn't want this one to end.
  • Good episode..

    Right now, I guess I would be disappointed if Heroes gets canceled after this season. The numbers are still down, but I hope they shoot up because season 4 has just got into the groove.

    Right now the stage is being set for a much bigger story. I think gone are those days during the initial few episode, where new heroes experiment with their powers and the old ones are circling around in their own little world. Samuel is plotting for a revenge against the erstwhile company, and it would be interesting to see who'll take which side. I somehow get the feeling that HRG might be the bad guy this time around.

    Nice going...
  • Why there's only 5-6 million viewers tuning this season?!

    To start, this episode is one of the best one this season. Driven with amazing storylines and some action scene. For the first time since Season 2, I actually enjoyed Claire situation. Though, I'm kinda disappointed about the limited use of her powers in this episode. And another thing I like is Samuel is getting more and more creepier and a convincing villain in disguise. Plus, the Sylar-Matt brain thing was put to rest, and I'm kinda excited what will happen next. Is Sylar gonna get his body back, Is Matt still Alive? OMG! Another thing, Eventhough Tracy is one of the least popular "Hero" I kind wish she was here in this episode, she can very useful. Overall, this episode made me tune-in to watch the whole episode! A well-constructed episode indeed! Keep it up Heroes and may the viewers come back to watch!
  • No. Complaints. At. All. (Long list ahead)

    I'm speechless. This episode had near to no faults.
    Why it was PERFECT!
    1. Noah flashback of him handling buisness!!!!
    2.Gretchen's gone and was Claire's closest thing to a friend. Claire scared her off.
    3. Danko killed Samuels' brother!!!!! Oh, no they freaking did not just incorporate Danko!!!
    4. Claire wasn't annoying!!
    5. Noah vs. Samuel was awesome.
    6. Matt sacrificed himself to get control back of his body! Epic.
    7. Matt would not let Sylar use his power, so Sylar stated killing as Matt!!
    8. Noah killed the invisible girl's father!!
    9. Haitian's name is revealed as Rene!!
    10. Peter decided to stop obsessing on recuing lives.

    GREAT EPISODE OVERALL!!!! Next week, they actually are going to show Mohinder discovering footage of the 1961 episode. Hmmm...
  • Claire tries to protect Gretchen and makes a help call to her father, Peter's new ability came with consequences but tries to help Emma find her path and Matt tries to stop Sylar from finding his body by all means necessary.

    This episode left a bittersweet taste to be honest. When I started watching it I kept thinking that this could in fact be Heroes' last season. Something which I hope does come true.

    Claire's story is sort of all over the place. Her side of the story, with Gretchen leaving and Samuel approaching her to join his carnival is not that interesting although I must idmit it is realistic at least. On the other hand, Noah's side of the story (and of course the unexpected return of the Haitian who's real name is revealed in this episode) is the one of the highlights of the episode. The flashback story of Becky is quite interesting to say the least (it reminded me of Sawyer's story from Lost but anyway). Now, the cards are dealt and Claire with Noah will have to face Becky and Samuel. Peter's story is the downside to the episode. I like his new power and everything that comes with it but they need to put Peter into the bigger picture at some point (which I think it happens in the followng episode which in my opinion no one should miss - at least from what I've seen from the preview). Emma's character is sweet and everything but it is in the end useless. I hope to see Emma's character have some sort of connection with one of our Heroes or someone from the carnival.

    Finally, the big event of the episode and the reason to watch it. Matt and Sylar's story (which eventually also becomes Nathan's story). The events leading to the shocking cliffhanger are amazing between Matt and Sylar (I said it from the beginning these two have quite a chemistry). In the end, though Heroes does seem not to able to kill any of the main characters (to be honest I wouldn't want Matt or Sylar to die anyway; it would've been a very tragic and unorthodox way for the writers to write off two of the main characters like that).

    In the end, I believe what the writers are trying to do is put all the characters in a situation where anyone could die. Peter's power is weakening him, Nathan could be gone any episode now (He was fired recently), Matt almost die in this one (and with it Sylar's essence) and Mohinder was found dead in the previous episode (we have a flashback episode - I assume - with Mohinder next week to find out why Samuel killed Mohinder).

    Overall a pretty nice episode. I liked the previous episode more to be frank. I liked Samuel's manipulations to try and get Claire on his side (which would be a real twist if that happened). Zachary Quinto again is at his best followed by Greg Grunberg (whose character story and acting skills have significantly improved since Season 1).
    Key facts: Notice how when Sylar is talking to Matt about his last visit to Midland, Texas and how he "almost" kill a waitress there (since Hiro saved Charlie she didn't die by his hands). Samuel's hatred towards Bennet is revealed to be fueled by his niece's past (at least some of it). Nathan is back for a while and reaches out to Peter (bringing Peter, Matt, Nathan and Sylar in the same story---WOW). Finally, Samuel reveals in a brief line that Danko killed his brother (which wasn't given much attention either because it was supposed to or to give us a hint into Samuel Sallivan's true intentions).

    The preview of next week's episode is amazing. Mohinder returns and has a story with Samuel.
    I really do wish it isn't Heroes' last season. I wanted the show to go on for at least 5-6 years. But if it means losing its quality (although I love what they are doing with this volume if of course they do have something on their minds on how the story will go) then I would prefer it going out with a bang. Enjoy!
  • "Do you have any upper body strength at all?"

    Yes, Claire's lesbian kiss was a publicity stunt. Not that I cared. But I can't say I'm happy with the way this storyline played out. For months during the summer, the producers made a big deal about Claire 'discovering herself' in college this season and bla bla bla. We really haven't gotten any of that. Her kiss with Gretchen happened (in TV time) a month ago, with everything from Hiro rescuing Charlie to a Halloween episode getting in the way. "Shadowboxing" picks up where that Halloween ep left off.

    I did like that Gretchen freaked out and ran back home. That seems like a natural reaction for a young girl that was almost murdered. But predictably, Claire called Daddy, and he and The Hatian (It's cool; I think Rene is a b*itchin name, lol) erased the memories of the sorority sisters that saw too much. This was expected, but I wish something more creative could have come of this. Claire could have gotten her own little 'Scooby gang' or something. Anyway, I also liked learning that Becky actually has a grudge against Noah, for his sins from long ago. I couldn't help but be reminded of the little girl from Kill Bill, who may or may not seek vengeance on The Bride for killer her mother. Continuing with the KB theme, Samuel Sullivan is definitely a snake-charmer; I really enjoy watching him sweet talk others with abilities into joining his "family." Too bad we got an awkwardly handled scene at the end of this story where HRG still tries to shoot him after Sam just saved him from from Becky. Stubbornness for the sake of the plot? You bet. And lo and behold, another wedge between Claire and her father. I so love seeing them fight every damn year... One final odd note comes from Samuel mentioning that Danko killed his brother. Isn't that kind of a big deal? The whole reason this villain is on this crusade; the catalyst for this entire season? Why is it mentioned in passing; an almost throw-away line?

    Peter was going heal-crazy on patients left and right after a huge train accident. But the Jesus touch was also wearing him down every time he used it. This plot didn't really go anywhere. Peter would heal someone, get exhausted, shake it off, rinse and repeat. Emma used to go to medical school, so she helped out a little. Meh. Considering we haven't seen them in a few episodes, its about time we started moving somewhere with these two. It would have been interesting to see if the 'death' part of Peter's new ability would manifest. I'm tired of seeing Emma play pianos and cellos to pass time; DO something already! Finally, we have the Sylar & Me show, which, all joking aside, was the best material in this episode. Sly's in Parkman's body, and on a trip to find his own. I liked the clever ways they shot Matt by himself to remind us the context of this plot. I also enjoyed the ways he tried to stall Sylar, the airport/gun illusion was a nice touch, the flat tire was cute too- if not a little juvenile. Sylar's murder of a good Samaritan reminded us who was in charge, and the idea that Parkman, in theory, is the man that will get in trouble makes me look forward to more adventures with these two crazy kids. Especially effective was the climax of this story with Matt tipping off the cafe (and in turn the police) to basically, himself, in a effort to further cause no more innocent people harm. What a stand up guy! When he says he will stop at nothing to stop Sylar he means it- even if it means destroying his own body! Woa! The shootout actually put a knot in my throat, and if ever there was a way one, or two characters would go out, this is as glorious as any. Too bad that:
    a) No lead characters ever die on this show (even Nathan seems to have returned!)
    2) Heroes doesn't have the tact to at least LET us THINK that someone might be dead, if only for a little while (the promos for next week, with both Parkman and Sylar still kicking, undercut this whole moment for me.
  • woo!!

    Okay... Heroes is back on form. Sort of. Almost.
    My first thoughts about this episode go to the Claire storyline. Gretchen leaving unfortunately didn't make me feel so sad as I haven't really got this storyline. She's come out of nowhere in a desperate attempt to give Claire s**t loads of screen time this year... and its worked. However, despite this, Claire's story was entertaining. I groaned when I saw we were back in the Saw reject building but sighed with relief after. And finally... Bennet gets an interesting story!! And always good to see the Haition (or Remy as it seems he is called!) even though he didn't do much but stand there.
    Peter and Emma was okay but didn't really seem to be going anywhere. Peter is struggling with his new powers which is not entirley unexpected. It seems that they really want to make clear everything comes at a price on Heroes. To find out some more stuff about Emma was interesting. I kept thinking Peter was going to use his power to make her be able to heal. I guess that would kind of make the whole introducing a deaf Hero pointless. So why did this episode get such a high mark? Again... entirely down to Sylar. This has by far been his best season... and for most of it he's been a figmant or an amnesiac. His and Matt's battles were brilliant... it was nice to see that he was nto as in control as he would like. Matt was really brave. Is he dead? Of course I was thinking 4 episodes ago the only way to stop Sylar is for Matt to die. Is time up for Matt?
    All in all a relativly good episode. Certainly better than season 2 and 3 attempts. I enjoyed it all and wasn't bored with even Claire which is a good thing. Nice cliffhanger as well. Roll on next week... should be very good indeed!!!
  • Claire tries to determine who is responsible for the attacks on Gretchen and Annie. Sylar maintains his control of Matt, and Peter uses his newly gained ability to help Emma.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot better than the last one, that been said I loved seem the Haitian back even though it was for a few minutes. The Haitian is a welcome character to the show we love him and we love his abilities. I am glad they are getting to the bottom of the whole Samuel plan, HRG is always good TV time I love his role on the show, finally we saw Peter and Emma again (where is Angela hiding at?) by the way things are going it looks like the show is trying to go back to S1 style, next week a lot of the character are going to be link up together I love when they do that and it looks like they are going to finally bring Mohinder Suresh back weather he is dead or alive.
  • The best episode heroes so far..

    i can say that this episode make heroes back on the track like season 1 did.. Nevertheless, i urgent all heroes ex-fan to watch back heroes this season..

    While season 1 is the best season of all time, rather than season 2 and 3, this season can make you want to know what the next thing will be happen.. So far for my personal opinion, this episode deserve to get 10 point for it's plot and storyline.. Finally, after 2 episode without peter petrelli, now he's back and totally make heroes more greater than other TV show out there.. End
  • making strides!

    I was very pleased with this episode of heroes. progress was made in all of the storylines represented. the battle between sylar and matt was amazing. i was just waiting for matt to try to kill himself to get rid of sylar and when it happened, it was really cool. Though, it appears that next week, sylar/matt will be right where he wants to be: with "nathan" and peter. i like that they tied becky into HRG's past. her revenge plot on him gives her more motivation, and has me intrigued. she definitely is a torment soul, as samuel describes her. however, samuel STILL remains an enigma. i hope to find out more about his past in the next few episodes.

    the emma/peter storyline is shaping up to be a very nice addition to the overall arc of this volume. she is seeking redemption for the accidental death of her nephew, and is learning to rise above and embrace her ability, with the help of peter. There was definitely a lot of growth in this episode. It looks like the next episode is going to give us insight in the main crux of the volume. What mohinder discovered is bound to have repercussions! can't wait!
  • So here we are. HEROES IS BACK!!!!!!! I've been waiting patiently for this night to come, and ohh the wait was well worth it.

    So here we are. HEROES IS BACK!!!!!!! I've been waiting patiently for this night to come, and ohh the wait was well worth it. If you are a true Heroes fan you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm so giddy right now it is hard to formulate thoughts as to how proud I am of this show for fighting through growing pains,writer's strike, LOST syndrome, etc... My hats go off to this show and the loyal fans who have stuck with it through the terrible times of Maya and Alejandro to Dumphinder turning into the fly. I mean let's face it. We all knew it would get better, right? RIGHT!