Season 4 Episode 7

Strange Attractors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

In Los Angeles, Matt and Janice make love in the living room by the fireplace. However, Sylar takes over Matt's body momentarily. Matt wakes up later and the Sylar image inside his head sits in a chair, eats an apple, and talks about how he likes forbidden fruit.

The Cainan sheriff takes Jeremy Greer into custody and then talks to Noah. Noah insists the sheriff has no right to hold Jeremy and the death of the boy's parents was an accident caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. The sheriff says that Jeremy has a reputation as a troublemaker and he isn't releasing Jeremy until he's made a full investigation. He warns Noah that he'll only release Jeremy to a family member and Noah doesn't qualify. Once the sheriff goes, Noah calls Tracy, who comes to Cainan. She says that she thought Noah was done collecting evolved humans, but he says he's on a rescue mission. He explains that Jeremy has the power to kill and heal, and has set up the paperwork to make it appear that Tracy is the teenager's aunt. Tracy reluctantly agrees to help.

At Arlington University, Claire is trying to sleep and asks if Gretchen is asleep. She isn't, and they talk about the fact that Gretchen kissed her earlier. Gretchen apologizes but Claire admits that it wasn't so bad. However, she just wants to have a normal life and is worried that she might lose Gretchen, the only friend she's made so far. Three figures in black clothing break in and Claire fights back, until Rebecca explains that they're there to kidnap them for hazing.

They put them in the trunk of a car and drive them into the countryside. Gretchen notes she could get used to being tied up next to Claire and Claire admits that she isn't sure what she's feeling. Rebecca gets them out, blindfolds them, and takes them into a slaughterhouse with two other new sorority members, Ashley and Olivia. She explains to the four of them that they're on a scream scavenge hunt and the winning team of two will get to avoid the rest of Hell Week.

Tracy talks to Jeremy and explains that she's posing as his aunt to get him out of jail. Jeremy wonders why things didn't go the way that Noah planned, and Tracy admits that the two of them aren't like other people.

The Sylar inside Matt's head continues to taunt him about Janice prefers the "new" Matt to the old. Matt tries to hit Sylar without success.

The four sorority members explore the slaughterhouse and find four lockers with numbers on them. There's a riddle written on the wall about being lost and found. Ashley yanks open one of the lockers and gets sprayed in the face with blood. Thanks to her mother being a member, Claire realizes that the riddle refers to the founding year of the sorority and picks the right locker. The prize is four bottles of water and Claire insists that they split them up evenly.

Tracy tries to bond with Jeremy, explaining that she killed someone when she manifested her power for the first time. She demonstrates her ability to transform into water and explains that her emotions overwhelmed her just like Jeremy's did when he accidentally killed his parents. Outside, Noah talks to the sheriff, who has Deputy Gill read from Jeremy's journal and his obsession with death. The sheriff refuses to let Jeremy go anywhere. Tracy goes outside to call a friend and get Jeremy released anyway. As she walks down the street, Samuel appears before her and asks what she plans to do once she gets Jeremy out of jail. He teleports her to the carnival and says that Jeremy and Tracy can both find a safe refuge there.

At the slaughterhouse, the two teams split up. Gretchen and Claire start exploring and discuss how long Gretchen has known she's a lesbian. The discussion turns to Claire and the fact that she's still a virgin, and how the two of them couldn't be more different. As they talk, Gretchen hears someone moving around. An invisible Rebecca throws a hook and chain at Gretchen and Claire just manages to save her friend from injury. She realizes that someone else is there and it's no longer a game.

Samuel walks through the carnival with Tracy and talks about how everyone there has powers, and they have all bonded together to make something greater than the sum of their parts. He argues that Jeremy should have the chance to be himself, rather than live in the normal world and hide his abilities. Samuel suggests that Tracy join them and talks about how she's been lost. She takes offense and demands that he take her back to Cainan. He agrees but gives her a compass to find her way back if she changes her mind. As she goes, Sylar comes over and comments that he remembers holding her in his arms. Samuel reminds him that those are Nathan's memories, not the real Sylar's, and Sylar wonders where his real self can be found.

Matt packs to leave and explains to Janice that he has to get away, and that he abused his powers and now he's suffering the consequences. He tries to explain that someone is now controlling him while Sylar keeps interrupting him. Janice finally realizes that Matt is in serious trouble and offers to go with Matt Jr. while he tries to resolve the matter. He agrees but tells her not to tell him where she's going, because then Sylar will know as well. Once she's gone, Sylar points out that Matt still doesn't know of any way to get rid of him. Matt tries to call Mohinder without success and then starts drinking beer. Sylar winces in pain and Matt realizes that somehow the alcohol is affecting Sylar within his head. He gets out more bottles of alcohol and starts drinking.

Tracy goes back to the sheriff's office and Noah confirms that they've released Jeremy. They tell Jeremy that he'll live near Noah and Tracy will help him master his powers. Jeremy wonders what will happen if he screws up, but Tracy says that he'll be safe as long as he remains invisible.

As they continue to explore, Gretchen wonders why anyone would want to kill them. Claire warns her that there are people after her that have the power to move the chain without being seen. Olivia and Ashley arrive with a clue they've found but refuse to share it. Claire tells them that she'll be glad to let them live as long as they all get out. The other team agrees and they head for the exit.

As Noah and Tracy take Jeremy outside, the Cainan townspeople gather in a mob. One man grabs at Jeremy, who uses his power instinctively to kill the man. Noah begs Jeremy to heal the man but the boy refuses. The sheriff takes Jeremy back inside over Noah's protests and warnings that the sheriff doesn't know what he's doing.

Later, Gill leads Jeremy out of his cell and into the back. He chains him up to a truck and another man prepares to drag Jeremy to his death. Gill dares Jeremy to take his best shot and the boy considers him for a minute, and then refuses to use his powers. Gill smirks in triumphant and tells the teenager that he's never belonged and isn't one of them, and then tells the other man to start driving.

Matt runs out of beer and switches to harder liquor. As he talks about how he bought the bottle on his honeymoon, Sylar warns him that his wife hates him and wants Matt to be more like how Sylar was with him. Matt doesn't believe it and Sylar accuses him of refusing to accept how powerful he is. Sylar passes out and then fades away, and Matt's partner Mike arrives with Janice as Matt yells in triumph. He turns to tem and says that he did it and then passes out.

Claire and the others head for the exit and find two doors. They split up and Claire and Gretchen check out a prep room. Gretchen says that she understands what Claire is going through and agrees to give her her space. Rebecca attacks her, strangling her with a packing strap. Claire grabs a pole and severs the strap, but Rebecca slams Claire onto a hook. In response, Claire grabs a hook and swings it, cutting Rebecca in the arm. She turns visible just as Ashley and Olivia return. They see Rebecca turn invisible and run past them, and a mortally wounded Claire hanging on the hook. Gretchen pulls her free and the two girls watch as Claire's wound instantly heals. Gretchen wonders what they're going to do.

Noah and Tracy are driving on the street when they find Jeremy lying on the ground, dragged to death. As Tracy shares at the boy in shock, Noah admits that he thought he could manage the situation. Tracy says that they both let Jeremy done, and asks Noah if he still thinks they can blend in and stay invisible. Noah admits that after what has happened to Jeremy, he doesn't think it's possible any more. Tracy tells Noah not to call her again. Once he's gone, she takes out Samuel's compass.

Matt wakes up and tells Janice and Mike that he's fine. Mike gives him an A chip and tells him that he has to start over again. However, as "Matt" goes to take a shower, he looks in the mirror and sees the real Matt, now a mental projection trapped in Sylar's head. Sylar tricked Matt into blacking himself out so Sylar could take complete control. He bites into an apple and smiles in triumphant at the trapped Matt.

The next day, Samuel returns to Cainan and stands outside the sheriff's office. He focuses his power and causes the entire building to collapse, and then turns and walks away.